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Found 1 result

  1. We all know the in game report system is useless, but the compliment system is equally bad or worse. I would love to see players receiving a "played well" compliment receive some benefit (to hell with the "nice manners" etc). This ideally would be a free flags, camo or credits for their accomplishment. This could be done minimally enough without destroying the economy and would promote positive feedback for once. In addition, the game needs much more positive support for recruits. I can care less about getting recruitment containers as a well established player with tons of ships, camos and flags. I want my friends/recruit(s) to benefit from me helping them. Paying a huge sum of recruiter points to give us both a container isn't that. Allow recruitment points to purchase more options for the recruit. I feel like recruits aren't getting nearly enough from WG in general to support that brand new grind. Credits are probably the biggest bottle neck.