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Found 418 results

  1. This rank season has really drain the joy of the game from me. Dumb plays, suicidal teammates, shyster synch drops, people not knowing the Lo Yang has hydro and dying to it, while in a Lo Yang. I'm wore out from the constant back and forth of the R5-R2 bracket. I think I'm going to take a few months break and relax, cause my random games are suffering from it as well, and I've kind of lost enthusiasm for the game. I wish you all the best of luck in absence, and to those that got R1 thru the "normal" grinding, congratulations, I wish I could be right there with ya again.
  2. Friendly Reminder:

    Just a friendly reminder to get used to your Roma and get at least 20-30 matches in her before taking her out into ranked, dont burden your team with trying to learn a new ship. Thanks
  3. Save a star, ride a cowboy

    Unpopular opinion inbound! You've been warned. -- I keep seeing people complain about the star system in Ranked. Particularly the part about saving a star for placing top XP on your team. Some people say that the "save a star" system is too generous and that, "If you lose, you should lose your star." These people say that the star system causes people to play selfishly. Others say that the star system should be expanded to include top 2 or top 3. This suggestion is usually followed by "Lowest XP on winning team should lose a star". I have a couple problems with these sentiments. First of all, Ranked isn't giving out participation trophies. Yes, it is a grind, but if you can manage a 70% or higher WR, you'll probably rank out in 100-150 games or so. If you're sitting at a 55% WR, it might take a few hundred. There are even some rare exceptions in which a sub-50% player can rank out. That usually takes 1000+ games and a LOT of luck. There are always exceptions, but the trend is consistent. The point is, the better you are the faster you will rank out. Maybe you're not the Michael Jordan of WoWs... that's okay, with decent performance and enough time/commitment, you can get there. As for playing selfishly to save your star, if a person is actively doing this to the detriment of the team, how likely are they to advance? They're not. You only gain stars by winning. You have to play to win in order to win. If someone is consistently doing enough work to get top XP on the losing team, they're likely actively contributing to winning. There are always exceptions in which the worst player on the team gets top XP because they got lucky or something, but over dozens and hundreds of games, the star system works well enough. Not saying it's perfect, but it's not as bad as people are making it out to be. Finally, people need to realize that Rank 1 is for a small percentage of players. Namely, those that are good enough / committed enough to grind it out. Just because you can't get there, doesn't mean the system is horribly broken, maybe it just means that you're not cut out to be Rank 1. And that's NOT an indictment of you. You don't need to attain Rank 1 to prove anything. Disclaimer: I have never ranked out, nor do I intend to rank out. I don't have the mental fortitude to put myself through through that kind of stress and anxiety. Okay, I spoke my piece, now give me your downvotes!!!
  4. Hello! If you lose a ranked round but are in first place you save your star. This effects how a lot of people play and can drive the team to losing. Why? Because: "If I stay really far away and let my team die quickly, I can save my star. I won't contribute anything to help, but they died fast so they didn't need me anyways" Stop rewarding first place stars or any stars for losing. Instead, award a BONUS star to someone who wins maybe three or four games in a row. Thank you very much for reading!
  5. How's everybody's ranked going?

    I know I'm duplicating some other topic in all likelihood but whatevs. ...I've been focusing on the North Cape mission myself so haven't played much....hey I can't get aggro from losing stars if I don't play, right? And am I the only one who thinks the rewards need to be sexier?....the free premium for a day should probably be repeated every other rank....is that asking too much?...15 or 25 of every flag doesn't really seem to cut it.....maybe an option for one or the other?....just spitballing as usual.. ....--CT
  6. NOLA was my choice for ranked

    When Ranked battles season started, in piers I had Lex and North Carolina. Long ago, I had sold my Bismarck and tried with North Carolina because the AA is relevant for me. I play mostly with CVs so I started with Lexington and almost immediately I realized that I have 1 out 3 chances to climb up to ranks 10. Enterprise without T9/T10 AA around, has almost all the advantages and no weaknesses. Is like a Midway in play. Shokaku is always complicated to face but in ranked is almost like Haku not to mention those with AS loadout. In ranked, with few ships, most of them with poor AA, Lex is not a good prospect. After I hearing in the chat someone complaining about NOLA in ranked, her weaknesses an so on, I asked if he has defensive fire. Answer `No` but radar he has. He has minimum chances to use the defensive fire because CV in ranked are not frequent and when in play, planes stay 7 kms away. Truth is that NOLA has a decent AA. So, defensive fire in ranked? Hydro is a better choice. Radar? sure. Red team hates radar, so is always the right choice. ThenI start to see the other CAs, Mogami&Atago, Kutuzov/Chapayev Hipper or even Edinburgh, then NOLA looks far more sexy to me. Aside, you wont see Missouri`s, Montanas, Yamatos, that will send you to the showers in one round. Alabama`s are around ok, but you can take some previsions. So, I sold my North Carolina, got my New Orleans again, all gadgets included (this time came with a camouflage as a gift) put Radar & Hydro in, my Steven Seagal captain in full AA and full concealment, and improved rudder upgrade. With this configuration you wont earn credits nor XP, but you will help the team and you will win games. In ranked is all that matters. NOLA is the perfect support ship in a T8 environment. You don't have to exchange shells with BBs but you can if you have to. If the team is good, you locate the red DDs from a stealth position, and they dispatch them. And if CV is in play, you have a decent AA, better than other CAs. I got my 2 starts flags within a week. I stay in rank 10 this season. I also got a Benson and of course I played some with my Lexington, but NOLA was better in this season. If I had Enterprise or Alabama, perhaps I would try another ranks more but 10 is fine
  7. I've been stuck at rank 14 for over a week now. Thus far today I have three wins and three losses, net stars: zero. I guess I'll have to get better so that I can consistently score at the top of my losing team. Any advice for someone stuck in a Ranked rut other than "get gud"?
  8. This one is simple, there have been many times where my team say has 2 Kutov's and the enemy team has 2 chappies. Or we have an atago and an endenburg (who doesn't have radar because he took smoke), while the enemy team gets a chappy, and a New Orleans. 95% of these games its a total slaughter and not a real match up. My suggestion is try to get the match maker to take into account radar ships. There is no way to make this a perfect system due to smoke/radar trade offs with the Pan Asian ships and the brit CL's. I know the MM is set up to match nations heavily, but there needs to be a weight to at least "common" radar ships. I don't mind if one team has a chappy and the other a New Orleans. That is a balance between two different radar types. But when one team gets zero, and the other team gets 1-2, then it becomes a very unfair match up.
  9. who hit rank 1 first?

    I've been looking for a thread for this. anyone know?
  10. I like the new Lexington configuration. I really do. You have now torps, fighters and bombers behind the stock config. It gives you tactical flexibility and in random battles you can do a lot more no matter who is in the red CV because he has more or less the same challenges you have. T9 and T10 AA is common and IJN and Enterprise have to deal with. There are AA all over the battlefield and you can use your AA as fall back point to compensate the fact tha you have a single fighter group. Depending on the battle, you can decide if you defend your bomber squads or if you defend a ship in troubles. Even easier when you are in division. This tactical approach vanishes in ranked. Gameplay is faster and if enemy has 2 fighter squads, then your bombers and your F sqad have minimum chances. Besides, the main weaknesses of Enterprise are erased. She doesn't have to face T9 AA not to mention that there are fewer ships grouped. Enterprise has the same loadout of Midway. I think that lot of Enterprises will climb up to #1 this season. Also Shokaku has the same chances of Enterprise and with the AS option they can have some fun. I put on hold my Lex and I will take her again after rank 11 and try again. But I am pretty sure that thanks to the Darwin process in those ranks I will not face any other Lexington anymore.
  11. One of those days

    Yesterday I finished up early and was looking forward to playing some ranked battles... and I'm thinking RNGesus was not pleased with me... If it could go wrong it did. BB RNG on my puny DD from 20km... deleted (NC) with two hits. Undetected so far in a match, in open water spotting for my BBs, no RPF location either. full double spread of torps suddenly incoming.. wth. half my HP gone. Sneak around the backside of an island undetected, I hadnt been spotted for at least 3 minutes. Charlie Martel with his guns pointed right in my face at 3km... deleted. Those are just some of the dumb luck occurrences. If I could do something stupid I probably did it at one point or another as well. Apologies to all my teammates for any hernia injuries sustained while carrying my sorry rear.
  12. World of Loyangs...

    Seriously, I’ve tried to get into ranked but it’s nothing but endless Loyang spam. There’s no variety, it’s so stale, just like the world of Belfast’s in the ranked season before last. I hate this with premiums being better than tech tree counterparts (Belfast, Leningrad, loyang, de grasse, murmansk, Arizona... etc), it ruins game balance and screws over ranked. I also don’t get why the loyang gets German hydro but the z-23 doesn’t, but that’s another can of worms entirely.
  13. How To: Benson in Ranked

    Actual battle starts at 4:30 Future videos will be edited properly. I don't have the time to learn how at the moment. https://youtu.be/r7LzU2W07y0
  14. Tight maneuvering, great Toroedo reduction values and guns that hit like tanks have compelled me to call the Bama the best BB this season, and play it exclusively. Commentary on its highlights, how I load her out, and on current trends in ranked. This round was crazy. Gotta watch the ending.
  15. Damn, Team, You Scary!

    Best Ranked team ever!
  16. When I looked at Warshipstoday about 30 minutes ago, the server average WR for Season 8 at that time was 34%. 66% of the matches to that point were losses for a player. Sixty-six percent. A bunch of inexperienced and/or casual players due to the Xmas break, plus the influx of players from Steam made this a horrific time to hold a Ranked season, in my own opinion. I'm currently at 50%, 17-17 after 34 rounds. I've spent the last 24 of those rounds at Rank 15, and it took me 10 rounds to get from 19 to 15, 7 to get off of 18 alone. I went 6-4 the first day(The day before the break started in full), 3-4 the next, 2-4 the next, 1-1 yesterday, and 5-4 today. I've run 8 ships, 3 of which have 0 wins, one which is 2-5, 3 that are 50%, and one I'm 9-1 in, even though the server average for it is 0%, Z-23. I'm 9-1 in ONE ship, and 8-16 in the other 7. 90%, 33%. Gah, I just can't even. The server-wide WR is what really tells the story, most players are losing, and losing badly. This is, as of right now, the worst season I've played in, in every measurable way. I believe, aside from any other factors we may feel contribute, that the primary reason this season is so bad is the timing. In my own opinion, WG should have waited until the 2nd week of January to do it. I'm not going to talk about the MM, radar, etc, etc, those things can be overcome. What it appears can't be overcome is that the vast majority of the participants are really, really bad, much more so than usual. Again, the timing has to be why. I'm not knocking the new and inexperienced players, they have to learn the game, just like anyone and everyone does. I do not blame them for my losses, or the server wide average as a whole. I blame the timing of the season. Could those players be better? Some could, of course, but the reality is most of them probably can't be for whatever reason. Had the season not been held right now, they wouldn't, for the most part, be participating. They're playing now simply because they can, and I can't fault them for that. I played in Season 5 with about 6 weeks in the game. It would be the ultimate hypocrisy to complain about that when I did it myself. They're playing because they can, and they have every right to do so. WG, I beg you, don't do Ranked during Xmas break again. Please. Most of us aren't super unicum, we're average players, we need a decent team around us to succeed, and speaking for myself only, I feel like I have zero shot to advance any further, I feel like I'm wasting my time. That's the quickest way to get me to stop playing, causing me to feel like I'm wasting my time. Ranked is stressful and frustrating anyway, because winning, not how you perform, is the goal. It's far more stressful right now, so much so, again speaking for myself, that I really just want to quit and find something else to do, not because I feel I'm doing poorly, but because I feel that no matter how well I do, it just won't matter, because the evidence, to date, has shown this is the case. The definition of insanity, if you recall, is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result, in spite of the evidence to the contrary.
  17. Check out this guy and his Atago. He missed a Kraken by one ship. This is how the Atago should be played. @Captain2CRUNCHWay to support the team dude! https://replayswows.com/replay/12321#stats
  18. A WoWs parody of "Run to the Hills" by Iron Maiden Red team came across the sea they brough us HE and AP they kill our cruisers and our DD's they took the caps for their own need We fought them hard, we fought them well in the first three minutes we gave them hell but too many came to cap C when will we ever get a cap free? Sailing through islands and empty seas full speed on the ocean chasing the green team out of their cap fighting them in a fast game murdered by torpedos from the back BB and cruisers their sneaky DD attack Run from the caps, run from our victory Run from the caps, run from our victory DD in red at the open sea hunting and killing the BB Raping our cruisers and wasting the DD the only good green ships do not flee moving in stealth and stealing our cap chasing the DD and destroying the BB Run from the caps, run from our victory Run from the caps, run from our victory Run from the caps, run from our victory Run from the caps, run from our victory Run from the caps, run from our victory Run from the caps, run from our victory
  19. Funny or Dumb in Ranked

    So what is the funniest or dumbest thing you've seen in ranked so far? It has been quite hilarious so far in chat. For me, its been lighting up ships in my Benson and than watching as cruiser after cruiser can't hit the broadside of a barn from 12 miles. Aiming seems to be a huge issue so far through rank 12. The funniest thing I have seen in the chat box so far? After being the first to die, a player types out "I would be at rank 1 by now if not for you clowns". HAHAHAHAHAHA
  20. Are you in a big clan? Does it have a lot of sub clans? Would you like to foster a bit of inter clan competition to see who can hit rank 1 the fastest? We'll I've got a monster of a google sheet for you... it's extremely easy to use... but it can easily take a couple minutes to load... there's a lot that has to happen in the background. The fewer the clans entered, the faster it loads. Annnnnd the opposite is also true of course. This sheet handles up to 10 different North American Clans as well as 10 different EU clans. All you have to do is enter the different clan tags and the sheet does its thing. Currently you're able to sort by Current Rank to see who's leading the charge as well as Win Rate and number of Battles. If you want a copy, click this link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KuxJPOR1ceLpndzTEwEAwl91k-Q0BUholAregRJy-Io/copy Make sure to turn it on in cell A1. It's turned off by default.
  21. A nice last battle in ranked in the Kidd, now I'm out at rank 15. The rewards of going higher is not worth the frustration of playing with teams that don't/can't understand the play style of 7v7 is vastly different than 12v12. The sole aim at the end of the match is to have more points than the red team through a combination of capping, killing and not dying. Seeing ships with no camouflage and DDs detonating show that a number of players do not use every advantage they can to win. The lack of communication of no game plan called during countdown, not calling targets and radar/hydro ships not informing when they are lighting up smoke causes my doggies to give me strange looks as I yell at the clouds. I can handle the toxic and abusive chat, as a green member glances at the minimap for the first time halfway through the match (this did not happen in the above match) gets salty at me for being "out of position" as I am spotting, setting fire to and sending metal fish to the otherwise obscured red ship they should be shooting at. Having double their xp at the end of the match is the only icing on the cake I need. Good luck for those that grind through ranked, I'll see the others in randoms.
  22. Both Flamu and NoZoup put out vids last week on what ships to bring for Ranked. They were both wrong, in the same very characteristic way. Both Flamu and NoZoup are unicums. If they went into a T10 match in a Black Swan they'd do 200K damage and a Kraken, consistently. But I've found, over the last couple of years in a clan full of unicums, unicums and ordinary sluggards like myself think about the map and the ships in radically different ways. Naturals make poor teachers. I am sure you've noticed that good coaches are rarely star players. The best coaches are the workman players who spent a lifetime mastering and understanding mechanics, instead of doing them effortlessly. That is the same reason so many math teachers are awful teachers, because they are natural mathematicians and can't fathom the kind of mind that doesn't grasp an integral instantly. Unicums are naturals, and more importantly, they are natural shots. That means that the map is of secondary importance. If they face three ships, they will kill them, no problem. They can redeem any position on the map, and any combo of caps, because they can kill ships easily and rapidly. This means they prefer ships that reward good shooting. So Flamu recommended the chappy and the NC and Amagi, and NoZoup said he was bringing the Kooter. Those are all ships with good guns. They are also not so good for Ranked unless you are very good. The reason is simple. An ordinary Random match has a long period in which ships grapple at ranges of 15-20 kms, where good shooting really pays off. There is no such period in Ranked. Most Ranked matches are fought under 15 kms and with long periods at 4-12 kms, brawling range. For that range, the N Carolina is a poor choice for an ordinary player. It has four problems: long reload, big citadel, bow-tank playstyle, and average secondaries. In a Ranked match, once you commit to a direction in NC, you are stuck, because turning off in front of Red BB at 10 kms is suicide. You can only reverse or go forward. Moreover, a Tirp can drive up to 9 kms from you, shell you with his secondaries, and force out of your safe zone. You might pummel him, but so what? He'll heal, and you'll be torped or citadeled to death. The best BB choice for this season is Tirp/Bis. Those BBs rain down secondaries, can turn off without getting cit, and have shells up every 25 seconds. At the ranges Ranked is fought dispersion is less of an issue -- today in Tirp I killed a Bismarck at 6.4 kms with a 24K damage broadside, and then torped an Alabama to death a minute later in the same match. North Carolina simply lacks that kind of flexibility and machine-of-death damage output. At the ranges Ranked is fought at, for the average dunderhead, the German BBs are better. In Tirp you can drive up next to a cap and rain secondaries on it, DDs hate that and will run. You can put your mains on one ship and your secondaries on another, and rack up damage. No other BB is so useful at such ranges. And if ships get close, there's the torps. Similar, the Kutu is a really good choice if you are spending lots of time shooting at 15+ kms. But in Ranked you're not. You are under 12 kms, often. Kutuzov brings no radar and its sonar is not much use. It has no heal. And at Ranked ranges of 4-12 kms, it is always spotted, especially if it is firing, and DDs are always around to torp its smoke. Kutuzovs are not useful, and people aren't bringing them. Chappy has broadly the same set of problems. I am seeing way more Edinburghs, Atagos, and New Orleans, because those ships have better stealth, and they stay alive longer -- although New Orleans is a poor choice, since it is so easily killed. The better choice than Kutu is Atago. Even if it requires more skill, it has heal, a large health pool, can stay unspotted at the edge of Ranked range, and has lovely torps. Its guns are brutal. It will be alive when Kutu is long gone, still churning out damage. Edinburgh brings that same set of abilities. Anyway, if you're finding those recommendations not useful, perhaps I've explained why. Or not.
  23. Ranked Battles can be so damned frustrating so damned often. I can play game after game after game after game in my DDs and have great games at least 80% of the time, constantly ending up at the top of my team in XP, doing everything I can in a DD to help the team. Capping, engaging enemy DDs, laying smoke and spotting for the team, occasionally getting plenty of torp damage, and an occasional kill of a larger ship. And yet, far more often than not, I'm ending up with team after team after team of potato BB players. Ok, I say, let's try playing BBs instead. I do pretty well in those too. (Since I play all types of ships, I'm fairly competent in them all.) And what do I get? Teams with worthless DD players. Or on occasion, I get a half decent DD player ... in a Kagero ... who can't do squat to stop the enemy Bensons or Lo Yangs or Kidds or Azizukis from torping out BBs into oblivion, because he doesn't have the guns to compete with those DDs. Or I get a cruiser player that pretty much didn't speak English (I know because he said so) and goes off on his own like it's a random battle and contributes pretty much nothing. Heaven forbid that he do something smart when he can't communicate with the team, like following the rest of the team!!! It's just soooo frustrating. I mean, sure, it's nice that I'm not losing much ground. Of course, currently being at rank 15 doesn't hurt there either. But it's annoying as all hell to not be able to advance no matter how well I play because there are just so damned many weak players. And unlike WoT, where a single player really could often carry an entire team, WoWS is a little more team dependent. It doesn't necessarily require hard core tight knit team work, but it does require most of the team making positive contributions towards getting a win. (At least you need to have more "positive contributors" on your team than there are on the enemy team.) And from what I've seen, there just aren't enough players who are being "positive contributors". Have I had some bad games? Yes, but very few compared to the really good ones. Had one where I took a blind torp in my Kidd, which didn't kill me but left with so few HP that I had to be far too cautious to be effective the rest of the battle. Have had a couple of BB battles where I managed my armor and HP well, but had some bad luck with some combo of my aim and RNG and didn't get enough damage, etc. for me to feel that I had a good game. Maybe enough to make a good contribution at a critical moment, but not enough to be a force through out the battle. But over all, I'd say that at least 2/3rds of the time, if not closer to 80 or 90% of the time, I'm a positive contributor. But sadly it just doesn't seems to be enough. I don't know if this qualifies as a true rant. But I am very frustrated and needed to vent a little.