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Found 1 result

  1. Lose_dudes

    The REAL reason Bismarck sunk

    Today we'll be looking at German and British reports on why the famous battleship Bismarck sunk, in a universe we're glad we don't live in. We'll begin with Germany: On the sinking of the Bismarck The sinking of the Bismarck may have been caused by being hit by Ark Royal, but closer inspection reveals it was a series of mishaps that caused the battleship to be sunk. It began, a few years back, when a worker error caused half of a sheet of gruyere cheese to be mistaken for swiss[citation needed], and mailed to the royal navy. Ironically, the torpedo protection ended up being half made of swiss because of the error. The next error was during the Bismarck's last battle. Although why he did so is a complete mystery, Lutjens chose to make out with his ship[citation needed], which is troubling for the ship and other commanders. Don't give them any ideas. Finally, the Ark Royal sent a squadron of torpedo rocs to destroy the Bismarck. It is unknown why they did this, in any case velociraptors would've been much more effective. Nonetheless, the torpedoes soundly cut through the softer swiss cheese half of the torpedo protection plate consisted of. The Bismarck sank quickly, and some of the crew was rescued by British ships. Lutjens and Bismarck are currently missing, and it is suspected that they are aboard the Ark Royal[citation needed]