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Found 66 results

  1. [RushB] - Russian Bias RushB is a highly competitive NA World of Warships clan always with room to accomodate more skilled players. We strive to be the best the NA server has to offer by actively participating in KotS and Clan Battles. What we can offer you: - A Discord server with an active pool of meme-bers - Divisions with our players and friendly cominterns - Top-level KotS and Clan Battle play - Competitive-minded community - Communism - Rushian’s Stash - Access to Quad’s trap Requirements: - ~58% SOLO Winrate (>Past 1000 games) - At least one T10 ship that can be played competitively - Activity on our discord and a working mic, solo play is fine, but if you don’t participate in our community at all you aren’t really a part of it are you? - Division “test” to see if you’re compatible with our clan and members - Pass a general eye test with the whole of your stats (i.e. progression over time, effectiveness at higher tiers, etc) - May be required to convert to communism - No drama, a little salt in randoms never hurt anyone but no toxicity/hostile attitudes
  2. [MIA] Mortem In Aquam What is Mortem In Aquam? MIA, founded in January 2017 with the sole intent of dominating competitive game play in WoWS. In 2018 MIA looks forward to being one of the top 10 competitive teams. We aim to perform extremely efficient in tournaments and competitive play. With not only being an extremely competitive clan. MIA also has a social fleet for those that like to take randoms to a stomping level. What do we look for in a player? MIA is looking for people who are willing to put time and effort into becoming part of a competitively driven community. MIA (Actual/Zero Fleet) Minimum Requirements: Be able to communicate effectively in English Have Discord installed and have a working mic 58%+ Solo Win rate (Tiers and ships played will be taken into consideration) 2000+ Battles played Be competent with multiple classes of ship Have multiple Tier 8 competitive ships Have multiple Tier 10 competitive ships Can read the flow of battle and play smart Have a sense of humor but also the ability to be focused during competitive play Every member is expected to continue improving MIA-A (Argos Fleet) Minimum Requirements: Be able to communicate effectively in English Have Discord installed and have a working mic 56%+ Solo Win rate (Tiers and ships played will be taken into consideration) 1500+ Battles played Be competent with multiple classes of ship Have a couple Tier 8 competitive ships Have a couple Tier 10 competitive ships Can read the flow of battle and play smart Have a sense of humor but also the ability to be focused during competitive play Every member is expected to continue improving MIA-I (Intrepidus Social Fleet) Minimum Requirements: Be able to communicate effectively in English Have Discord installed and have a working mic 54%+ Solo Win rate (Tiers and ships played will be taken into consideration) 1500+ Battles played Be competent with multiple classes of ship Can read the flow of battle and play smart Have a sense of humor but also the ability to be focused Every member is expected to continue improving What do we offer? A well-established and stable community Plenty of skilled members to play in a division with Weekly practice in the form of training, scrimmages with other clans and internal battles Continuous participation in tournaments and other competitive modes How does the recruiting phase work? To maintain a high standard of player performance, new members will undergo a trial phase. This phase is a month-long evaluation where officers and other senior members will keep track of division, training and official match performances. While random game stats do give an indication of knowing basic game mechanics, they do not however shed light on the team play aspect of the individual. It is expected that every trial member does his/her utmost with regards to team play. Statistics will never tell us the whole story, so if you still think you have what it takes to join MIA, join our Discord and use the @Recruiter tag. Head Recruiter - GeoBrigade95 Achievements: Multiple members have hit rank 1 during rank seasons All MIA fleets made it into Typhoon 1 for Season 1 of Clan Battles All MIA fleets made it into Hurricane for Season 2 of Clan Battles MIA player Warlord78 has been the only CV to be featured by War Gaming in a Sea Smackdown Competition More TBA Discord Rules and Link: The Following are our general guidelines and expectations for members/visitors in the MIA discord and within WoWs: 1) Procedure: If a member of our discord and/or one of our clans is caught breaking one of these rules or a complaint is produced about said member then said member will be evaluated by an Officer based on - The legitimacy of the complaint The severity of the complaint. If the member is found to be in breach of our code of conduct then a warning will be issued for the first instance, if the problem persists then disciplinary action may be applied, especially if said member is part of one of our competitive teams. Banning or expulsions may be used but will be a last resort and only used in the most extreme of cases. 2) Code for general/casual Communications: For the most part we are not interested in policing your actions or behavior in a video game, especially on the casual level, however, when it crosses the line into harassment, griefing, or personal attacks, or it is an active issue for the enjoyment of others (screaming, smashing keys, offensive audio/visual) then steps will be taken to correct the issue. Use your best judgement, we have no problems with general salt, swearing, rabble-rousing etc. but we will not accept behavior that crosses the line. 3) Code for Competitive Communications: Any member that is participating in a competitive event or is a representative of one of our teams will be held to a higher standard at those competitive events. We will not accept any negative or aggressive comments directed at the enemy team. We are first and foremost good sportsmen and professional when playing at a higher level. Griefing/crapTalking/Team killing will also not be accepted. If anything has been missed the leadership at MIA reserves the right to take action if a situation develops outside of the above guidelines and also to make any alterations to this code provided that prior notice is given. https://discord.gg/R6vkWue
  3. Active player looking for a more active and competitive clan for next clan wars and to division up with to improve. Looking specifically for the following in a clan: Consistent use of comms. Selective recruiting Driven to perform Friendly and helpful Active members I have decent stats in random, I like to experiment in the lower tiers, but I am competent in ranked - check my stats to see for yourself. I have 8 Tier X's and 2 19 point captains (nearly 3). Been playing warships a long time (started with NavyField), I have 42 ships and a decent amount of premiums (Tirpitz, Alabama, Missouri, Kii, Atago, Nelson, Hood. etc etc). I played a lot of CV in the past but only rarely use them now - IX Taiho, VII Ranger, VII Saipan or VII Kaga. Tier X: Montana Yamato G. Kurfurst Conqueror Moskva Des Moines Zao Shimakaze Other notables: IX Neptune IX Taiho VIII Richelieu Really want to find a good home and make some new long lasting friendships. Thanks, Vermagnussen
  4. Join [NASTY]!!! We are a fun clan of mature and experienced North American players (mainly but not exclusively Canadian) who are focused on developing a mutually supportive environment where we can Enjoy playing World of Warships together; and Develop our individual and team skills to a point where we can participate in competitive game play. We are focused on Division, Operations and Clan Battle game play. We have a respect-based code of conduct to which all members are expected to adhere. Membership Requirements Must be able to speak English Must be 18 yrs of age or older (we will consider exceptions) Must have headphones and mic Must participate in Discord Stats cannot be hidden Must have at least 1 T8 ship but will give preference to players who have clan battle competitive T10's must have minimum 1000 battles
  5. [GULAG] is recruiting

    Hi, I'm John and my clan is recruiting. We are a casual clan looking for players of any skill level (40% win rate? No problem!). Here are the clan rules: 1. 50 oil per week after joining. It's not hard to get one container a day. We understand if your life is busy, so please let us know if life will not permit that much play. Just try, this isn’t an ironclad rule. 2. Discord applications. Your application to the clan must be accompanied by a request to join our Discord server. 3. 30-Day Boot. If you are inactive for 30 days, you’re gone. (One player has been given a temporary exemption due to an unusual work environment). 4. Weekly divisions. I can't track this, but would like to see everyone division up with a fellow clan member at least once a week. The current goal is to get 7-player groups for running operations together on voice comms. 5. Check the Discord server once a week. Even if you aren’t into playing in a division, just check in for updates. 6. Abuse, bullying, or otherwise poor conduct while playing with the team are grounds for dismissal. Nothing too crazy. Additional information can be found here on our Discord server.
  6. Federation of Wellow

    Federation of Wellow We are a clan that is based off a fictional country from the Ace Combat series. We are currently building up our forces in preparation of defending from attacks or to expanding our borders to the far ends of the world. The Federation of Wellow is a Casual international gaming community that was established in 2017, North America. Currently we have a few active members, and we strive to be a multi-gaming clan. What we offer ⦁ Active and organized players in World of Warships ⦁ A casual community so there is always someone in your time zone to play with. ⦁ A Teamspeak server. ⦁ A website Here. ⦁ Medals and badges that recognize your skill in World of Warships and your contributions to FOW (not yet implemented) ⦁ A ranking system for those who like to advance within the community. (This is based on how active you are in Teamspeak, in the forums, and how well you are as a leader.) ⦁ New friendships with your clan mates ⦁ Lots of games to play just a channel away. ⦁ And much, much more. What we offer you in World of Warships ⦁ All types of vehicles of all nations ⦁ A place for those who are just looking for other people to play with. ⦁ Training to improve your skills or develop new ones. ⦁ Multiple fun events every week organized by our leadership. Requirements ⦁ Must be active. ⦁ Submit an application through our forums. ⦁ Be willing to use Team Speak. ⦁ Be mature How to join If you’re interested in joining, you can apply at https://fwafgc.enjin.com/ If you have any more questions you can contact me by sending me a pm or sending me an email at the above website link & look for SemiSinper3 or BlackW00lf in the forums or in-game.
  7. Clan [HORNT] Hornets is seeking active players to come and join us. We are an easy going clan that plays casually, and are gearing up to play competitively when we get enough members. We have a discord server that is optional to join. If you are interested in joining feel free to comment on the post or DM me in game for details, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Fair winds and seas.
  8. ASALT Recruiting!

    Despite the name, ASALT is a clan dedicated to being just a bunch of chumps that like shooting ships and blowing things to pieces. We do however have a competitive side, we tried our best in Clan Battles and did well, we only stopped because we ran into real life issues. That is where YOU come in! YOU can be a part of a group of blokes who can either just want to good around in training rooms shooting each other to piece, division to try and improve ourselves, or play competitively in Clan and Ranked Battles! We hope to see you soon! Da Rules: 1. Treat clan members with respect. This includes being mindful of others thoughts and beliefs. Along with working to not be antagonistic towards fellow clanmates. 2. Maintain an active player profile: For any absences of four days or longer, please alert command in the Absent and leave chat 3. Respect decisions made by clan leadership. Feedback on decisions that you disagree with is encouraged, however you are still expected to follow said decisions. 4. Recruitment is to be handled by the leadership and authorized members ONLY. Making ANY offers of membership while not being authorized to do so, will lead to administrative action, up to and including being removed from the clan. 5. Discord is the communication platform of choice of the clan. Having a Discord account that you are active on is a required part of being a member of the clan. Da Discord rules: 1. Using @ everyone for any reason not considered appropriate (including spamming) will lead to administrative action. 2. Discord use is expected to be “push to talk,” However, so long as its use is not distracting or inappropriate, “Voice activity” may be used for convenience. 3. No posting of pornographic or inappropriate material whatsoever. PM tommyboy786 or Balthaczar in game and we will send you the Discord Address and we will begin the recruitment process. Hope to see you soon!
  9. BLKRS is a Guild that's both competitive, and and casual welcome. A guild that looks forward, and likes helping new players as well. Friendly, helpful, and competitive. Maybe you're like me, and even though you don't play ranked, you take the game seriously? This guild can be for you. Perhaps you wish to play ranked, and compete with other guilds? This guild is for you. Perhaps you like teaching new players, who wish to to be one of the above? this guild is for you. ------------ I'm open to creating a website, and even a recruitment video! But I've been here before, done this before. Sometimes the guild takes off, sometimes it doesn't. Far too often I've spent alot of time creating a website, videos, etc. only for it not to go anywhere. Then again I've been a successful leader of alliances with half a server under my command. (Look at you Archeage, and EVE Online). * Website if the guild takes off. * Discord Voice will be available. * Ranks, Internal affairs, and much more will be developed and made through my experiences of leading large guilds.. if it comes too it. Trust me, it'll be fun :) I also use to run a very successful guild back in 2011 in World of Tanks (holy crap it's been a long time). While you can't access the main site. This was the front page information about the leader of this lucrative mercenary band, and our songs. http://nuiancentralalliance.webs.com/ ------------ What I'm looking for: - Co-Lead to help lead the Guild. Unfortunately life is demanding. Being a game developer myself, I don't always have time to play games, or put time into a game. This doesn't mean the guild has to fail, or devolve. Last thing I want. But I do need a co-lead to help keep things going when life keeps me busy. - Members!
  10. Hi there. Since Clans were introduced, SmAc has been a closed group of Multigaming people who know each other for many years now. We have now decided that we will start looking for new players in our ranks to play the game. What we have in mind: SmAc is so far as stated a small group of skilled NA players, our goal in the coming months is to gain some more members to play random battles, since only neckbeards play alone. We plan on doin clan matches, but not very serious since all of us are working members of the society, except for one lazy guy who studies. What were looking for: we are Looking for skilled players, not necessarily seasoned, but a winrate above 52-55% is "required", at tiers 7-10. We are all around 60% winrate overall, recently 60-70%. We dont want to drag dead weight around, were looking for people to enjoy the game on a similiar skill level. That doesnt mean that someone with 54% cant join, it just means that youre less likely to be approved if its not lookin to good ingame. What we offer: TS obviously, strong language, bad jokes, trashtalking and political incorrect humour. Were split among DD mains, Cruiser and Battleship captains. that sounds very impressive, but where just not a lot of people. So if youre interested in joining, reply within, DM here or ingame, or you can drop by in our TS and hit us up: smokin-aces.teamspeak3.com
  11. ONAVY is a clan about 6 months old, up to 30 members at present and we are ready for our first expansion. We are mostly over 40, some retired military. Younger captains are OK as long as mature minded and pleasant natured. We have players in all U.S. time zones. Looking to play together, get into some clan battles and share in the base resources. Our only general requirement is that you be active, playing at least weekly. We are very low key, no pressure, just fun. If you want to participate with us in Clan Battles, then a Tier 10 ship (Tier 8 minimum to rent Tier 10 ships) and Teamspeak is required join us at onavy.teamspeak.network . Be a part of something unique and fun and visit our website at onavy.iclanswebsite.com and see what we are about. Fun is what it is all about.
  12. BY ORDER OF OUR COMMANDER We are a really new clan looking for new members to join our ranks. Start on the fast track and grow with our clan, have fun a meet like minded gamers... Join Today Send your request to Taipan3 See you on the battlefield.
  13. Hello fellow captains! My name is Paine Norcross, Deputy Commander of the [TRIG] Warships clan and one of the Creators of the Trinity Gaming Community. ---- WHO ARE WE? ---- Trinity Gaming is an up and coming community of gamers focused on making friends, having fun, and always having someone to play games with. World of Warships is one of our Primary Focus games, but we also play a wide variety of multiplayer games, including War Thunder, PUBG, Overwatch, Rocket League, EVE Online, and many more! In World of Warships, our members range from experienced veterans and supertesters with numerous Tier X ships, to mid-level casual players, to brand new captains still playing Tier I-IV and getting the hang of the game. We don't track WTR or other indicators of skill. All that we ask is that you make your best effort to always play well and learn the game mechanics. Our group is built on a foundation of friendship, a sense of community, and mutual respect. ---- WHAT WE OFFER ---- A friendly, welcoming, and laid-back community to hang out and game with. A website and forum where you can keep up with the latest game and Trinity news and events. A Discord server featuring lounges and text/voice channels for a wide variety of multiplayer games, including "Looking for Players" channels. Several DJ bots on Discord to help you find that perfect game ambiance. A game tag system to easily browse the games of other community members and find people that you can play with. ---- REQUIREMENTS ---- Be at least 16 years old. Always try to be civil and sportsmanlike when you are wearing the [TRIG] tag. A microphone is recommended, and willingness to use Discord is a must. Be active in our community. We don't have strict attendance requirements, but visiting the Discord server and/or divisioning up with clanmates at least once a week is HIGHLY recommended. If you are a high-tier player, it is recommended (but not required) that you maintain some lower-tier ships so that you can also enjoy the game with our less experienced captains. You must speak English. Bi-lingual or multi-lingual members are welcome. ---- CONTACT INFORMATION ---- If we've caught your attention and you are interested in applying, please visit our website HERE and fill out a recruitment application HERE. If you have any questions or want to get a feel for our community before you commit to joining, don't hesitate to either leave a response to this thread, send a PM to myself or timecop127, or contact either of us on Discord at: Spacemedic#8409 or Paine Norcross#4224 Thank you. I look forward to sailing the high seas with you soon!
  14. Easy Company recruiting

    'Easy Company 1942' is a new clan recruiting members .Our main focus is clan battles ,we offer a friendly informative and entertaining environment, pm me if interested or apply in game . clan tag is (EC). we offer u the chance to build this clan together discord: Anes_Kobra#3013
  15. Easy Company recruiting

    'Easy Company 1942' is a new clan recruiting members .Our main focus is clan battles ,we offer a friendly informative and entertaining environment, pm me if interested or apply in game . clan tag is (EC). we offer u the chance to build this clan together discord: Anes_Kobra#3013
  16. FBBW Is Selectively Recruiting.

    We are FBBW ; Fueled By Beer & Whiskey. if you are interested in joining us, you have to join our discord and get in touch to one of the squad leaders or recruiters. https://discord.gg/F27ccMv Commander: Jeepgucci Deputy Commander: aestivales, eicjc Recruiter: TapakaHski, wardaddy What We Are Looking For In You: Must be 21+ a mature attitude (!), and most importantly, a willingness to learn! Must have a working mic and be willing to use Discord. Must speak English fluently. Have Fun playing and hope to see you all in game! - Jeepgucci
  17. We are increasing the size of our clan roster and need players who have a 55% or greater win ratio, are willing to participate in clan battles, and who listen and work with the team. When we are not playing in a clan battle event, we regularly div up with teammates throughout the week in random battles to grind tech tree lines and have a little bit of fun.
  18. HEROS of Sparta

    Hello all, We are a gaming community of older people - mid 20's to late 60's. Our community has a website that boasts the latest technology and communication abilities. Pretty frick'n cool if you ask me... Sparta Reborn. Please scope out the site, peruse through the info on the website, nothing is hidden or require special access. In the menu at the top of the page is our TeamSpeak info, which you can use to come and say hi at anytime. The TS server is professional hosted and comms are open to anyone. Come create a team or clan on the site, have your own page, logo and team info. Challenge others in the community, or run lone wolf it's up to you. TeamSpeak access for in-game comms. We are not a single clan but a community of clans, meaning you can bring your friends and create you own clans or teams within the community. Our main World of Warships clan is "HEROS of Sparta". We have approximately 30 active members and room for 10 more. We are looking for individuals who can help the clan grow or just some laid back friends to play with. Basically we enjoy teaming with others in online games. We have all the perks unlocked for the main clan and are looking for some more guys. We hope to have gaming nights regularly and as we grow we'll be doing more and more. Possibly even some giveaways from time to time. You're more than welcome to join the server with your questions. Hope to see you on the server and in game, smooth sailing mates!
  19. 青銀河海軍 a.k.a. Blue Galaxy Navy (ao gin ga kai gun) Filthy casuals who just want port bonuses, join us and help build facilties that benefit everyone. Membership is come and go as you please. There is no commitment to clan battles or forced attendance. Our ultimate goal is port facility construction. We may try clan battles if we can get a team together, and who knows, we might get lucky and get a Stalingrad one day. Completed Port Facilities: +3% exp gain for Japan, USA, Germany, Britain -10% cost for Battleship service cost. -50% cost of ship tier V and VI (5 and 6) WIP +3% french xp -10%cruser cost -10% destroyer All are welcome to join our discord @ https://discord.gg/xhxTFFb for discussion and voice comms Current members are at 24/30 as we get closer to capacity we might consider kicking for inactivity, but will depend on the number of incoming applications all players welcome, even PVE
  20. Alpha Helix Clan

    Hello All, The time has come where Alpha Helix are finally recruiting! That’s right, the moment all of wargaming has been waiting for is finally here! We here at ALPHA HELIX are looking for some captains to bolster our ranks now that clan bases and clan wars is here for season 2. We like to have fun and love to win, however here at ALPHA HELIX we don’t wrap our personal worth around wins or losses in a game. We do use Discord for communications, so we hope you have a headset and a microphone. So. Ask yourself, do you have what it takes to be an ALPHA? If so feel free to join our discord, or apply in-game and we can turn you into an ALPHA Basic Requirements: A working headset with microphone We are looking for players with at least a T6 ship in their port. The ability to get along with others. If you want to join please Join or discord: https://discord.gg/PhFANxj Thanks, James (Fleet Admiral)
  21. Our Clan is recruiting... "Freemasons Worldwide" We are seeking like minded Brethren from around the world who are out to have fun and not let egos get in the way. We want to recruit from the Brotherhood because we feel that it will avoid clashes between us if we act upon the Square. If you are a Freemason and you are tired of the same old thing... Come join us in our clan! We may not be the best but we sure have a good time doing what we do! (And some of us are pretty good as well)
  22. DD-214 is an establishing clan looking for active players able and interested in playing in Clan Battles this season. We are a friendly group with players than enjoy division play and that has already unlocked all clan benefits (discounts etc.) and has expanded beyond 30 members. We are mostly military vets and active duty, but that is not a requirement to join. We don't have a list of fancy requirements or demand high stats. We are interested in regular players who enjoy the game, being part of a battle team, have reasonable skills, and can take part in clan battles. If this sounds like fun and a good fit--let's get connected.
  23. DRHS Recruiting

    Devil's Rejects Hit Squad[DRHS] is recruiting we are active in Clan Wars and are looking for active people who are willing to use TeamSpeak3. We Division Frequently, and are on most days of the week our ports are sizable and growing we have plenty of discounts. At this time we are a small clan though we wish to increase our numbers, and our community. Our Co. is Lt_Death, and our Xo.'s are Graveman616, and killjoy1211. I am the recruiter Szpirglas(Spear-glaz) contact me if you see me in-game or PM through the forums, at that point i'll give you the teamspeak info, and you can meet the crew. Once again we are ACTIVE in Clan Wars any one person could make the difference in our war; let it be you.
  24. The 90th Battle Group is Recruiting! The 90th Battle Group is always looking to recruit good, active players into our ranks. We currently have 8 Divisions and just under 250 members, and are a gaming community involved in several different games. We are a highly active fleet and have members in our Discord at almost any time of the day or night. We do not discriminate on win rate, damage dealt, or statistics in general. Instead, we prefer members that will be active, available, and most interested in having fun with like-minded people. We all get along and have a great time, so having a good sense of humor will help you fit right in with everyone. While we have a competitive side, the 90th is about having a great time and a lot of fun. We also try to keep the toxic community out of our ranks, and we try to be respectful to everyone. What Perks are there in joining the 90th? You will be playing with a large group of highly active players who want to have a good time and kick butt. Almost all of our divisions' ports are fully upgraded, including one at the 50 member mark and several others close to it. This means purchase costs of T5-T8 Tech Tree ships are cheaper, you get bonus XP in battles, and lower repair costs. The 90th also offers regular training; we have many members who want to help others improve as players, even if it just simple things like learning to communicate, position. You name it, we offer it. Is the 90th Competitive? You bet we are and we are getting stronger and stronger as we grow. 6 of our 8 Divisions are in Clan Wars and doing great, and we are looking into joining Supremacy League and other competitive happenings that may start up. We will do our best to match you up with the division we feel you will thrive with. Clan Wars We are a very active fleet in Clan Wars. We play almost every night in all divisions. We do prefer you have your own Tier 10 ship since we do not like taking rentals, but will still try to get everyone involved. We do take a more serious style of play while in clan wars (e.g. battle coms and playing to win), but we still keep it fun and not a nightmare - we do not want to see burn out. Rules We do have some rules which you can read about in the link below: https://fordgalaxy500.wixsite.com/90thhellfire/rules Discord We do REQUIRE discord to be apart of the 90th. It is a wonderful communication program with both text and voice coms. You can download it at the link below. Once you apply to us I will provide you with our room information. https://discordapp.com/download Come Join Us! If you want to play with a fun competitive group of people send us an application at the link provided below. You can also look over our website, it will be changing up a bit soon as I revamp it. https://fordgalaxy500.wixsite.com/90thhellfire/recruitment
  25. Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen of WOWS! We are a group that formed after a successful push in Season 1 of Clan Battles and reformed as a new independent clan. We are Skadoosh Inc. and are actively recruiting new players to join in our escapades. Our Core Priorities are: Teamwork - we care about the results of the game vs. your individual stats at the finish. Do your job, and work together. That’s us in a tactical nutshell. Development & Goals - we can all get better, regardless of skill level. It’s fulfilling to watch people grow and improve. You might not be playing in our most competitive matches and games to start with in our ranks, but you will get better, have a few laughs with this group and earn your place among the best. Environment - this is a place of foul-mouthed (guys and girls) that game for the relaxation and enjoyment of it. While we love winning, we care more about interacting and having a good time with each other week in and week out. All of us founding members have been playing warships as early as release, some even since cbt and alpha! We are looking for other like-minded players who are mature, posses a good attitude and sportsmanship, and have a great sense of humor. Competitive play (i.e. Clan Battles, Ranked, etc.) is our primary objective, but that comes with a lot fun and ridiculousness while smashing citadels across the map! We run on TeamSpeak3 and having it is MANDATORY for acceptance! Listed below will be the general requirements for acceptance, however we will review applications on a case-by-case basis and may accept members who are enthusiastic about learning and working to improve. Our TS3 address is Skadoosh-inc.teamspeak3.com so feel free to stop by and ask any questions you may have or message anyone who is a recruiter or higher in-game. We partner with another clan (The Deadly Abyss) for social events/training so make sure to specify you are looking for us! For those who meet requirements but need help installing TS3 we will be happy to assist you as well! [SKDSH] General Requirements For Admittance 18+ with a working mic (TeamSpeak is our default comm program. Can’t work together if we can’t talk!) Our current players have: Played at least 2k random battles 35k average damage per battle or higher Minimum win rate of 50% plus Frags per Battle "F/B" of .60 or higher Diversity of ships/playstyles Primarily based in EST/CST timezones Be available for participation in clan battles or group play 3 nights a week or whenever possible. Real life comes first so we use that as a guideline for how often you can expect to see others! Tier X ships are a requirement for participation in our competitive games with a generally statistically good performance record Ready and willing to be a "team player" rather than a "solo warrior" Even if you don’t meet all the requirements stated above, don’t let that stop you. We are looking for personality and potential above and beyond stats! Happy sailing, and may Dasha and the RNG Gods guide your shells/torps to the citadels of the enemy! Command Staff - Safetybunny "Commander" - Hyponotini "Deputy Commander" -Corkunt "Deputy Commander" -admrialsexybeast "Recruiter" -Wardog_0o "Recruiter"