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Found 75 results

  1. ANKER {on-ker} - German for anchor - is looking for high caliber, mature and communicative (Discord) talent with a proven track record to actively engage in clan wars, divisions and operations. Our track record: Top 20 NA clan (out of 10,500+) Clan Wars, Season 1: Typhoon league Clan Wars, Season 2: Hurricane league Clan Wars, Season 3: Typhoon (Alpha) Clan Wars, Season 4: TBA (Alpha) What we bring to the table: Consistent stability and sustainability -- never stale. Hurricane league Clan Wars caliber experience. Fully researched facilities in port. Game-changing and high impact divisions that make a difference in a match, win or lose. Free virtual coffee and beer. What you bring to the table: WR: 58%+ (Negotiable at 57%+ pending other factors) Avg. Damage: 55K+ (Negotiable at 52K+ pending other factors) PR: 1900+ (Negotiable at 1800+ pending other factors) Willingness to communicate on Discord. No 'lone wolves' Other: Current roster Discord access upon request from leadership If you qualify or are within the negotiating range, consider ANKER to be a good fit for you and are ready to hit the ground running, feel free to drop us a line with a link to your statistics from WoWs Stats & Numbers. From there the next simple steps will be discussed. NOTE: Applications will be automatically disqualified without a link to stats. All current members not meeting the requirements have been grandfathered in as of 06.01.2017. Come on board and hold down WoWs with us. Thank you for considering ANKER your home!
  2. I've just been going over possible ships to take since they mentioned the next Ranked Sprint will be Tier VI ships. Since the last time WG ranked for T6, they have added a number of new lines. I think we'll see a lot of T-61 this time around, but I'm curious what ships people are thinking of taking to ranked. I'm probably going to mostly DD, but I'll have a CA and BB warmed up and ready to go as well. My lineup will probably be, in order of preference: DD: Gallant (good concealment, speed, and a 16pt Jack Dunkirk Captain), Farragut B (for RoF and Smoke), or Fushun (DWT surprise and gun range) BB: Warspite (slow, but good maneuverability and main guns, to keep building up Jack Dunkirk), Arizona (tanky, good HP), Normandie (the speed), Fuso (the range) CA: Molotov (Good Guns and speed), Nurnburg (DPM), Pensacola (High Alpha) What is everyone else bringing, and what do you think we will see a lot of?
  3. Can't find the total results of Ranked Season 10 stats - like it was on the website for Ranked Season 9: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/ranked-9-results/
  4. _greifer

    Ranked Sprints

    I wanted to say thanks to the WG team for running ranked sprints. They were a delight to take out vessels that don't often see the light of day, and when in a format such as ranked, these vessels can be quite good. It was a great change from the T 10 meta of late, between Clan Battles and previous seasons of ranked. Hopefully the participation and positive feedback will have WG look at another tier for ranked battles, just to keep things interesting and fun for the player-base. The two sprints were fun most of all, playing against good players in division was a new welcome challenge. The team sizes were a good test as well. To small and it became BB heavy. 8v8 means there were more cruisers generally in game which is good, otherwise there might need to be a hard limit to BB's as no one wants a 7v7 BB game in ranked.
  5. 1. Save Yer Star - remove it. Yup. Enough ranked battles under my belt indicates the Save Yer *ss (star) feature needs to be removed from Ranked battles of all types. Remove it completely, see ya, bye bye. Replace it with a few extra "irrevocable" positions - not a lot, but a couple. Why?
  6. Capt_Ahab1776

    The next ranked sprint

    What tier will the 2nd ranked sprint be? I probably missed it. Thanks in advance!
  7. Thoughts on what the best ships for each tier? Personally, I don't even own a T6 boat. All the choices seem meh, especially the Mutsuki, uhg. Speculative info on next ranked matches from here:
  8. Okay, so I actually like ranked battles. Moreso than random. Eventually, it sometimes goes like this;
  9. I have just managed to rank out again this season, and as I had been keeping some statistics, I thought I'd share them with the community for your interest. I had been tracking: Win/Loss Rank Progression Initial Points Advantage (ie, who caps first) Initial Death (ie, who loses the first ship); Whether I saved my star; Whether there were carriers; and Ship I drove This season, I won 127 of 236 battles, for a WR of 53.8 per cent, saving my star 32 times. I was running a 60 per cent winrate up to Rank 3, where things went rather downhill for quite a while. It took 90 battles to reach Rank 5, an additional 16 battles to reach R4, an additional 28 battles to reach R3, 44 battles to reach R2 and 57 battles (alone) to reach R1. I almost entirely used the Hindenberg, but with some Minotaur (mostly smoke) battles thrown in for fun/out of despair when there were carriers in queue (of which, there were only 6 battles). One Mino/carrier battle, I shot down 55 planes. We lost, and I lost a star. Hate carriers so much. So, here are some results, assuming the count function in my Excel spreadsheet is accurate: Statistic Result Result(%) p(e) Win 127 53.8 Loss 109 46.2 Initial Points Advantage 103 43.6 50.0 Initial Death 127 53.8 50.0 Win and Initial Points Adv 58 24.6 25.0 Loss and Initial Points Adv 45 19.1 25.0 Win and Initial Death 32 13.6 25.0 Loss and Initial Death 95 40.3 25.0 Where p(e) is the expected probability if it was truly random (eg, my teams lost the points advantage and died more than the average). So, I think this confirms what everyone who has played a bit of ranked knows: Taking the cap initiative is advantageous (as the enemy has to make a move to win); but Losing the first ship is way, way more important than whomever takes the first cap. So dont risk your life taking caps. Other things I've learnt: T10 ranked is a huge pain and I hate it. But I didnt really get ragey until the last two days when I got 9 losses in a row, losing my star each time. This was partially offset by an 8 battle winning streak late today to finally get over the line and rank out. I can now reliably hit Khabs running and turning at range using a Hindenburg at 14-15km... nowhere is safe Carriers must be banned from Ranked. For a long time, I've firmly been a proponent of keeping them, but the ranked play I saw from carriers who just farm both teams and alternate who wins means it is simply atrocious. Even 55 plane kills didnt slow them down. Worcesters and Harugumos are cancer. Memorable moments: I totally potatoed 6 times - ie, did less than 40k damage. One time, I still managed to come fourth after only doing 12k damage. The best one was where I got rushed and hit from three sides Khab/DM/Montana, dying with only 6k damage done (all to the Khab). We still ended up winning - and it was my last battle to rank out. Bravo team! One battle, in my Hindenburg, I hit enemy ships 105 times - but got 0 fires. We lost. On Hotspot, the red team did a huge AB push past the volcano whilst most of us were over at C... managed to just barely hold them off and survive for a win, but it was a great, well timed and coordinated push that was memorable for the fast scramble and closeness of the battle - player chat was positive and many compliments went all around. During another long losing streak, did 175k damage, 3 kills, 2 caps in my Hinden, and lost. Followed immediately by 153k damage, 3 kills, 1 cap, 12 defence ribbons, and a loss. Some times, you're just gonna lose. Many callouts to various players throughout the season who said hello to me, and me to them, as well as the many positive wishes for people to rank out (even if it was only so they'd stop killing us so much!!). It partially offsets all the toxic name-calling. Finally, has it been worthwhile? Not sure - when I get my Flint, I'll let you know! (Super, super excited for my Flint!!)
  10. Landing_Skipper

    Z-52 in Ranked

    Until Rank 5 I rarely saw Z-52s. Now they seem much more frequent. What's up? I like the Z-52 for Randoms, but 10.5 km torps are tough in the land of perpetual radar. Often only 1 or 2 DDs so the hydro smoke thing doesn't seem as powerful. P.S. I've been running radar Yueyang mostly.
  11. USAPatriotGamer

    Ranked Sprint Awards

    I find these awards for Ranked Sprint very disappointing and cheap. They don't persuade me to want to play Ranked Sprint. They're not worth the effort in my opinion. What do you think?
  12. Let us assume the absolute possible worst case for a full season of the full version of Ranked (like the one that just ended, not the Sprint version we're about to get): 1) You are one of those people who will get to the top through brutal persistence. You might sail through the lower ranks because of irrevocable levels, but at the end of the day you're destined for the thousand-battle club. We'll call it a thousand even to keep the math simple. 2) You are free to play, and so hopeless that you barely make your ammunition cost back every time you play (a shameless math cheat, to allow me to eliminate this variable). No permacamo, and not enough in-game camo acquired to be worth bothering about. So every battle costs you the full 180K credit service cost and the cost of all your premium consumables (four slots at 22,500 each = another 90,000 a battle, but more on that below). Your climb to the top will be on the backs of the competent players in your team, with occasional moments of accidental brilliance to pick your morale up and keep you slugging on. 3) The absolute worst that Ranked Battles could ever serve up is for the whole damn thing to be Tier 10. Hopefully it won't ever be, but let's imagine that it is - hence the four consumable slots assumed above. 4) All that put together adds up to a thousand Tier 10 battles at 270,000 cost to you per battle, for a total in-game cost of 270 million credits. 5) For those who are interested - as of this morning (10 October 2018), the Premium Shop was advertising 60 million doubloon credit packs at a cost of $126 Canadian, which I'm assuming is because it works out to an even $100 in US dollars. It takes four and a half of these packs to cover off 270 million, with the remaining 30 million covering off approximately what a Tier 10 ship costs including all modules needing to be fitted (the assumption is free-to-play, so you either ground out the FXP to jump to your T10 steed or went all the way up the line FTP). So, scrub, are you ready for Ranked? The total equivalent cost, converted to real money as at 10 October 2018, is FIVE HUNDRED UNITED STATES DOLLARS. It's something to think about. So start pooling your credits now.
  13. Okay, the 100 mm guns got a buff in the last patch: Balance Changes 100 mm HE shell The armor penetration capacity of Japanese 100 mm HE shells was increased from 17 mm to 25 mm. This shell is used by the main guns of Akizuki and Harekaze, and by the secondary battery guns of Ibuki, Zao, Kii, Taiho, and Hakuryu. This change will make it possible for HE shells to penetrate the armor of all destroyers except the main armor belt of Khabarovsk. And if your Commander helming these ships has mastered the Inertia Fuse for HE Shells skill, your shells will be able to penetrate armor that is up to 32 mm thick, creating an extra advantage for the Japanese destroyers. So, IMO, the Harekaze at least is competitive now for ranked. Most CA's are 25 mm in the bow/stern. The only exception are the KM CA's (27mm). All BB's are 32mm. The build I'm using currently is this in Random: The issue is for me is whether RDF would be a better pick for ranked than IFHE. RDF would tell me whether or not the closest ship is in the area or not. Coupled with 5.4 km deterction, at least I can get the first salvo off. IFHE would allow me to penetrate all ships with no issues. Otherwise I'd have to aim for the superstructure and decks of KM CA's and all BB's. SO less dakka dakka. Any opinions?
  14. I may not be the best and probably will never rank out, but some of the play I've seen in ranked has been more than brutal. Hopefully some of these will help at least someone improve their game. 1) Play to win. Don't just play not to lose a star. Your team will lose far more often and if you're that kind of player, you'll probably lose a star anyway. And really, if you're not playing to win, why are you playing ranked anyway? 2) Most maps have an easy cap and a hard cap. I'm sorry, but if you're the only DD or radar ship, it's the hard cap for you. In most situations you should never send more than 2 ships to the easy cap anyway. 3) I know, little DD, I know. There's a lot of radar in this game. That's why when you go to a contested cap, unless there's an island that's rock solid to hide behind, it's your job is to spot, screen and launch volleys of torpedoes until the radar is gone. Just stay 10km from most radar ships and you're safe. (as pointed out, Russian CA's have an 11.7 range and US radar can last 43 sec) 4) And BB's, I know you have awesome range. Really I do. But you do have armour and a ton of hit points. And with 30 second reloads between each volley, if you're not hitting ships consistently, you're too far away 5) Discourage early game full team pushes. I guarantee it won't work, as half the team will lag behind and you'll be picked off one by one. 6) Just because you think the coast is clear, don't yolo into a cap until you have a good idea where all the red ships are, or you'll be in for an unpleasant surprise. As a matter of fact, if you're the yolo type. Or like to "push hard all the time", stick to randoms. please. 7) Don't chase ships around the map. Honestly, I can't believe how many times I've seen BB's chase DD's to the far corners of the map to end up dead. Don't chase Zao's either for that matter. 8) If you're not sure where to go, just ask. These maps were used for clan battles and there are some basic strats and locations for certain ships that are tried and true. No one will think less of you. 9) If there are CV's in play and you're alone, unless you're in a ship with good AA, You Will Die, probably sooner rather than later. And it will be your fault. Don't blame your CV for it. 10) And finally, if you're losing, don't get salty. If you're a sub par player, there's a good chance you had something to do with it. And if you're a good player, screaming instructions and insults doesn't help anyone anyway.
  15. A décima temporada das classificatórias está terminando, usando experiência das temporadas passadas, já sabendo o que ia ocorrer nas partidas e jogando levando em consideração os piores cenários possíveis que podiam ocorrer fizeram com que alcançasse o rank 1 tranquilamente mais uma vez. Mas vamos aos diferenciais desta temporada em específica: Navios novos: Worcester e Harugumo. Worcester ditou o meta dessa temporada, os DDs de ambos os lados praticamente não tinham liberdade própria, tendo que jogar de acordo com o "navio novidade". Harugumo tem um DPM brutal, mas ocupa o lugar do Worcester e mesmo que um bom jogador esteja alerta pra torpedos quase todas as partidas engoliam pelo menos um, e ao contrário do Khabarovsk não consegue reparar o dano tomado. Jogadores aleatórios: sempre do mesmo... fazendo as besteiras de entregar vitórias garantidas só pra salvar a estrela, DDs suicidas e gente culpando os aliados pelos próprios erros, mas vamos o que notei de diferente. Gente insistindo com Shimakaze, sendo que a única coisa que consegue fazer é ficar cagando torpedos até dizer chega, sendo que os torpedos individualmente são ruins. Tem gente que pode argumentar que ele serve pra fazer reconhecimento por causa do bom ocultamento, mas esse papel pode ser muito bem feito pelo Gearing com módulo lendário (o ocultamento exato dele não lembro, mas é aproximadamente 5,6km como o Shima), YueYang (5,8km de detecção e tem radar) e esses dois tem canhões bem mais úteis e torpedos mais difíceis de serem detectados. O Shima brilha contra jogadores ruins, por isso dá a sensação que é bom... espera um momento... navio bom contra jogadores ruins? isso não é a metade da população das classificatórias!? Worcesters afundando DDs vacilões e machucando bastante os jogadores de DDs competentes enquanto os aliados desses DDs nem se preocupam em salvá-los. Falando em Worcesters a quantidade de jogadores usando módulo de alcance neles não era brincadeira. REEEEEEEEEEE tenho que acertar alvos em segurança a 18km de distância mesmo que as balas demorem mais de 20 segundos para alcançar o alvo Minha experiência: essa foi uma temporada mais frustrante que as duas últimas, se não solasse ao menos 3 navios sozinhos era quase garantido uma derrota. Só tive partidas mais tranquilas nos meus últimos dois dias antes de alcançar rank 1. Joguei principalmente com Grozovoi, Rèpublique e Worcester. O Grozovoi era limitado a ficar fazendo reconhecimento, capturar bases e afundar DDs. No entanto, isto está longe de ser necessário para carregar um time pra vitória ou salvar a estrela. Tentei usá-lo como um Khaba com ocultamento melhor, mas não sobrava HP o suficiente para o final da batalha para afundar algum navio ou segurar algum ponto. Pelo menos o inimigo me ignorava boa parte das vezes pra farmar algum BB ou tentar acertar um navio do outro lado do mapa. Rèpublique foi a minha opção de encouraçado, ele é o mais rápido entre os tiers 10, tem altíssimo poder de penetração, recarrega rápido, capaz de dar overmatch na blindagem lateral superior dos cruzadores tier X e tendo mais liberdade no campo de batalha que os demais encouraçados. Mas teve uma característica dos canhões que não gostei para o competitivo (base de dispersão alta dos BBs franceses e sigma alto) isso significa que tem salvas lindas, como explodir um Zao full HP com 3 cidadelas após atirar apenas com a torreta da frente ou salvas que te deixam vesgo tentando acompanhar todos os projéteis (lembranças do FdG vieram a minha mente). Como tinha experiência de apenas uma única partida de aleatória que tinha terminado em vitória em apenas 6 minutos não consegui tirar o máximo do navio. No entanto, como ganhei as partidas com ele foram de dar vergonha alheia no inimigo... vou até colocar um parágrafo só para exemplificar alguns casos (apesar de serem 6 teve muitos mais, mas estes foram os mais marcantes e todos eles resultaram em vitória). Basicamente eu entendi o porque o meu Worcester e o meu Grozovoi eram ignorados quando detectados. 1. Harugumo e Henry inimigos rusham o meu encouraçado encalhado num flanco, o primeiro falha miseravelmente em me afundar com torpedos mesmo a 3km de distância mesmo usando o historicamente preciso boost de recarga de torpedos, o outro toma uma surra de AP do nosso Henry que tava me acompanhando, mostrando uma uma lateral deliciosa sem reação nenhuma pq tava fissurado em me afundar e não notou o próprio HP despencar, dps disso o time inimigo me notou com HP baixo e um Yamato e Montana colocaram seus aviãozinhos no ar para tentar me acertar a quase incríveis 30km de distância, mas já estava me movendo de novo a velocidade máxima, ignorando DDs e cruzadores que estavam a apenas 8-10km de distância deles só para tentar bancar uma de fodão miseravelmente. Adivinha? esses BBs afundaram por ignorar a ameaça a eles próprios para tentar me pegar do outro lado do mapa, todos os navios do time não perderam mais que 10k de HP, menos o meu que tinha tomado um monte de torpedos no começo. 2. Harugumos sabendo que podem penetrar toda a blindagem do Rèpublique com PE tacavam smoke a 13km de distância do meu navio e começavam a infernizar com cosquinhas, mas depois de 15 segundos não conseguiam mais fazer nada pq além de estarem longe pros canhões deles eram ELES que estavam me detectando, assim gastando smoke a tôa e fazendo erro de posicionamento crucial. 3. Zaos e Henrys pensando que estão a salvos de canhões de calibre 431mm a 18km de distância, só para serem lembrados que aquela blindagem lateral e o deck de 30mm não aguenta. 4. Worcesters com módulo de alcance tentando me farmar a 17-18km de distância com aquelas balas lerdas. 5. Montana com aviãozinho tentando me acertar a 28km (estava com 50k de HP longe de ser afundado) só pra tomar um rush de um DD nosso sem que ele percebesse, perguntei sobre o "tunnel vision" de proporções épicas e ele responde pq simplesmente me odeia... ok, aceito a vitória de graça. 6. um BR num Yamato ignorou um Zao que estava fazendo churrasco do navio dele a apenas 12 km de distância só pra me afundar a 25km, ele eventualmente conseguiu pq um Grozovoi estava me detectando, mas troco um BB de apenas 20k de HP por um com 97k qualquer dia, pois o Zao pegou ele menos de 1 minuto dps sem tomar nenhum dano em retorno. Worcester foi o meu navio principal pra temporada, simplesmente pq é um massacrador de DDs (a principal chave para ganhar uma partida de ranked, ou seja afundar os DDs inimigos e manter os próprios a salvo ), é manobrável o suficiente para ser jogado em águas abertas, ao contrário do Des Moines e não tem a ciadela tão grande como esse que mencionei e o Minotaur, além de ser capaz de enfrentar qualquer navio em engajamentos curtos que não tenham AP com ângulos de ricochete melhorados (Minotaur, DM e Stalingrad) e estranhamente era frequentemente ignorado pelo inimigo ... sim! o motivos foram tão simples como esses. Com o rank 1 comprei a camuflagem permanente roubada pro Black (+150% de XP, +150% de XP de comandandante, +150% de XP livre, -20% dos gastos do navio), além de refrescar meu estoque de dobrões dps de ter comprado o Lo Yang. Enquanto a experiência de vcs... como foram?
  16. If you are planning on playing the upcoming Ranked season in a tech tree ship, the retraining sale this weekend is the perfect opportunity to move a high point Commander to your chosen ship(s). Also, if you have an RN DD that you like (thinking Jervis or Lightning) this is a good time to retrain a permanent Commander. Remember that after the RN DDs become available, you cannot swap Commanders freely. Retraining to a new ship is 50% discount (250 Doubloons). Recruiting a brand new Commander to a ship is 80% off (5 Doubloons for a 3-pointer). Everyone else may have already thought of this, but it just occurred to me in the middle of my last battle and I thought it might be good to pass it on.
  17. USAPatriotGamer

    Something to Brag About

    ...I HAVE WORKED SO HARD FOR THIS... ...MY FIRST RANK 1... I did it! It took me 850 games this season alone but I finally did it! Ranked out around 4 AM EST. How do I feel? Well, I am very happy, feeling some sleep deprivation; and believe it or not a bit disappointed. This was the last rank season that WG will be giving out a Jolly Roger flag, and even though the season 10 Jolly Roger is unique looking I still think it's ugly. The only reason I played to get to rank 1 this season is that the ugly and last Jolly Roger was better than no Jolly Roger. In fact, the only reason I started to play ranked battles in the first place was to get the Jolly Roger flag. It's such a shame that WG is taking this away as an award. It's also a shame that they decided to replace the classic first-timer Jolly Roger flag award along with the others with something ugly, but I guess they wanted a special "one last time" flag. It sucks because I wanted the classic one. For those of you who earned the classic Jolly Roger in the past, I say to you congratulations, you've earned it, but I'm also very jealous of you as well. You can hate and laugh at me saying that all you want, but it's just who I am. I'm not even sure if I want to continue ranked battles or not because it depends what WG does from here on out. In the meantime, I'm not doing anymore because WG just had to get rid of the Jolly Roger flag awards for no apparent reason whatsoever. Plus I'm sick of 8 and 10 tier Ranked Battles. Overall, I guess I can say that playing in this season wasn't for nothing. Thank you to the teams who helped me to be able to reach rank one. I appreciate it. P.S. The upcoming Halloween event looks interesting.
  18. NorthernStrangler

    Ranked out Season 10

    Other than Sea Wolves League.. this The 10th Season of Ranked has come to a close for me. I thought I'd share some of my thoughts/experiences and hope other community members join in and share there's. To Start, I completed the previous season at Rank 1 as well using a Des Moines. Des Moines is definitely my favorite of the cruisers in the game, and I ground it down for most of this season. I got a wild hair and decided to try out the Montana after playing predominantly playing cruisers. The results speak for themselves. With the cruisers I'd have this back and forth game play where I'd dominate with a good team and be top player, then go to the next match and lose and be somewhere in the middle/bottoms. With the Montana, all these problems melted away. I suddenly was able to make shots/cits/deletions on the nagging opposing cruisers even when they were hiding with use of the spotter plane. Most of the time I could engage them outside of their range with little push back if any. So what was intense, stressful and extremely unforgiving got turned upside down. Additionally when DD' showed themselves, I could usually punish them up 15K reliably, my last game I deleted a gearing and Mino in 2 separate salvos. I guess to Wrap up, going from American Radar Cruisers to a BB, I'll never look back. The game play and game style worlds less stressful and far more rewarding. For the most part, this season started off rough, I spent an awful amount of time in the 11-9 range, then 8-5, then 6-5 and once I hit 4 it was but a few days and I was at 1. Ranks 3 and 2 were completed in a few hours. I believe only a couple of loses with even less stars lost at those ranks. Only hit 2.4 once and then ranked out on first try.
  19. When I hear the term "Ranked" I think of a position among your peers based on either win/losses or some other statistical criteria. But Wargaming has decided that ranked is based on passing hurdles. Ranked in this case, is not based on wins or win percentage but on patience to grind. In this system, one could, theoretically, lose 30 matches in a row and not dip 1 ranking spot if they're in an irrevocable position. With the piles upon piles of data that Wargaming uses for damage, mitigation, speed, arc, flight time, etc... they can't set up a system where players are actually ranked based on their gameplay? It's 2018 and I'm asking a gaming company apply a rule that has been around for 2 decades.
  20. Today's Replay Breakdown is brought to you by the letter "C", for the huge Carry you are about to watch. Enjoy!
  21. Hello all, first post here. This is the screen of my current open game. Played 3 ranked games, switch to my cruiser, and it won't let me play her. Fine, no problem, I'll play the Benson again (won 3 in a row previously ), but to no avail. It won't let me select ANY tier 8 ship in ranked. I plan on submitting a ticket, but thought I would check here to see if any one had this problem. Search gave no returns. Thanks!
  22. Herr_Reitz

    How about another ranked battle mode

    You have to win X number of battles at each "level" - that stays the same. During the game however you would not know your team mate's names or stats. Only after the battle would you know. From the very start until the end of the battle you would only see the ship info. Player names would be ship plus a number. Say you're one of two Gearings... one would be Gearing1, the other Gearing2. Why? It would be an interesting experiment to determine if knowing player names and/or stats had any affect on the outcome of a ranked battle. tiafyc
  23. Aussie_Aussie_Aussie

    No stars gained in ranked for victories

    Hi all just wondering if anyone else is not getting stars for victories. I was at lvl 10 with 4 stars you'd think that would give you lvl 9 right? anyway I lose stars for defeats but not victories so im now at lvl 12 with 2 stars , played today 3 losses 5 victories 2 of the losses I got highest xp.. still at 12 with 2 stars.... any feed back / yes I have put in a ticket
  24. I'm fed up with working my [edited]off, only to be screwed over by players. I'm sick of the damn grind, and praying that a [edited] player doesn't cause me to lose my hard earned stars. Ranked is like a group project in college where a couple people have to do all the damn work just to pass, while others are just along for the ride. I am damn done with it. I want to play to relax after work. Not get pissed off at incompetent people that cost me my progress.