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Found 106 results

  1. Invictus_1990


    desisto dessas classificatórias, só estou caindo com times ruins.
  2. Matchmaking is just fine. Stop all these whining threads saying otherwise! Here is an example of the fair, and balanced, matchmaking that I have seen all morning. Since people clamor for data, why not use some actual numbers rather than “I feel...”: Team 1 win rates: 44.60 / 43.58 / 50.49 / 49.90 / 47.82 / 46.58 / 46.21 - AVG = 47.02% Team 2 win rates: 46.38 / 47.60 / 52.29 / 50.36 / 52.45 / 63.19 / 56.55 - AVG = 52.69% But Super - win rate is such a poor way to prove a point about matchmaking! Why of course, young wave-runner, we all know this to be true! It is not possible for their to be a difference in tactics and cohesion that are displayed on a team 5% lower in win rates. Nor is it possible for Team 1’s shooting accuracy to be any less, and even if it was it would not affect anything...Because we all know the ability to put shells on a target is highly overrated! Team 1 accuracy: 28.95 / 19.37 / 33.00 / 33.72 / 34.83 / 27.12 / 25.41 - AVG = 28.91% Team 2 accuracy: 27.04 / 30.32 / 29.02 / 35.57 / 32.77 / 33.84 / 33.14 - AVG = 31.67% Humbug! 2% difference! So what are you suggesting Super? Skill-based matchmaking, so you can “feel” like you can win more? Carry harder and “git GuD”! It’s RANDOM! Nah, we don’t need to do anything different. When putting numbers on a web forum is more fun & engaging than randomly winning and losing in streaks with surprisingly similar team stacks as the figures above, we have hit the “sweet spot”! Why would we want to ruin a perfectly good random-fest by exploring additional game modes, or some silly matchmaking nonsense that would make wait times 2 to 4 days?
  3. Avenge_December_7

    Vladivostok Tactics In Ranked?

    While admittedly I'm generally more comfortable with USN battleships than anything else, I insisted on mainly using Vladivostok this ranked season primarily because I want to work on a silver line as opposed to accumulating elite xp which I can't access anytime soon (I also only have a standard BB build captain for her, as opposed to a secondary-focused one). With that being said, I find that I am having some troubles with it above rank 10, so I'm asking for how to sail Vladivostok in ranked, especially when attempting to counter brawling battleships. It's true that Vladivostok when angled or bow-on is incredibly durable, but I find its side armor to be quite lacking, so when a brawling BB like any of the German BBs or Massachusetts comes bearing down on me, I find it difficult to counter other than kiting away. The problem, I find, is often that such tactics may lead to me being gradually forced out of position. Stay bow-on and I fear that even if I switch to HE I won't manage to burn down said rushing BB in time before he gets on my broadside and blows me away, kite away and I end up being forced away from being able to aid the rest of my team with adequate speed. And turning even to something like a 30-40 degree angle when there are enemy BBs about is always a gamble in whether or not they give me a paddling. I fear brawling is basically a no-no with Vladivostok unless the enemy team decides to all attack from one angle.
  4. shinytrashcan

    ranked killing random MM?

    Readers beware, I got to vent a little. Proceed at own risk. Is it just me or is high-tier MM totally screwed after ranked started? I am not talking about queue times or something like this, but the fact that you either seem to have unicums or potatoes in your teams. This is super frustrating, I had mostly steamrolls this weekend, with maybe two or three good games in total. Combine this with a loss-streak of epic proportions and I am about done with this game for the next weeks. Don't know what to do, but with games where your teams either wipes the floor with the other one or where you are just surrounded by really below average players this just kills it for me. I am an average player, maybe a bit better on my good days but I still need a team to win almost all of my games. So do I now just wait until ranked is over before I start the game again? Anyone else noticed something like this?
  5. I don't captain Wichita all that much so when Ranked Sprint was set for T8 ships I determined I'd go for it using only Wichita. I have been pleasantly surprised and quite pleased with her performance. I have other T8 ships that I like better and I consider myself a DD main but Wichita has been a port queen too long. Additionally, I decided to spec her captain much differently than I usually do with US CA. Until now I have never used Expert Loader and very infrequently used Radio Location. IMHO they are game changing skills in Ranked Sprint. I think the thing that made her work so well is her agility. It took a lot to sink her (900k avg potential damage) because she "dances" so well! Such fun this round I'll have to pull another port queen out for the next one! Summary, captain specs, upgrades, and consumable selection below should anyone be interested.
  6. I had a teammate AFK for a good portion at the start &, when he finally came on, he rammed my CV & kept turning in to me so that I couldn't back off of him. Then, for added fun, he made himself pink by shooting me. The fun life of a CV player...
  7. Victory in ranked battle can be defined in only ONE way. The team wins. Has nothing to do with how many ships you can sink, how many planes you can shoot down nor how many pieces of laundry you can hang on the clothes line. While those things play a role they are not the most important. When you are winning by a substantial margin but they still have some power DONT GO CHASING THEM. In my not-so-expert opinion the best way to win is take two caps next to each other then defend those caps. Nearly 50% of the losses today has come around because of people thinking, maybe even believing they have to kill every red ship. It's a lie folks. You win with points obtained via caps and sinking reds. I know you're all gonna tell me I'm wrong, that's fine. Just keep it clean, above board and within the rules. If you know a better way of winning than winning, do let me know. tia
  8. The idea of limiting the total number of battle attempts a person can get per season in ranked play came up with some guys I play regularly with. As people go deep into ranked season, there tends to still be a population of players who are just playing a numbers game, hitting start and yoloing in so that they die quickly and then just start another battle immediately. The high limit for number of battles to rank out is 1,311 with a 48.67% win rate. Those had to be very short battles to get that many in during that compact a period of time. The second person on the list had 1,153 battles - and only made it to Rank 8. The amount of people who played over >350 battles totaled 247, and only 5 of them had a 52% or better win rate in ranked. The quickest rank out in NA was Peregrinas, who took only 46 battles to hit rank 1 at an 84.78% win rate - congrats to him. Looking at the people who ranked out, about 250 battles is the range for people with a 52-54% win rate to hit rank 1. I am proposing that WG simply put a countdown limiter on the number of ranked attempts people can take in the mode. That seems to be the simplest way to limit people spamming battles and counting on the other six players to carry them to victory. 250 seems to be a solid number to start with, and perhaps it will discourage people who aren't going to give their best effort playing the mode, to reconsider playing past rank 10 and the easy to gain initial rewards. I personally never go past rank 9 because the rewards are not aligned with the amount of frustration I feel at having to win 4 and then 5 stars to advance one level. Not when there are afk's or yolo bots in every other battle. Hopefully others have ideas on things WG could do to improve the experience of those playing ranked battles, I kept mine simple because simplicity is easier to install then some multi-conditional set of rules. I look forward to hearing what ranked players think about this situation. EDIT: Here is an alternative idea mentioned by someone in my clan family that would work around the issue of "limiting" people who want unrestricted play to rank out. If it's difficult to read, the gist is that only 7 players would get a star, based on their xp alone. Players that played superbly on the losing team would get a star while people on the winning team who didn't contribnute to the win would get passed over.
  9. I’ve been losing ranked battles a lot lately, I was wondering which 5 ships, premium or not premium, are the best ships for ranked, other than the Atlanta and Belfast cause I know those two are great
  10. EmeraldShard

    World of Sinops

    I'm really tired of seeing Sinops in T7 Ranked. Now I'm not asking to ban a goddamn ship from Ranked or nerf the hell outta it, I'm asking for the next Ranked Season to be T10 (again), primarily because of the Sinops. In the hands of a good player and with Kuznetsov, a bow-tanking Sinop becomes practically immortal. If you want to sink him you need a large part of your team to focus fire and not to mention the thing is practically immune to HE dmg (apart from KGV, Nelson, and Myoko) and AP due to the Icebreaker taking up have of the Bow. Now the Sinop doesn't really have a large weakness when bow-tanking (apart from citadel and torps) while other T7 BBs suffer from crap armor (Nagato), constant fires (German BBs), and no overmatch + crap accuracy (Lyon). The only other T7 BBs than can compete are maybe the Germans and the British. SinOP
  11. luckyhoho

    Ranked grind

    The grind is over, it all comes to which side got less potatos. The maps are too small, tactics are next to none. When the RNGesus really want you to rank out, like what happened in the last game, you can detonate enemy Atlanta with one shell
  12. For those of you who have high tier captains (17 pts and above) in your T8-10 IJN dds, I suggest moving them (temporarily) into the Shiratsuyu if she doesn't have a high point captain (mine currently is an 11). I admit that it will cost you $$ to move the captain (500 dbs for retraining and 500 more to move them back to their original ship) but the results are quite satisfying. I move my 19 pt Shima captain into the Shirat and loaded TRB instead of smoke. You will want Radio Location as a captain's skill so as not to be surprised by a Haida which has a 0.1 km advantage in concealment and the Indianapolis radar (10 km) is the same as your torps so you will need to pay attention to where she is, but the other two radar cruisers at T7 (Atlanta and Belfast) only have a radar range of 8.5 km so your torps can reach them beyond the distance that they can radar you. I've watched the vids from the usual suspects of CCs when they've suggested dds to play in the current Ranked session. I absolutely agree that dds like the Haida, Z-39, and Skane are excellent choices. I'm just suggesting that if you love pure torp-boat gameplay that this is a viable option. Let me know what you think. Update: I worked up to the Skane today. If you have have a 10 pt captain and chose TAE as a Captains skill and TTM1 as an upgrade, she has 80 km torps with a 12 km range with reloads that are ridiculously fast. The Shirat is stealthier but the Skane can spit out torps much faster.
  13. EmeraldShard

    The Ranked Experience!

    Why play Ranked? Now many people play "Ranked" for the Steel and Doubloons. I myself am playing ranked only for the Doubloons because I was lucky! I was lucky enough too get the Soviet Token Trove on the first bundle. Unfortunately, I am poor, so I put myself to the grueling task of playing "Ranked" in hopes of hitting Rank 1 and getting the 2,500 doubloons. The Experience The First League was easy enough to grind through, but then the Second League came, full of players that dedicate their time and effort to earn nothing. It was hard at first, but then I got a win streak and hit Rank 7! But, my luck ran out and I got teamed up with raw potatoes, baked potatoes, potato wedges, and fries. I dropped 2 ranks and lost a days worth of work and now I feel sad :( Is the reward worth the Grind? The Rank 1 reward and all the other rewards aren't worth it to an extent. The rewards are worth it until you get to Rank 10, then you should decide if you want to spend a couple days sweating and trying to get to Rank 5 (which is no longer irrevocable). If you have a bad day, you can lose all your hard work. So take a break if you begin loosing and remember you have a whole month to get to Rank 1, and by then most of the potatoes have either quit and/or grinded out to Rank 1. Good Luck
  14. michael_zahnle

    A little bummed out.

    So, I've been chugging along with the Russian event and am a little bummed at the less than stellar return on my efforts. 32 crates, 240 tokens with zero likelihood of getting past the remaining missions at levels 1 and 2. And, I've been grinding away at the Ranked battles. Win one, lose three. Win one, lose two... and I'm tired of staring at the rank 15 notice after each battle. Yes, I know Colorado is a turtle with guns, but the last battle was lost because the OTHER Colorado on our team didn't engage until everyone was pretty much toast. And now Bismarck. I can count the number of times I've attained the level of success for the first objective on one hand, and never in a ranked or random battle. I guess the only solution is to carry on and see where the chips fall. See you on the high seas.
  15. Played some ranked games yesterday, and man... It’s so close to a really good format. There are outliers like the Belfast, but honestly even that ship can be mitigated. From the perspective of a man who wanted to try to rank out with a Blyska because I love that ship, I’ll take the Belfast spam. At the least I can give a bit when I take a hit against the smoke monster, as even DD level guns do good work when cruisers don’t have the heals of the higher tiers, and therefore chip damage matters. Theres one problem though. Sinop. The ship just doesn’t care about anything, and then to top it off carries overmatch guns with close range god dispersion in a map meta where the engagement ranges are almost all sub 12km. It’s the lack of a superstructure that does it for me though. At least at tier ten the Kremlin can take a beating from the cruisers and DDs. Sinop on the other hand? All shatters, all the time. It makes me feel downright inadequate in other ships, as against stuff like the Blyska, Leningrad, cruisers like Indy, and even Fiji, Sinop players get away with way more junk than they should because of that armor scheme and DCP. Nothing like pounding away on one 9km away, and he just ignores you because you can’t do damage to him anyways. Guess you can torp them? Even then though not a lot of DDs at those tiers have both the guns to tangle with the other DDs and torps at the same time threatening enough to make a Sinop player pay attention. Its the fact they don’t have to respect a lot of the ships that gets me. Just imagining a meta without Sinop in it sounds like heaven. No CV. DDs aren’t busted like at tier 9. Smoke meta for sure, but at least a handful of radar ships out there to make a case for managing it. Sounds nice. Then we get this Soviet brick that sits and makes you spend all game fruitlessly shattering shells on it to hopefully get fires. Granted this is partially hyperbole, as Sinop does in fact sink, but it really does feel like it has a dumb level of impact on the games to me. Feel free to call me a potato I guess if you somehow found the Sinop solution, but it’s already put a hamper on my ranked experience, and I’m not even at the 5-2 bracket yet. It probably is a bit of demoralization from my first ranked day speaking though. Most seasons I can maintain a 60ish% WR until I get to the 5-2 league. This one on day 1 I’m struggling with 40% out the gate. Haven’t found the solution yet. Edit: I’m even more potato than I first believed. 40% WR out the gate instead of 50%. Was taking info from the session stats I remembered yesterday, and I must have quit once. Funny thing is my Blyskawica stats are still super Unicum. Go figure.
  16. Just like Randoms, my experience in the current Ranked Sprint has been a mix of happy battles, horrible matches, fun victories, frustrating teammates, devastating strikes, and dumb moves. Positioning, mutual support, focus fire, destroyers who maximize their concealment, cruisers who stagger their radars, BBs who deliver citadel hits from more than 20 kilometers away—all of that plus the most crucial aspect that victories depend on: capturing and holding the Key Area. On the flip side: destroyers who YOLO to the center to seize a buff, only to be deleted by a Minotaur (who still has not used his smoke consumable), or a Des Moines who went out in the open only to be sunk by a single enemy salvo, or a Republique who used Engine Boost to go East, only to be sunk by reds already in position. Worse of all was when a full health Kurfurst, a Des Moines, and a Smolensk all chased a single Yamato right to the edge of the map, leaving us the remaining few players trying to contest the Key Area totally unsupported. wth. I know it can be utterly frustrating to be paired with players who won't properly play, but at the end of the day, I still like Arms Race. 12 players per team, and with buffs that allow for interesting and exciting possibilities. For the next implementation, I hope they will make Arms Race available on other Tiers, like Tier VII.
  17. Nice Thunderer game - my best by far. Everyone kept giving me so nice broadsides I never switched to HE...
  18. while that amuses me, it does little to appease the intesne infuriation i am experiencing as i yoyo in an infinite loop between 6.4 and 5.1. for the life of me i cant get out of ranked 5 and its really getting annoying.
  19. monpetitloup

    Some in ranked

    some just dont want to win, fps i had 2nd highest score on both teams, and about 5x more xp than the lowest score one me team.
  20. Imagine trying to give yourself an unfair advantage in ranked, and then failing!
  21. Sloth1269


    I think the ranked system needs to be changed. The first place XP earner on the winning team should get 2 stars, the top 3 players on the losing team shouldn't lose a star. but the way its set up now its nearly impossible to get to rank 1 without getting a good team every match and devoting all your time to ranked. but winning one and then losing one makes it so you get no progress is way too harsh
  22. I ranked out for the very first time this season and it took me 155 battles to do it "I started at rank 12." All I actually needed was rank 4 to get the last bit of steel I needed to get Stalingrad. After that though I just kept going to see how long it would take me to hit rank 1 if I kept going. TBH I'm actually quite surprised it took me less than 200+ games to do. I've heard of some people playing 200, 300+ to get there and I'm far from a unicum player. Anyway, I'm just curious what the average would be?
  23. The_Really_Good_Man

    Skill Floor

    I'm not sure whether to be proud or shamed for defining the new skill floor of the ranked player base. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNV47MO5n3Y
  24. Hi all We all experienced afk team-mates, affecting outcome. In ranked afk effect multiplies. I'm curious - if you feel that afk should have consequence in ranked. p.s. my personal opinion: 24 hours ban for 60 seconds is just right
  25. Y'all, I'm not nearly as good as Bourgogne is making me look so far this ranked season. Day 1: Won my first game, lost my second game, and then I just started winning and winning and winning. So I figured I'd keep playing until I lost. That took a while. Day 1 final total: 12 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw. And 4 of those wins were hard carries, and a couple more were arguably carry-ish. (To be fair, two of the other wins I got too aggressive and got carried...the others I contributed my fair share but I didn't carry hard.) Y'all, srsly, manly-build Bourgogne is disgustingly OP in Arms Race ranked. She's my favorite BB anyway, but in this game mode, she's actually better than she is in randoms. To be fair, I don't know if she'd do as well in a normal season, or in clan battles. Her low HP pool is usually a huge liability. But the quirky nature of arms race plays to her strengths. She benefits from arms race buffs more than most BBs. Once the team gets a couple of heal buffs, she can heal up damage and bounce back quick, mitigating her usual HP disadvantage and helping her survivability immensely. The maneuverability buffs enhance an already memeworthy top speed...there's something hilarious about doing 41 knots in a BB. I had great success flanking wide away from the main body of the team, taking verbal abuse from potatoes yelling 'stick together', and grabbing buffs while positioning myself for broadside shots on the red team. Popping up on their flank and delivering 36 rounds of 380mm love taps in 25 seconds (thx to reload booster) never got old. The heal buffs and her speed and agility combine to make her even more survivable...when I got focused, I could turn and kite away and if need be go dark for a couple minutes to heal. And when CVs tried to focus me since I was split from main body of fleet, I was able to dodge their attacks a good bit of the time, kill a ton of planes, AND free up my team to push without getting harassed by planes. The other nice thing about Main Battery Reload Booster? Between that and my secondaries, any DD which showed up in my secondaries range got deleted quick, and a few even out of range. I use AP most of the time in Bourgogne, but MBRB lets me clear my AP with a salvo and have HE on my next 11 seconds later...I deleted a hilarious number of red DDs today. I play my Bourgogne (& Republique) like gunboat DDs anyway...Arms Race just lets me get away with it more easily. Without the constant heal buff and other buffs in arms race, I don't know if I could have played as aggressively as I am able to in this game mode. She's good in randoms, but I don't think she'd be quite as strong in clan battles or a normal ranked season. But her consumables loadout, fast reload, and meme speed all benefit tremendously from the buffs, even more so than other BBs since they're already so ludicrous. I doubt I'll keep winning 80%, but I have no doubt I'll rank out faster this season than I ever have, because this ship makes me look insanely good. I know I had a run of good teams today, but I also carried some games I don't think I could have carried in any other ship. If you've got a Bourgogne and you've hesitated to bring her into ranked because of her weaknesses in normal competitive play (low HP, mainly) I highly recommend you give her a try. Highlights: My favorite was the game where I did 20k damage to every ship on the red team. Managed to save our still fairly high HP Kremlin from getting rammed....at the cost of doing 10k dmg to him myself. I got the red ship ten feet short of the ram, but I also had a few shells hit the friendly. He didn't mind, since I saved his butt and we carried the team together. A few other highlights: This ship is ungodly and I will love her forever. How'd the rest of y'all do today?