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Found 1 result

  1. In this post, I am going to simply outline my thoughts of the Italian tech tree cruisers based on the two cruisers that I have played so far: Tier V Raimondo Montecuccoli and Tier VIII Amalfi. First, the Italian cruisers are FAST ladies. That was the first thing that I noticed when I first jumped into playing them was how fast they can cruise. In my mind, this makes them excellent in accompanying destroyers in the front lines and providing firing support (of course, being cruisers, they should not be THAT far upfront given their larger detection range, large hull size, and them sporting large, vulnerable citadels). Second, the Italian cruisers get a unique smoke consumable that enables them to hide while retaining FULL speed. While the smoke plumes themselves do not last very long in time duration, they are great for the Italian cruisers to hide on the go and make a quick get-a-way should the tide of the battle be turning against them, or they need to escape the glare of enemy battleships that are aiming for a citadel shot. The Italian cruisers' smoke tactic is far superior to the smoke that the British light cruisers get, because the latter forces the British light cruisers to sit motionless in their smoke....which makes them vulnerable to torpedo attacks because unless they have hydro activated, a well-placed volley of torpedoes can hit the British light cruisers before they know what hit them....the Italian cruisers can at least keep moving and not have to worry about leaving the safety of their smoke plumes. Third, the semi-armor piercing (SAP) shells are pretty decent. Let me explain: ----> Against destroyers, SAP deal a lot of damage too destroyers. I believe that this is the intention of the game developers of Wargaming, so that the Italian cruisers have the capacity to counter destroyers---as all cruisers are supposed to do. ----> Second: SAP shells can deal good chunks of damage against heavier armored targets. Obviously HE shells are much better in countering angled battleships and heavy armored cruisers because of their ability to light a ton of fires. But in my Amalfi, I have been able to deal some significant damage to enemy battleships. In one Random Battle, I was shooting at a enemy Nagato who was angled against me, and in one salvo, I managed to take 2500-3500 damage away from him using SAP shells. Fourth, the Italian cruisers get great level gun arcs, similar to French cruisers. This makes it better in getting citadels against enemy ships. Fifth, they come with the option of both scouting planes and fighter planes. While this may seem like a minor point....I enjoy the fact that the Italian cruisers can switch between the two plane options so that you can optimize them for different game modes like Ranked Sprint and Clan Battles. Sixth, their concealment is poor and their gun traverse is slow as hell. Seventh and final point: The Italian cruisers look cool in their designs. Trento, Zara, Amalfi look really neat in their slim hull designs (it makes me wonder why Azur Lane decided to make Italian cruisers Trento, Zara and Pola (the latter is a sister-ship to Zara) busty in their designs ) On the whole....I like the Italian cruisers and I think that they are worth adding to one's cruiser collection as they offer a unique style of gameplay. What about you? What do YOU think about the Italian cruiser line? Comment below your thoughts!