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Found 2 results

  1. For five years that I have played World of Warships never have I seen the 3rd largest navy in the world (RCN) represented in World of Warships. As Canadian I'am somewhat annoyed at this. Without the Royal Canadian Navy doing escort duty of ships headed to the United Kingdom and patrols in the North Atlantic Britain would now be a German State. The Royal Canadian Navy was also involved in in D-day- the and other significant naval battles of World War 2. However World of Warship still chooses to INSULT every Canadian who plays the game. I have the tier 7 Haida destroyer witch my father served on and it gives hope that maybe the developers will add some Canadian anti-submarine corvettes to the game
  2. anonym_JEJgAhN5LeMR

    HMCS Haida

    HMCS Haida 'Fightingest Ship in the RCN” On Thursday May 26, 2016 I finally got to visit the HMCS Haida in Hamilton, Ontario. Here is a brief photo journal of my tour of this amazing warship. The only remaining Tribal Class Destroyer in the world and Canada's most decorated warship. Please take a moment to vote in the poll above because we need to let Wargaming know that we WANT this ship in our game! It would make an awesome Premium addition and it could even be bundled with the Blyskawika as these two ships served along side each other in the 10th Destroyer Flotilla during 1944 which was tasked with clearing the English Channel in preparation for the Normandy invasion. In fact the HMCS Haida is officially twined now with the Blyskawika, both of them being museum ships to this day. Brief History Haida's life started in 1941 when her keel was laid down by Vickers-Armstrong Ltd in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, as an Improved Tribal Class Destroyer, designation G63. The Tribals commissioned by the RCN were considered improved as they were modified with better ventilation and heating systems for operations in the North Atlantic. This class of destroyer was the last of the transverse-framed, riveted Commonwealth destroyers. Leading edge technology for the day. All of the Tribal class were named after indigenous groups across the British Commonwealth and “Haida” was named after the people of Haida Gwaii on the Queen Charlotte Islands in British Columbia, Canada. The Haida was the 4th of a total of 8 commissioned by the RCN and the last one to be built in England. The four after her were built in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Commissioned in August of 1943, Haida was first commanded by Henry George “Harry” DeWolf, who took Haida through her sea trials and then straight into action, patrolling the Northern convoy route to Murmansk until being reassigned in January 1944 to the 10th Destroyer Flotilla out of Plymouth, England where she earned her nickname with 14 kills in just over a year. In fact, the Haida sunk more tonnage then any other Canadian warship and earned five battle honors for the Arctic 1943-1944, English Channel 1944, Normandy 1944, Biscay 1944 and Korea 1952-1953 where it joined the exclusive Trainbusters Club with a record two trains hit in a single patrol (May 26 1953) using her new 3”/50 dual purpose guns. Near the end of the war, Haida was being converted for Pacific operations against Japan but when the war ended, that retrofit was canceled and the ship was mothballed for about a year, until 1947 when she joined the RCN's Atlantic fleet until 1950 when she was taken out of service for a complete modernization refit and change to an antisubmarine destroyer escort (DDE) where they removed the three 4.7” guns and added two twin mount 4” high angle guns forward and a new dual purpose 3”/50 twin mounted gun to the aft that had a depression of -10 degrees, ideal for close in surface engagements as well as AA duties. They also added improved sonar and a dual SQUID depth charge launcher on the stern and replaced the old 20mm Oerlikon (pompom) guns with new single mount 40mm Boffins. The Haida was then recommissioned in March 1952 under her new designation DDE 215. As this was the first Canadian ship commissioned under the new Queen, she became known as Her Majesty's Canadian Ship (HMCS) and she went on to serve with distinction in Korea and in NATO cold war operations until her eventual retirement when she was decommissioned in October of 1963. Luckily, she avoided the scrap yard when a group of concerned enthusiasts formed a corporation and purchased the ship from the government for $20,000 to be kept as a museum ship, putting her in place on Toronto's waterfront near York Street. But by 1970, that private corporation ran out of money and the provincial government bought her back and spent millions for much needed repairs before placing her on display at Ontario Place in Toronto. And then in 2002, Parks Canada purchased the Haida from the provincial government and moved her to Hamilton's waterfront where a new Parks Canada display was created. She is now one of only three RCN ships still surviving out of the over 400 that saw service in WWII. The First Commander Mr. DeWolf was born in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada and in 1918, he joined the RCN when only 15 years of age. It was 42 years later, in July 1960, before Harry DeWolf retired, with the rank of Vice Admiral. I believe a lot of the fame and prestige the Haida earned was in large part due to that first commander who led her through those war years, earning a reputation as a skilled tactician and fearless commander whose bold maneuvers off the coast of France earned him the nickname “Hard-Over-Harry” HMCS Haida Specifications Length : 377 ft. Beam: 37.5 ft. Draught: 11 ft. Displacement: 3000 tons loaded. (1927 empty) Propulsion: 2 Shafts, 4 boilers, 2 geared turbines. 44,000 HP Max Speed: 36.5 knots (max) 32 knots (service) Crew: apx 14 officers and 230 ratings Original WWII configuration - Destroyer (DD) G63: 3 x 4.7-inch (119 mm)/45 Mk.XII twin guns 1 x 4-inch (102 mm)/45 Mk.16 twin guns 1 × quadruple mount 40 mm/39 2-pounder gun 6 × 20 mm Oerlikon cannons 1 quad launcher with Mk.IX torpedoes (4 × 21-inch torpedo tubes) 1 rail + 2 Mk.IV throwers (Mk.VII depth charges) Post Refit configuration - Destroyer Escort (DDE) 215: 2 × 4-inch/45 Mk.16 twin guns 1 × 3-inch (76 mm)/50 Mk.33 twin guns (dual purpose) 4 × 40 mm/56 Bofor guns (“Boffin”) 1 quad launcher with Mk.IX torpedoes (4 × 21-inch torpedo tubes) 2 × Squid ASW mortars