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Found 81 results

  1. Recruiting players who want to play clan battles every day they are open. We use Discord for communication and can help you get setup. This is our first season of clan battles and we are trying to work up to having two teams playing. So if you love to battle, have tier X ships, and learn we would love to have you!
  2. The Making of This Post Uesugi_Ken: What do I write? Desert_Fox: I have no Idea Uesugi_Ken: *Types that down* Desert_Fox: No wait, don't write that. You write this! Uesugi_Ken: I don't want to, I type you write. Desert_Fox: I write this? I don't even know what to say. No wait, don't dictate that geezus. You're not even trying, you're f*cking terrible... Uesugi_Ken: I am trying! Desert_Fox: No, you're not. You're literally writing bullsh*t. Stop, I can hear you typing. Uesugi_Ken: >_<!! Welcome to Zhong Hua Da Di Guo! We are currently recruiting for Clan Ba- Anon: Wait, shouldn't that be Hai Guo? No, shush. You don't know what you're talking about. So who are we? Well, let our Clan Description tell you that! We play. We get oil. We use facilities. We play some more. One day we get enough Tier 8 and do clan battles. PM me if you have any questions. Don't question the questionable clan name. The clan name is a reference to a certain nation state from nation state the game. Don't worry about it. If you're still questioning the clan name, the- And unfortunately that's it... The message got cut off there for some reason and I don't remember the rest of what I typed. What I do remember is the origin story and if you're still curious about it, why don't you join and find out? :P Join the ZHDDG Today! What to Expect from the ZHDDG Fully Active Base Buildings! Semi-Active Admins~ Non-Active Discord Channel... (at the moment) What ZHDDG Expects from you Have a Tier 8 ship or above Show up for Clan Battles The ability to comprehend what is written in this post. No, you don't need to understand Chinese to join No, this is not a Chinese Clan No, this clan is not composed of Chinese people (except for 1 Taiwanese guy) Yes, Chinese people ARE allowed (And Taiwanese) Nothing else because we're literally doing this recruitment drive so we can do clan battles.... ._. To find us, just look up ZHDDG or Zhong Hua Da Di Guo in game and send us a request! Or send me a PM! Or send me a PM in game! Or send Desert_Fox a PM!
  3. Why not make karma visible to clan officers? I'd suggest a rework of the visible system be a scale of -3 to 50 or 100. Obviously some people have a lot more than 50 or 100, but it would just appear that they maxed out. Privately, there would continue to be no cap. The -3 gives you just enough to show people you might be an [edited]. And that's pretty much all you really get out of it. Is this person an [edited] or not? Maybe just new you say? You can still see # of games played, etc., to cross-reference. It's just an additional indicator, not an end-all, be-all. I'd appreciate any and all input. Even if this resulted in cleaning up some of the saltiness in chat (which I've been guilty of as well) because a few more people want to consider their karma to get into a clan, I'd call it a success.
  4. FIGA - Nothing Suss

    Nothing suss is looking for people with a messed up sense of humor that can deal with excessive mum jokes and swearing from a bunch of Aussies & kiwis with a few americans thrown in. very laid back group of ppl will look to clan battles in the future but for now just want to expand the ranks discord is available but not required at this time. feel free to apply or pm in game Hob0Jedi or some_asian_teen
  5. GOFU=Grumpy Old Farts United. Get off my lawn! Err.. I mean ocean! Get off my OCEAN! We are a very casual clan... in fact, I created it solely to provide the economic benefits to our members. To date, we haven't done CW, though we do occasionally get a few members to division together. Hey, what can I say...it's tough to get Grumpy Old Farts to cooperate! So, if you're interested in an active, clannish-type clan, look elsewhere. If you just want a clan tag, and those nice economic & research bonuses, send me a request in-game! VonLippe
  6. SeaWolfpack Clan Recruiting.

    SeaWolfpack is a new clan that is looking to fill its ranks. We request that you be at least 17 to join. (Fair warning) Because we're a new clan we don't have a huge base but we're working to build it up. If you have any questions or have any interest in joining please feel free to look us up or send me a message.
  7. DS-DL Always recruiting

    No pressure, no requirements. A few of the low hanging port perks already picked up. Make finding division mates easier, and hey, if you wanna be competitive, still want you to join, particularly if you are a better recruiter than I!
  8. South Pacific Firestorm is recruiting players that want to be a part of a fun team environment. So if you prefer to solo run 99% of the time this clan is not for you. Discord is required as we use it for division, clan battles, and pretty much all clan communication. We don't really have a requirement for win rate, but must have at least 1 T8 (non premium) ship as most of us prefer to run in the T8 - T10 range and so your more familiar with the higher tier meta of gameplay. You must be an active player (we realize that RL comes first) but you cant grow as a team if you don't run fairly regularly. If your interested then please apply in game. (just search SPF in the clan search tab to find us) or send me a message in game just search Gryphen_Ghost and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
  9. [-TRM-] The Rolling Main is recruiting! [-TRM-] The Rolling Main is based in North America and welcomes Teamwork oriented players who play well across any or all of the existing games and scenarios within World of Warships. We welcome captains and rogues wanting a casual group to hang out with and to participate in divisions and clan battles with. Independent Captains that sail under a common flag, brethren of the sea that can come together should the need arise. We all love to play, but many times prefer to play solo and when I do div up I'm not a big fan of always being on voice chat. I never liked clans that have requirements for voice chat, and so it isn't a requirement for [-TRM-]. We welcome like-minded captains, but don't force everyone to play the same way. One of the goals of this clan is to be able to take advantage of clan base features in a casual, yet competitive setting without taking the fun out of it or forgetting it is just a game. To have potential division mates, if you feel like teaming up with other captains. A clan that won't restrict your playstyle or is so demanding as to kill the fun of the game. We are looking for mature players (not by age, but attitude) that are regulars in the game. While there are no skill requirements, we expect captains to understand (or be willing to learn) basic game mechanics and strive to improve. While winning is great, we care more about good, polite, respectful people than unicum. If you want to wear our tag, then you must positively represent the tag, and so poor sportsmanship is strongly looked down on. We do not discriminate and will not tolerate sexism or racism. Clan requirements: We want players who play! The whole point of a clan is a little community. No requirement as far as ship tiers, but T6-8 is very helpful. We do expect players to remain active, though taking a break from time to time is totally understandable as long as you communicate any extended absence with us first. If [-TRM-] sounds like it might be a fit for you, then leave a comment with your game handle and we can send an invite. Happy Sailing!
  10. Naval Service of Canada [NSC]

    Naval Service of Canada [NSC] is recruiting. We are looking for adult, moderately active that play 3-4 times a week, players. We are looking for players with at least one tier 8 boat to complete the rental mission for Clan Battles. We would like to see >1000 random battles. While not mandatory, Team Speak is available and its use is encouraged. Inactive players, without reason, are regularly excluded from the clan. The Clan Port is fully upgraded. We are a casual clan that leans towards the competitive end of the spectrum. If you feel that you would like to try us out, please submit an application in game.
  11. Moskva Captain looking for comp clan

    Hello, I am looking for a new clan. I play Wows several times a week solo to relax, but I also enjoy competitive teamplay and I would like to find a clan that takes Clan Wars seriously. That is to say that team members make a commitment to attend CW's at set times, competitive matches are played with game faces on, critique is given honestly and strategy is discussed, and team composition is based on the needs of the team, not just giving everyone a turn. However, I am not a unicum, cutthroat, or wannabe cultist, so top-level comp clans are pretty much out as I understand them. Are there some lower-level comp teams in need of a drama-free but committed cruiser captain? Any ideas?
  12. DS-DL always recruiting

    All welcome, what more needs be said? Not currently competing in clan battles, but that could change, or not. Dollar Short, Day Late after all...
  13. Hello Captains, I'm AmericanHero_2 leader of the AAF1. Our clan is growing and we would like you to be apart of our armada force. I'll be going over about what the clan has to offer and if you have anymore questions, you can reply to this post or ask me in-game. So without farther delay let's fill you in on what AAF1 is like. What Kind of Clan is AAF1? AAF1 is a competitive clan that has one mission and that is to improve our shipmate's WoWs skills to the best that they could be and win battles. AAF1 is a Level Seven Clan with a full shipyard, dock, and research lab and can hold up to 40 members. We participate in Clan Battles (must have your own Tier X) and we do Clan Events that allows everyone to win rewards. What Kind of Leadership Does AAF1 Have? We have four ranks, Admiral, Commander, Petty Officer, and Sailor. Sailor is given to all our members who are new in the clan however, Petty Officer and above are earned by showing clan performance such as (Leadership skills, Loyally, and Activity). The more you show those skills the higher you'll be promoted. We'll always follow chain of command if there's a problem or issues with anything. What Time Zone Does AAF1 Work In? We work in the Eastern Time of the United States Does AAF1 Have a Discord Server? Yes we do it's mandatory for our shipmates to have discord or set an account up for discord it is free and it's a great program for communication and communication is key to this clan. What Training Does AAF1 Have? New Sailors will be training with the Petty Officers in Divisions, Training Room, and Ops. They'll train you in the ways of the AAF1 and once your training is complete you'll be able to participate in Clan Battles and Clan Events with the rest of the clan. What Does AAF1 Need From Me? You need to have a Tier V ship or higher, need to be active and social with others. Must have Discord within the week you have joined. Finally you need to have fun and be a cool team player. Thank you for your time and hope to see an application drop in from you soon. If you have further questions please contact me and I'll contact you ASAP. AmericanHero_2
  14. Clan GULAG is recruiting

    Hi, I'm John and my clan is recruiting. We are a casual clan looking for players of any skill level (30% win rate? No problem!). Here are the clan rules: 1. 50 oil per week after joining. It's not hard to get one container a day. We understand if your life is busy, so please let us know if life will not permit that much play. Just try, this isn’t an ironclad rule. 2. Discord applications. Your application to the clan must be accompanied by a request to join our Discord server. 3. 30-Day Boot. If you are inactive for 30 days, you’re gone. (One player has been given a temporary exemption due to an unusual work environment). 4. Weekly divisions. I can't track this, but would like to see everyone division up with a fellow clan member at least once a week. The current goal is to get 7-player groups for running operations together on voice comms. 5. Check the Discord server once a week. Even if you aren’t into playing in a division, just check in for updates. 6. Abuse, bullying, or otherwise poor conduct while playing with the team are grounds for dismissal. Nothing too crazy. Additional information can be found here on our Discord server. There is one player who has an exemption from the 30-day rule, due to his line of work (currently in Afghanistan as a contractor).
  15. [RushB] - Russian Bias RushB is a highly competitive NA World of Warships clan always welcoming skilled players. We strive to be the best the NA server has to offer by actively participating in KotS and Clan Battles. We have finished in the top 8 in both KotS seasons and been in the top 10 both Clan Wars seasons. If you're looking for a place to compete against the top clans on the server and better yourself as a player, this is the place. We are mostly a conglomerate of defectors from a variety of clans, so no matter where you are from you can find a home here. What we can offer you: - Top-level KotS and Clan Battle play - Competitive-minded community - Communism - A Discord server with an active pool of meme-bers - Divisions with our players and friendly cominterns Requirements: - ~58% SOLO Winrate (>Past 1000 games) - At least one T10 ship that can be played competitively - Activity on our discord and a working mic (solo play is fine, but if you don’t participate in our community at all you aren’t really a part of it are you?) - Division “test” to see if you’re compatible with our clan and members - Pass a general eye test with the whole of your stats (i.e. progression over time, effectiveness at higher tiers, etc) - May be required to convert to communism - No drama, a little salt in randoms never hurt anyone but no toxicity/hostile attitudes
  16. Active player looking for a more active and competitive clan for next clan wars and to division up with to improve. Looking specifically for the following in a clan: Consistent use of comms. Selective recruiting Driven to perform Friendly and helpful Active members I have decent stats in random, I like to experiment in the lower tiers, but I am competent in ranked - check my stats to see for yourself. I have 8 Tier X's and 2 19 point captains (nearly 3). Been playing warships a long time (started with NavyField), I have 42 ships and a decent amount of premiums (Tirpitz, Alabama, Missouri, Kii, Atago, Nelson, Hood. etc etc). I played a lot of CV in the past but only rarely use them now - IX Taiho, VII Ranger, VII Saipan or VII Kaga. Tier X: Montana Yamato G. Kurfurst Conqueror Moskva Des Moines Zao Shimakaze Other notables: IX Neptune IX Taiho VIII Richelieu Really want to find a good home and make some new long lasting friendships. Thanks, Vermagnussen
  17. Join [NASTY]!!! We are a fun clan of mature and experienced North American players (mainly but not exclusively Canadian) who are focused on developing a mutually supportive environment where we can Enjoy playing World of Warships together; and Develop our individual and team skills to a point where we can participate in competitive game play. We are focused on Division, Operations and Clan Battle game play. We have a respect-based code of conduct to which all members are expected to adhere. Membership Requirements Must be able to speak English Must be 18 yrs of age or older (we will consider exceptions) Must have headphones and mic Must participate in Discord Stats cannot be hidden Must have at least 1 T8 ship but will give preference to players who have clan battle competitive T10's must have minimum 1000 battles
  18. [GULAG] is recruiting

    Hi, I'm John and my clan is recruiting. We are a casual clan looking for players of any skill level (40% win rate? No problem!). Here are the clan rules: 1. 50 oil per week after joining. It's not hard to get one container a day. We understand if your life is busy, so please let us know if life will not permit that much play. Just try, this isn’t an ironclad rule. 2. Discord applications. Your application to the clan must be accompanied by a request to join our Discord server. 3. 30-Day Boot. If you are inactive for 30 days, you’re gone. (One player has been given a temporary exemption due to an unusual work environment). 4. Weekly divisions. I can't track this, but would like to see everyone division up with a fellow clan member at least once a week. The current goal is to get 7-player groups for running operations together on voice comms. 5. Check the Discord server once a week. Even if you aren’t into playing in a division, just check in for updates. 6. Abuse, bullying, or otherwise poor conduct while playing with the team are grounds for dismissal. Nothing too crazy. Additional information can be found here on our Discord server.
  19. Federation of Wellow

    Federation of Wellow We are a clan that is based off a fictional country from the Ace Combat series. We are currently building up our forces in preparation of defending from attacks or to expanding our borders to the far ends of the world. The Federation of Wellow is a Casual international gaming community that was established in 2017, North America. Currently we have a few active members, and we strive to be a multi-gaming clan. What we offer ⦁ Active and organized players in World of Warships ⦁ A casual community so there is always someone in your time zone to play with. ⦁ A Teamspeak server. ⦁ A website Here. ⦁ Medals and badges that recognize your skill in World of Warships and your contributions to FOW (not yet implemented) ⦁ A ranking system for those who like to advance within the community. (This is based on how active you are in Teamspeak, in the forums, and how well you are as a leader.) ⦁ New friendships with your clan mates ⦁ Lots of games to play just a channel away. ⦁ And much, much more. What we offer you in World of Warships ⦁ All types of vehicles of all nations ⦁ A place for those who are just looking for other people to play with. ⦁ Training to improve your skills or develop new ones. ⦁ Multiple fun events every week organized by our leadership. Requirements ⦁ Must be active. ⦁ Submit an application through our forums. ⦁ Be willing to use Team Speak. ⦁ Be mature How to join If you’re interested in joining, you can apply at https://fwafgc.enjin.com/ If you have any more questions you can contact me by sending me a pm or sending me an email at the above website link & look for SemiSinper3 or BlackW00lf in the forums or in-game.
  20. Clan [HORNT] Hornets is seeking active players to come and join us. We are an easy going clan that plays casually, and are gearing up to play competitively when we get enough members. We have a discord server that is optional to join. If you are interested in joining feel free to comment on the post or DM me in game for details, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Fair winds and seas.
  21. ASALT Recruiting!

    Despite the name, ASALT is a clan dedicated to being just a bunch of chumps that like shooting ships and blowing things to pieces. We do however have a competitive side, we tried our best in Clan Battles and did well, we only stopped because we ran into real life issues. That is where YOU come in! YOU can be a part of a group of blokes who can either just want to good around in training rooms shooting each other to piece, division to try and improve ourselves, or play competitively in Clan and Ranked Battles! We hope to see you soon! Da Rules: 1. Treat clan members with respect. This includes being mindful of others thoughts and beliefs. Along with working to not be antagonistic towards fellow clanmates. 2. Maintain an active player profile: For any absences of four days or longer, please alert command in the Absent and leave chat 3. Respect decisions made by clan leadership. Feedback on decisions that you disagree with is encouraged, however you are still expected to follow said decisions. 4. Recruitment is to be handled by the leadership and authorized members ONLY. Making ANY offers of membership while not being authorized to do so, will lead to administrative action, up to and including being removed from the clan. 5. Discord is the communication platform of choice of the clan. Having a Discord account that you are active on is a required part of being a member of the clan. Da Discord rules: 1. Using @ everyone for any reason not considered appropriate (including spamming) will lead to administrative action. 2. Discord use is expected to be “push to talk,” However, so long as its use is not distracting or inappropriate, “Voice activity” may be used for convenience. 3. No posting of pornographic or inappropriate material whatsoever. PM tommyboy786 or Balthaczar in game and we will send you the Discord Address and we will begin the recruitment process. Hope to see you soon!
  22. BLKRS is a Guild that's both competitive, and and casual welcome. A guild that looks forward, and likes helping new players as well. Friendly, helpful, and competitive. Maybe you're like me, and even though you don't play ranked, you take the game seriously? This guild can be for you. Perhaps you wish to play ranked, and compete with other guilds? This guild is for you. Perhaps you like teaching new players, who wish to to be one of the above? this guild is for you. ------------ I'm open to creating a website, and even a recruitment video! But I've been here before, done this before. Sometimes the guild takes off, sometimes it doesn't. Far too often I've spent alot of time creating a website, videos, etc. only for it not to go anywhere. Then again I've been a successful leader of alliances with half a server under my command. (Look at you Archeage, and EVE Online). * Website if the guild takes off. * Discord Voice will be available. * Ranks, Internal affairs, and much more will be developed and made through my experiences of leading large guilds.. if it comes too it. Trust me, it'll be fun :) I also use to run a very successful guild back in 2011 in World of Tanks (holy crap it's been a long time). While you can't access the main site. This was the front page information about the leader of this lucrative mercenary band, and our songs. http://nuiancentralalliance.webs.com/ ------------ What I'm looking for: - Co-Lead to help lead the Guild. Unfortunately life is demanding. Being a game developer myself, I don't always have time to play games, or put time into a game. This doesn't mean the guild has to fail, or devolve. Last thing I want. But I do need a co-lead to help keep things going when life keeps me busy. - Members!
  23. Hi there. Since Clans were introduced, SmAc has been a closed group of Multigaming people who know each other for many years now. We have now decided that we will start looking for new players in our ranks to play the game. What we have in mind: SmAc is so far as stated a small group of skilled NA players, our goal in the coming months is to gain some more members to play random battles, since only neckbeards play alone. We plan on doin clan matches, but not very serious since all of us are working members of the society, except for one lazy guy who studies. What were looking for: we are Looking for skilled players, not necessarily seasoned, but a winrate above 52-55% is "required", at tiers 7-10. We are all around 60% winrate overall, recently 60-70%. We dont want to drag dead weight around, were looking for people to enjoy the game on a similiar skill level. That doesnt mean that someone with 54% cant join, it just means that youre less likely to be approved if its not lookin to good ingame. What we offer: TS obviously, strong language, bad jokes, trashtalking and political incorrect humour. Were split among DD mains, Cruiser and Battleship captains. that sounds very impressive, but where just not a lot of people. So if youre interested in joining, reply within, DM here or ingame, or you can drop by in our TS and hit us up: smokin-aces.teamspeak3.com
  24. ONAVY is a clan about 6 months old, up to 30 members at present and we are ready for our first expansion. We are mostly over 40, some retired military. Younger captains are OK as long as mature minded and pleasant natured. We have players in all U.S. time zones. Looking to play together, get into some clan battles and share in the base resources. Our only general requirement is that you be active, playing at least weekly. We are very low key, no pressure, just fun. If you want to participate with us in Clan Battles, then a Tier 10 ship (Tier 8 minimum to rent Tier 10 ships) and Teamspeak is required join us at onavy.teamspeak.network . Be a part of something unique and fun and visit our website at onavy.iclanswebsite.com and see what we are about. Fun is what it is all about.
  25. BY ORDER OF OUR COMMANDER We are a really new clan looking for new members to join our ranks. Start on the fast track and grow with our clan, have fun a meet like minded gamers... Join Today Send your request to Taipan3 See you on the battlefield.