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Found 14 results

  1. Most of the following are things I learned from DolphinPrincess, and some from my own experience in rank: How many times do you see posts like this during a ranked season? "My team sucks" "Penalty for those who AFK in ranked" "My allied BB snipes at A1" "I'm stopping at rank 5 because it's not worth my time or effort" "Remove save star because players who save their stars play selfishly" "I suspect more bots on my team because I see them with 39%wr suiciding" "I lost 6 times in a row because my teammates (bots) never cap" "My team gets a stock mogami while reds get a russian radar ship" How do all of the above are similar? What causes all the frustration and rage in rank? Players who tend to expect rank as a game mode with the destination mark which is rank 1, usually will always be frustrated with a defeat because every defeat is either time consuming or pushing you backwards from your goal. On the other hand, if you play rank as a type of random game mode that has bonus goodies along the way, then you will not be frustrated as much. Resulting in more fun and enjoyment than regular randoms. Quit thinking about your teammates because #1 Your teammates are nothing more than bots, #2 Thinking and worrying about teammates will get you nowhere which will result in a worse situation then you are currently in, #3 Try your best at carrying, if you lost then you save your star. If you win, then you earned your star along with other goodies. Players tend to view their teammates to carry them, but switch that around: Make your teammates rely on you to carry them. Easier said than done. Your teammates are sacrificial chess pieces which you try taking advantage of. If you die, then you will have no impact on the remainder of the game and rely on teammates which is a extremely unsure feeling. If your teammates are bots or trying to throw then that will be so, as long as you're not that teammate because such a player like you may end up on the enemy team. When you have a unicum on your team, then view that as a bonus to help you. Enemy team have a unicum, easy solution! Become super unicum so that you are assured that your team will always have someone who can stomp just about anyone. Your current overall stats do not prohibit you from playing like a unicum, your clan doesn't prohibit you from being a unicum, at the end of the day. The thing that determines if you're a unicum or not is how you currently play in battle which eventually will translate into your stats. Red team has 4 radars and your team has none? No issue! Enemy team has weakness in other areas which is a tradeoff for their ability to radar, take advantage of it. Next time you sunk 6 enemy ships 200k game that resulted in a loss, stop getting depressed or frustrated by it because #1 You saved your star, #2 You earned XP, Credits, and FXP which you can farm in abundance in rank if you do well, #3 You know you did your job, and the rest of your bots (teammates) lost their star which they deserved unless if their spamming 1.9k battles each sprint sitting at irrevocable. In case if you're wondering: Even top players win 60%-80% of their games which to the rest of the playerbase is super-unicum. Why do super-unicorns rank out in 80 battles or so? Because they win 60%-80% of their games carrying and when they do lose in some of those games they save their star. Then they either take a break, or move on to next game etc. If Super Unicums had the same mindset and got frustrated with every defeat that they did well in, they would all have all raged gave up on the first day. Do I win every game? No. Am I immune to getting AFKs and trolls in ranked? Absolutely not. I had a player on my team that purchased Lenin just to play rank when he saw a cool video WG put out making rank look like everyone wins. The Lenin highest tech tree ship is 3, he had 26 regular battles with a 20%wr. Did I try my best to carry? Yes, but did I lose? Yes, but did I save my star? Also Yes. There are some unicums that have already ranked out saying "finally, I'm done" treating a game like a job. And you should do the same. Trust me, you will have a lot more fun if you just play it like a randoms battle instead of worrying about fictional stars. A sidenote for everyone: If you're extremely frustrated over a game then you'll probably want to take a break because your health means more then a pixel bote video game.
  2. michael_zahnle

    Ranked/Brawl Schedule

    So I logged into the game this morning to grind me some rewards in Brawl and lo and behold... brawl is inactive. Took a look at Ranked, thinking that maybe, just maybe I can advance a notch and lo and behold... ranked is inactive. BOTH of them won't start up for 5 hours and I do work for a living. How about alternating the dead time, or does the spreadsheet think having both inactive AT THE SAME TIME is a good idea?
  3. I met these two players in rank and they might planed to use forbidden way to gain stars. They put one player in one side, and the second player do something like AFK and TK to cause the second team lose. Then the player in the win team show broadside to the player in lose team and save star. I met them in rank and got TK by them, so I write a ticket to WG and get reply like this. I'm confuse what should I do to against this type of actions, maybe we should all join them and make rank become a spy game? I share all the information and the replay and might need some suggestion about how to punish these players violated the player's rule. (If the answer is we cannot do anything to these idiot, maybe we should all join in this type of actions?) 20210126_163656_PISC110-Venezia_18_NE_ice_islands.wowsreplay
  4. Logged into my account and my rank was not saved from previous play time. I was rank 3 and logged in today and it reset me to rank 10? Very frustrating after making it that far.
  5. anonym_WrAb0m0ydCdC

    There is something funny going on.

    I started playing ranked on Thursday. Got 1 win away from rank 1. Then started losing. On Friday I lost 10 games in a row. Saturday 10 losses in a row again, then a tie, then another loss.I am right around 50% win rate in randoms. The odds of a 50% player losing this many games in a row is less than 1%. Less than 1%. (0.005859375 to be exact). I even hit top three in a number of them. Did not matter, still lost. This is not a valid distribution. There is something else going on. I am convinced of it. Is anyone else seeing this? What could be causing it? I didn't suddenly turn into a terrible player, unable to win even 5% of my matches when I magically hit rank 2 and then turn into a terrible player. Even a terrible player would have won at least a couple of games. Hell even an AFK player would have. This kind of thing makes me hate the game and not want to play. It's like the odds are being intentionally stacked against me, no matter how well I play or what ship I take into the sprint.
  6. Not sure if this has been suggested before. I read somewhere a few weeks ago a good suggestion for an improved rank system. Use Base XP instead of victories to gain stars. I would like to add to it with the "gain the star system" Where as, the top 3 players get double base xp winning and the top player on the losing side gets double base xp. (Not sure if granting "double" base xp is possible.) Or some other reward for being top player(s) of each team. I believe the this base xp system will promote more team play and players going for the WIN instead of the farming/ selfish play that the current "save the star system" promotes. There will still be selfish/ farming players in the base xp system, but it'll be less stressful as you will not need to rely on the victory to still progress ranks. Losses will count too since its base xp, however; it'll just be a slower grind to the next rank level. So an example of base XP could be it takes 6000 base xp get rank 14 from rank 15. I think there is a better way to the rank system than what we currently have, feel free to improve or add to this. What does the community think?
  7. snakegoeshissss

    Getting past Rank 10

    Trying to move past Rank 10. Looking for any tips or tricks to push through. Please don't suggest spend more time. I have usually a max of 2 hours to donate outside of my 12 hour a day work schedule. Love to hear what others are doing to stop the star bleeding.
  8. Today I noticed my Rank Battles Expert Badge is gone. I assume since Rank Battles is over, that the medals would go away. However I still have the one Rank battle badge for my profile. Shouldn't that be gone too? And BTW, the description needs to be added and mark saying "valid only during Rank season."
  9. luckyhoho

    Ranked = relaxing

    never imagine that's possible; how could it be........
  10. I am wondering if we can get steel for the Ranked Sprint from the next update. I am really lack of steel in the way to Stalingrad. Also, I have the idea that getting rank 1 in Ranked Sprint is easier than getting rank 1 in session 10. Do you guys agree?
  11. RedSeaBear

    Ranked Moments

    Another season of Rank and another Rank 1. I wasn't trying for Rank 1 this season but kept playing because I find 7v7 same tier battles to be fun. At some point I found myself at Rank 5 and decided to push for the gold. Season 10 of Rank wasn't much different from all the other seasons I've suffered through. There was the AFK ships, the Save A Star Damage farmers camping in the back, the You Need a Juliet Charlie in Rank ship, the Yolo Chargers to throw the game and my personal favorite The I'm a Team Killing Troll. And as long as a players progression is in the hands of 6 other Randoms The Star Progression system is going to keep Rank a toxic grind that drives more players to stop playing than it drives players to finish. Reward Screen Rank Stats We all know Rank has its problems but I'm done with that cancer fest, so Lets have some fun at my expense. Trying to take a cap, What a DD looks like when the Worcester turns on its radar and all the cruisers open up, Trying to communicate with the team, I played 40 battles trying to get from Rank 3 to Rank 2, the YoYo felt like this, What I looked like Sunday Afternoon after winning the last battle, Bonus; a fun moment hunting a Shimakaze with the YueYang, Thanks to all the good teams who made this possible. Shame and Dishonor to all those potatoes who made this journey longer than it needed to be. I'm going to go recover my sanity.
  12. TheOneAndOnlyHellequin

    Star not counting in Ranked

    So, I just won a match, and the star counted in the actual match. However, as I went into queue for the next match, it showed me as having the same rank 13 1 star as the last time. It should be 13 2 stars, playing for irrevocable 12, and yet... Is this happening to anyone else? Anyone from WG got any info? @Femennenly
  13. I mean, that is Yamato right?!! And of course, I lost the battle because of this.......
  14. WG really t8 and then t10 again??????!!!!!!! There are 10 tiers to choice from and the same blasted thing?????? We are in clan battles at... Let me think...t10 and now rank again at t10!!?!?!?!? Please do somthing else I am sick of playing t10 over and over again Try another teir any teir. Have you heard of t7 were everything is all at and every ship tree and prems work. I know I'm snarky in this post but come on WG the same darn thing over and over again. Please do somthing else!