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Found 504 results

  1. To round out our ranked Commentary for the past season, we are going to different Russian Ship: the Khabarovsk. This game I try to work with my team but instead I have to work for them to win, what should have been a steamroll. No video on Friday, as that's when I get back from Vacation. Going to make a special video this weekend, and some more of these so that there is a new video next Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Thank you for watching.
  2. We are going back to a Ranked Cleveland replay where I remember to bring the correct consumables. In this game I show how positioning, not damage, helps bring the team to victory. Hope you guys like the video. I have something coming through the pipe-line that is quite a bit different than these replay videos. I think it will just as fun to watch as I am having making it. Also, next week I will be going on vacation so I am working to have 3 videos on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday pre-recorded and uploaded for your viewing pleasure.
  3. Worst Ranked Ever?

    With another ranked season coming to a close, your thoughts on this season? IMHO it was easily the least fun ever, with plenty of potatoes reaching Rank 10 and driving T10 ships. I'm sure WG made money with wallet warriors paying to free XP a single T10 ship they've never played. My favorite was the T6 season. More of that, please.
  4. Hi all, Since I recently achieved Rank 1 this season, I made a compilation video of 100 random kills I made during the season. The action starts out with some sniper shots, but as the video progresses the kills pile up faster and faster. Enjoy! My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEr9cXayl6GQAoqSqUgYuxQ
  5. Lost 2 stars for ranked loss

    I am level 5 ranked. I started the game with 3 stars. We lost. As the game ended I saw the animation where you lose a star, but I LOST 2 STARS. I'm now level 5 with 1 star, down from 5 with 3 stars. What is happening here? PS- I only play 1 ship in ranked, so no "you lost on some other ship in some other game" is not what is happening here. It's quite impossible for more than 1 ranked to be going at a time for me because I only ever play the 1 ship in ranked.
  6. So you lost a Ranked battle, you lost a star... and it was all because of that one player! And look, he's only got a sub Unicum win rate!! Better yet he's only 49%!!! And you might find yourself thinking 'How in the world did he get into (my) sub 5 Rank?!'... Well, I'm here to tell you.... he earned it. Yep that's right, that terrible player that should be banned from World of Warships, for the incredulity of not performing the right tactical decisions in your elevated Unicum understanding of the game, he has every right to be on the same map, in the same rank as you. We struggle and learn, and practice, and advance, and improve. And while it might burn you to no end, that a sub-Unicum player made it to the Rank bracket you are also at, he worked to be there no matter how imperfectly, as we do our best to try to benefit our team. "Rank means nothing, anyone can grind out a rank! You're still terrible!!" It does mean something: It means that this player loves the same game you both play; it also means that like you, he has poured time and energy, and probably money, into trying to overcome the obstacles of securing a win, from not only the enemy team, but toxic radioactive hate and bullying by players with anger management issues to get to where he is. Assume all you like that his team mates carried him to rank 4, hell bite your fingers with impotent rage that if it were up to you no one below a 65% win rate would even have the right to play ranked battles; go ahead and continue to spew your toxic radioactive hate and malice, and let it eat you up and consume you in your elitist arrogance. But while you are doing that, and find yourself impressed with your self-aggrandizing opinion 'Admiral Wanabe', just remember that all us 49%'s and below: we'll be in all your Ranked, and Randoms, and everywhere in this beautiful game that you don't want us in, ruining your perfectly narssassitically constructed delusions, that 'if only everyone understood the game like you do', then all would be right with World of Warships. So while we may not be as good as you 'oh great one', we'll play when we like, and what we like, whenever we like. Indeed, we're here! This is our game too, and we're staying in every facet of this game, because no matter how much you try to bully or harass us, there's nothing you can do about it. :) And I know for myself, I will not give up or give in, in trying to be an even better player next match, and the match after, and the match after that... Regards,
  7. Received a personal challenge "28.05 -28-05 In one battle, join the top 2 in your team by experience received Must be complete in a Ranked Battle. Completion criteria Tier VII ships." Since Ranked is currently only VIII ships cant complete the mission today. Would expect to have the personal mission be done in VIII ships.
  8. Finally ranked out in the Shima. Because I skipped last season, I had to start at rank 23 this time around. From ranked 23 to 10: Kagero 8 DD Japan 30 70.00% 22,570 1,725 1.1 0.6 0.0 50% 40% 5% 985 Bismarck 8 BB Germany 21 52.38% 46,328 1,432 1.3 0.7 1.6 43% 28% 0% 877 Rank 10 to 1: Shimakaze 10 DD Japan 303 55.45% 33,976 1,491 1.0 0.5 0.0 48% 34% 4% 816 It was a real struggle initially with the Shima. I had to switch to RPF, which came at the cost of a lot of "must have" shima abilities. While I'd like to think I improved over my 300+ Shima ranked matches, in reality, I think the competition just got worse and worse as more players reached the rank 5-1 bracket. Initially, my matches were filled with players with a 58%+ winrate. This weekend, I was seeing tons of players with sub-50% winrate in ranked. The keys to ranking out: Stick with it. You'll get there. Play to win, not to score points. If you have the game won, run away! I've had more losses due to players throwing a won match, than imaginable. Pay attention and back off if you have it won. Stay alive. Don't die defending a cap. Watch the map. There are plenty of times when letting them take a cap so your team can focus on capping a different one is preferable than fighting a losing 1v3 or 2v3 battle. Radar sucks, and the team with the most radar won most of the time. Playing a shima in a ranked match with radar pretty much involves hanging on the edge until you're radared, then getting punched in the face by most of their team until you can slip out of detection range. Sometimes the biggest thing you can do to help your team win is to call out a plan at the start of the match. "1 DD and 1 BB to B, rest to A please." Even if people disagree, it gets everyone talking and on the same page. Here is why ranked matters and why WG will (and should) continue to have ranked seasons: In Random my most played ships were the Shima and the Kongo. Shimakaze 10 DD Japan 485 55.46% 48,035 1,748 1.8 0.9 0.2 47% 39% 5% 1,181 Kongo 5 BB Japan 363 60.88% 47,036 1,351 2.2 1.1 1.8 50% 24% 0% 1,385 Think about it. My most played ships were 485 matches with the shima and 363 with the Kongo. In the past month of this ranked season alone, I played 303 matches in the shima. I still consider ranked to be the most fun in Warships, even if radar has turned a DDs job into being punched in the face several times at the start of the match in the hopes your team can out shoot their team. Map awareness and situational awareness are hugely important and can be used to help you turn a losing match into a winning one. Thanks to all I played with and against. I look forward to seeing you next ranked season.
  9. Does RANKED pilot season count or not

    Sup captians I reached rank 1... 6th (I believed 5th) time (week ago) and when I looked yesterday closely to wows stats I realised I already have reached it for 6th time actually (lol). I am currently not sure if there has been some misinterpretation or misunderstanding so I need to know if there is someone with similar problem. The only possible option is that SOMEHOW the Pilot season of ranked battles doesn't count to total number (dunno why). The answer from WG support was not really convincing with statement "Looks like it doesn't[count]" so I expect your thoughts. eSniper
  10. In response to feedback from Catharsis III, I will tidy things up. In fact this video to make things easier on myself will feature two videos: We'll start here, and we won't have the minute by minute breakdown in an effort to tidy things up and sound less abrasive. Shout outs to Notser, Gneisenau013, Captain_Dorja, and anyone else I've overlooked who provided more direct feedback. Especially to everyone who found Catharsis III wordy, nitpicky and boring, hopefully this is better: So, we'll ignore the Click-Bait Nature that seems to be a staple of Zoup's of the title and focus on the question itself and a handful of statements he makes. I've pointed out previously "Why are you still playing", much less anyone playing any game they're in comes down to more than just the singular factor of whether or not a game is good. I've made comparisons to Star Trek: Online, Madden 16 through 18, and War Thunder. To answer his question, we play at least some of those games because no alternatives exist. I find his question cathartic because he's ranting about people who rant, essentially. Ironically, despite how intensely I may disagree with him, or anyone; it almost his job as a community contributor to find out what's wrong with the game and point it out and advocate on our behalf or his own to have it corrected. If anything, he'd have every single reason and every right to be absolutely furious along with his colleagues depending on the change; even if I happen to disagree with what he things needs changing (namely according to him the players in this video). Now he states he's not talking to veterans, but if you listen to his video, who could be possibly be speaking to that would be among his audience for this video? Listening carefully and consider his tone specifically towards Battleships in other installments, and Hindenburg, which I will feature later; it's more of the same "Quit complaining [because you're ruining my experience, which I assume means you're ruining everyone else's]" We've gotten a new patch as of late to try to improve upon the community standards in terms of reports, team damage and toxic behavior, though I suppose he had to show contempt for the large part of either a Newbie or Veteran audience to this game who have plenty of legitimate gripes. Example, Phil Helmuth in Texas Hold'em has the record for most championship wins in the World Series of Poker, but if you listen to him blow up, you'd have no idea he's any good. To quote him "For you this is a game, for me this is my life". Some folks are that passionate and just because they love the game or see the good in it, or are even champions, doesn't mean they don't have a lot to get furious about. If I include myself, I'll even say I don't want the illegitimate gripes to go away, that's a freedom we have that say we don't in Steel Ocean. At least a feedback mechanism exists in ANY capacity here, which is another reason why we'll play and deal with gross generalizations and ironically him saying "I'm tired of hearing people complain all Battleships suck, all Destroyers suck". That was perhaps the critical irony in his rant on people ranting about the game; considering he's chief among them to think that Battleships "Are in a good place right now" or even the notion that battleships, much less any class for that matter, have a place to be. There are plenty of reasons to still play. Just not all of them are any good. Here's the meat and potatoes of what I'd like to get into as a follow up especially in context of his previous videos. Considering he's targeted this ship for his example, but I will concede this easily applies to Zao or Conqueror. He notes how this ship seems to reinforce selfish play and he jumped in specifically to save a star. Now, I've noted in my elaborate mess of an essay on "Fix XP", that it's convenient for him to choose to push this narrative now after he got the smoke change he wanted in 6.11, he believes Battleships are in a good place right now, but because a handful of folks dislike this ranged meta (which has existed since at least season 6 with the Belfast, and season 7 with the Cleveland), he feels this is grossly selfish and unsportsmanlike Now, I'll join him and say that I would rather not play this way, but I had to change and play like this because it's what he asked for in previous patches, to make Battleships more and more irrelevant. I suppose as collateral damage, Carriers and Destroyers have been shafted too, because how can you hope to close the distance with these ships who play to their insane range. I emphasize again, I do not want to play like this, but I won't complain about it, since that's how the game's designed and if I'm winning, I'm happy. Cruisers, as I noted in my statistic video for NA and EU all time, dominate even more than they used to, but I wouldn't dare say any of these cruisers (with one obvious exception) are overpowered. It would be insane for me to call the whole class unsportsmanlike or overpowered, but the implications exist. I can provide specifics, but I've carried on long enough. He suggests a lot of things that would actively hurt people who wish to play this game for fun even or even at least a mildly competitive level and he targets the ships, not the issues with Ranked laddering. Here's only one quote this time: 4:39 “I don’t have the time, I don’t have the patience . . .” So mysteriously when you or the other CCs cannot perform as well or it gets tougher for them (by virtue of the design choices [the CCs] advocated for I might add) its Wargaming’s fault and they have to get rid of us [by introducing more obstacles like moving irrevocable from 10 to 15]. When you, or Noster, and Flamu do perform well, but “decent” players are struggling and complaining, they just have to play better, [change the way you play, just get good], and it’s our fault.
  11. Just got to the premiere league after playing a few games in the First League (6-10). What's the meta like in Premiere? Similar to the 6-10 meta? Better? Worse? I'm assuming the playerbase there is better so most people have a somewhat lower WR there than the higher ranks (6-10, 10+). Is that a common experience? Or have enough potatoes gotten up into 1-5 through sheer force of will to make it a repeat of 6-10?
  12. Issue: Two players on the top of a losing team with same exp earned in ranked battles, one player loses a star and the other doesn't. Expected Result: Both players should not lose a star since they have an equal amount of exp. How to replicate: Two players on a losing team in ranked battles with the same amount of exp earned. So in the post screen scoreboard, it is clearly indicated that I have the equal amount of the exp and that I have also not lost a star. The only problem is that when the battle ended, it showed the animation of losing a star (unfortunately I don't have screen shot of that) and up until now (five days later) there still has been no indication of where that star went. I know there are issues with the interface and that there is a visual bug going around where it doesn't show the amount of stars accurately, but I believe this may be a separate issue as it has persisted over several client restarts and (probably some server restarts too) and the fact that it is from a fringe case of equal top exps. I don't run modifications and run a vanilla client. I have already submitted a bug report. I am just making a forum post to inform others in case some other people may also have experienced this bug. So far, I've found one other person who also experienced this alleged issue. @alphadog007 20180510_233226_PASC020-Des-Moines-1948_44_Path_warrior.wowsreplay
  13. TL:DW Hindenburg is great for keeping stars. Playing to keep stars is bad. Stars in general are bad. T10 irrevocable is a drag and hopefully things will be better next season.
  14. Great WoW's streamer!

    Check out Rick and show your support! https://www.twitch.tv/rickjoshi1765 He's live right now.
  15. Am I the only shima player who stops queuing if there's only a couple of DDs in the rank 5+ bracket at the moment and the other is a YY? I have no idea how to deal with a YY in Shima, other than to stop playing ranked the moment I see one in a match.
  16. I lost 5 out of 26 games getting to rank 10, and don't get to see what rank I could get to because I can't afford my Des Moines before the end of the season. I'm upset. Hear my anger. It's poop ya hear me!? POOP!
  17. An important thing to remember about ranked is that one can reach rank 1 simply by playing enough games even if they're not anywhere near the top 5% of the playerbase. In addition, just because someone is in a clan is no indication of competence. On the other hand, just because a player is not in a clan is no indication that they're a poor player. Judge a player by how they contribute to their team and community, not by arbitrary tags and decorations.
  18. What do you think about Ranked this season? Love it? Hate? Would rather eat nails? What is your opinion and why? What could WG do to improve it? Edit: Realized I asked your opinion, but didn't provide my own. Ranked is just a bit too much of a grind for my tastes. Usually I will play to a certain point to stock up on flags and once I hit a grind wall I typically hang it up. Since I took a break from the game and missed last ranked had to start from 23 this time. Made it to 8 or 9 and that was about all I cared for. More about being stubborn than skill and starts to become stale at a point. Some seasons it's higher ranked than others. This season since it is so easy for anyone to reach 10 that is your grind wall. You start burning all the flags you won and then some and it just becomes a choir in my opinion. What they could improve on imo is to reward good play regardless of win. Top 2 on a team advance a star, 3rd place on both hold steady, 4 through 7 drop a star. Would make getting to the top worthwhile and actually mean something instead of just sheer will to grind/get dragged into the W column. Guess that's my 2 cents.
  19. Khaba Does Ranked

    Much fun was had...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gb1f20DZNjU
  20. Finally clawed my way to rank 5. Definitely wasn't pretty. Unlike T8 ranked where radar wasn't a big deal, in T10 it was pretty stupid. Not only are there frequent periods of just being constantly chained radared, it's not unusual for one team to have 2 or more radar ships while the other has none. T10 ranked also highlighted a lot of the problems facing DDs currently. BB AP does ridiculous amounts of damage, likely due to the pen/overpen bug that WG has acknowledged but has yet to figure out how to fix. Countless times I went from full health to a pixel from one salvo from an enemy BB and in one case I was outright deleted. I started off with the Khab and quickly abandoned it, specifically due to the BB AP. I'm sure there are many players out there who can do really well with the khab in ranked, but not me. When a single shell takes 25-33% of your health, you need to be pretty darn dodgy in the Khab to survive sustained fire from a BB. In random, I'm pretty much able to speed like an arseclown all day, dodging shells and raining fire down on BBs. In ranked, the players are that much better and those types of antics just don't seem to work. I had better luck with the Shima, but it was still ridiculously hard to have enough of a positive impact to swing many matches in my favor. It's also nearly impossible to take top spot on a losing team with a DD. I've had several battles where I had two caps and over 130k damage and still came in second or third. It was bad enough that I made the decision to switch over to the Montana instead and started leveling up my Monty captain. I then happened to hit an 8 match winning streak with the shima, which put me close enough to rank 5 that I decided to grind it out. Rank 10 to 5 stats: Shimakaze 10 DD Japan 125 53.60% 36,116 1,569 1.0 0.5 0.0 44% 35% 5% 838 Khabarovsk 10 DD USSR 18 38.89% 36,125 1,513 0.2 0.2 0.1 28% 36% 1% 498
  21. Ranked Woes

    I'm pretty upset by the T10 after rank 10 thing. I know, it's my fault for being late to the party, my fault for playing multiple lines instead of grinding an arrow-straight course to a T10... it still seems like crap though. It took me 26 games to get to rank 10. That's it. That's like two more games than I needed stars to get to this rank from where I started this season. This is the first confirmation that I've had in this game that I am getting to a competitive level, and I don't get to test those limits because of the first ever ranked arbitrary tier change. What if I had gotten rank 1 twice before, and my streak gets broken by this? It just seems like a bad decision for a lot of reasons.