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Found 51 results

  1. The Armada Dominion Armada de Britannia & Armada de Germania Established 2016 Why should I join Armada? We strive to improve, division, communicate and to dominate. We are just a group of guys and gals who are trying to have a good time with fellow members. If you have been annoyed of snotty or arrogance of some that pride themselves on being top in their stats, you won’t find that kind of attitude here. We strive to achieve excellence in our stats, however, we are not going to let it get to our heads and create a toxic atmosphere on/off the battlefield. We will keep our composure and obliterate our opponents, respectfully. We are anime friendly. Plus you get a neat forum signature! ARMDA/ARMDG Membership Requirements - Have a desire to compete and the availability to do so. - Discord Account with minimum ability to listen to communications by a speaker, earbuds, headset, etc. - We have no standing in-game stat requirements for any of our in-game clans or any clan activities. Process in joining the community: Join Armada Discord, contact the leadership team, be interviewed (about 5 minutes) and be told by Interviewer the next steps. Armada Member Expectations - Discord - We are a Discord clan. Aside from requiring every clan member to join discord, we expect activity from each member. Specifically, checking in on clan announcements, participating in discussions, utilizing voice or text communications and requesting for or finding division mates. - The game account you join us with is your primary account you have a commitment to, even if you have an account on a different server region. - We expect MATURITY in our members on/off the battlefield. - We expect INTEGRITY, HONESTY, and LOYALTY to our members. - Rule of Inactivity: A member who is inactive for 4 weeks (30 days) without notifying the Commander or a Deputy prior, will result in being discharged. To rejoin, you will need to communicate with officers. Armada Expansion - The Armada community is looking to expand into different PC games other than the Wargaming Games, having a foothold in a variety of games to bring out our member's skills and have even more fun together. So far, we have a solid group in the space game "Elite Dangerous," Join our discord for some funny sometimes hazardous wingmates for Elite Dangerous! Join our Discord Server ( https://discord.gg/xqk3F4Z ) and contact the leadership (aka Praetorian Guard) or a member of our Recruiter's Guild if you are interested!
  2. Hello we are SEC_8, We are a bunch of players all over the place age-wise, but mostly in our late 40's and early 50's with a few geriatrics but we all love ships and this game. We mostly play for fun but we want to get better. We are not like the top tier clans who are rigorous in their approach, but we are trying to implement and formalize more structure and improve. We are a NA clan. Most of us are on EST. We have a few on PST as well. We are mainly on later in the afternoons and evenings and always try to be there for clan battles. We have a well equipped clan base and are continuing to upgrade. Please come and check us out. We chat on DISCORD . Please apply or have me up in the game. I'm am on almost every day EST.. well, I am offline from 6am-3pm... Pesky work...
  3. scottrocks14

    [HMFN]-Looking for members

    We are currently recruiting for our subsidiary clan HMFN. We will accept everyone who is on any tier from 5 and above, and all we ask is you being active, and joining the clan discord. I am planning on taking at most 20 so be quick.
  4. TankExterminator07

    Odem Mortis [OM-NA]

    ODEM MORTIS NORTH AMERICA [OM-NA] was formed in April 2014 on the NA Server and is part of the EU Odem Mortis Community. OM-NA is a social clan. If you are interested in playing for fun in a casual atmosphere and want to grind with other players, then come join us. To become a member of Odem Mortis, applications must be made directly through the OM-NA War Gaming Website.
  5. Kapitan_Wuff

    Come Sail in SYN

    The Syndicate of Captains is recruiting! [SYN]/[-SYN-] Discord:https://discord.gg/b2jzUzQ Welcome to the Syndicate of Captains, a friendly and inviting community within the wider World of Warships.... world. A lot has changed in the years since the founding of this clan. What started off as a clan-of-convenience for lone wolf players has mutated into a moderately sized, active and highly international community. First and foremost, SYN remains a casual clan. Somewhere where people can just have fun and not forget that at the end of the day that “is just game, why you heff to be med”. Whether it be solo or with potential division mates, we won’t restrict your playstyle or impose any demands that might kill the fun YOU have for the game. While we are a casual clan, there are many members who enjoy the competitive aspect of the game and as such we have had generally strong finishes in the previous Clan Battles seasons, including a Hurricane ranking in Season 2. What we look for in potential members: Mature players (not age but attitude); No hard skill requirements, however, we expect captains to understand (or willing to learn) basic game mechanics and strive to improve; Relatively active in our Discord server; Remaining active in WoWs (breaks from time to time is totally understandable as long as you communicate any extended absence with us first); Must be a good, polite, respectful person. If you want to wear the tag you must positively represent the tag, so poor sportsmanship is strongly looked down on. We do not discriminate and will not tolerate sexism or racism. Recruitment process: Join our discord; Hangout for a few days to see if the vibe fits what you are looking for in a clan; Div up with one of the Duty Officers (Commander, Deputy Commanders or Recruiters). From there if you still think that SYN is the right fit for you and as long as there are no other issues in preventing the application, send me a PM (Kapitan_Wuff) and we will talk about it some more. Discord: Our discord is public, so even if you are not interested in joining SYN, feel free to drop in and say hi! https://discord.gg/b2jzUzQ What does SYN offer outside of a friendly group of people to play with? Are you stuck, bored at work, doing chores or just too lazy to turn on the game, but have access to Twitch.tv? SYN has two somewhat regular streamers to keep you entertained. MrDeaf (The Super Ultra Deluxe Unicum) https://www.twitch.tv/mrdeaf https://www.youtube.com/user/6002oea MrDeaf streams high-level gameplay in both English and Japanese. As one of the founding members of SYN, expect sarcasm and spicy memes from one of the best players in the clan. Not just limited to WoWs, MrDeaf also streams indie games from time to time. Kronos_One (The Super Ultra Deluxe Average Player) https://www.twitch.tv/kronos_one https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh3Etfq35wRhlZBFhHoFh_Q *WARNING WEEB ALERT* Whenever this lazy sack decides to actually turn on OBS, you can be sure to catch the fleeting glimpses of MLG Big Plays as he derps his way around the game. Degenerate weeaboo, lover of all things French (he’s half French you know) and a plague upon many a discord server, you can at least expect a well-curated selection of music to listen to while cringing at his misplays. (Just don’t ask him to start talking about the weather because he will never shut up.) *WARNING WEEB ALERT* Maybe watching others play is not to your taste, we have alternatives! mofton (also known as NAmofton and The God-Emperor of Potato Agriculture) If you are a forum regular, then this name will ring a few bells. Known for his “Tactical Tidbits” and “But is it fun?” series, this salty Brit regularly puts out high-quality write-ups and reviews on the forums. A degenerate teaboo, mofton’s encyclopedic knowledge of all things Royal Navy is second to none. Ex.: mofton's Tactical Tidbits - Submarine Losses of WWII (Non-German) 'But is it fun?' - A Subjective Review of the RN T2-T4 Destroyers pikohan (Brave-Sir-Peekoh-runs-away) *WARNING WEEB ALERT* Artist extraordinaire, pikohan has created many amazing pieces for clan use (including the HuangHe-chan shipgirl at the top of this thread). He sometimes even produces work for specific events within WoWs! Piko also regularly uploads replay commentary to his youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Li6GItOb5ziv_ADpnsjpQ *WARNING WEEB ALERT*
  6. Good Day! I'm Nagato, the Dai-gensui of Dai-ichi Kantai! I'm here to let you know my fleet is recruiting mainly IJN players for Clan Battles! Details: Almost a fully upgraded naval port! 40 maximum player limit! 33 total, active members! Mostly TX players! A healthy mix of both anime fanatics and Historical Turbo nerds! What we're looking for: Active members who are both friendly and looking to have a great time exploring WoWS and the history behind the ships we use and fight! Oh! BTW! We're also taking on KMS players as an "Expeditionary Fleet" type of deal! What we offer: As I stated above, we have a nearly fully upgraded naval port, 33 current members with a 40 max cap. We're looking to expand that all the way to 50 and then establish a secondary fleet. We have a fully fledged ranking structure based on dedication to the fleet and experience with the game. We have a tactics guide and active seek to create more doctrines for clan battles and 3 man divs!Most of us are players who have been playing since the game launched. With that being said, we're willing to take on new players to the game, even if you aren't able to join a fleet yet, our boosts will aid you in raking in credits and experience! If you're interested, contact one of these people on discord; Nagato#1920 - Myself Shiro_roku#6919 - Second in Command Ashipnerd#5490 - My Secretary Ship Derpy4Evr#5313 - Highest ranking Officer SushiSlicer#9057 - Recruitment Specialist Officer If for whatever reason you can't reach any of these points of contact, talk to us in game at; Nagato_1920 - Myself Shiro_roku - Second in Command Yamato_K117 - My Secretary Ship Derpy4evr - Highest ranking Officer omarzaneyoussef - Recruitment Specialist Officer Or if you just want to apply to the fleet, the name is; Dai-ichi Kantai [KAN1] We're all available almost all the time, so feel free to drop us a line! Thank you for your consideration!
  7. To keep it short and sweet [Salvo] is a semi-competitive, adult oriented clan. We focus towards clan battles. We currently have spots open for active players that are seeking entrance into Typhoon. Our rules: Real life comes first at all times. We will never punish someone for not showing because life got in the way. If you are online playing games and clan battles or clan events are happening. You are expected to participate. Repetitively freaking out and making the clan look bad in in game chat is not tolerated. During Clan Battles what the caller says goes. What we offer: Clan battles every night. Sometimes up to 3 teams. Relaxed, adult oriented atmosphere , some rough language and plenty of good nights. Over the past 5 seasons we collected Stalingrad flags completed Storm and typhoon league missions and have battled the Top NA clans and even Kings of the Sea contestants. We are expecting plenty of steel the next season. Opportunity of promotion and leadership for willing, engaged and productive individuals. 100% Complete clan base. Nightly: At least one if not 2 or 4 clan divisions on Teamspeak. What we require during this recruitment stage: Interest in Clan Battles. A 54% or better win rate. Alternatively a strong desire to learn and progress within the game. Use of our Discord and TeamSpeak. Especially during clan battles, we do understand soloing without TS but prime spots go to those who learn to use voice coms effectively. Participation in Clan Battles and Clan events such as scrimmages if you are online within the game.  Contact: PM me here. Alternatively contact me Eviltane or any recruiter (green Color) on our discord :https://discord.gg/RB8CdDY Salvo Fleet wants you!
  8. [MIA] is a community of multiple clans who anyone can fit into depending on their skill level as well as dedication. [MIA] was founded by 9 of the original silver league champions of The Western Fleet. We left because of the autocratic and despotic leadership within TWF was both unsympathetic towards the opinions of their players and player feelings. We were not in control of our own destinies and with growing hostilities between the players and autocratic leadership, our leaving was inevitable. Yet, we still tried our hand at diplomacy only to have our negotiations fail. The separation caused a great deal of enmity between the newly formed MIA and TWF. We founded MIA to be as egalitarian as possible, with a focus on player happiness and the consent of the players. This focus will allow us to guarantee the longevity of MIA and the loyalty of our players. MIA currently has three different clans with different levels of competitiveness as well as levels of engagement. The clan differentiations are generally flexible and a player can move up as they demonstrate ability and determination in competitive gameplay. [MIA] is our most competitive clan playing Clan Battles daily and aims to place high in hurricane. The current requirements for [MIA] is ~1900 PR and 58% win rate. However, the statistical requirements are flexible and recent stats are given much more weight (we don’t really care about your 900 PR in an Omaha). However we expect you to play at a level consistent of Hurricane level players and fit well with our competitive teams. [MIA-P] originated as [TSPC], this is MIA’s second competitive clan. MIA-P has been a hurricane finisher in the past and the goal remains going forward. While the PR requirements are not a high as [MIA], it is still an excellent clan to join for those who wish to play Clan Battles and be a part of a large WoWS community. The current requirements for MIA-P are 1500 PR and 52% win rate but similarly as above, the requirements are flexible(We promise we don’t care about the 500 PR Furutaka, we have those too). [MIA-I] is our casual clan where the clan battles generally do not take place and is instead a location for our members to improve their skills or for inactive members to remain in the community. For MIA-I, our requirements are 1100 PR but this is not strict and as long as you are willing to improve, we’ll be happy to help you with that. If you are interested in joining our illustrious and lovely community, please drop by our discord at https://discord.gg/bRHN2Aj and/or message one of our admirals (Brujo62, Maverick_1716, Lord__Caedus, TheRealSenpai247, Katarya) in game or on the forums.
  9. Hello, I was thinking of joining a random clan so I could participate in clan battles. I have a win rate of 49% in random battles and a win rate of 48% in ranked battles. I know very little about discord and I don't use voice chat because I don't have a mic. The classes I like to play are battleships and destroyers. I go by eastern standard time. Thank you.

    [U571] Däs Boot recruitment

    "Anfangen ist leicht, Beharren eine Kunst." “Starting is easy, persistence is an art.” Ahoy captains, this is Deputy Commander and Head Recruiter MONKEYBOMBS1945 looking for all players who are ready to take the next step into the competitive scene. We are a Storm League clan with King of the Sea experience. We work closely with our allies always forming new bonds and scrimmaging to better ourselves and push higher into the rankings. What we are looking for: 1200+ PR (negotiable) 52% or higher win rate (negotiable) Good attitude and willingness to take feedback Must have 3 non CV tier 10's minimum Ability to communicate via Mic You can check the clans stats out here at https://na.wows-numbers.com/clan/1000051901,U571-Das-Boot/ or accept this invite and come visit us on our discord https://discord.gg/62uh4R4. Till then captains good luck and fair seas o7.
  11. BTBG is a new clan looking with a small number of players and looking to grow for those players that want to be part of growing a clan and feeling like they belong somewhere, we are chill players but competitive looking for CBs and Divs. we have a discord.
  12. So many top tier clans are actively aware of mods such as Match Making Monitor (MMM), Stream Sniping, and perhaps even the disgruntled Insider who leaks game tactics to other clans. Many competitive clans take efforts to remove and or mitigate these threats with ad-hoc Operational Security (OPSEC) measures. Delayed streaming, mini-map covers, silent and or private streaming accounts, and an iron grip on what Discord channels, guests, clan members, and leadership have access to. You could say, they do not want to share many of their strategies, tactics, and player assignments because someone somewhere may or will try to use it against them. However, when it comes to player/clan recruitment, this whole process is turned on its head. These same clans seem totally oblivious as to how stats can be used against them. I am not even in a competitive clan, have so-so stats (note my generic terminology), and can tell why there should be more discretion with how clans receive, view, and share statistics. Example, if I am in a CV and I see through my MMM that the enemy has the best Gearing on the server, because he doesn't hide his stats...my sole focus that game will be that Gearing. Information is of high value...anyone who thinks otherwise needs to go read a book about intelligence, how it is collected, used, and made to do predictive analysis. What is predictive analysis? In layman's terms, it allows you to guess what will happen next. Let us go back to our Gearing. If I see he/she has a 70 percent win rate and does 100k average damage a game with a destruction ratio of 4.0 over 250 games, I can logically conclude that he/she will be a significant factor in who wins the game. Not only is he/she productive in damage, but it appears their damage is not just farming damage and results in a high number of kills. As a CV main, I should make every effort to disrupt that Gearing's game and or kill him over any other target. In come the rocket strikes, and after a few runs, he is dead, guess what, we win the game. Back to recruitment, I recently applied to many competitive clans. I was very selective with which clans I did apply to. No worries, I won't name and shame them here. Most of the clans either laughed at me or straight up mocked me in the open and on their discords for my request to be considered in their clan. Only one clan took a risk, and in my opinion, this risk was likely to assess as a meme (initially), more on that later. The biggest decision of these clans not to recruit me stemmed from my decision to hide my stats (which on most of their recruitment pages, was not highlighted as a necessary application requirement, and IMO should not be). If you want to see my stats, I would have PM'd them to the clan leaders in question...in private. The one clan that acquiesced to this request was ...I believe pleasantly surprised. Others will be left in the dark because of the arbitrary need to see everything public, which is likely based in a bias that players who hide their stats are crap-bags. While this may be true most of the time, there are people such as myself, who just have a better appreciation of OPSEC and do not like to be targeted early in matches because of this. Now, there is a decent counterargument to be made in that, once you have our clan tag, "you will be focused more." Fair, but why give the enemy who are running MMM any more fuel to confirm what they believe to be true? Some things simply cannot be avoided, it is an assumed risk. However, clans should become more private on how they show their stats and manage their open data. In this instance, one member of another clan (not even in the one I was applying to) said that having your stats showing doesn't even matter. I guess posting your clans strategies for Clan Battles, and other comp wouldn't matter either? Get real! I will conclude with this. Why would I apply to a top tier clan if my stats were not equal to and or exceeding your clan average? Why would I show interest in such a clan unless I felt I had something to contribute? In the corporate world, you do provide a resume, you may even have a social media semi resume out there, but I promise you, you do not hang your resume in the open for everyone in the world to read about your life. So, why is there a requirement to do so here at WoWS? I have played in numerous online games where there are clans, and this is the first time I have seen a "hard-no/mockery" for an unwillingness to be an open book on stats. I strongly believe that stats matter and how you perform influences games. A 40 percent player is a 40 percent player because they are not helping but actively hurting their team by their actions. Maybe in the future, less focus on what the stats look like on https://na.wows-numbers.com/, and perhaps, a bit more interpersonal questioning, deliberation, patience and willingness to consider a certain player's point of view before casting mass judgment about that player and denying them and your clan an opportunity.
  13. About Us Zero Fleet is an upcoming Competitive Clan with experienced players from Hurricane and Typhoon level clans as well as experienced in tournaments such as KoTS. We are an enclosed laid back community. Our aim is to become a community of like minded players who can explore our competitive interests together while being able to consistently place within high Typhoon+ rating placements in Clan Battles. What We Offer A Group of experienced and friendly-outgoing players. High level Clan Battles experience. A well established community of like minded players. Tournament participation such as King of The Seas. Easy going environment for more social players. Requirements There is a basic guideline set out for the clan which is the following: 1550+ Personal Rating. At least a 55% Win Rate. At least 3 or more competitive Tier 10 Ships. Minimum 1000 battles played. Prior competitive experience. Discord is mandatory. *Requirements can be negotiable depending on a wide range of factors, however it is still preferred to be closer to meeting majority of requirements. If wishing to apply, please fill out our Recruitment Form: https://forms.gle/LbiANSdytq1QW1eX7. Application process will continue from there.
  14. Serious game so please if you are a player for fun, better to let it go ok? (Now if you want to help with oil, oil battle to get clan bonuses without commitment to CW, call in discord) We are rebuilding a clan that was once competitive again into another competitive clan. Already we were hurricane and typhon in previous editions of CWs, except the last one. The clan has port bonuses such as bonuses for Steel and Coal, plus discounts and all. Anyone who wishes will be welcome. The only criterion is gameplay and it's ready for the next CW!!! [D4KK4] DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA'S PORT: https://clans.worldofwarships.com/clans/gateway/wows/clan-profile/1000044072 Discord: https://discord.gg/3FgvmXj
  15. Howdy all, I'm recruiting for my clan, Ruby. We have no requirements or rules other than that you remain active. Willing members will division and participate in clan battles but it's by no means required. Our only goal is to pool our oil to unlock upgrades that'll benefit all members. If you're interested, request to join in game. All are welcome!
  16. Clan: Special Warfare Short Bus Region: NA ⁃ Looking for players to play, bullshittery, everyone is welcome ⁃ Not too serious, we ask that you be on casually or regularly ⁃ General requirements: Discord required, we like that you visit the discord while you're playing ⁃ Stat Requirements: From seasoned veterans to newbies, all welcome! ⁃ Contact (discord ID) if you have questions/ are interested in joining the clan FOLLOW THE LINK TO ADD YOUR CLAN https://discord.gg/f5CxAg
  17. Greetings! Sick of having to join a clan where you are required to do a lot of things to stay in? Maybe you have to participate in a lot of stuff you don't have the time for? Never fear! The Guild of Lone Travelers was build with the Solo player in mind. You can either play with other members or continue your solo journeys having fun with the comfort of knowing GLT has got your back! We just recently revamped the guild and are starting to get back into World of Warships but it's new in Warships, help us build it! Interested? Be sure to find us in search and if you wish you can join our discord here: https://discord.gg/atMRSyx
  18. Greetings and Welcome to RNG! Welcome! How are you doing today Captains! I wish to offer you a chance to join RNG family! We have 3 clans each with their own focus! RNG Competive 2000+ Battles 52% Winrate 40k DPG 2 Tier 10 ships + -RNG- Competitive/Training 1000+ Battles 47% Winrate 25k DPG 1 Tier 10 ship + _RNG_ Social 500 Battles 45% Winrate 1 Tier 6 ship In all clans we promote teamwork, competitiveness, and light-heartedness above all. We have a single discord server for all three clans and expect regular participation both in game and on discord. Discord info: https://discord.gg/Fk4S9fS If any of this interests you, please contact Myself, KonigstiverVII, DarkSteel77, jedichiks or any of our recruiters or officers! May RNGeus favor you and all your blind shots hit! ***** Content moderated by JayStark02
  19. Eauledoit11

    PRNA is recruiting!

    Portsmouth Royal Naval Academy, or PRNA (Piranha) is recruiting members in our semi comp clan! We're a part of a larger community on discord and we want people who will make us stronger and be an active part of our community. T7 or higher preferred, but we're willing to help build you up as a player so long as you're willing to learn. Our community, The Haifuri Community is mostly a group of people who love anime, and warships, so naturally WoWs is our bag. We try to do community events, not to mention inner-community scrimmages! So come check us out on discord already and see for yourself! https://discord.gg/pveeybr Should you want to join, message [PRNA]Eauledoit11 HELP US MAKE PRNA GREAT AGAIN!
  20. SPECTER FLEET SPTR is an Anime oriented clan full of filthy noobs, unicum wannabes, dirty stat padders, and true unicums in hiding. We love history (some of us a bit too much), some anime, and most importantly blowing up some ships! We seek those who will accept the mistake of themselves and others, are willing to accept the help of colleagues to improve themselves in WoWS, to communicate and to listen, and to be friends to all in the clan. Some more requirements we do need though are: Some activity in our Discord. We don't require much activity but weekly is preferred (for your first week you need to be a bit active but more on that later) as we have amazing people who want to have fun with others and make new friends to play with. At least 500 battles played A tier 6 ship And some experience in 3/4 ship classes. Stats are not a huge requirement to join SPTR so, if you wish, we can ignore them for you. You don't need good stats to have fun! How to apply: Simple. Please tell us about your most competitive ship, your highest tier ship, general experience with the game and what you see yourself doing in this clan. Then PM said statement to either one of our co-founders: Mental_Model_Zao, Rolkatsuki. Our recruitment officer Khaenn35 (his discord is (ϛƐuuǝɐɥʞ) ɹǝllǝʍp-xoq ǝlqɐʞuɐɥS#6625, copy and paste it :P) or me! ChubbyCVEGambierBaaayyyy. We will give you a Discord invite for the server. Then you'll have to go through a "guest period" where you'll have to be a little active for 5 days. After those 5 days we'll have a short sweet chat with you to know you a little bit better. Then after that you'll be an official member of SPTR! We hope to befriend and fight alongside you! Happy sailing captains
  21. Welcome To [POW_M] POW*MIA Recruiting Page Fellow Captains: In April 2018 A few of Us Ole Guys got together and Started [POW-M] POW*MIA. Most of us had been around World of WarShips for at least a Year or More. We do have Clan Battle experience from a previous Clan. We would like to grow and we Strive to be Competitive. If you want to Be in a clan that helps each other out learning more about the World of Warships and becoming a better player we do have a few guys here who can and are willing to help. Come give us a Chance. We don't have a set Win Rate percentage that you have to have like many others. We like to have fun playing together as a team. And we are a bit of a laid back bunch of older gentleman. So feel free to Join a great clan having fun. Our Requirements: Ability to speak English Must participate in Discord / Must have a working microphone and be on PUSH to TALK Viewable Statistics/Stats cannot be hidden At least 500 or so Battles + T -VII or VIII ships Your own T-10 Ships For Clan Battles. Be a Active Player making a Min 50 oil a week If you Need Help or like to Contact a Clan Member. Zephria_1 BJCleage War34_gunner nebakanezer Majinojinn Download Discord at https://discordapp.com/download Set Discord up as a Client Not a Server Please. Join our Discord at https://discord.gg/3D4gv7F
  22. Server: NA Clan: Z3TA Battalion Contact: Galactica_BSG75 Clan battles starting: July 31st We're looking for experienced players that want to give Clan Battles a try. If you're in a clan that is inactive, or not in a clan but want to try something new please contact me. We're looking for people to div with regularly too of course, that would be an added bonus. We want to try this new battle format 6v6 tier 8. Come help us give this a go! Thanks everyone 07
  23. Does WoWS have a Hall of Fame for viewing potential players for recruitment? Does anyone know if there were any plans as such? Will there be tools for recruitment that we can use in the future? Because now Clan recruitment in WoWS is haphazard.
  24. New clan with only the two creating members being present players. I myself play almost every day and really just want to build the membership and get the benefit to community oil for the base. We already have about half of the buildings unlocked and with the help of you we can cap it out. Like I said, I play almost every day and have no problem playing with newer players that have low or mid tier ships, working down a tech line or giving tips for play. You are welcome to come and go as you please and you don't need to have a discord or chat set up for voip in any fashion. Find me in game (Apemoney) or find the clan (Heavy Hitters United / GFY) and request to join. I will try to check this periodically if anyone writes something in the reply section. No matter what you do, Fair seas and happy hunting Captains!
  25. DeathAlikng


    Greetings comrades. Not to mince words or spout off in some elaborate advertisement scheme here, those of us at [We Piss Excellence - 2] are looking to take on some new members into our clan. We currently have 4 open positions (subject to change) within our ranks for players looking to join a clan, I strongly suggest you take a look. There is NO requirement to put up ANY form of money to the clan at all*** You can contact me directly here on this forum post with any inquiries. We do require any interested parties to use Discord, and if you are selected to apply to join, the discord link will be provided to you. Note: No discord = you do not join the clan. I, as well as others use Discord on my phone, while others use it on their computer. We only have a few other prerequisites for any players that are interested in joining with us here at [WPE-2]: Our PRIMARY prerequisite is that if* you are selected to join our clan, we ask that you do not simply play for a few days and then go completely inactive, this will result you in being removed from the clan. Our Secondary prerequisite is that we respectfully ask that if you only participate in playing World of Warships on the weekends, do not ask to apply for the clan. I won't say that its personal there to the weekend warriors, but we are not interested. We ask that you not be easily offended or thin skinned as some say, several of our members myself included have an aptitude for upsetting people that are easily offended and/or can't joke, talk smack, or take what they dish out. We don't require you to have a Tier X ship, We also request that you give us a general tier spectrum and/or a list of ships currently in your port, just to get a general idea of what you bring to the table. We are NOT, I repeat, we are NOT, statistics shamers/checkers at WPE-2, we prefer competent players and with competency typically comes decent stats, but there is no degree of measure as to what your stats are required to be. We are not a clan that requires you to be unicum, super-unicum etc. At [WPE-2] we value communication. So if you are selected to join, and you must be gone at certain time, or for an extended period of time, get with me or a number of other clan members and just let us know, we are typically very flexible and understanding with schedules. One of our main requirements here at [WPE-2] is that you speak English. it does not necessarily have to be your first language, but we need you to speak and understand English if you would like to join us. To wrap things up I just want to make it known that [WPE-2] is a family of its own, we encourage a family type feeling within the Discord, and we want to have a good relationship with all clan members, we joke inappropriately often, we laugh A LOT, but we are always there for each other. We have a crazy Australian, a European or two, several Canadians, and most of our members are from the States, and we are all one big family. You can add/contact me personally @Dtown_Higgins on World of Warships to get in touch with me, if you have discord already add Deathalking#7033 or you can reply here on the forums. Happy sailing