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Found 52 results

  1. Dear Wargaming, Do you even play your own game? HE for battleships is better then AP. 32 hits with AP on broadsided ships...literally the worst team I have ever played and this happens? My buddy fires one salvo of AP for 20k (got a citadel), however, the other 80k damage he did was with HE. What is the point anymore in firing AP? The screenshots here are not of some tier 5 battleship ship and it is not like I don't know how to play the game. I am in an Iowa with a dispersion upgrade and an 11 point captain. I played with moderate aggression and pushed with my team. I played a BB like it should. I fired at broadsides, weak areas of the armor, and places I have gotten citadels before. Every single shot either missed entirely because it would straddle enemies I shot at from further away, or over pen in places where it really shouldn't. Again, I'll bring up the issue, why fire AP when I could have just fired HE the whole time and done 10x the damage I did? I don't have to worry about bouncing and over pens, the fire chance is really high, and I get rewarded for the 23 second wait between firing. Also raising the issue, what is the point in advancing...if every battleship is firing HE and doing well, why would I move up to make an easier target? This is why battleships stay in the back and don't move up. Sure there are a few that do and I applaud the ones that do, but most don't. Jingles even made a video about that or do you just not pay attention to his content since he left your community contributor program because of poor practices. Look, I love this game and I want it to do great, but stop throwing the mechanics down the crapper. This game had some kinks to work out sure, but its become a bit of a joke now. Congratulations, you're making money, but don't let this thing become like World of Tanks Console where the experienced players don't play nearly as much because all they do is re-skin things and call it new. Old map now has rain on it...calls it new map. HMH Tank has a different color then its normal tank...calls it entirely new tank. Think of the Black Edition tanks but year round...its a joke. Like I said, I love this game, just stop pissing the potential away. Sincerely, Defiant_Act 5 Questions to the community: Do you think Battleship gameplay has gotten better, worse, or just different since launch? Do you think that the overall gameplay has gotten better, worse, or just different since launch? Do you agree with me in that Battleship HE has gotten out of hand? If not, why? Do you think Battleships should even have HE? (I'm thinking for historical purposes here). What are some good things that you like about this game? (I like being able to captain a ship I have been on) What are some issues you have with this game and how do you think they can be fixed? Thats it for my long rant. Answer the question down below if you'd like. See you out there Captains.
  2. Is it just me?

    So far co-op battles seem to be dominated by torpedo launching allies. They race ahead to some choke point and just wreck the bots as they charge in. Is this the nature of these battle types as you get to higher tiers?
  3. And here we see the convoy of battleships making its way to the map border: There was an attempt to push up a bit: However their primal instincts drove them to chase the enemy shimakaze into the corner, leading to this result: I am the ONLY ship on the team to get a kill. It just blows my mind. I'm not expecting unicum level play, hell I just look for people who know their left from their right. But when I see three ships on full HP ten minutes in chasing a Shimakaze to the map border and corner while the team falls around them, I question my reasons for even attempting to play Tier X. Oh well, guess I'll go back to grinding Atlanta games for my USN CL captain. What a night.
  4. Yeah, so... I have been playing this game since early 2016, and without a doubt, it's the best game I've ever played. HOWEVER: This game is the single LEAST stable game I have on my hard-drive, and that includes about 10 games on Steam. Now, I have always been a Mac user, and always will. Unfortunately, this game is so unstable, ANY match I play ends up in a game crash or freeze. I lose credits each game and always get reported for in-activity. When WG released the Mac wrapper 2.0, I thought: Hallelujah, all the problems are fixed!! Surprise surprise, they weren't. I tried an upgrade to the 2.0 wrapper, I've tried clean installs, I've used the Studly utility.. All which didn't do anything for me. So I gave up on the game. I really wish I didn't need too, but I did. I missed all the friends who play with me in the game, (real life or otherwise,) and I missed the game's ocean atmosphere. I have yet to find a stable solution. Now, because I gave up on WoWs I went to play WoT, but there was the new customization mechanics, which just proved to me more that the game was pay to win, and then there was update 1.0. (I will get to that in a minute) I have invested over $100 in WoT. I've bought premium time, an M4A1 Rev, I have gold, I have a T7 combat Car, an M22 Locust, etc. But then update 1.0 came along. Before that update, I could run WoT at 40/60 FPS at Max graphics with no problems. Then 1.0 comes along and forces me to play on low. Everything looks dull, awful, and overall gives me a horrific game experience. The maps are unfamiliar, the new graphics mean I can barely spot the enemy, I constantly get shot, it's awful. Now I run WoT at 10/20 FPS on Medium graphics, and it STILL looks awful. Nice going WG. Nice going. So, Gaijin now gets MY business. I have given up on WG and their awful Mac gamer support. I am now playing War Thunder and probably will not return until these issues are fixed. WG, you better be happy, because I've bought a hell of a lot of stuff over the last 2 years. Sincerely but without regrets, -Sniper
  5. This ship is unbelievably broken. Deep-deep water torpedoes that can only damage battleships and carriers, but are obscenely powerful 20km bringers of the apocalypse against targets they can actually hit. This thing deletes BBs from 15km away, hell even beyond its render range, but its the worst ship in the game against everything else. A ship that is only useful against 1 class is not useful at all, and it encourages even more passive play from BBs and "flanking" DDs, to the detriment of fun, balanced gameplay that emphasizes teamwork. As Notser says in his first impressions video, think of if WG designed a tank destroyer in WoT that could only damage heavies, but would instantly delete them from max range without any counterplay. Its absurd. This idea is just horrible, putrid, disgusting. Who in their right mind would think this ship is a good idea? Oh, I know, LWM does. Well sorry Mouse, but your just dead wrong on this one. This proposed ship will break the game even more than it already is. And you know the real reason for this? It's that WG is too shameless to ever admit they overnerfed IJN torpedo detection, and to try to compensate they release this broken turdpile, that takes the whole rock-paper-scissors balance idea to the ultimate, horrid extreme. Instead of admitting that they were wrong and fixing IJN DDs, they double-down and release more broken premiums like this one. This is low, even for WG. Do the devs even play their own game at this point? Please WG, please don't do this. This goes against basic common sense, and is another blatant attempt to sell a broken ship based on game ruining "gimmicks", just like the Belfast. And still don't believe me? You can listen to Flamu and Notser, whose videos are down below, and hear from 2 credible sources that this ship is absolute cancer. I await the sea of down votes with not a sliver of regret.
  6. I HAVE HAD IT WITH THIS [edited]. I dodge and weave and do everything I can and I still get fit for 15k volleys almost every game in my Khaba and even in my Gearing and other DDs. It’s [edited]obscene. When a B.B. as inaccurate as a GK suddenly gets laser rail death cannons whenever they so much as glance at me, and I do everything I can to avoid the shells and I STILL END UP EATING 10K VOLLIES IT MAKES ME PRETTY [edited]MAD. I DONT CARE DOWNVOTE ME TO HELL I HAVE HAD IT WITH BB AP AGAINST DDS. ITS COMPLETELY BROKEN AND ITS INACCEPTALBE HOW WG STILL HAS DONE NOTHING TO FIX IT. I CANT DO MY JOB IN MY KHABA IF EVEN AT MAX RANGE AND GOING AT 48KNOTS ALL WHILE CONSTANTLY SHIFTING COURSE I STILL GET SHAT ON FOR HALF HEALTH IN 1 SALVO EVERY GAME. AND DONT GIVE ME THAT [edited] “GIT GUD”, LOOK UP MY STATS I AM GOOD. I’m just sick of this. I can’t play high tier dds anymore cause this crapalways happens to me. Fix this Wargaming for the love of god fix this. If a B.B. wants to delete a DD it should have to load HE, end of story. Rant over
  7. My Luck

    Well stuck at work again all because of a officer afraid to drive in 3 inches of snow, it fits the last few weeks have seem to be nothing but bad luck in R/L, my Truck dies on us so the wife and I have to break into our savings to get a vehicle, now it needs work on it. And to top it off the wife is home sick with a bad case of bronchitis, so I have to worry about her as well. And I get no overtime for today since I am salary, and since there is snow on the ground/roads I have to sit and wonder if my relief will show up at 1400 or will I have to stay for 12hrs? Which will mean I may miss my clan's operation game play this evening. Damn I want to play today not walk around this building for only G_d knows what number of times, 14yrs I have been here and have maybe missed 2 days a year in that in entire time. Sorry to vent here BUT I had to blow off steam, so there I am done. I am also going to lighten my mood with a shout out - to AdmiralThunder, Daffyd9x and gunnyd227 thank you all for the Santa Crates I hope next year I can return the favor. These crates was one of the only highlights to what has been a rotten few weeks, it seems like from the 24th of December on my luck/life is being hitting me below the belt so thanks again to each of you.
  8. This is so typical of when I play tier 5 ships. Fun times... 1st battle in this ship and first battle this week still warming up, getting used to this new ship 3rd Full disclosure, there were three wins sprinkled in there but I didn't include those, obviously.
  9. I keep hearing from people, whenever I ask how to effeticly utilize secondary guns on any ship, that secondaries only become useful in tiers 8 and above. So on ships that aren't tier 8 and above, what is the point of secondary guns? Thier range is piss poor, meaning that the only time they ever fire is if someone is ramming you, or if a DD/CL has already been given the chance to nuke you with a Torp salvo, so in any instance they are going to fire, you're alreday screwed. And even when they do start firing, their accuracy is such that you'll be lucky to hit anything before that inevidible Torpedo nuke. Please let me know what the point of having secondaries exist on low tier ships is. I'm legit curious.
  10. So, after reading the forums and watching the drama unfold over RN BBs and AP vs DD I feel like we as a community need a realization here. I honestly think players need to stop pointing fingers at specific ships for them underperforming and start accepting the fact that maybe they're the only common problem in why their performance isn't where they want it to be. Take me for example. I know I suck at CVs. Sure I might try them out once in a blue moon and it never fails I hit nothing but the AS specced CVs. I might [edited] about it but I shelf CV play and play something I am good at. So many players that are below average in a specific ship go to the forums and complain "omg xxxxx is OP. It just one shot me". They never give a replay, or even state the specifics that they over extended, got radared, hydro, etc. Once that posts hits all the forumnites are quick to the special snowflakes defense because they saw it in a video out performing in a unicums hands. Look at the CQ that Flamu called the Mega Zao. He played 23 games before posting that video, took his best game and made a video stating it was OP. All the sheep are following the shepherd and pilling on the bandwagon with OMG it really is OP. AP damage vs DDs. Flamu does it again. Post a video of him catching DDs making mistakes, and turning away from his shots. wth??? Of course a shell traveling the length of the ship is going to be a full pen. I see no problem that is going to warrant the nerf that is about to come from it. The complaints about smoke have been heard and that is going to be nerfed. Sure you won't have BBs or even heavy cruisers sitting in smoke anymore. What your going to have is stagnate game play of long range sniping BBs and cruisers who are going to do them same. We have already seen the are BBs killing this game. What do you think is about to happen with all the changes coming? More players are going to switch to BBs because it will soon be the best way to deal damage. Love it, hate it, I don't care but that is my rant in a nutshell.
  11. Somehow, every topic on the forum was about how the upcoming smoke mechanics will nerf battleships but hey, battleships can survive without smoke whatsoever - huge HP pool, great armour, repair party. However, with the new patch many gunboat destroyers will be hit the hardest! And this, of course, includes higher tier RN cruisers and other nations' heavy cruisers which were using smoke just not to get one-shot killed by battleships. Literally, WG is taking away survival chances of heavy cruisers and gunboats. First, open water stealth fire, now this... I propose the following: make BB understandable completely and make another game for the rest - which has complexity and non-BB domination game play. Look at the queues - 6/12 slots per team are battleships pretty much every match!
  12. I've had it with these events. All I want to do is get my +200% first win of the day for my ships. Is that really too much to ask? Well according to matchmaking it is. Even though for almost every game I played today I consistently got 70-80-90-100k+ dmg and basically carried half the team, I still won only two of those games. I've just had it with this. When you lose 6 games in a row and constantly have to carry your [edited]off just to not lose in the first 5 minutes... your patience runs out eventually. These events just always bring the window lickers out of the woodwork, and ensure that any amount of fun or enjoyment is sucked out as you desperately do everything just to get a single 1st win. Now I'm definitely not the best player out there but I'm still pretty decent. But there's only so much I can do when 80 percent of your team can't tell the difference between port and starboard. I know the typical responses will be; you just had bad luck, everyone has bad days, git gud skrub, and so on. But I don't care, I've had it with these awful losing streaks when your reward for winning is so much better than it ever will be. The game is basically trolling me at this point. I know I'll probably do better later or to orrow, but it's a free country, I have the right to rant every once in a while.
  13. Can I do a rant?

    So, I'm slightly frustrated at the moment. You see, my tier sixes have been getting quite a bit of love lately—with the Warspite and Duca d'Aosta being played almost exclusively for the past few days. I've had some good games. And then I've had some mind-bogglingly stupid and moronic games that were over before they started. FYI, if you want to win, push the [edited] objectives, you numpties. I don't care if you're bottom tier. I don't care if you think you're a freaking 'second line fighter'. Bring the second line closer to the action, 'cause you're doing jack all from 8 km behind me. Yes, I know it's quite nice not getting shot at, but the trade off is now that I'm taking those hits, and you aren't doing any effective damage. Push up. Take a cap or two. Support each other. Is that difficult to understand or something? I mean, for gods sake, I don't want to always be tanking shells in my Warspite for the T8's lined up behind me. Don't make the Aosta your furthest ship forward. If there's a destroyers somewhere up ahead, don't just sit still and start reversing, kill it. There an enemy battleship in the cap? Shoot it, don't just gawk and run away. And never, ever tell me to [edited] off simply because I suggested that maybe your battleship shouldn't be vying with the CV for the furthest back position. Especially in a freaking Bismarck. To that player—I hope you choke on the 2 million damage I tanked that match, so that you didn't have to scratch your paint. Anyway, rant over. I blame finals for all this.
  14. A kind reminder

    ...For those quick to anger, and finger quick on the trigger. The correct way of dealing with someone whom you disagree in chat with, IS NOT FIRING AT THEM You will lost sympathies of your teammates, prove yourself an a**hole, while endowed with the lovely Pink color. The correct way of dealing with them IS TO REPORT MISBEHAVIOR IN CHAT WG staffs are willing to, and will, inspect repeated offenses, and give the transgressor the punishment he/she deserves. I'm just ranting a little. Let the popcorns and saltiness begin.
  15. This is just me Venting

    So I have lost 5 games in a row sigh. I go a few days unicrum then match making is like F*ck you buddy down you go back to where you were! It's frustrating. Supposedly the weekend is the worst but now that I think about it I can believe that. There are so awful players at Tier 10 that shouldn't be there. May I just need to play straight divisions from now on. Just want to improve my states but cant do that when other players are potatoes. This is just me venting my frustrations with the game.
  16. Please keep in mind, before continuing, that I'm writing this while both stressed out and sleep deprived, so if something doesn't make sense, or seems off or is spelled incorrectly and I use improper grammar, thats probably why. Lately I've noticed an increasing trend among this community, from all sides. From the normal forum users, to the community contributors, to some of the more well known forum goers, where it seems to me at least, that a very bad level of toxicity is taking over, especially when talking about anything regarding stats, be it from ship stats, to server stats, to personal stats... People are becoming very salty about losing a couple games in a row. They're seemingly so caught up in ship stats and trying to make sure ships are always able to win a 1v1 against their own class, to worrying about their own personal stats and trying to use them as a means of bragging...I'm not at all saying this is a bad thing, but lately I've noticed it seems to be getting out of control. People seem to be playing this game to be the best at it. To be super competitive against the best. To be "MLG" or something. What ever happened to just playing the game because "hey! Thats a famous battleship!" Or "hey! I love cruisers cause they were the work horses of X navy!" or "I play CVs because I like naval aviation!" People seem so caught up on playing their stats and not actually playing the game. They're missing the whole point of this game by doing this, and what it means to have a community that we used to have. Back in CBT, I saw people who enjoyed the game because X ship was in the game. This is what I mean. Not too many people seemed to really care all that much about stats. They didn't really seem to worry about having purple stat cards or anything like that, not to say they didn't try to play their best. They still tried to play for the win of course, like anyone should, but if they made a mistake that got them sunk, or they messed up and ended up losing because of it, they went "oh well, shite happens =P" then they went off into the next game and enjoyed blowing things up. They didn't let it get to them. I'm worried this community is losing site of what made it so much better than WoT. I'm worried this community is becoming what it feared most....there are still some amazing individuals around, who go out of their way to help others. There are still some who play the game only because they enjoy naval history. But for the most part, players are getting much more upset, much more salty, much more...angry...and over all negative lately... I know I seem like I'm rambling...but things that have happened recently in my life...from a very close family member having a cancer scare, nearly losing another family member, to actually losing a childhood friend to a drug overdose of all things, and to having to deal with major health issues of my own... its put things into perspective for me...its shown just how negative this community has become lately... And I'm scared....I'm scared, because it feels like its driving me away... I try to be care free and let it slide...I try to just enjoy this game because "yay floaty botes!" but its just....draining me...on top of everything else... I'm scared...because I don't want to lose what I consider my second home... I may not show it at times...but I hold a LOT of you guys as close friends...even if I don't tell you...or we've never played together, or never spoke on comms... I don't want to lose what we once were... This is your very worried and scare local kitsune...signing off...
  17. Weekend Rant

    I must say that most weekends are harder than normal to get a decent team together to have close matches. However, this weekend seemed like the worse by far I have seen. One game to stands out to me. Playing in my Z-52 and I hydro almost every enemy DD on the enemy team. Not far from me there is a DM, Missouri, Gearing, NO, Monty, and Bismarck. Not one of these ships even fires a round at the DDs. Of course, this led to a complete ROFL stomp by the enemy team as they at least focused us down. This game alone has convinced me that WG needs to do something to stop the worse players in this game from playing above a certain tier. Failing your way up a line just so you can think look at my shinny boat is terrible. The game play I have seen this weekend is like someone walking into BestBuy and filling an application that looks like this: "jack richards i want job for money today i washd dogs for meh uncel but it was his dog i like to by gamez from u guys so i should work here i got a b in skool computers are ez for me to use phonenumber". That crap is the real-world equivalent of how some of these people play in higher tiers. These players know nothing about how to properly play the ship they failed up to. Kind of makes me wish I was in their head when they were contemplating what line to go up. I can only imagine it was like being at the store to pick out what you want for dinner. Only difference is you showed up at the store on a mixture of acid and heroin so when you got to the register all you had was 2 bottles of club soda and 10 lbs of raw horseradish. Then half way through the line and learning how to properly play that ship class their fetal alcohol syndrome kicked in and suddenly they found themselves being attacked by giant skittles that wanted to steal their horseradish. WG really needs to do something about this. Implement a training section that players must complete before being able to que up for anything above a certain Tier. Make a weekly requirement to complete a training, something. This crap of getting steamrolled because half the team doesn’t know how to play their ships is the problem with retention. Being able to purchase T8 premiums and never playing a T8 game is the problem and why higher tier game play sucks as bad as it does. TLDR: Weekend players suck.
  18. hi. my apologies in advance. took some time off w-w-w-work to get in a long session of WoWs last nite, and it was a nitemare. 21% 'victory' rate, very low damage, which sufficed to place me in the top two on my team in all but one battle (disbelief, uh how does that work?) and a LOT of garbage on battle chat. worse than that, NONE of it was included in my profile summary on WT !!?? but I digress... I was anticipating the French ships would have a full compliment of lifeboats, and come equipped with white flags. I know the game's a bit realism deficient, but I refuse to play French ships till they are fully equipped. (the following comment includes a strong Russian accent, but please imagine you are talking with a Yugo service advisor) him: "car not start? we feex it for you! install new seat, and put big spoiler on back. you weel love" (after they push it out of the shop, 3 months later, aka 'soon') me: it's still not running?" him: "eet's running now, is just very quiet. you like seat, da?" me: "uh, why did you have to push it out of the shop?" him: "you like spoiler, da? very much faster for front wheel drive car." me: "it does me no good if it's not running..." him: "we make car very much more nice for you, and you insult me and my workers. now you will pay. off to gulag!" and with that, off to work I go!!
  19. Seriously I am amazed by the number of idiots and potatoes running around recently. So is my WR. The types of idiots who seem to intentionally throw games from a guaranteed win. When you have a 500-800 point lead and the ship cound advantage seriously how the hell do you [edited]that up?!?! How do you manage to throw these games? Are you even TRYING?! Do you have even some hint of competence or are you mentally defective? Seriously, heres an example of the type of idiocy I've had to deal with. A BB wanted to brawl. In a Montana. Against 2 Yamatos and a GK. So he can use his torpedoes. Like seriously how [edited]stupid can you be? I am questioning the existence of any intelligent life on Earth at this point. The types of losses and throws I've been seeing at the hands of these idiots will blow your mind. And the icing on the cake? ITS NOT EVEN THE [edited]WEEKEND!!! If it were then I'd be a little more tolerant of the Weekend Warriors but it's WEDNESDAY FFS! Seriously wth? /rant
  20. With the news about changes to stealth firing, I was wondering how many times I will need to adapt my style, due to the recurrent changes that WG implements on the game, making impacts on DDs gameplay (IJN mostly). I am getting a bit tired of playing DDs because every damn time I have to adapt again to newer styles, spending doubloons for skill resets, time for learning the new stuff, making credits from upgrades and spending money/time on commander transfers. Just a reminder of how many times I have been forced to "adapt": - Torpedo detection nerfs on IJN DDs. - Radar proliferation (You can't even see the Russian cruisers that are detecting you) - IJN DDs guns changes (Damage and Fire Chance nerf) - Akizuki pen nerf - "Radio Position Finding" - And the most painful, the loss of my beloved t8 Fubuki Heck! I am very frustrated with the recurrent changes so I have decided to abandon the IJN DDs because they feel like a waste of time and money, after a year of "adapting" and maybe more incoming changes. Please note that I am not complaining about balance or anything like that, I am just very disappointed on how WG have tested this game and offers an incomplete product.
  21. QUICK RANT: I would have Ranked out in 1906 if only people who played Scharnhorsts stopped thinking of themselves as invincible torp boats that can just stroll up to five ships and torp them serially. I'd just like a button so I can detonate them and then exit to the next game, and not have to waste my time playing with these fools. ....send Xanax, please.
  22. When my ISP mucks up and i get disconnected at a vital moment. Just had a match on Fault Line where we lost to that. 80 k done, (pepsi), and despite taking me a couple of minutes to reconnect i was still alive as where all my teammates, but the times ran out and we lost on points, 2 salvos on either ship and we won and neither could doge worth a damm when i disconnected. Godammit.
  23. Cyclones =/= fun

    I don't normally do rants but seriously nothing in this game pisses me off more then these cyclones. They don't need to be in the game and they actively screw pretty much every class of every nation except German BBs and USN/IJN DDs. All other nations and classes just get a big middle finger while the game goes "HAHAHAHA SUCKS TO BE YOU!" The fact that it cuts your visibility all the way down to 8km is just beyond stupid and unreasonable. If it was something like 10-12km they would be tolerable but in they're current state they absolutely suck. They wouldnt be an issue if they werent so [edited]common and frankly quite biased to ceritan lines and nations. The VMF DDs and CAs (Which I main) have it the absolute worst because they're ranged operatives and they don't operate well in close quarters. Plus, the damn things last for like half the [edited]match so thats like 10 minutes of trying to avoid getting deleted by a surprise CA at 8km and getting deleted by 2 or 3 vollys of HE that shave off 3/4 of your HP before you can even switch to torps or get your guns on target. They absolutly suck and they add nothing to the game, and they have no reason to have ever been added to begin with. Please consider removing cyclones in the near future, as they are an extremely frustrating mechanic of RNG that is extremely biased to two or three lines/nations/classes /rant
  24. Low tier cheats!

    I don't usually rant...but when I do I'm salty... You will be accused of cheating if: You get a torp hit You dodge a torp hit You get a citadel hit You bounce a citadel hit You ram an enemy You avoid an enemy ram You capped and won You reset their cap You have ctrl key when playing CV You are awake and move out of their ctrl You use smoke and fire from it You use hydro and see somebody firing from smoke Urgh I get it it takes a while to learn the game, but... At least not calling everybody cheaters if you don't know what you are doing...
  25. Ok, enough is enough

    In my battles hunting for Corgi's, I've a total now of 15 players just leave their ships there and go find another to hunt Corgi's with. 3 battles, 15 players just abandoned their teams. And that's the 15 who actually said it. There have been 5 more ships mysteriously AFK. 20 players total, in just 3 battles. That's almost a third of the player slots, poof. The side with the least "bailers to hunt corgi's" wins. The last time, I got sunk trying to explain A) Why this was happening, and B) Exactly what "this" was in the first place. Fortunately I'd done some damage first. Not enough, but some. I grant you, my experience won't be the average, I played 2 of my battles right after it started today, most will see this a lot less, but that it's happening at all should have been taken into account, I feel. "No Corgi's here, screw you guys." Not to mention that yet again, still no Corgi's. Knock that fleet number up to 1000, please. **Another thing I realized: A significant number of the Corgi Fleet is taking part in this live stream NA/EU thing. That denotes a certain lack of forethought, Niko. lol.