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Found 6 results

  1. Hi gang I still have a chance at some of them that are in Research Bureau.... All the previous posts are quite a little bit outdated.. Can some kind expert :) let us/me know which are really worth either a) 18,200 RB points or b) doing the long - awful 5 step quest (if we still have it, expiring Dec 31st) ==== 1- Are any of the BB ones still worth it ? 2- are any of the DD ones worth it ? I think Gearing is still worth it... 3- as for Cruisers, any of them still worth it ? I know DM's was pretty badly nerfed lately.. Thx all! Jean
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had an idea of how much free exp was needed to regrind japanese bb line?
  3. Flambass' recent video on what he thinks is wrong with the game has me thinking. For those who haven't seen it the TL:DR version is it's too easy to advance through the tech tree, and people aren't learning game mechanics, maps, ship characteristics, etc before reaching T10. I know for a fact I'm one of those people. I've only got about 1700 random battles (and a bunch of coop, some operations, and a few ranked) under my belt but am sitting on multiple T10s. And hoo boy, am I bad. My gunnery is terrible, my awareness lacking, I've no idea how high tier maps work, and I can't effectively destroy enemy ships. My play at tier 8 and higher is simply atrocious and I often end up frustrated. Not because I'm losing (a lot) but because I personally am putting out terrible results and can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong. The ship I'm best in is the Scharnhorst. Why? Because it's the one I have the most overall battles in. I have a pretty decent idea of what I'm fighting, I understand the gunnery and armor scheme, I can see good/bad matchups on the map, and I can estimate how long it takes to flex. With that preface out of the way I've decided to conduct an experiment. I'm going to reset a line and actually grind. I'm going to play each ship, without shortcuts, until I'm back at T10. I'm going to learn the ships and tiers and maps inside and out. And when one is done I aim to work on the next. Why would I do this? Because there's no incentive for me to go back and play ships in previous tiers knowing I already have the next one unlocked with all modules with no idea how to play it. Because maybe if I start over on a line I enjoyed I can actually take the time to learn how to play. I've skipped through so much in pursuit of T10 that it's less fun to play than the low tiers when I was frustrated with the grind. Any pieces of advice for this mad scheme? Is this a worthwhile endeavor or am I just wasting my time?
  4. As it's been listed, Moskva will be removed from the tree, get her status as a "special" ship, yet you won't get Al. Nevsky, and will be required to grind the tier X again. I understand the logic behind it, yet would like some clarification on the following that I haven't seen mentioned. Say Moskva is my 5th tech tree tier X, meaning I get access to RB and tree resets. When the new patch hits, will RB still be available? You will no longer posses a tech tree tier X, thus not satisfying that requirement. Is there any plan on such a situation? Will the requirements for RB access be reduced to coincide as well with the Legendary Upgrades being released for RP? @Hapa_Fodder
  5. StoptheViolins

    Any Rumors of New RB Ships?

    I am not excited for either ship. The "extra turret" Georgia doesn't seem exciting because Puerto Rico was such a letdown and I have the Georgia and the Thunder. Colbert doesn't seem exciting due to its short range, lack of smoke, an I have the Smol already. I was honestly hoping they put the 20" Izzy in the RB but WG has said it's a Steel ship. Note: Will swap Stalingrad for Super Izzy. No questions asked. I have 70k RB points and no feels to get either ship....
  6. I would like to address another of wargaming terrible decisions to move the legendary modules to the rb, even though they gave up the whole of 2020 to get what we have left, I don't want to grind 8 modes out, I would rather take my time and have fun grinding out other lines. it is a terrible decision by wargaming. Only a few modes need changed others dont. dm, moskova, yammy, hindenburg, Zao, they don't need balanced. If people are saying they need balance it is the noobs and cry baby's who can't deal with it. Same with Smolensks, I used to think a nerd was needed but it isn't it has its weakness and if you can't figure it out, join a clan. The IFHE change will hurt the hinderburg and henri who need it to counter Stalingrad in clan battles. An the fire chance reduced is what worries me tremendous. Stalingrad is killed by fire and henri needs the pen power and the fire as does the hinderburg. Wargaming has always nerfed whole ship lines like nerfing smoke for the canceling the kutazow, the IFHE is not the answer for the smoklesk, adjusting smoke firing for it and several other lines, Neptune could use an adjustment. it needs only a 1 or 2km adjustment.