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Found 92 results

  1. Nice Thunderer game - my best by far. Everyone kept giving me so nice broadsides I never switched to HE...
  2. while that amuses me, it does little to appease the intesne infuriation i am experiencing as i yoyo in an infinite loop between 6.4 and 5.1. for the life of me i cant get out of ranked 5 and its really getting annoying.
  3. monpetitloup

    Some in ranked

    some just dont want to win, fps i had 2nd highest score on both teams, and about 5x more xp than the lowest score one me team.
  4. Imagine trying to give yourself an unfair advantage in ranked, and then failing!
  5. LordGimpusDominus

    Salty Seamen Recruiting!

    A bunch of salty seamen.. Get your head out of the gutter! A Bunch of Salty Seamen! ABSS for short, is our clan. We enjoy activity or pure talent. If you enjoy wows whether you are new or a veteran you are welcomed to our clan! We have a variety of veterans like myself and newer guys too. In our clan we try our hardest to make everyone feel welcome and engaged in the group. Rules: We have few but we still have them. Rule #1: Be Active In ABSS we require discord activity daily, of course we all have lives so if you have to disappear for a little bit just give us a heads up and we’ll be happy to acknowledge your time away of course. Rule #2: Be friendly We do not tolerate hate and will not hold back to remove anyone belittling someone else or making them feel lesser than them. Rule #3: Have fun! The point of the game is to be an escape from the real world, if you are getting worked up over it than what’s the point. Be mindful of this. That’s really it.. If this sounds like a place for you come stop by in our Discord! We’d love to talk and meet with ya! Discord: https://discord.gg/nfWY5Q
  6. Sloth1269


    I think the ranked system needs to be changed. The first place XP earner on the winning team should get 2 stars, the top 3 players on the losing team shouldn't lose a star. but the way its set up now its nearly impossible to get to rank 1 without getting a good team every match and devoting all your time to ranked. but winning one and then losing one makes it so you get no progress is way too harsh
  7. I ranked out for the very first time this season and it took me 155 battles to do it "I started at rank 12." All I actually needed was rank 4 to get the last bit of steel I needed to get Stalingrad. After that though I just kept going to see how long it would take me to hit rank 1 if I kept going. TBH I'm actually quite surprised it took me less than 200+ games to do. I've heard of some people playing 200, 300+ to get there and I'm far from a unicum player. Anyway, I'm just curious what the average would be?
  8. The_Really_Good_Man

    Skill Floor

    I'm not sure whether to be proud or shamed for defining the new skill floor of the ranked player base. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNV47MO5n3Y
  9. shaneduce

    Ranked Battles

    Ranked battles, sigh 40% win rate out of 180 battles and stuck at rank 12. I have gotten feed up with ***** team's that don't work together. The only battles I was on the winning team was the ones that we worked together. Yes i'm salty AF losing over 6 mill credits just this session alone. Here is my list of the way I think ranked battles would be better. 1. No premium ships. 2. No ships that can be purchased with coal, steel, DB., free XP. or cash. 3. Require players to complete a training course. That will punish a player hard for not working as a team like Op's do. 4. Only let ships from the Tech Tree that you research and played no less than 100 battles in Random or Op's. 5. Require 1,000 battles in random play. 6. Require 40%+ win rating. Any player can do this. I expect bad players in random. Even players that use real money to free XP them self to a T10 ships. This is just my option, you can agree or disagree that up to you.
  10. Y'all, I'm not nearly as good as Bourgogne is making me look so far this ranked season. Day 1: Won my first game, lost my second game, and then I just started winning and winning and winning. So I figured I'd keep playing until I lost. That took a while. Day 1 final total: 12 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw. And 4 of those wins were hard carries, and a couple more were arguably carry-ish. (To be fair, two of the other wins I got too aggressive and got carried...the others I contributed my fair share but I didn't carry hard.) Y'all, srsly, manly-build Bourgogne is disgustingly OP in Arms Race ranked. She's my favorite BB anyway, but in this game mode, she's actually better than she is in randoms. To be fair, I don't know if she'd do as well in a normal season, or in clan battles. Her low HP pool is usually a huge liability. But the quirky nature of arms race plays to her strengths. She benefits from arms race buffs more than most BBs. Once the team gets a couple of heal buffs, she can heal up damage and bounce back quick, mitigating her usual HP disadvantage and helping her survivability immensely. The maneuverability buffs enhance an already memeworthy top speed...there's something hilarious about doing 41 knots in a BB. I had great success flanking wide away from the main body of the team, taking verbal abuse from potatoes yelling 'stick together', and grabbing buffs while positioning myself for broadside shots on the red team. Popping up on their flank and delivering 36 rounds of 380mm love taps in 25 seconds (thx to reload booster) never got old. The heal buffs and her speed and agility combine to make her even more survivable...when I got focused, I could turn and kite away and if need be go dark for a couple minutes to heal. And when CVs tried to focus me since I was split from main body of fleet, I was able to dodge their attacks a good bit of the time, kill a ton of planes, AND free up my team to push without getting harassed by planes. The other nice thing about Main Battery Reload Booster? Between that and my secondaries, any DD which showed up in my secondaries range got deleted quick, and a few even out of range. I use AP most of the time in Bourgogne, but MBRB lets me clear my AP with a salvo and have HE on my next 11 seconds later...I deleted a hilarious number of red DDs today. I play my Bourgogne (& Republique) like gunboat DDs anyway...Arms Race just lets me get away with it more easily. Without the constant heal buff and other buffs in arms race, I don't know if I could have played as aggressively as I am able to in this game mode. She's good in randoms, but I don't think she'd be quite as strong in clan battles or a normal ranked season. But her consumables loadout, fast reload, and meme speed all benefit tremendously from the buffs, even more so than other BBs since they're already so ludicrous. I doubt I'll keep winning 80%, but I have no doubt I'll rank out faster this season than I ever have, because this ship makes me look insanely good. I know I had a run of good teams today, but I also carried some games I don't think I could have carried in any other ship. If you've got a Bourgogne and you've hesitated to bring her into ranked because of her weaknesses in normal competitive play (low HP, mainly) I highly recommend you give her a try. Highlights: My favorite was the game where I did 20k damage to every ship on the red team. Managed to save our still fairly high HP Kremlin from getting rammed....at the cost of doing 10k dmg to him myself. I got the red ship ten feet short of the ram, but I also had a few shells hit the friendly. He didn't mind, since I saved his butt and we carried the team together. A few other highlights: This ship is ungodly and I will love her forever. How'd the rest of y'all do today?
  11. TheLastRollOfToiletPaper

    WG broke ranked with their obtuse cvs

    So the new arms race mode with carriers is absolutely broken. The hp buff perk for CVs is set to 1% of squadron hp/second, which means the planes are nigh on impossible to shoot down. And people on this forum thinks WG plays and test their game... There are guys not losing a single plane once they get a buff or 2. GG WG spreadsheet...
  12. Then [RBMK] and [RBMK2] - "Mistakes. Were. Made." are just the clans for you! We have ACTIVE and CONSISTENT members that division and play DAILY. This enables us to place high in Clan Wars (currently top 20 Over-All NA). If this sounds like the clan for you then here is some more about us: We have a great community of active, mature players with strong and able leadership. Each of our members are provided with training and resources so that they, and the clan as a whole, can improve and grow. Several of our members are current and former Military and Law Enforcement. We also have players from all time zones including SEA. So there's always somebody on to division with. We division and play together daily which improves our effectiveness as a team, especially in competitive modes. This enables us to try out different things and exchange information about the game to improve each player's success. We provide invaluable training resources, updates, and guides through our Discord channel so that all our members have easy access to them. We even run training sessions and scrimmages with other clans! Our goal is to reduce the skill gap between our players by improving and growing them. This makes everyone a valuable team player and an asset to the clan. Here are some basic requirements to be considered for membership: Good average damage with good average experience and battles. Active in-game and Discord. Be a Team Player (willing to learn, improve, and teach). Hardcore - Always go out with a bang! IMPORTANT: We place great emphasis on the activity and personality of our members. If you are active in Discord, division with us, and have an affable attitude you will drastically improve your chances of membership. We would rather have a mediocre player who is fun to have around and we can teach to improve, than an inactive, toxic Unicum. If you want to check us out and get to know us before joining here is our Discord link: https://discord.gg/hYnH9NF Hop on in and see what you're missing out on! (I highly recommend our state-of-the-art Memes channel). If you have any questions or comments then leave them below or message @Ivan_Namirettov directly. And remember: It's not about your time in battle, it's about your impact in battle that makes the difference. Good luck and see you around!
  13. I haven't been playing any Ranked this season simply because I don't care to, but I've been seeing people sing the praises of this season here on the forums, particularly of the 1v1 format and how they get into epic BB brawls in it. However, that doesn't make very much sense to me. I would have thought that in a situation where there's only two people on the map, stealth and the ability to pick out ships from stealth would be the deciding factor. The only ships people would want in this instance would be close quarters gunboats like the Akizuki, torpedo boats like the Z-23, or Radar cruisers like the Cleveland and the smokeless Edinburgh. BBs should be a complete joke because they'd get outspotted and torped with impunity. And yet, it seems, I'm wrong, and I don't understand why. Is there some sort of mechanic in place that keeps people from slinking around in DDs like a game of Spy vs. Spy, or is there something else entirely that I'm missing? If someone could please tell me what it is, I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks in advance for any answers I may get. Sincerely, 1Sherman.
  14. franz_von_goltz

    Your opinion about 1x1 ranked

    These battles are unusual for 2 reasons, 1/ 1x1 mode. 2/ Assymetrical mode. Your opinion? - More 1x1 battles with different tiers, map sizes? - More Assymetrical battles with 2x2, 3x3 modes? This thread could be a poll in fact.
  15. Florendo19

    Why Ranked is good

    So I finally got to rank 5 tonight and considering I probably won't make rank 1, I feel I should reflect at my personal high point. This ranked season has been a struggle for a lot of people on this forum myself very much included. But while people tend to view the negatives, I wanted to make a positive ranked thread. Quality team play I know most people don't think of ranked this way but hear me out. Most people past rank 10 actually want to win and understand that there is a difference between saving a star and gaining a star. They want to work with you to win games so talk with them(nicely) and coordinate, you would be surprised how well this works. Shout out to @Admiral_Thrawn_1 for a nice Gearing game in tandem with my Daring. Learning how to win as opposed to how to farm Ranked can either teach how to farm and save a star or how to win and gain a star. Playing to win makes better players and if more people play ranked to win, I think this game can really improve and the player base can develop more skilled game play. Good competitive game play Those stomps that people love to complain about in randoms do not happen very often in ranked. I find myself out of complements to give after playing a few rounds of ranked because I see a lot of good plays by people. Players working together to focus down low hp ships, knowing when to be aggressive and push and when to play it safe and retreat, well timed radars and some of the best DD knife fights I have been part of. Honestly this is probably the best competitive game play that players can have outside of clan battles which requires a large active clan to play. As someone who does not belong to a large/active clan, Ranked is my best chance to play with and against skilled players. Same tier MM No more top or bottom tier to worry about game imbalances. You are all equal(ish) depending on how you view certain ships. Rewards Flags both temporary and permanent as well as signals, camos and steel are great. Really looking forward to playing with that -20% to service cost discount that I just got with the Premier league flag. Ranked has a potential to be a really good game mode and I hope more people can enjoy it and take some of these positives from this ranked season
  16. I heard we'll be getting a 1v1 after this season of ranked, maybe sometime late December or January. Does anyone know when exactly?
  17. Landing_Skipper

    Z-52 in Ranked

    Until Rank 5 I rarely saw Z-52s. Now they seem much more frequent. What's up? I like the Z-52 for Randoms, but 10.5 km torps are tough in the land of perpetual radar. Often only 1 or 2 DDs so the hydro smoke thing doesn't seem as powerful. P.S. I've been running radar Yueyang mostly.
  18. (RTXN) REPUBLIC OF TEXAS NAVY is recruting for Clan Wars, Ranked, divisions and other fun activities, Tier 8-10. We have RTXN2 and RTXN3 for for those that are working toward Tier 10s. TEAMSPEAK is a must and its free of charge, we pay for the server. Please contact Palawan though game or team speak RTEXN.TEAMSPEAK3.COM:9159 No password required.
  19. o2uk

    Jolly Roger

    Alguém sabe porque a WG não esta mais dando as bandeiras Jolly Rogers
  20. I am sure many of you have witnessed poor player behaviour, punished with time in the "coop gulag". What we have not considered, sufficiently, is how this impacts on innocent, upstanding, and respectable Coop players. So what can be done? First of all we should consider, where and when the majority of pink+ "orange" infractions occur. They mostly take place in competitve game modes, and the more competitive the game mode, the more infractions per player, that are committed. Secondly, we should reflect on how bad behaviour in competitive might be corrected, the answer is logical. In a ranked correctional mode, where progress is defined by both behaviour and battle victories, and by the example set by our very best and most successful ranked mode players. Yes, that's right, well behaved elite players should play alongside offenders, in ranked 1, at the very top, giving badly behaved players a taste of what they are missing. bad behaviour would be corrected by a minimum number of games in correctional (and educational) ranked battles. for exceptionally bad behaviour, be "deranked", losing a number of ranked levels, depending on the seriousness of the infraction? I look forward to your helpful thoughts/ regards.
  21. Trowa03

    Ranked is rigged

    So, ranked has been rigged for destroyers to have an easy time. Play a battleship, you'll be greeted by 3-5 dd's, usually the kitakaze because it's overpowered as [edited], and 2-3 musashis because they're slow as [edited] and can't dodge torps. Play a cruiser, you'll be greeted by one or two dds, double battle cruiser and 2-3 BBs. Destroyers don't even have to try anymore. They have literally everything on their side now. The game works solely for them, nothing else matters.
  22. In this ranked season, some of the strongest battleships appear to be those that can dominate an enemy bow-on battleship. The three obvious contenders are Musashi, Jean Bart, and Lion (although Lion is otherwise not too strong). Lion and Jean Bart have high fire chances and thus can reliably burn to death anything that refuses to show broadside, while Musashi has the gun caliber to simply punch through with AP regardless. However, for the rest of the tier 9 battleships, their options are more limited. Granted, some have better survivability than others (Sovetsky Soyuz, for instance, can tank a good bit better than, say, Iowa), but the fact is that using only AP none of them can do more than get deck pens and superstructure overpens (which is a pretty tedious process, to say the least) unless one of them finally makes a mistake and shows a bit too much broadside. And certainly, if they try a bow-on contest with AP against an HE-slinging Lion/Jean Bart or a Musashi that does not make any mistakes, they'll lose. On the other hand, none of them are known for having good HE. When in a bow-on situation against an enemy battleship (in particular Musashi/Lion/Jean Bart), is it worth switching to HE or is it better to stick with AP?
  23. Hello. I have been hearing rumors that with Wargaming experimenting with tier 8 clan battles and tier 9 ranked, that there will probably be a competive season consisting of tier 3 ships. This really got me thinking that it would be pretty interesting to have a clan battle or ranked season with these mighty ships. What ships do y’all think would be good when a ranked or clan battle season comes in the near future focused in on tier 3 ships???
  24. Warbeasty_Lives

    Ranked Season

    Hey all! didn’t the patch notes say that there was going to be a new season of ranked this month? Does anyone have any information of that? Also, is Wargaming going to give out rentals like they did last season, so new players like me who don’t have tier 9s will still be able to participate in the fun?