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Found 4 results

  1. Chad_Slava_Enjoyer

    Refunds For Steel Ships?

    Last weekend I decided to get Ragnar as my first steel ship, I thought since I had the dd experience with the Halland and Harugumo grinds it would be a good idea. Turns out I hate the Ragnar, not because its a bad ship, but because It gets focused so much that its just not fun to play. Ive played a few battles in it and have not enjoyed it at all. Now for the refund part, Ive heard from friends and clanmates that they got a refund for their steel ship even after having played it. So is it possible or have I thrown away 20k steel? NOTE: If you have gotten a refund for a used steel ship plz PM me I want to know more about how it happened.


    OK I THOUGHT I WAS BUYING A SHIP FOR $32 GO TO FEATURED LOOK AT TRANSFORMERS FOR $32 AT A LOOK IT SAYS GET ANYONE OF THE 4 FOR $32 SO I FOUND OUT I WAS NOT GETTINT A SHIP BUT SOME CAMOUFAGE TO USE FOR THE SHIP THAT I WILL NOT GET NO TOTAL REFUND .. SO WHAT DO I DO WITH THE CAMOUFAGE THAT I DON,T WANT FOR $32... THIS BELOW IS THERE RESPONCE.. Hello,Thank you for reaching us out!Please note that the ship is not included in the purchased bundle "Khabarovsk: Crush and Destroy".You received the Crush’n’Destroy permanent camouflage for Khabarovsk and 8000 doubloons as the compensation for the second purchase.We removed the contents of both of the specified bundles off the game account and issued a refund.The money will be returned once your bank processes our refund request.If you have any further questions or concerns, let us know!I wish you the best of luck and much success on the battlefield.Kind regards,
  3. I got my doubloon refund this morning. I had invested 14,000, and got 11,500 back, as I had used some of the rewards. That seems fair enough. My progress on Puerto Rico has been reset back to where it would have been without the boosters. Also fair enough. The Customer Service staff are to be commended for doing a difficult duty, as rapidly as they could. Well done!
  4. landedkiller

    What should I do?

    I am looking to get USS Alaska and am dissatisfied with the current CV rework. I only have 12k in free xp, but could get 239,000 free xp back and 5,000 doubloons for trading in Shokaku. I really like that Halloween camo, but the ship is unplayable now. In addition, I was thinking about trading in Saipan for doubloons 9,700 and keeping Enterprize and Kaga. The carriers just seem vastly different from 8.0 in these new hot fixes. I am looking to make a decision by update 8.1 or soon after. The practice will continue in co-op for me, only getting 20k damage max out of the carriers since the rework. So In the end trade in Shokaku for 239,000 free xp and 5,000 doubloons and hope to grind out the rest of the free xp or trade in Shokaku and Saipan for 14,700 doubloons and 239,000 free xp? Again this is for USS Alaska Which is confirmed for 1,000,000 and I only have 12,000 in free xp.