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Found 67 results

  1. [CL-8] Join A Clan

    Hello, This is [CL-8] telling you that we want you to join our fairly new clan. I just started a new clan, and I am looking to gain members so that we could participate in clan battles, ranked battles, operations, random battles, or whatever you choose you would like to do. If you would like to be part of a clan that is not too competitive I welcome you to join. I will always take your opinion in what to do with the oil. Membership gains access to 10% reduced purchase cost for tier V-VIII ships, 10% reduced repair cost for all ships, and 3% increased experience points for all ships. The cost to access these benefits is quite low at present, and will only increase as we upgrade our port facilities. Earn containers to automatically gain oil for the clan for port upgrades, and increased member benefits. That simple. Nothing more required. Thank you. We also just got enough oil to choose a nation, and now we are deciding on which nation we want to go with . We also already have the 10% reduced cost for tier V ships so come on over, and join the clan. battleship_Adam [CL-8]
  2. Suggestion towards Ranked Battles

    I already suggested this in a different topic, but want to elaborate. The change I propose is that you are required to select three ships, instead of one. When entering the battle you will see the ship you are going to use. Should it even be three different ships or classes? Pro´s Slight increase of entrance level. More variation in playstyle per player. Less likely to meet a beginner in the same ship the whole time (eg: CV) Con's Will take longer for non premium beginners to enter a this type of battle mode with rewards. More variation in playstyle per player. You will not be able to play your favourite ship the whole time. Shoot guys!
  3. Yay Rank 1

    \o/ thanks to everyone who had to put up with me being an popoto and specially @m373x for upgrading my boat and being there for the last star <3 will return the favour when I can
  4. Good tier 8 Ranked Ships?

    Wondering what ships are having the best Success Rates in Ranked tier 8? I have been using full secondary Spec Bismarck and had good WR in until getting stalled out at Rank 10-9 and also doing good scores in Amagi. Putting up nice 100k+ damage score in them pretty consistently and still not getting anywhere since the teams keep melting and it's hard for a BB to keep all the caps locked down. Any ideas? Wondering if any another ship would have better results?
  5. Hey All - Quick PSA - w/ all the attention to the 6.15 Patch Notes annoucement focusing on the new Campaigns - just want to make sure 2 important items buried in the notes don't get missed. The next Ranked Battle Season starts on Dec 22 using T8 ships. If you're interested in the next Ranked Battle season - not much time to train or move Captains into your T8 ships. The Missouri will be removed as the FXP ship in the Feb timeframe (per the notes) and replaced by another T9 Ship - likely the Musashi (based on other mined WG sources). If anyone wants this ship, you have approx. 2 more months to get it and its insane Silver earning abilities. To my knowledge, no info is yet available whether the new replacement T9 will have the same earning capabilities, but this is a heads up, just in case WG decides to change the economics of the replacement ship.
  6. Player rating

    I missed being able to play a lot of Ranked due to work commitments. Recently, having missed a few weeks, played ok, finished mid field and found I had received one or two negative scores i.e my Service Record Karma score went down. Got back into it and had some really good games, Karma did not change. Had an exceptional game 220k damage - Karma +3. Next few games finished 3 - 5 place and Karma -3, What the.... So - a theory, why not base performance and ratings not on someone else opinion on how they think you should play, but on the impact you have on a game [Damage Dealt] with respect to your ships XP, CAPing, Spotting and Aircraft destroyed [I strongly believe that destroying Aircraft has a significant effect on a game]. Example [Simple] - ship has 50k health, does 50k damage, no CAP/Spot/Aircraft = zero change. does 100k damage = +1 [i.e 100%] does 25k damage = -0.5 [i.e 50%] Since the game MM bases the teams on a number of hit points per team as one of the criteria. Thought? Developers?? Smooth Sailing!
  7. So I have a question about ranked. Now, really I have to ask, because I feel like I'm missing something. So, playing ranked every couple of battles I get a cruiser on my team that goes off goldfish hunting. By that I mean they take off at flank speed for the edge of MAP and turn in circles or something. Is this some tactic to preserve their ships HP until they can finish off damaged ships? Are they just bot type morons or what? Mostly I've been seeing DD drivers doing their best, most get in lay smoke, ambush and other dastardly things. point is most DDs I see are trying. Battleships are half and half, some want nothing more that to hear their guns go off, and that's about all they do. others seem to really want to smack something in the face with their secondaries, and then dry hump the wreck, needless to say I like having the tanking bb drivers on the team. But then it's cruisers. Now to be fair I love playing a cruiser, but it seems like 70% or so of cruiser drivers in ranked just wander about like they don't know what button makes the guns fire. some drive in circles and spam HE at empty ocean, some run to the back of the map and hide, some hide for first half of battle and then come out to finish off stragglers. Is this some sort of tactic to preserve their ship and hope to decide the game in their favor? it dosent seem to work well. I've been in two ranked battles where out of nowhere a full health cruiser suddenly rejoins the battle and manages to get one of the last two kills after doing nothing all game. Now I know there will always be the random AFK jerks, and this is not that. these ships are moving, hiding and running away, only to sometimes rejoin fight near the end when the match is already decided. Apart from that I've seen some pretty great Destryoer players, and people don't seem to AFK destroyers. granted some just get sunk quick, but they are playing. I've also seen a few battleships do the same thing as the goldfish hunting cruisers, but with their much larger detection range they don't fair as well. so why do people try and hide for half the battle? Anyway I did not know if other people have noticed this as well. Maybe I'm just not seeing why a ship is moving where it is and being overly critical? Or is there some protactic I'm not aware of (likely) that calls for someone to preserve their ship for as long as possible? please enlighten me.
  8. Hi, My ranked battles going same as this topic. How about you capts? I love to listen to this song during ranked seasons lol
  9. So today I was playing to try and get from level 11 to 10 in ranked, it took me a long time. I was finally able to make it to rank 10. But then when I exited the post battle results screen it said that I was still rank 11. I only play one battle at a time and play through the whole battle even if I die. So there should have been nothing that would have caused me to de-rank. It took me all day to get to rank 10 and to be thrown back like that is very frustrating. How could this happen?!
  10. Myths of Ranked

    Here are some myths of ranked battles that I have collected this season. Some from what people say on the forums and some from how people play in ranked : Higher ranked players are better than lower ranked player. The primary goal of the game is to sink the enemy ships. The Cleveland citadel is hard to hit. The Nürnberg is a viable ship to play in ranked. Bringing stock ships or untrained captains is not griefing your teammates. If I just reach the next league I will have left all the potatoes behind. Once you are in smoke you are safe - Seen this so often, people forget to move a little or wait too long to smoke up and still die because shells or torpedoes found their mark even through the smoke. I just bought a tier 6 premium ship, I am totally ready for ranked. Torpedoes dont deal friendly damage. There is no need to mount modules on the ships, it does not really make that much of a difference. If DDs dont get support from their team they cant dodge the torpedoes. - Common excuse from the DD that ate a torpedo in his smoke on the cap at the beginning of the game. Especially the ones that dont understand that BBs at tier 6 are slow. Strike CV is a viable tactic. Ranked players learn from their mistakes. Leaving your team to chase down an enemy CV is a viable tactic. The map boundaries need to be regularly inspected to prevent ships from other maps finding their way into your game. Torpedoes just keep going until they hit something. People that play rank have some understanding of the game and how to win. Torpedoes cannot penetrate smoke. Camo and premium consumables are too expensive to run in ranked. My detection range is not an important thing to know. Dunkerque is a viable BB. IJN DDs cant use their guns. Your team mates actually desire to win the game. Hydro secondary spec Clevelands are viable targets for CVs. Finally the biggest false fact people try to pass off about ranked: Ranked is a competitive game mode - This is the real kicker I have seen this a lot recently, people argue that ranked is competitive because teams cant be stacked by divisions or other reasons. If it was actually competitive players would hit a ceiling where they can no longer progress because they hit their skill limit and the players above them would be more skilled. Instead in ranked if you hit the battle button enough times you can still rank out even if you win less than half the time. So players with below 50% win rates can somehow reach rank 1 even though they were not competitive in game like a player from last season who ranked out with a 46% win rate (over 900 battles were required). In ranked quantity has a quality all its own.
  11. Out of curiosity I just ran the numbers looking into the HE performance of every Tier 6 cruiser. In consideration of the fact that some cruises are forced to use IFHE while others are not, I separately calculated fires per minute for both the base fire chance of every ship, as well the base fire chance + DE and both fire flags. The calculation of DPM is fairly self explanatory. I calculated the broadside fire chance using the formula: BF= 1- (1 - F (0.7669))^n Where.. F = the individual shell fire chance N = number of guns in a broadside 0.7669 = Tier 6 fire resistance coefficient I then calculated fires per minute by multiplying the broadside fire chance by the number of broadsides each ship is capable of firing per minute. *Note: All data, including the fire resistance coefficient and broadside fire chance equation, was gathered from the Wiki. Base Fire Chance HE DPM Broadisde Fire Fires per Minute Aoba 108,900 56.75% 3.121184386 Cleveland* 198,000 68.61% 5.145326289 Nürnberg 153,000 43.44% 4.343799027 Spee 57,600 63.18% 1.895279541 Budyonny* 148,500 58.06% 4.64461707 Molotov 108,000 61.14% 2.934739415 Perth* 134,400 43.57% 3.485506157 Aosta* 134,400 35.69% 2.855026728 La Galissonnière* 132,660 58.06% 3.889866796 De Grasse* 146,520 58.06% 4.29627079 *Edit: All ships that I consider to be run optimally with IFHE are marked with an *asterisk* DE + flags HE DPM Broadisde Fire Fires per Minute Aoba 108,900 65.13% 3.582292946 Cleveland* 198,000 76.92% 5.76948885 Nürnberg 153,000 54.76% 5.475953303 Spee 57,600 70.49% 2.114714453 Budyonny* 148,500 66.71% 5.33667086 Molotov 108,000 71.56% 3.434667671 Perth* 134,400 53.81% 4.304530393 Aosta* 134,400 47.18% 3.774575939 LaGalissonnière* 132,660 66.71% 4.469461845 De Grasse* 146,520 66.71% 4.936420545 *Edit: All ships that I consider to be run optimally with IFHE are marked with an *asterisk* Some notable stand outs: Nurnberg, Molotov. The Nurnberg surprisingly enough has the 2nd best HE DPM of any ship in her tier, and thanks to her special HE pen bonus she also has the highest fires per minute when all ships are run in their optimal configurations as she does not need to take IFHE. The Molotov has the 2nd worst DPM in her tier, only ahead of the Spee, and when all ships are run in optimal configurations she has the third worst fires per minute, only ahead of the Spee and Aosta. Despite her much vaunted the guns, the Molotov has incredibly subpar HE performance.
  12. This anomaly has happened numerous and repeated times precisely at the hand-off from the ranked battles queue to loading into the battle. When it happens I get a message that says something to the effect of 'due to inactivity'. There has been no deviations in the way it happens - it's precisely the same every time. I have to log back into the game which then brings me into the battle. Fortunately, I have good gear with SSD and a fast ISP so I get back in fast but it's disruptive and annoying regardless. I've completely restarted hoping to resolve the matter but it just happened again. Submitting a ticket - not that I expect it will help much or in a timely way. Is anyone else seeing this issue?
  13. Ranked Battles

    Hi Why do not Enable Range Battles with Division? Many of us are dissatisfied with the players who touch us in luck. With the formation of the Division you could choose who to play with; And not lose games by mistakes of others and vice versa. Many players of your team (that you do not know) before the lost; They only make a report; Which is not always fair I would appreciate a response. And thank you very much
  14. Perth in Ranked

    Well, so far Perth seems to be working well for me. I had to make a couple of adjustments: 1. Switch IFHE for for Superintendent and expert loader.Smoke mod 1 ain't enough in Ranked. Rd tm will cheerfully delete a Perth if it gets spotted. Being able to smoke more frequently helps. 2. Making like a big DD. Numerous times I have to cap because some DD drivers are too tentative to do it. So i have to be more aggressive than normal. Plus it seems dd's are more aggressive if there is someone close by.
  15. I understand it's frustrating to lose a game. We have all had bad games. Some of us have kids and lives and wives that distract ya while we are playing. Don't be that guy who is a jerk because someone makes a mistake or doesn't do what you say. The only way to grow the community and have more people enjoy ranked battles is to have fun. This isn't a job for the average player so please be kind to your teammates and try to give them tips and pointers you have learned rather than berate them because you lost.
  16. When is the next Ranked Battles season starting? I have high enough ships now to participate in Ranked and would very much like to have a Jolly Roger Flag flying over my ships as soon as possible lol.
  17. Idea for further ranked seasons

    So ranked is an odd animal. You have three groups of ships in the game, and with that comes 3 groups of people. Sadly, only one group of people gets to run in ranked, and that is the group near the top. This is a little unfair and actually detrimental to those of the lower tiers. "Why?" Might you ask? Well, it is frustrating for those who reside at lower tiers because they feel like the climb is far away from being at the top. Those in the middle feel like they are just out of reach, and those that are higher-up get smashed around and then complain about their experience. So I have a solution for the situation that actually will long term be beneficial to the game. Splitting ranked into 3 Leagues. But first, ground work as to how the mechanics would work. First, the season is split into 30 ranks. Imagine the last ranked layout, but add in 7 more from rank 23 that just give more signal flags. Then keep the save points for Irrevocable, but place an Irrevocable rank at 5. Next, move the season reward flag to rank 20, a pot of 1,000 gold at rank 10, and 2,500 gold and one port slot at rank 1. Then, split these ranks into sections of 10 with a cascade. 30-20 is one set, 30-10 is an second set, and 30-1 is the last set. As for the cardinal rewards, like flags and ships for reaching successive rank 1's, those all stay. Now, ranked get's split into 3 Leagues: The first league consists of Tier 3 ships, and is limited to those who have a ship that is of a tier that is included in a higher league. This league, the "Beginner's League", has you rank up from rank 30-20. After you play through this ranked League 3 times, if you have over 1,000 battles, the game will terminate all rewards at this rank to prevent people from docking one tier below the lowest tier and never moving up. The second league consists of Tier 6 ships, and is limited to those who have a ship that is of a tier that is included in the higher league. This league, the "Intermediate League", has you rank up from rank 30-10. After you play through this ranked League 4 times, if you have over 2,500 battles, the game will terminate all rewards at this rank to prevent people from docking one tier below the lowest tier and never moving up. The third league consists of Tier 8 or 9 ships, and is unlimited. This league, the "Advanced League", has you rank up from rank 30-1. And to claify, if you have a tier 6, your are locked out of tier 3 ranked. If you have a tier 8-9, you are locked out of tier 3 and 6 ranked. Now, this would help the community in a various number of ways. 1. Ranked is not just for the higher ships. Those starting out can participate and help push people to think more dynamically in combat if a competition has Doubloons on the line. 2. More team work. Giving the community more team situations removes the selfishness that some people exhibit in randoms. 3. It will make people want to grind up more. After a while, those who like tier 3 ranked will be burnt out and locked from rewards, and will have to move up. The same applies to the tier 6 league. 4. Including everyone in ranked removes some of the saltiness from the game. Making other feel included is more important than people think. Most people who play just want to delete ships. Fun events that everyone gets a chance to play in helps people feel more welcome, because it says "Hey, we want you here too". 5. You will notice less bad players in ranked battles. As you move up through leagues, you will learn more about the play style and dynamic of ranked battles, and it will help people take them more seriously. A large complaint about any game mode really is the fact that there are bad players. Giving players more access to the functions that are in the game teaches them earlier. Now yes, this won't fix every problem I claim it will, there will always be that one guy or girl that messes it up. But the point is making ranked more dynamic for tiers at the 3-6-9 (roughly) intervals will help make the ranked season more fun for everyone. What do you guys think?
  18. Hello everyone. I run a small time youtube channel and have recently produced a video with 4 replays, including a ranked battle replay in the Nagato, a replay in the Myoko showing how to counter DDs in smoke, and two hard fought albeit noobish games in the Bogue. I can use some feedback, likes, and subs. So here it is. Thanks.
  19. This season

    Does anyone else feel like this season of ranked battles should be its last?
  20. Detonations

    I know this has been covered probably half a million times but nothing has been changed. The devs should consider removing detonations from ranked games. 7v7 is already a small pool of players and if one gets detonated then an a game that could be equal in all respects ends up being a win/loss due to that event.
  21. Ranked Battles?

    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to WoWS, (only been playing a month or two) but I feel that its time for me to elevate my game and take it to ranked battles. However, I haven't been able to access the ranked battles since the patch. Before the patch I didn't meet the tier requirements but now I have a few ships that I can throw into battle. I just wanted to ask you guys and see if your having any issues, or if its a season reset, or who knows what... I'm also looking for a clan to play with. http://na.warshipstoday.com/signature/1021969809/dark.png
  22. I finally reached rank 7. (7 with no stars, but 4 stars in rank 8.) My team lost and I lost a star. (Rank 8 with 3 stars.) But the very next battle we win and I receive a survey question about the match I just played. After answering and returning to the port, I noticed that even though the team had a victory I still only have 3 stars at rank 8. Both on the Rank tab under Profile, and on the dropdown menu under your username, tell me I only have 3 stars. I double checked and it was indeed a Ranked Match that I played. But I wonder if this is happening to others when they get the survey question and don't notice that the animation for earning the star didn't play and their UI doesn't show an earned star. Is it possible that just the UI is wrong and we actually still have the star earned on the server side?
  23. How the hell did they miss this?
  24. I have noticed some bugs in stars being awarded/not being awarded at the conclusion of ranked battles. I was not awarded a star after winning some battles and vice versa. Can this be looked into? It is disappointing not to get a star after winning a battle and unfair to get a star for a battle you did not win. Thanks.
  25. Well, 4 games with Benson and all them loses, went back to rank 14 Then switched to New orleans and this happens Who would have imagined that? now you know, go and play the mighty New orleans kids!!!