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Found 15 results

  1. that_wot_player

    Amateur Hour

    I'm beginning to think opening up Ops to several tiers was a bad thing, considering the quality of games has taken a dive. Can we even blame "new people are learning the ops" any more considering they've been opened for months? 20221221_153945_PGSC506-Admiral-Graf-Spee_s02_Naval_Defense.wowsreplay This is like week 1 play, except it's been 15 weeks and the quality of pickup games is still so disappointing. Guess the "passive BBs" a lot of people complain about in randoms made their way here, cause im out of ideas on why this keeps happening.
  2. I would also like to make it clear that I died first, and very early, having achieved not very much. And I still came in ahead of these two jokers, with more base XP than the both of them put together.
  3. I am about this close to uninstalling this game for good. Three times, I have been kicked mid-game because there are missing files and I need to fix my client. So I go in, fix the client, come back, I am pink for 2, then 4, then who knows how many matches at this point. I love being punished because your client cannot properly upload files. I have NEVER had this many issues installing this game, but this has been an absolute nightmare today that does not seem to want to end. At this point, I might as well uninstall and reinstall the game; can't wait to spend another hour or so waiting only to be stuck on the client bug that won't let me finish downloading the dumb game until I restart my computer 3 or 4 times. Seriously, WG, your client sucks. I know this doesn't take priority over other amazing additions like submarines and premiums but it would be nice if you could make downloading your game in the first place not an absolute chore! Rant over. See you all tomorrow.
  4. Rant time. You know the skill rework is great and all but how about we focus first on the things in game that NEED fixing. For example, this week’s Raptor Rescue is hard enough to win with people who like to mass run off and attack the southernmost CV and leave the convoy undefended, but when Raptor decides to just... STOP in the middle of the ocean for no reason and not restart her engines until the time runs out, that makes a hard task impossible.I thought this was fixed... Guess I was wrong. Then again should I really be surprised? Rant Over Now that I got that out of the way... WG, you would get a lot more kudos from your community if you fixed even just the little things. Some people like the scenarios for the grating pains they can be. You can level Tier VI ships in relative (and I mean relative) peace. We don’t need these massive reworks for things that were fine if there are still massive bugs that make the game unplayable. It’s like putting flames on a car with no wheels, sure it looks cooler but it doesn’t function. Love this game, but this sort of thing tries my patience.
  5. I was under the impression that with this rollout, your captain builds were going to be reset closest to YOUR previous build depending on how the new skills/point levels shake out, rather than converted to the recommended build? Or is this incorrect? Either way it’s annoying. For a very simple example compared to many of my other WG-set new builds, my Roma capt. is a 10 pter. My 4 pt skill was CE. Today I come on after the update, and my 4 point skill is FP. FP is “recommended”, CE is not, according to WG. However, I INTENTIONALLY chose CE before FP for a reason! My rant is about why WG would change my build to their “recommended” [edited] when neither CE nor FP changed from being 4 point skills. So now I have to either use my free reset to get my CE back while I’m still navigating the rollout, or grind out four more points? wth! Waited until the update to really comment on the skill changes and I find myself almost not even wanting to deal with all of this.
  6. Returning vet here. Figured I'd grind out some of those T10 upgrades before they expire. Specifically, the Midway upgrade. Since the overhaul I'm about 66% win rate with the CV. I cover, I spot, get decent kills and harass. In the week I've been doing this my Karma fell from 35, where I sit now at 2. People seem to get really upset if . . . I don't even know why necessarily. But what I typically see when we lose is my team is either crazy timid and gets housed by more aggressive teams, or they over-commit and get slaughtered. I'm actually still amazed that there are players who don't understand that CV drivers only control one squadron with a 60-90 second consumable fighter that can be used 6 or so times a match. My point being is that Karma needs an overhaul. I won't say I'm leading my team to victory, but I'm usually providing 90-200k in spotting damage and I'm winning 2 out of 3 with about 150k damage. Not the greatest, but definitely not terrible. Yet the downvotes don't stop. Thoughts?
  7. This is not a rant hating on CVS as an opponent. It is a rant about why I hate TRYING to play CVs. No tutorials or aids to help learn CVs CVs have very very few aids. AND the "aids" they have do no come with a description. For examples, the single biggest challenge DDs have is learning where to launch the torpedos. WG solved that with the white torp box. the indicator changes shades of white to indicate that a player needs to wait before their next attack. The not noticeable countdown timer is *NOT* like any other weapons timer anywhere else in the game. No ability to track how a torp attack does like you can with ship launched torps. Controls are unreliable A click to start the attack run and a click to complete the attack run. A good 30% of the time the UI fails to recognize the second click. As a result, the entire squadron get shot down and no attack is completed AND the previous MINUTE of gameplay has been lost. So much depends on the UI recognizing a click to the tenths of a second. WG get the UI so it does works EVERY TIME. the aim bounces all over the place no matter what i do to the mouse sensitivity The combination of these makes ATTEMPTING to learn CVs frustrating. Furthermore, WG continues to try to encourage CV play. WG if you really want CVs to be more than just a game ruiner - you need to address these issues.
  8. BEFORE YOU READ MEMES: This is a rant filled with anger so do not take any of this to heart. This is also supposed to be a comedy rant, to where you should laugh at my angryness and not get butt hurt. also sorry for grammar errors, idc im out of school, sue me, :) also it has come t my attention that its not purple, its pink. so for all of the other color blind people just read it as purple. thank you I have two separate rants that i would like to give. First one is on chat bans and the next is on being purple Why is it that you cant give criticism in game to the horrible teammates without getting a chat ban? i got chat banned for 4 days for doing that. I was playing late at night with some very nooby players. They went a cussin, so i went a cussin back trying to explain why you shouldn't show your broadside to the enemy bbs. ME> huanghe, fired torps at a completely stopped french BB 5 miles away *many seconds later Friendly DD> decides to go torp same french bb but is way far away behind islands and going in the diretion to where he could see my fired torps ME> *in chat* "hey "dd" watch out for my torps that are going to the *french BB name*" friendly DD> oblivious or just trying to get people banned, torps the BB at point blank range, and runs into one of my torps and dies ME> boom your now purple HE HAD PLENTY of time to get out of the way, my torps wernt even on the frenchy yet. yet i got the blame for it. he claimed he was typing in chat, but even if ur typing u could easily get out of it and would have heard the torp alarm and see the torp indicator. plus you could see in the replay that he could have easily went thru the medium spread. just a greedy dd who wanted the kill before me...... AND YES, its VERY possible for the dds can out maneuver friendly torpedos at a distance, its not like they are anything different or way faster than enemy torps......
  9. So I grinded all day to finish the directive. My friend and I got our containers at the same time. He opened his first and got 2 with 140 and then a 20 and another 40. So then I open mine and I received a 10, 20, 10, and then 10 again. Like with is that. How did I get such miserable RNG. At this rate I will barley get the tier 5. And then each "bundle" cost 1k doubloons and they offer 92 of then. That is almost 400$ worth of doubloons. I would much rather buy a container with cash that would off the same guaranteed number of tokens like the British dds did. I mean come on how much do they want you to pay. This is complete [edited]. I put so much time and energy in this looking forward to the new dds and I feel like they just say F you to me. They went from guaranteed number in containers to complete gambling and now it is just a matter of throwing money at the game. It is like if you do not have money then they just don't care or even want to make it reasonable. First was the Paid Rico, oh sorry Puerto Rico. I mean will they just let this ship die or even make it reasonably attainable again. I feel like every update just gets worse and worse.
  10. Thunder_Feet

    Reasonable solution to a problem

    OK, in about 8 battles so far today I've been teamkilled 3 times, twice by bots and once by human. The human one was really flagrant, he screamed repeatedly on chat for smoke, I changed my plan a bit to set a smoke screen, and he immediately shot spreads of torps into that screen, blammo for me. I actually (first time) made a ticket with the replay and sent it in on that one. Then twice more by bots, 3 ruined games. I have a thought that WG should implement, easy to do and nobody loses: If you are killed or significantly damaged by a teammate (other than collision, maybe) your post-battle costs are zero and your consumables and signals used in that battle are restored. They could even charge that cost off to the offender. I'm willing to pay for my mistakes, so when I'm the one who makes a mistake I'm willing to have those deductions from my account. I'm tired of paying 45,000 credits (consumables) and 14 doubloons in flags (commander and free xp) only to be blapped by my own team. Rant over.
  11. Blue_Darter

    Military Flag

    The title is pretty self explanatory.. This is about the Military Flag. I imagine my position is not a new one. I say either remove it, or offer it again. That simple. Discuss.
  12. Play a CV and suck in it. Sorry I'm severely out of practice after giving up on hoping the enemy Graf Zepplin, Enterprise, Saipan, or even the Kaga messes up. Sorry I can't keep up with Saipan planes, or the volume of the Kaga reserves. Sorry I couldn't get the perfect strafe on those GZ bombers while I was locked up in a fighter duel. Sorry the Enterprise has ALL OF THE PLANES. Sorry the IJN CV cross dropped you before I could react after you went straight to the cap knowing there was a CV on the enemy team. Not sorry for completely wrecking the Lexington. Sorry I cant scout the one cap, drop the enemy BB pushing you, and protect the BB on the other side of the map all at the same time. Sorry I only have so much ammo and need to recycle my planes. Sorry I can't babysit you exclusively at the expense of the team. Sorry the other flank collapsed and it's entirely my fault. Sorry I'm bottom tier and there are 12 Worcesters on the enemy team. Sorry you guys went and threw your ships away pushing when you were outnumbered. Sorry none of you BBs know how to stay near an AA cruiser. I'm glad this rework is happening despite preferring the old RTS feel. Now I can actually play a class that interests me without having to do literally everyone's job and hold your hand the entire time I carry the team. And when I do where's my compliment huh? RIP CVs as we know them, and good riddance.
  13. Soulcaller

    More of a good thing?

    Happy friken new year!

    Rant Time

    I'd like to start this by saying I understand that somethings are planned to change but it's still frustrating to deal with some of these bullet points. I am first and foremost a BB main, but I play some cruiser and rarely DD. If battleship AP was dealing too much damage and made battleship gameplay dull and simple then can we please do something about switching shell types? Knowing when to switch shell types is more of a gamble. It's picking the shell for the likely target, pick wrong and potential alpha goes way down to the point where it's rage inducing. Sure, 15 seconds from Expert Loader is nice, but it still remains such a roll of the dice, it's still better to sling nothing but AP. I've tried Montana, she does well with only AP overpens but ships in the German BB line? Secondaries are no excuse as they are CRTL click, the point of the change was to make the game more dynamic but I'm still waiting to see that. Note: I do agree that the damage from AP was too much in most circumstances and I'm more happy that it's been changed. DDs always seemed to have a low population count, this changed help but by shifting BB play into more luck. Which brings me to my next point. RNG, I've had some moments with good RNG. However, it's those moments where a broadside cruiser at 7km gets spared while one at 20km doesn't, that is most remembered. I know it's there to give the lower end of the players a better fighting chance and to learn from their mistakes but I've yet to see why I should delete a good player at extreme range while a bad one gets spared. With my luck, this happens too often. One salvo and suddenly three fires, which means ~58% of my health if I do not spec into a tank build. Once again this brings me to my next point. Commander skills and builds are so damn linear, it's really not that much of a choice. If a BB is not specialized in stealth and DoT survivability, it's goodbye. Sure, sometimes a secondary or AA build has it's moments but they are so far and few in between it's a waste. I'm not calling for a BB buff or nerf. Making the commander skills more dynamic would be awesome. The National flavors of battleships is such a mess. The German citadel niche is not unique and the secondaries are not unique. Those were the TWO of the three MAIN selling points of that nation. The other being hydro. Not enough to compensate for what happens when they face other battleships from a different nation. If AP pens on DDs were such an unforgiving thing, is it possible to say that flooding is too? 60% for an un-specialized flood is crazy. Too [edited]crazy. A torpedo that does 18k and gets a full flooding on a Yamato is roughly 76k. Or 78% of the ships health. This gets worse the less health you have but is greatly influenced by damage repair. Which is most notably the slowest for battleships. They're suppose to be more survivable than the other classes but how come their damacon is arguably the worst? At this point I'd also argue that citadels are too punishing. I'm not advocating that either flooding or citadels should be removed, just that flooding is the "50 seconds and I'm gonna die no matter what I do because I was on fire in 4 spots" kinda thing. I'd rather take an extra 4k damage that I cannot heal then the 30k of flooding. I understand there is a change in the works. I like the addition of HE penetration being listed in port, but by god... how am I suppose to know the penetration of the AP without external sources? The armor viewing mechanic in [edited] is really bloody good, is there any way for that to be mimicked in this game or would that be a copyright horror? Either way, I'd like to get to know all the guns penetration through the game, not the forum. Anyway, that's all. Really helps to vent and thank you to whoever got through this rant.
  15. Dear Wargaming, Do you even play your own game? HE for battleships is better then AP. 32 hits with AP on broadsided ships...literally the worst team I have ever played and this happens? My buddy fires one salvo of AP for 20k (got a citadel), however, the other 80k damage he did was with HE. What is the point anymore in firing AP? The screenshots here are not of some tier 5 battleship ship and it is not like I don't know how to play the game. I am in an Iowa with a dispersion upgrade and an 11 point captain. I played with moderate aggression and pushed with my team. I played a BB like it should. I fired at broadsides, weak areas of the armor, and places I have gotten citadels before. Every single shot either missed entirely because it would straddle enemies I shot at from further away, or over pen in places where it really shouldn't. Again, I'll bring up the issue, why fire AP when I could have just fired HE the whole time and done 10x the damage I did? I don't have to worry about bouncing and over pens, the fire chance is really high, and I get rewarded for the 23 second wait between firing. Also raising the issue, what is the point in advancing...if every battleship is firing HE and doing well, why would I move up to make an easier target? This is why battleships stay in the back and don't move up. Sure there are a few that do and I applaud the ones that do, but most don't. Jingles even made a video about that or do you just not pay attention to his content since he left your community contributor program because of poor practices. Look, I love this game and I want it to do great, but stop throwing the mechanics down the crapper. This game had some kinks to work out sure, but its become a bit of a joke now. Congratulations, you're making money, but don't let this thing become like World of Tanks Console where the experienced players don't play nearly as much because all they do is re-skin things and call it new. Old map now has rain on it...calls it new map. HMH Tank has a different color then its normal tank...calls it entirely new tank. Think of the Black Edition tanks but year round...its a joke. Like I said, I love this game, just stop pissing the potential away. Sincerely, Defiant_Act 5 Questions to the community: Do you think Battleship gameplay has gotten better, worse, or just different since launch? Do you think that the overall gameplay has gotten better, worse, or just different since launch? Do you agree with me in that Battleship HE has gotten out of hand? If not, why? Do you think Battleships should even have HE? (I'm thinking for historical purposes here). What are some good things that you like about this game? (I like being able to captain a ship I have been on) What are some issues you have with this game and how do you think they can be fixed? Thats it for my long rant. Answer the question down below if you'd like. See you out there Captains.