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Found 13 results

  1. wows , did you forget to reset the rewards for ranked battles ?
  2. Ace_04

    Ranked Progress

    Quick question regarding Ranked......early this week I got to Rank 1 in Silver League, but stopped at that point to grind some other ships in Randoms. When I revisited today to work on the qualifying round for Gold League, it had reset me all the way back to the bottom of Silver League. This had happened to me once before in a previous season going from Bronze to Silver as well. What gives here? Do you HAVE to play the qualifying league of the next round to maintain your Rank One status in the league you are in? Also, if I play through Silver League again, can I receive the same rewards a second time through for each rank progression?
  3. WG need to remove the prime time setting from Clan Battles / Brawls and Ranked Battles as this prevents some players from participating once a prime time has been set , this occurs when a player is not normally on during the clans Prime time setting the same can be said for Ranked battles. Although i Live in Australia and would normally be catered for on the asia server i prefer to play on the North American server as it is mostly english speaking and i have many friends in the USA however by the time i get home of an evening ranked battles and clan battles are inactive meaning my participation in these events is restricted to a small window on a weekend, Removing the time constraints on these events would allow me and others affected by the time constraints to participate more fully and give our fellow clan members and clan more support.
  4. AdmBilgeWater

    Tier VI Burn out

    Wows is the only game I play. I'm a retired man with a physical disability so I have lots of time to play World of Warships. I am a whale and a mediocre player. But I Love this game, I've played more than 8,000 games. I have this concern: Tier VI is everywhere I go! Ranked is tier VI for the vast majority of us. Every Operation Scenario is Tier VI except Narai. Tier VI is everywhere. I'm so sick of playing tier VI I could puke. I don't play a lot of random battles or co-op battles. There is just to much tier VI. Couldn't we have each operations scenario at a different tier? Tiers 5, 6, 7 and 8 might reduce the boredom of tier VI. I enjoy ranked, but can't we play it in tier VII? Anything but tier VI. tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI. It's just too much. Tired of it all. AdmBilgeWater
  5. Can you make it possible for players to select which server they want to play ranked battles on like is done with clan battles? My account is on the NA server however I'm in SEA. As such the time ranked battles are carried out is kinda bad for me as ranked prime time is my sleep time. Can we have the same setup for ranked which we have in clan battles in which you can choose which server you want to play on before hand? I can't participate in ranked battles much simply because of the time difference. In Clan Battles, players can choose which server times they want to play on and then play on that server. Can we have the same system for ranked?
  6. I'm quite surprised to it casually says "ranked battles won't be available at night." I would think they wouldn't want to interfere with Clan Battles, but it isn't like CB is every night... beyond that, it just limits who can have access to ranked now - of course depending on how they define "night" Also surprised that "all" players go back to Bronze after the ranked season ends (mentioned around 3:30) - I thought one of the points of this was to allow players to find opponents of a similar level more often and easily. Lastly, looks like steel rewards are much lower now, though if these things are happening regularly and quickly perhaps it'll add up around the same. Any other thoughts or feedback? PS... Don't shoot the messenger! ;) BTW, here's the whole video - in case you missed the news: Also - Cherry Blossum returning? spotted around 5 min mark?
  7. Hi Wargaming... I have a suggestion. I believe it would be very cool if there was a combat mission available for ranked seasons: Play 100 battles of ranked or Achieve rank 1 The reward could be 7 days premium and/or doubloons or even a permanent camo for whatever tier the ranked season is played and it could be linked to any ship. I think such a reward would be nice considering the frustration players encounter and how many players avoid ranked altogether because of it. With such a reward people might decide to participate more. Oh... and.... -Remove the star saves (more incentive for winning over saving yourself) -Make rank 5 irrevocable (reduce the sheer aggravation of garbage teams) Thanks for reading.
  8. The_Pig_of_PIGs

    Ranked vs Random

    Goltzstadt finds Ranked more interesting than Random, essentially because there is much more team playing, winning the battle is the reward rather than farming damage. Why there are no Ranked battles permanently, different tiers, etc I can understand Clan battles happening during specific hours, but Ranked? No up or down tiers, more team play, etc Could be monthly, 2 different tiers, one odd, one pair (CVs and SSs, no CVs and no SSs).
  9. AdmiralOthuyeg

    Ranking out party, join in.

    The title says it. This is the thread where you can have cake and party when you rank out. Also, name your main ship. For me it was the Shinonome.
  10. Rank Battle Issues – No One Wants to Talk About Rank Battles is advertised as the Best Players and Best Boats battle it out to see who is “Top Dog”. Well Can anyone honestly say that's what is happening this season? Lets review the issues and the facts. Issues - 1 “Rental Ship”. Why its bad. In order to get a tier 10 Battleship, I had to grind my BB up to level 10. That means I know the strength and weakness of not only my but the other ships class/nationalities and their characteristics. Those that don't are a terrible disadvantage. It got so bad teams were regularly counting who had the most rentals, as it generally resulted in a loss. 2 Match Maker(MM) is out of control. I run a large fleet and have a variety of top tier ships and top tier commanders. In its zeal to make every game balanced even in ranked, it makes decision based on players ability(win percentages, total battles played, etc), ships ability(upgrades, consumables, and Commander skill points allocated). Thru the ability of rating each ship mathematically and the power of averaging, the MM Algorithm can theoretically balances the teams out. In Practical Use/Application not so much. Ranks is not Random Battles(where WoWs can place house Botz in here or there and get away with it).This can be proven by running a simple test of 10 matches. Run the same ship with a 10 pnt commander vs. a 19 pnt commander and notice the quality of team mates you are paired up with. You want to win don't run high level commander. MM will neutralize your advantages in the name of Fairness. 3 Game Balance. CVs are out of control. Since the Great CV Nerf of v8.x all in the name of FPS, the balance is off the scales. The primary reason the lack of Fleet Fighter Cap Role, which is a Design Error and a game flaw of Moronic Proportions. After all why do CVs carry fighters? For Rockets … LOL. 4 Game Balance . DDs When I read the Ships overview for DDs, it say one of there roles is to smoke the fleet. Why smoke has been Nerfed to the point where its virtually ineffective. No point in smoking the BBs and CAs for the most part are not much better. 5 Economics at Tier 10 in Ranks and Random are Broke. If you score 1,400 plus on a winning team how the hell do you loose 60k in credits in a ranked match. I know what I am seeing as I have 2.3k Ranked Battles and over 13k Random Battles under my belt. BTW the patch I wear indicates that I have been around since the Beta version of World of Warships. In short I know what I am seeing.
  11. The main reason I liked ranked battles is that fact you were playing specifically with other tier 5 opponents. Match maker was at it's best. The second reason I like the mini ranked battles is that rank 1 was obtainable by all players, and required only a reasonable amount of our time to achieve. Short and sweet, then it is over after you reached rank 1, but why did the ranked battles end after hitting ranked 1? The ranked battles should have continued to include an all inclusive only "rank 1 players" battles. Match Maker couldn't get much better than that. No loss or gain of rank, just a good ole time playing against players with equal ships and with less disparity of player's skills.
  12. USSPC_1264

    Ranked level 15

    I just got to level 15 in ranked for this season using my Cleveland, But now I need a level ten ship does this mean that this is as far as I can go for this season?
  13. I am not a very good DD player but I have tier 8 DDs and decided to give ranked another try. A few win/lose observations. Hey DD cap X and spot then help at Y. DD does so Caps X spots looks to Y and finds 5 friendlies fleeing 2 enemy and 2 friendlies far off vs 5 enemy at Z turn run and get sunk and all 7 crying for DD help. Loser move. Winner move though if enemy does that unless of course 2 or 3 friendlies chase them and get slaughtered! Hey DD cap X we will back you up. DD caps X Enemy is pushing X and 6 friendlies have scattered like roaches avoiding contact and staying away from caps X Y and Z. Loser move. Winner move if enemy does it. Then of course friendlies pursue and get slaughtered while demanding DD cap X Y and Z. Wake up guys stay together, focus enemy down 1 by 1 and Cap instead of chasing runners. Got 2 caps Defend them don't go for 3 and don't chase runners focus fire on them 1 at a time!