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Found 379 results

  1. Just wondering if some of our vets here had a preference when fighting in the early tiers, say III-IV. I've got a couple of V's now, but not quite comfortable fighting off the VII's one can face there Out of the ships enjoying the matchmaking setup for the lower tiers, I'm really enjoying the tier IV Myogi. The guns have some extreme range, and that spotter plane definitely comes in handy. If things get critical, it also has the speed to disengage when necessary (and firing from the two rear turrets while doing so). It's pretty squishy though... Been through the Belle and on to the Orion for the UK, up to the Wyoming for the USN, and the Kaiser for the KG. What is your favorite and why? Any particular skills you want on your pick? Thanks!! ~War~
  2. A few ranked seasons ago, I was checking out the news and saw that you could earn the Flint and Black Swan from Ranked Battles if you had reached rank 1 so many times. I am here to ask this now with Ranked battles hopefully coming back for another season, if you can still achieve these beautiful ships. I am unsure if it was a one Season only thing or if it was permanent. Just let me know. Also if you know when the next Ranked season is, let me know. I am desperate.
  3. I just have to say that you know what. I play to compete sometimes, I also play arcade mode and I enjoy both. I cannot say or imagine enough for instance why you cannot build a PvP and PvE experience that worth the money, and it briefly existed. Well now, that's gone. We go from Zoup "Battleships are ruining the game" to what we have now You've won. 1 Battleship a ranked team . . . No CVs, even though I made a video explaining they have been hurt the worst in the entire game's history and deserve a fair shake, they're gone. This will likely only persist So you happy. The BBs that are ruining your precious game, Notser, Zoup, Flamu, Zerra, BIA, competitors and this *new* class of CC. You got the ranked gameplay you wanted. You've now successfully made this into your game. Wait, what do you mean "wth". You literally asked for this. Oh, fixed Matchmaking and limited player presence and rentals was NOT what you or most of us would have wanted. It's a bit too late. The rest of the CCs and Ranked players will be overjoyed. They also command large enough audiences that will listen to them (as they conveniently ignore the issues in the game) and continue to recommend purchases, so they can cling to their profits (if any here) to supplement World of Tanks, the 6th most profitable PC game as of April 2017. It's your game now, this is what you wanted. Sadly, the game is no longer mine, but I suppose the catharsis comes from how now we'll all take turns removing each class until we're similar to War Thunder (World of Destroyers). It's what you wanted. Enjoy your game. Inform me when I can have my game back, I will tend to Stellaris. I've been waiting for a decent naval game ever since I was a child; I've been waiting over 20 years for an experience like this only for an enclosed bubble of CCs who represent "The Community" and they provide the "Feedback" which WG responds to. It's no surprise to me this and other horrid changes to the larger or average player base happened, they have no way of knowing or caring. We're not the semi-professionals that rake in the money, nor are we semi-professional promoters. We're not the lot that has direct access to an employee and act as obedient employees on the company's behalf. I hope to hear other thoughts as well, but I suppose those pair of videos from Zoup were the most cathartic thing. Get exactly what you asked for, instantly regret it. It's a shame only iChaseGaming is calling attention go the exclusivity and poor practice. Alas, what does his opinion or Jingle's opinion matter to WG anymore, they're customers, not promoters now; not CCs.
  4. Holy mother of brawl, but Ranked is fun this time around,so far. I played several different ships yesterday and went 2-14, today playing only Fuso. What a difference a day makes! I just want to give heartfelt thanks to WG for making the battles T6. So far 6-3 in Fuso today, and first in team score in every loss, so I haven't lost any stars. In four of those nine battles I managed High Caliber, which is usually between 60-80K damage. Too bad you only get the flags once! With that battleship-heavy meta it's a brawler's dream, with plenty of damage to harvest. It's like a buffet out there. A slice of Arizona? A piece of Fuso? A side of Warspite? Almost every game has 4 BBs. So many battleships at under 10 km ranges, and few of them know how to brawl in the ship they are in. People wonder why so many players play so much coop -- because bots will brawl with you, letting you practice brawling in a BB, and teach you how to kill a BB at short ranges with manageable damage to yourself. See ya on the battlefield!
  5. Look, I know your developers have been busy fixing some glaring and serious issues in the code that has hamstrung the players' enjoyment of the game, like fixing the rigging graphic on my Black Swan. Now, maybe some lesser issues can be addressed? Some of these I shared months ago, and some are new suggestions. After I've been deleted or else lost my ship in a hard-fought battle, and my frustration level is astronomical, I just want to leave the battle (or even the game itself) immediately! I would SO appreciate this option for the less-timid, definitive player: ☑ Disable Confirmation Dialog Screens And while I'm suggesting (begging)... The spam-friendly F-Key clutter that saturates chat like flatulence in an elevator... Please, oh please, might I also lobby for this option, too: ☑ Disable F-Key Messages In a port with about 90 ships, sometimes I just want some of them gone; not ghosted but can still be clicked on, NO... G O N E. Make the filter disappear the ships that don't match chosen criteria. ☑ Hide Filtered Ships There are a lot of various sound files grouped under the anemically few slider bars under Audio, some worthless sounds (sinking) are useless to gameplay while others are valuable (collision). How about a small cluster of click boxes that give muting options for certain sounds like: ☑ Mute Sinking sounds Containers are fine, and whoever did the container cinematic sequence is to be congratulated, but please figure out that its impressiveness wanes after 4 times. There's enough wait times in this game without this now-baneful flic. ☑ Disable Container Cinematics In battle chat, there are some players that I just don't want to see what they say. They drink from unflushed toilets and then spew the filth into chat. What about an option to simply NOT SEE whatever these people are saying? ☑ Hide Messages From This Player And a "Never-in-a-million-years-will-this-ever-be-an-option" option: ☑ No Matches with Less Than 7 Human Players About Ranked... I hear this season's Tier 6 Ranked was enjoyable because all the machinations that begin at Tier 7 were absent, bringing some simplicity to the experience. What about a Tier 1 Ranked Season? I know, I know.... the horde of 'potato' players would absolutely wreck it - so I propose putting in a 500-game 'buy in.' This would be a pretty serious filter on the "baby seal" population in the matches, and would also provide the most basic and even playing field any Ranked player could ever hope for, as even tight team play, while helpful, isn't essential at this tier: It really is just your boat, your guns, and your skill in deploying them. Thank you for considering.
  6. Played ranked before and have read several posts on the forum. I'd like to propose adding rentals to Ranked Battles. In Wot(tanks) they do missions to rent tanks, Even premium tanks. Why not do the same here in WoWs(warships). Do a mission and rent a premium ship. This way it puts those that say it is a pay to play battle to rest and gives those that don't have it a chance to try it.
  7. Feedback on ranked Now we are the end of the 7th season of ranked, my thoughts turn to the experience and areas I feel could be improved. I am not looking from the point of view of the top class players who romp through, but from my personal perspective - as a "journeymen" - someone a bit better than average (winrate around 55%) but have to really really work at it. Note: I have never ranked out, my best being getting to rank 4 this season before it all became too tedious. Looking not so much at how to help these folks get to rank 1, but what detracts from the fun trying to get there. I have my own ideas about ways it could be improved, but the point of this post is to cover areas that could be improved rather than push my own solutions. There are 3 areas I found frustrating Fear of losing your hard won gains One of the things that I found wrenching and made me reluctant to play past a certain level was the fear of losing what I had already gained, where I had got a long way past a 'rip stop' level and a bad day could cause me to crash back multiple, multiple levels very quickly. At some point this became an issue for me continuing to slog away, and in combination with (2) below had me sitting in queue and thinking "is this something I want to do to myself right now" before cancelling out and playing a random. Wait times at rank 2 - 5 This ended up being the biggest issue for me. At the higher ranks there were simply not enough players to quickly fill a match, and it just became tedious waiting and waiting for a battle to fill. I don't play WoWS for tedium. Rewarding selfishness rather than team play Keep in mind I am NOT talking about the experience of the real 'top' players here. If you are a person for whom it is 'trivial' to consistently get 'top XP on a loss' when competing with 6 of your peers, esp at ranks 10 and below, while maintaining a win rate over 60% - then this is not relevant to you. Rather I am talking about the person who 'holding' a star on a loss is an important factor in being able to progress. This particularly became an issue with team playing DDs in this season as the Sims (with its XP boost) was not present because XP gain does not correlate with 'team play' - the rewards for spotting and smoking and so on do not translate into a high XP score. That is it, make of it what you will Best of luck with making it Ranked season 8 even more successful. ... and thanks for making a game that got me back into computer games 25 years since I had last played one seriously
  8. Since the Harekaze is a thing, a ship that allows you to swap out different guns to fill your needs, how would people feel about a Ranked season using ships provide by Wargaming (T-XI ships) that would allow you swap out parts that were given to you?
  9. It's over, now let's hear your thoughts.... I lay out my pros and cons. this season was DD heaven, if you like DDs. There were some great BBs, but they are too darn slow. T6 got more players into the mix, both good and bad on account of more beginners. I'd love to see T9 one day, but doubt it will happen unless they have two leagues. I lay out how that could happen.
  10. Worldwide numbers are interesting. Fuso no surprise - but Fubuki? Hmm... Anyhow I finished 9.0 was enough for me. I see an extreme ski slope from rank 15 to rank 1... for which the entire world's WoWS player population, only 5,110 players made rank 1. So those of you who did it - congrats! You're now one of the #5110.
  11. My strategy for ranked is to play 10 matches a day Monday through Friday. I take the weekends off to restore some lost sanity. I follow this method until the last seven days of the ranked season when I increase to 20 matches a day for the last seven days, including weekends. I made it to rank one last season, and now with season seven starting I prepare the Ryujo and Cleveland, for a long voyage ahead. Through the salty waters of ranked I sailed. Starting at rank 13 I get off to a great start by immediately losing the first two games and being demoted to rank 14. I turn it around afterwards and manage to get a net gain in stars at the end of day one's battles. This season started on a Friday, so after the first 10 matches I was on break for the weekend already. After the first day of progress, things stagnated until around battle #50 in which I took off, gaining about 15 stars in two days. Followed by some more stagnation. I got stuck on ranked 6 for what seemed like forever, rank 6.3 was an auto loss for me. I reached rank 5 (premiere league) after 84 battles finally breaking (that) curse. Which was followed by, yet another, period of limited progress/stagnation until finally I shoot up to rank 2.0 within one day. Five matches away from ranking out I lose 12 matches in a row, twelve of them. A huge blow to my sanity, the next day was a net loss of two stars, followed by the next net gain/loss of 0. Stagnation, again, continued for about another 100 games until I made a major modification to my strategy. At this point since no one plays CVs in ranked past rank 5; my Ryujo's contribution has ended and it was all on my Cleveland to carry me the rest of the way up the sheer rock cliff that is the Premier league. My strategy thus far in the Cleveland was to find an island to hide behind and stay there, which worked, in the lower ranks or in battles where it was still strategically the best move. I noticed something though, BB players at this point know when they can or can't hit a Cleveland from behind a rock, and the window in which a Cleveland player can hit a BB player without the BB player being able to fire back isn't as large as one might think. I switched strategies to kiting. This decision obviously pissed off the backseat armchair captains in the other ships on my team at times, but proved to be quite effective if done right. You see, BB captains at this point are used to trying to kill stationary Clevelands behind islands, I noticed their aim was a bit rusty on a moving cruiser ~12-15 km distance. I could get two enemy BBs, and a DD spotting, trying to kill me while the rest of my team mopped up the outnumbered enemy. All the while starting fires with HE and being annoying, they would eventually give up and turn back, to which I would turn back and continue burning them trying to get their attention on me again. The stats back this up, you can see where my strategy change went into effect on this chart I'm going to attach below. The horizontal represents number of battles, while the vertical represents number of stars: For the grand Finale, I'm one star away when I reach the end of the day, "I'm not going to force it, that led me to some trouble last season; I can finish it tomorrow". Tomorrow came and I lost the first battle... then won the second one, lost the third... this pattern continued until finally, I won battle #6 and #7 of the day, earning me 70 stars total; rank one. My Port-side policy of the Jolly Roger flag is: Ships fly the flag they earned (They had to participate in ranked to fly the Jolly Roger Flag) If there was no variant of the flag earned that season (USS flint awarded instead for example) they fly the most recent earned Jolly Roger flag) So far the ships who have earned the privilege are: Belfast (season 6, Jolly Roger 1) Pensacola (season 6, Jolly Roger 1) Cleveland (season 7, Jolly Roger 2)* Ryujo (season 7, Jolly Roger 2)* *Jolly Roger 2 has not arrived in port yet, until it does, these ships will fly Jolly Roger 1 Here are some pictures of the fleet and their flags:
  12. Just a heads up, not that most here will see him. My 10yr old son has decided to try Ranked. He is only at 21, so most of you will not see him. I tried to talk him out of it, but he is determined to try and emulate Dad(he is on the Autisim Spectrum, so once an ideas in there........well you get the picture). As such he is running a near stock New Mex(again tried to talk him out of it, but could only set him up as best I could), or possibly a Nurnburg. I know it's the interwebs and all, but if you happen to come across him, I would appreciate some tolerance in regard to his abilities(he actually not to bad, given his age....has a Kraken under his belt already). He enjoys the game, and would hate for him to lose that. Will be running under the handle coldbeer72 Thanks in advance Kiwi
  13. I just......I just can't even...... anyone else going through this?
  14. So season seven has just wrapped up. It was my first ranked season and I went from 23 to 10 in 56 battles with a 57.14% WP. I pretty much stopped at 10 because I just didn't have the time to commit to the cause during the last part of July. Work sucks...but I digress. Also, I really only had one line available at the start (Bayern) and realized it would be a lot more enjoyable to have a better selection of ships as the meta shifts in the lower tiers. Since I only started playing this year, I was OK with stopping at 10. Maybe if the rewards were a bit better after 10 then that might serve as a more compelling carrot to chase but that's not really why I'm posting this thread. The reason why I'm generating this poll is fairly simple: I'd like to get a head start on creating a competitive portfolio. One would consider me a BB main if you look at my stats. I selected KM BB's as my first line (currently on the FDG) and concentrated on that until ranked started. But, as I played through my first ranked season, I really became intrigued in the game play of DD's and CA's/CL's. Accordingly, I started leveling up USN and KM DD's. I've found it increasingly difficult to jump back into the BB grind because I love the DD play. I also recently purchased my first premiums: Gallant, Belfast, and Kutuzov. I chose non-BB's specifically to allow me to learn something different while earning some much needed credits. I haven't logged that many games in the premiums yet, but from what little I have, I'm not so sure I'm a BB main anymore. So...if rank did anything for me, then it removed my BB blinders. I'm kinda at the point where I don't want to be a main of anything, at least until I hit 2,000 games. That's where this poll comes in. One of my goals is to master some competitive ships for the next ranked season. There's no guarantees from a poll obviously...still...what tier do you think will be the next ranked season? Since 7 and 6 were most recent, one could deduce that 8 might be the most logical guess. Yet, with smoke changes incoming, that might alter the thought process a bit. They might go 5 to simplify things, but what of CV's and auto drops? This leaves 9 and 10. I've read that 9 and 10 might be to restrictive. But, as a long time gamer, I've also come from games where the top level(s) was always the competitive location...regardless of how restrictive it was. In fact, I believe that was kinda the point. I've also read from some experienced players that they might just keep it at 6 for awhile. In short, I really have no clue. If forced, I'd guess 8. What do ya'll think?
  15. I seem to recall that last ranked seacon used tier VII ships and, of course, this one use tier VI ships. What other tiers have been used in ranked and which one do you think might be used in the future? The reason that I'm asking is that I'm working my way up some ship lines and don't want to sell ships that I might have use for down the road. I, however, have limited dock space so I can't keep everything and selling an unused ship really helps pay for the next one.
  16. Hi guys. I don't know about you but this season was the one where Ranked Battles jumped the shark for me. I just didn't have time to grind. My friends kept trying to pull me away to get chicken dinners. I ended up only a few stars away from ranking out. Anyway main point of this thread is this - so I still need two more seasons to get Black. So I have to wait another season. Then another. Waiting from six to seven was waaay too long. I'm guessing that the next season won't start until at least October. But how many more seasons will there be? Let's say I start the next season to get Black and then it says - but wait - "Get 7 Rank Ones and you get the USS blahblahblah!" Is this going to go on forever? I hope not! I can't imagine that I'll have the time or spirit to get more than Black in the next half a year. Work is getting crazier. There are so many new ships coming out and I doubt that they will all be at the new tier for Ranked. I want to enjoy my purchases. I'm sure that it would irritate those grinders if they sold Black. But it would be beyond irritating if I win another season and then they say - sorry, Ranked is being cancelled in favor of "clan wars". Although I would probably prefer Clan Battles to Ranked. So what do you think? Should there be a prize for winning seven of these seasons (a feat that only a super-unicum or masochist would want to achieve)? My vote is no and I hope that WG is listening.
  17. Was there a sale at the DD store that I missed? If so, we BB drivers didn't get the memo.
  18. after 339 battles and a 53%wr i finally made it to rank 1 for the first time my key ships were; the arizona, the fubuki, and the farragut with a 58, 58, and 57 % winrate respectively, and my final push today was carried by the arizona with a 16/5 W/L ratio. man it feels good. and thank you to the last team i had for carrying me hard, where it came down to the last seconds before we won with the cap ticking over just before i died winning us the game.
  19. Is anyone else having the issue of where you win a game of ranked and then it almost seems like a given that you're going to lose the next game? I've been stuck between 15-13 for over a week and a half and frankly it's becoming very annoying. I keep getting stuck with the worst teams. I.e. - let's take all cap points - let them take both and we will wipe them - it's better if we split up - it's a great idea to rush in there and see how it goes - you guys go ahead and I'm gonna hang out in the back just out of my main gun range and then come up once o see 5 out of the 7 players are dead (this is the worst with BB players these are the kind of teams I've been getting stuck with. I've lost 8 games in a row now over the past 36 hours after winning 2 in a row. It's like the game is punishing me for winning two games in a row. Through 15 I didn't have a single issue, I know the players will get better as the rank increases (you'd think) but I think there has to be something that can be done about getting stuck with horrible teams. Luckily I've finished 1st in points a few times so I haven't dropped to far in rank but it just seems like it's becoming an excessive problem as the season nears it end. I'm sure I'm not the only who's had this issue and I'm surely not the only who's getting frustrated by always getting stuck with tactically unviable teams. I've even seen player who rush points by them selves for example, we all agree on B cap and then 1 or 2 cruisers go to A cap solo and then turn around and butch when they die and report everyone else for playing bad. Even though they could see what the rest of the team is doing and they solo it and get killed it's somehow the rest of the teams fault. The last two games I played last night I ended up capping the points on my own and I play in the NM and AZ. two of the slowest BB in the game and somehow I became responsible for capping the points even with 2 DD on the team and 2 cruisers but it was left to slow slow [edited]NM to cap for some reason and then they [edited] about losing a BB. Is the game just full of incompetents lately or.. am I just that unlucky? And before anyone says, "you're dumb, this is already talked about" I looked, for ten min, trying to find the topic and couldn't. So just save it. I'm looking for suggestions to fix the problem not ridicule for not being able to find another forum someone started.
  20. Hello Everyone So today I finally made rank 1 in ranked battles (yay!). It took me 187 battles, I feel like that is kinda low compared to what other people have been saying, but I might be wrong. I feel like there were some issues with the game play in regards to the map and tier. At this tier it is a lot harder to carry your team if you have 1 slacking player, an unlucky destroyers that gets torpedoed trying to cap a point or someone who forgot their detonation flags. Either way it seemed to hurt a lot more than previous season, I didn't even play too much of the past seasons because of school. I don't know if anyone else noticed but I seemed like when your destroyers were all dead, the game was over and you lose. I only had one match the whole season when we actually came back from losing all our destroyers. Another point I noticed was the "Island Camp" meta. It seemed like every map (especially Ring) had some position where everyone would rush to, especially Clevelands, and then just sit behind the island for a long time never moving. The only way to counter it was to wait until they moved forward enough that your shells could fly over the island and hit them. It wasn't all bad though, because you cant see the water line on their ship and you cant tell if your aiming too high or low, spotter aircraft suddenly became way more valuable. With them battleships could see over the island and target them. The saddening thing about ranked is that Aircraft Carriers are still, almost useless. The only use they had was to fight the other carrier, run the occasional strike on a battleship, and spot everything. But that was it, their low fire rate didn't exactly make them an effective weapon either. They were pretty much stuck in the support role like Destroyers are with spotting targets for the battleships. There were some very good things about the season. The rewards are always a nice thing and it is a lot of fun when you rank up. It was great to pull out my "op" Farragut again and to run the "best battleship of 2017" Arizona. I also got a lot of experience on my Warspite captain for the British Battleship update (please hurry!). My one concern is, can we please buff the Dunkerque, plz? So what do you guys think about the season, was it good? was it bad? Should we ask for a Dunkerque buff?
  21. I'm about an average player. I started out playing cruisers, but have dabbled in all the lines at some point and never focused enough on one captain to add a lot of skill points. I have several captains above 10 points (highest at the start of ranked was 13). What I found interesting is that WG didn't put a cap on the number of skill points a captain could have while playing Ranked, but they did require everyone to use a Tier 6 ship. There have been several posts about seal clubbing, both in terms of Ranked and non-Ranked matches, and other posts about how Ranked is either about skill or not about skill (this being the internet, differing opinions are the norm). Does it seem odd to anyone else that skill points are not capped? Does allowing high skilled captains diminish Ranked play for the larger WG population, and possibly result in fewer players wanting to participate? It seems that if a player feels that he or she plays well - reflected in having a captain with 15+ skill points - then that player would still be good if the skill points allowed were capped at, say, 13. I realize that there are many things I could do to improve my play, and am not suggesting that other players are the reason for my performance (ranked 10 as of posting this). I am just generally curious as to why there was no limit played on the number of skill points allowed into Ranked.
  22. I was just in queue for a ranked game when I was informed that the season had ended. I am not a "unicum" by any stretch of the imagination but I was pleased with my progress this season. Last season I got to 10 and this time I got to 9. I got a bunch of nifty signals and camos and a cost-reduction flag that I made good use of while it lasted. I played about average for me and, occasionally, halfway-decently. I finally worked my way up to a Fubuki and put it to good use. However, one of my final battles saw me with four kills (a personal best in ranked) to my credit and a bunch of planes shoot down to boot with a Cleveland. Overall, the demeanor of the players wasn't too bad. In fact, the helpfulness far outweighed the "saltiness." Well, back to random games. Anyone know what tier ships the next season will use?
  23. Hello, I'm only posting this because I spent WAY too much money to WoT (and only bought two Premiums in WoWS but always had my premium account running since it released) and therefore I feel justified in presenting WarGaming with my perspective, in case they someday wonder why they are losing players (if they are). I'm not a forum regular, so I carry no weight, really. Nobody here will be sad to see me go, and that's ok. I'm just speaking my peace on the way out, as a dissatisfied customer. I'm pretty good in WoWS...not unicum by any means, but good enough. I was pretty active in WoT clan wars, I wasn't all that good at WoT (average, maybe slightly above average) so I lost interest. Was so excited with the pace of play of WoWS when it released and it didn't disappoint. I have very much enjoyed learning all of the lines I've played to tier 10 (except CV...I barely made it to the Taiho and still have a ways to go and doubt I'll ever finish it) in my 4,000 or so battles. My problem is that I want to be competitive. I'm not in a clan in WoWS and have never tried to be...there's really no point since there's not a competitive mode for clans anyway. Standard PvP tier 10 matches are usually fine for what they are, I curb my expectations and try not to get disappointed much by the final result... Ranked, however....every season I get hopeful that there's good enough ship/tier balance (looking at you, Season 6 Belfast) and some method of rewarding good players on bad teams. And every season just gets worse and worse. This season is exceptionally bad, for me. I'm usually in a DD in Ranked...I appreciate how much a well-played DD can turn the tides of a match. For some reason this season I decided to bring my Cleveland out of mothballs and start some fires on the abundance of BB's. So far I have averaged ~68k damage and 1.3 frags in my 14 or so Ranked battles this season...and won 4...FOUR...times. Last match that I just did that was the icing on the cake. No DDs...only a Leander on the enemy team with torps. I saw this, pointed out to our BBs that they could be aggressive with smart angling and cap B while the CL's capped C and flanked them at A. So, naturally, they all turned completely away from the battle, except one that hid behind the CL's in C. I will admit, I raged in chat. I can appreciate if someone is learning, new, or just too stupid to figure out the strategies of the game...but I told them the basic thing they could do to almost certainly win the match and they did the exact opposite. Why the crispy [edited] would I continue to do this? In my 10 losses this season I've only lost 1 star because I've been the number-1 loser 9 times. Somehow that doesn't make me feel any better, and I'm annoyed that WG thinks it should. Not losing progress is irrelevant if I can't make progress... The point of my rant is that if you don't want competitive people to spend real money and time in your game, stop with the competitive modes. WoT has Clan Wars and Team Battles (and whatever else...hadn't played it much since WoWS released). If you expect people to take this game seriously, then get a method available that stops allowing folks that would barely win against PvE bots to completely ruin the game for me. That's all from me. Premium expires in two days, I wish I had a reason to extend it, but this game has lost all its fun factor for me.
  24. Previous seasons I lost few stars just because of my name/ship, now it works as should be
  25. I recently fought in a ranked match where the other Indy's fighters would wipe out my planes (both torps & bombers) in a single pass like a knife through butter. In one case the fighters whacked a squadron of 7 dive bombers that were keeping station over two battleships. I have not experienced this before, and am wondering what is causing the extreme mismatch? This is from the current ranked season (all Tier 6 ships). Thanks