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Found 66 results

  1. (-NAF-) NorthAmericanFleet has OPENED RECRUITING! If you want to FIGHT POTATOES ... we will welcome you with open arms! If you want to learn the game ... actually learn it! HERE WE ARE! NAF is looking bring together ACTIVE PLAYERS who love this game and want to get into higher league clan battles, help with captain builds, division up and participate! We are a pretty casual/semi serious clan, the minimums below is to just bring people that love the game and have some decent knowledge of the game mechanics. Currently STORM... Knocking at Typhoons door! We get Clan Battles going Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and most Clan Brawls! With the June 20th Clan Brawl, we ran up to 5 teams and ended with a rank of 27th in NA and 54th across all servers... we had a good run until we started getting matched against Hurricane League teams. This is a GAME and -NAF- totally understands that, but we expect a certain level of participation: Show up for a few CLAN BATTLES If you are playing on the weekend, turn on NAVAL BATTLE ATTEMPTS Do NOT expect you to division up every time you get on, but pop into a division a REASONABLE amount and lay the smack down on some teams! This is NOT a huge ask for people that love this game! If you meet the minimum requirements listed below, send a clan request or join the discord server, glad to have you aboard!!! (some exceptions can be made) Battles : 2000 + Win Rate : 50% + Destruction Ratio : 1.0 + Frags per. Battle : 0.7 + (for now and will slowly increase this) Average Damage : 40,000 + * we will take a look at different classes of ships played, keeping away from mostly BB players * we will take a look at battles played and when you registered account * we will take a look at what tier 10 ships you own HOPE TO SEE YOU IN THE RANKS! Get in touch with anyone with Recruiter status or above when you join server and one of us will sort you out. Send us an IN-GAME APPLICATION to clan to make things easier! Discord Link Below: https://discord.gg/j8k9khz
  2. Clan Activity Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IZJwcolKNh-JqKiX_kVcwW-u0nRLWew2dorRRwtl7WU/edit#gid=9 Website: navygamingamerica.enjin.com
  3. [JEDI-]/[-JEDI] Fleet is recruiting. We're a group of friends who have been playing since the original Navyfield 1 and Navyfield 2 and now have moved on to World of Warships. Since the clan first was founded we have a lot of members through multiple gaming communities throughout the years. Some still play casually and others are here daily. Our WOWS NA community of the clan is still growing and a portion of our long-time members play on the EU Server. On averages we peak 12-14 players online daily with generally more on the weekends. You can always find us in discord during clan battles and events. Currently looking for more social members who are looking for a place to play and hang out. This is an 18+ clan. Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/GBs3pyF [JEDI-] Fleet is the original fleet with maxed out Naval Base. We generally have our more active players in this clan. [-JEDI] Is now open as our second clan and we encourage newer players to join this clan. Our current Naval Base improvements for the main clan are as follows:
  4. UPDATE 7/5/20 The 90th is currently recruiting again in many of our divisions we offer fleets for the Casual player to the full competitive wanting to really get out there and compete against other fleets. We plan to take part in many of the new coming events such as Supremacy League making it's appearance again. Our discord is open to all but we do not like nor tolerate drama so leave it at the door or don't come in to our house we are here to play shooty boats and make friends. The 90th currently has 400+ Members and continues to grow as a community of Captains playing a game we like and others too we have Fleets in other games too. Hop in our discord and come meet us even if you are just looking to become allies and train with other fleets and members in Warships. We also to massive sync drops for fun we welcome other clans and players to join us in these events! (Reddit eat your heart out!) https://discord.gg/2FjvWEC The 90th Battle Group is always looking to recruit good, active players into our ranks. We currently have 10 Divisions and over 400 members, and are a gaming community involved in several different games. We are a highly active fleet and have members in our Discord at almost any time of the day or night. We do not discriminate on win rate, damage dealt, or statistics in general. Instead, we prefer members that will be active, available, and most interested in having fun with like-minded people. We all get along and have a great time, so having a good sense of humor will help you fit right in with everyone. While we have a competitive side, the 90th is about having a great time and a lot of fun. We also try to keep the toxic community out of our ranks, and we try to be respectful to everyone. The 90th was formed the day Clans where allowed and has grown from there. We plan to continue to grow as a Battle Group, not only in regular play but the competitive scene. We have proven ourselves as a threat over and over on the competitive scene in such events as Clan Wars and Shipstorm, and will be stepping into KOTS. The 90th is currently in the Typhoon League in Clan Wars. While many clans have gone inactive, shut down, and dropped off the face of Warships the 90th has CONTINUED to grow and strengthen. We have ZERO tolerance for drama and nastiness in our clan. What Perks are there in joining the 90th? You will be playing with a large group of highly active players who want to have a good time and kick butt. Almost all of our divisions' ports are fully upgraded, including one at the 50 member mark and several others close to it. This means purchase costs of Tech Tree ships are cheaper, you get bonus XP in battles, and lower repair costs. The 90th also offers regular training; we have many members who want to help others improve as players, even if it just simple things like learning to communicate, position. You name it, we offer it. Want to be competitive? The 90th's main fleet and 90thG is where it is at if you are looking for some hardcore coordinated battles. Just getting your feet wet in the competitive aspect of the game? Then the 90thB and 90thI will be where you will start. Want to play in clan wars but without the pressure or stress of competitive teams? Check out 90thC 90thD 90thI and HMCS. Just want to play casual? No competitive? No Training? Just hang out with people and shoot ships then the 90thE, 90thF, and 90thR are for you. The 90th Fleets There is always room to move up within the fleet by proving your abilities, improving stats, and showing you are a TEAM PLAYER 90th - Full Competitive Requirements - 1000+ Battles, 52% + WR, 1200+ PR, Great-Unicum Damage, 3 or more Tier 10 ships preferably with 19 point captains. The ability to train up to twice a week for clan wars, Ship Storm, and KOTS. You must be very active and use discord! 90thG - Competitive Requirements - 1000+ Battles, 50% + WR, 1200+ PR, Great-Unicum Damage, 2 or more Tier 10 ships preferably with 19 point captains. You must be very active and use discord! 90thB & 90thI & 90thC & 90thD & HMCS - Semi Competitive Fleets Requirements - 1000+ Battles, 49% + WR, 1000+ PR, Good-Unicum Damage, at least 1 Tier 10 ship preferably with 19 point captain. You must be very active and use discord! 90thE, 90thF, 90thR - Casual Fleet Requirements - Prefer you are active, and use Discord this is a relaxed fleet with little to no competitive play, no Ship Storm or KOTS. Rules We do have some rules which you can read about in the link below: Rules We do REQUIRE discord to be apart of the 90th. It is a wonderful communication program with both text and voice coms. You can download it at the link below. The link below that is to enter our server. You will be put into the quarantine room make sure you read the rules, then answer the questions. Once you download discord private message me for our discord server link. Download Discord 90th Discord Come Join Us! Send us an application at the link provided below or contact one of command staff directly in game! Recruitment Feel free to check out our website 90th Battle Group Website
  5. Bravo Zulu! have moved to NA and are looking for active players to strengthen our competitive ranks. Whilst we are largely comprised of Australian and New Zealand residents, we welcome all English speakers to join us. Requirements: You must have a recent Win Rate >55% @ Tier X with a minimum of 1,000 Random or Clan Battles. If your overall win rate is below that you’ll still be considered if your metrics are rising. You must be prepared and willing to use Discord for in game communications You must have a selection of Tier X ships to choose from or be very close to achieving it Our Port Facilities are coming along with a strong focus on steel and coal bonuses. Learn more about us on Sypax and Boggzy's Podcast - Get to Know a World of Warships Clan. All applicants are expected to join Discord and Division with [B-Z] members before being invited to apply as we want both parties to be satisfied with the choice they've made. Formerly known as Stop the Boats, we are the inaugural King of the Tasman title holder on the SEA Server and have plans to make an impact on NA now that we're here, so why not join us and make an impact yourself?
  6. 𝐄𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐲 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 (waivers at our discretion) -good attitude! Seriously, a good fit trumps almost everything else -a series of trial battles divisioned up and on comms with at least one of the clan leadership (this could take a while) -an open mind, ability to work in a team and a desire to improve -Not horrible stats (48% Hard line) -Over 1000 battles, minimum of 150 battles per month -At least one silver t10 earned the hard way Invite may be extended after a vote from senior clan members with emphasis on mutual fit. Join us on our Discord Server This is our correct Discord link https://discord.gg/CPNuMD4 We do stress social interaction with one another. We like to have a good time. We are striving to get better in clan battles, currently a Storm League level team. If you are looking for a decent group of people to hang out with please stop by and see how it goes.
  7. GOFU=Grumpy Old Farts United. Get off my lawn! Err.. I mean ocean! Get off my OCEAN! We are a very casual clan... in fact, I created it solely to provide the economic benefits to our members. To date, we don't do CW, though we do occasionally get a few members to division together, and participation in the weekend "Naval Battles" is strongly encouraged. Hey, what can I say...it's tough to get Grumpy Old Farts to cooperate! So, if you're interested in an active, clannish-type clan, look elsewhere. If you just want a clan tag, and those nice economic & research bonuses, send me a request in-game! VonLippe
  8. Greetings from Decus Praesidium Guild! We are an active mid sized clan with members from all NA time zones who are adding to our ranks with the primary purpose of enjoying the competitive challenge of clan battles. We have a fairly light hearted but competitive attitude and constantly strive to improve together. We are looking for reasonably competitive and experienced shipmates interested in playing clan battles, who are respectful of others and are looking to enjoy playing with competent team mates in reliable divisions. If you have found yourself frustrated with the current quality of play and are looking for friends to play with, You owe it to yourself to check us out! Good hunting to you, Karandar We use Discord as a daily news and voice platform Please have a microphone and PTT set up for access to our Discord channel. Our Current Port bonuses: -15% to post service battle repair costs -15% credits to purchase ships +5% XP to all battles +25% FreeXP every battle +10% commander XP +7% Coal 40 member roster 10% bonus to steel
  9. AHOY Captains! We are welcoming & recruiting new ship captains who are looking to learn & improve their abilities and ship skills through team play. We are a military structured organization that’s been around since before fleets began in the game. Our requirements are simple: Have a microphone/speakers (or headset) and be on TeamSpeak3 when in game, Be +18 years of age, Have at least 1 Tier 10 ship for clan battle competition, or Any tier ship for social clan, Have >50 battles, and Possess a strong desire to learn & excel through coordinated teamwork. We offer the following bonuses in our competitive clan: +25% to free XP -14% to research costs -12% to repair costs +10 % to Commanders XP +7% more coal +7% more steel +4% to XP for all ships. Sound interesting? Go to our website located at: navygamingamerica.enjin.com and fill out an application. A recruiter or fleet officer will respond within 24-36 hours and attempt to set up an interview in our TeamSpeak3 channel at your convenience. Following the interview, you can meet some of your prospective shipmates, look us over, ask questions and decide if we meet your expectations. Our TeamSpeak3 channel is: ngagaming.enjinvoice.com Come by and see us! Good Luck & Good Hunting!
  10. ...Sailor take warning! We are a casual clan seeking active players. We participate in clan battles, naval battles, and regularly have members join division in randoms. We have a clan discord and website that are for general and event use. We have members from all over the world. Most members are willing to help new recruits and answer questions in clan chat. Skill is not a requirement but is desired. Members must maintain a 10 oil per day average (calculated by total oil earned/days in clan). If this sounds interesting to you, then please contact me here or in game. I play every day right now, and we have several other recruiters. Visit our web site at https://redskyatmorning.enjin.com/ There is a brief informational application just so we can get to know your play times and interests in this game. I am the web site admin and I think it is becoming a very useful tool. We have training tips, replays and a very lively forum.
  11. What is Fatality Squad? Fatality Squad is a clan founded by three mutual friends that broke off from a bigger clan. We strive to build a positive and friendly environment within our community. [-FS-] Fatality Squad is a competitive/semi-competitive clan we're currently looking to bolster our ranks to fill spots in both Alpha and Bravo Groups. We're not a meta ship clan (clan battles) and try not to force our members to play ships they're uncomfortable with. We pride ourselves with making friends and while we do have some guidelines our goal isn't to force you to do anything you may not be comfortable with. We aim to keep members active and make sure we respect our members to ensure that no one is targeted by bullying and to ensure everyone's safety. Our clan was founded by our fearless leader inkdfool (Fleet Admiral) and two Admirals Vale of Hearts & Weirdonelson. Currently looking for / Requirements: Active players. Minimum of a TIER VI (willing to be flexible depending on how the interview goes). Team Players. Maturity Willing to be at least semi-active in our clan discord. Microphone is mandatory for Clan Battles. Players who will to help and to teach our newer members. Players for our competitive team. Minimum age of 16 (willing to be flexible after conducting interview) Why should YOU join Fatality Squad you may ask? We're aiming to build a mature tight-knit community that will provide you new friendships, awesome Clan Battles experiences, help when it comes to learning new ships or learning the game in general, and your typical clan benefits with the Naval Base. Also starting to implement Training Battles to help our members who are trying to learn new ships or people learning a new class of ship. Clan Events as well that you have a chance to win something! How to get interviewed and earn the tags [-FS-] Join our discord and get with a recruiter by dming them! If you have any questions about the clan feel free to join our discord and ask any questions you may have in our Public Area of discord! https://discord.gg/bMBJuZK
  12. Naval Air & Sea Strike Force - NASSF NASSF is actively recruiting new members! We are a newly formed Clan that is growing and building. Our founders and first members come from the same well-founded Clan that, sadly, has collapsed. What are we about? We want everyone to just having a great time playing World of Warships and to make some new friends. We are completely involved in helping new players to World of Warships learn the game and grind up as quick, and as smart, as possible. We are an all-ages, all sex, all background Clan, but expect a fair bit of 18+ language. We have retirees, students, vets, blue collar, white collar, no collar folks. Clan Desires: We encourage all of our players to participate in weekly Naval Battles. We are working to help people new to World of Warships grind up so we will have more members able to join us for the next season of Clan Battles. We use discord for all of our communications and would like all our members to download and use it. We would like those interested in becoming a member of NASSF to have at least one T-5 ship and have played a certain number of battles played already. But we can be flexible with these two. Contacting Us: If you are interested in finding out more about NASSF here is our direct discord link: https://discordapp.com/invite/T6eRqF4 Or you can go to our Clan Description (viewable from the pull-down menu on our Navy Base page). There is the address that goes directly to our Discord Channel. Or just contact any member of NASSF from the list of Clan Members.
  13. Our Mascot! Who Are We? PSV is a highly competitive, top tier clan that was initially formed to play in World of Warships tournaments such as Kings of the Seas and is now aiming to finish top 5 in Clan Wars. We here at the PSV community are all a bunch of friendly, close knit folk of varied background, weeb and non weeb. We value teamwork and cohesion just as much as good stats, and are looking for people feel the same. While we are shifting our focus to Clan Wars, we also intend to continue competing in Kings of the Seas where our team is one of the best around. Not only do we have 3 seasons of competitive play with highly ranked finishes, we won second place in the most recent Kings of the Seas, and were the only team from NA to take a game off EU in the EU vs. NA international playoffs! No interest in competition? We don’t mind! We just want people who are interested in intense team gameplay alongside and against some of the best players on the server. What can we offer you? -For casual players - a laid back, chill environment in which to sink ships with other highly skilled players. -For competitive players - an opportunity to be at the highest level of play as part of one of the best teams on the server. -For all – The chance be a part of a top end warships clan without adding too much salt to your diet. How can I join? As we recruit quite selectively, we do have several initial requirements: Mechanics Requirements: -We prefer applicants to achieve over 58% solo win rate over the past 90 days. --Exceptions may be made for exceptional CV mains that suck at surface ships (of which I may be one). -WTR is so easily padded that we're not even going to bother with a WTR requirement. We prefer to evaluate applicants on an individual basis; that is not to say that your stats will be ignored, but we will apply careful consideration to your application. Attitude: -A friendly, mature(ish) attitude is heavily emphasized here at PSV. We pride ourselves on being calm, courteous, and level headed in game. That’s not to say we don’t ever get angry here, but if we do we resolve conflicts respectfully. -Be able to accept constructive criticism. -Have fun without ruining anyone else’s fun. TL:DR: IF YOU WANT TO CONSTANTLY RAGE IN COMMS OR CHAT, PSV IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU. Miscellaneous: -Use Discord with a working headset and microphone. Speak intelligible English. Additionally, if you're looking to join our Clan Wars sessions or our highly ranked Kings of the Seas team, we have a few extra requirements: Ship Requirements, - any one of: -For CV: lol we wish (But having a Hak for KOTS/scrims would be nice) -For BB: Montana, Yamato -For CL/CA: Hindenburg, Des Moines, or Zao preferred. Anything is useful -For DD: Gearing, YueYang, Z-52 --Having a high-level (18+) captain on that ship would be highly helpful. Other Requirements for KOTS: -Have some availability during typical scrim and regular season gaming times: 9:00PM-12:00AM EST on Fridays and Saturdays. -Be able to take orders and work as part of a team. Process: 1) To Apply: Meet basic requirements and poke one of the officers if you’re interested for a Discord server invite 2) Applicant: Basic mechanics and attitude evaluations done through internal scrims or divisions. Passing this will get you a clan invite. 3) Recruit: A probationary period for evaluating teamwork and competitive play as part of the clan itself. If you're interested, you can just reply to this forum post. Alternatively, you can contact our Recruitment Officers @BottleSheep, @War_Plains_Tiger, or@UT3; or myself or @Darth_Crater, through in game chat, forum PM, or even Discord PM, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
  14. ghostsofkrell

    New Clan - Potatoes welcome!

    Are you looking for a low-stress clan where you can have fun killing ships and B S'ing with a non-toxic group of knuckleheads? If your skills put you in the slightly below to slightly above average category, you will fit right in with us. Join KRELL in our quest to improve as players and a team and see how far we can go with Clan Battles! Go to the Clan tab in port and search on our clan tag "KRELL" Check out our description for more details. We are the KRELL of Altair IV! (Most of the founding members of KRELL have played together for over a year in a previous clan. We have Clan battle experience and want to go as far as possible in future clan battles - Join us!!!)
  15. [SCREW] :: [NA] Currently looking for a few more active players to join our Clan Wars group, requirement listed below: 1. T10 ships and moderate experience with them. 2. Use of and active w/ Discord 3. Able to game between the hours: 5:00pm – 10pm CT (noting most of our player base are between the ET and PT time zones) 4. * We do not filter on Discord channels: able to view or don’t mind explicit chat, most of the our players are PG but we have a few madmen in our midst 5. We are looking for stats that represent positive growth and activity, utilizing WoWS Stats & Numbers to player representation and final decisions Regards, Ollow_NC
  16. SporranLegion_

    MoGG are recruiting new members

    MoGG [Members of Gaming Gladiators] We are looking for new members to help us get into battles and sink lots of enemy ships. We offer a relaxed atmosphere with no dramas Our naval base is almost complete everything is built up with only the Coal Port (2 out of 3) & Steel Port to build, come and help us build them. 15% off the cost of ship repairs 15% off the cost of buying a ship 5% extra ship XP 25% extra free XP 10% extra commander XP We are Noob friendly so even if you are new to the game we will look after you (we all started as noobs) We use Teamspeak for voice comms so a microphone is required, most of us have a headset so as not to annoy the rest of the household. We have a range of age groups young to oldies but you must be a minimum of 18 with a mature attitude. Members are mostly from the east coast US but we also have guys from Ireland, Scotland and England. We are a relaxed clan but we can be competitive when the need arises. We can be contacted through the game or come to our Teamspeak server at mogg.ddns.net for a chat.
  17. RSWF Right Some Wicked Fleet is recruiting. We are older mature guys (mostly 40+) mostly based in Eastern Canada. We are looking for some good guys or ladies to join up. We play for fun. Drama free. We play Clan Wars, missions, co-ops, whatever. Tend to play early, 7-9 Eastern time. Good base with bonuses. You should be comfortable being in discord, mature, and preferably have or working towards a tier 10. We get together annual every August in Halifax, and all active members are invited. Pm for Discord or any questions.
  18. We have a few slots left. We are looking for members interested in Clan Battles... We are a kick-back clan with a solid clan base. We have around 40 members, mostly active, but we are always looking for that last guy to get a team together... If that is you, give us a shout... Hurry up though, we only have 5 slots left. Cheers!
  19. NaCl is now recruiting players! We are a brand new clan, created by people who previously played together either in other clans or in divisions with the idea to create a new clan with a little more focused on competitive games. We're a group of individuals who've played Clan Battles and King of the Seas, but Clan Battles are not our only purpose. It's about having fun by playing with friends and teaching players who are new to competitive how to play. We can be Toxic but we are mostly friendly and here to help! Server: NA What we offer? Standard Clan bonuses, chance for playing in CWs or in division in Randoms, Scenarios and Event Battles. Training, Map Strategies, Ship Discussions, Etc What are we looking for? -Active Individuals on Discord -Willing to Learn and Participate Message me or Join our Discord https://discord.gg/KSbWNd
  20. [NA] The KILL community is a english speaking community and is looking to expand. [KILL] has reached high Storm and Typhoon in the past Clan Battle seasons while [KILL2] will be participating next season. We are currently in need players who are experienced, have some experience in the game or who are quite new that want to learn/ improve. You must: - Have Discord, working mic and know how to use the application - Be active on discord. Division with clan members, [KILL] clan members and most importantly be a team player. - Not be a drama queen. We understand one might get frustrated from time to time but a constant crap stirring or unhappy individual in general is not wanted. - Expected to improve. - Be ready to focus during competitive play. Things [KILL] offer: - Max Navel Base - High Storm/Typhoon Clan Battle experience - Friendly players that will help you improve Things [KILL2] offer: - Navel Base half built (working on it) - Beginner Clan Battle experience - Friendly players that will help you improve [KILL] General things that we are looking for: - PR above 1300 - Around 2000 battles + - Have a win rate around 53% - Have or be close to 3 T10 ships Viable in the current meta - Comfortable in at least one ship class [KILL2] General things that we are looking for: - PR above 1000 - Around 800 battles + - Have a win rate around 50% - Have or be close to 1 T10 ship minimum While we prefer all applicants meet these general requirements, a player that shows clear progression will be considered. Stats aren't everything, we value a team atmosphere above all. Should you not be in line with what we are looking for, you may be invited on a probationary period where we can evaluate your potential.If you are interested, please join our discord! https://discord.gg/2rctCF2 KILL THEM ALL!!!
  21. 5D2 is is a high skilled and competitive team. If you are wanting to laugh your way into Typhoon then we are the team for you. We do have some minimum Stat requirements, but in reality we will look at what your most recent play skill sets look like and figure it out from there. We have a culture of inclusiveness with exception to drama and toxicity. We encourage inter fleet competition, helpful and happy attitudes, and building our community above all else. Join the new 5D2 and be a part of a winning experience. Contact me in game HERO425 - or apply directly to the clan in game. I will reach out to you
  22. BTLST is looking for new members. BTLST is an active active World of Warships community that has been around for a year. We have a core group of guys that have been playing for years together and are looking for new members. We are very active in Clan Battles and want to expand to having multiple divisions. What you can expect as a member of BTLST: A fun casual environment where people learn to play together both individually and as a group. Our own Discord server Clan Battles: We have at least 1 group of members play Clan Battles every night. Training Sessions A great group that is always willing to help grind or offer suggestions on anything you may need help with. Requirements: Benefits: 1. Game Activity: Must be active in-game at least 1 time a week. 2. Discord: We like every member to be in DIscord while playing so that we can division up. Isn’t this why you join a clan in the first place? We are looking forward to adding to our ranks those who wish to take part in a drama free environment and get the most out of what Warships will have to offer. If you have any questions you can reach out to anyone below and they will be happy to help answer any questions. Contact: Jemichaud Thraxx99
  23. Join [NASTY]!!! We are a fun clan of mature and experienced North American players (mainly but not exclusively Canadian) who are focused on developing a mutually supportive environment where we can Enjoy playing World of Warships together; and Develop our individual and team skills to a point where we can participate in competitive game play. We are focused on Division, Operations and Clan Battle game play. We have a respect-based code of conduct to which all members are expected to adhere. Membership Requirements Must be able to speak English Must be 18 yrs of age or older (we will consider exceptions) Must have headphones and mic Must participate in Discord Stats cannot be hidden Must have at least 1 T8 ship but will give preference to players who have clan battle competitive T10's must have minimum 1000 battles
  24. NSWO Clan presently has openings for new members. Recent new Clan requirements has allowed us to have several vacancies. No age restrictions but 18+ language is used and is to be expected. We play the NA server. Discord is required! Participation in Naval Battles each weekend is required! Need to have at least one Tier 8 ship! We are asking that all members try to be available for Clan Battles. We can usually get more members then needed, and we rotate members in and out during the matches,. We're hoping to have enough players to send in two or more groups into Clan Battles! All new members will go through a 2 week probation period. But if you play fairly regular and produce some oil for the Clan, the probation period is no big deal. We aren't a hard-a$$ Clan. We just want members to participate when possible and not just be mooching off the achievements of others. Butthead members will be, and have been, dealt with harshly. We are NOT looking to recruit trouble makers. We are maxed with 50 member spaces. We are closing in on the last 2 items to compete our Navy Base. We are a group of average to above average players with members that division up often, like to have fun, and want to enjoy World of Warships as the game it is. Younger members, older members, and those in between! We got players from many time zones. So there's someone online and playing almost every hour of the day. Drop by and check us out. If interested put in an application. Or contact any member of the leadership. A quick run down of the Clan will be held with you, at your convenience, on our Discord server with two members of the leadership group. Totally informal. Just two minds trying to remember all that we things a potential new member might need/like to know before joining us.
  25. Welcome to [CUTE] competitive gaming community! About Us We are a clan that is based on casual wows, which doesn't restrict anything except having a wows NA account with a mature attitude, and a competitive side where you need to meet specific requirements before you can be a team member. On the casual side we do share some weeb parts since most of us are former KNTAI members, but we do love other stuffs like airsoft, alcohol and food (You'll find a specific person that posts food pictures everyday, charge him if he doesn't). For competitive we are currently focusing on Supremacy League, our main goal is to be the best NA team not once but all times. [CUTE] can also be "Creepy Unfriendly Terrifying Edgy", as all current members can describe ourselves a weirdo :D What do we offer A good casual environment Friendly atmosphere with competitive parts Good players for you to have good fun with Training sessions for people that want to improve Practice or skirmish for people that are interested in competitive Huge variety on game choices even if you are burnt out on wows If you are interested... Important: Applications are only open for CUTER and 2CUTE before any further updates. We have filled most of our spaces atm. - Please message us through #ask_recruitment_things on our discord - A link to the page from your profile on https://na.wows-numbers.com/ - Division test with recruitment officer will be held for all applicants - Meeting the requirements does not guarantee entry into the clan - Conversely, requirements are only standards which can be negotiated by division test performance or other factors - For promotion, you'll need to show yourself in either CB/Scrims/KotS. We'll assess your performance before considering promotion. Applicant for all clan must meet these shared requirements: - A NA WoWs account with public statistics - Ability to speak English - Good, mature behavior - Discord and a working microphone - (Competitive) By joining you agree to dedicate time towards weekly training and competitive matches. - (Competitive) Replay enabled game client Casual Team (2CUTE) Remember, requirements are only standards which can be negotiated by division test performance or other factors - 47% Win Rate - Over 750 Battles, and a T8 tech tree ship Light Competitive (CUTIE) Remember, requirements are only standards which can be negotiated by division test performance or other factors - 50%+ WR - Over 1000 Battles, and a T10 tech tree ship Competitive team (CUTE) Remember, requirements are only standards which can be negotiated by division test performance or other factors - 56%+ WR - A screenshot or page from your profile on https://na.wows-numbers.com/ - Minimum 3 T10 ships from main class Flagship Team (CUTER) Remember, requirements are only standards which can be negotiated by division test performance or other factors - 60%+ WR - Specialist in at least one class in T10, strong sub class highly preferred - Prior competitive experience What we hope you to achieve if you are in comp: -The ability to play multiple ships competitively -Show progress and development (Either competitive or randoms) -Training higher point captains for competitive play -Ability to skillfully communicate with teammates at the competitive level -Be initiative and have your own plans while in game, we don't want people that only listens to call or not following the calls. Mercenary If you are not from our clan and you wanted to be a merc on our team, please contact Shinano/Zuikaku for more details. But please be sure that you are willing to play under our clan name and are fit with the competitive requirements above. No exception for mercenaries. Contacts Private message on forums to me or Join our discord here! If you are interested to join... Poke on one of our personnel or logistic (P or L in the org chart below)officers on the forums about joining. For the lols: If you are a weeb, 80% of the CUTE population loves DD or lolis, join us and be a lolicon!