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Found 8 results

  1. snakegoeshissss

    Getting past Rank 10

    Trying to move past Rank 10. Looking for any tips or tricks to push through. Please don't suggest spend more time. I have usually a max of 2 hours to donate outside of my 12 hour a day work schedule. Love to hear what others are doing to stop the star bleeding.
  2. Today I noticed my Rank Battles Expert Badge is gone. I assume since Rank Battles is over, that the medals would go away. However I still have the one Rank battle badge for my profile. Shouldn't that be gone too? And BTW, the description needs to be added and mark saying "valid only during Rank season."
  3. luckyhoho

    Ranked = relaxing

    never imagine that's possible; how could it be........
  4. I am wondering if we can get steel for the Ranked Sprint from the next update. I am really lack of steel in the way to Stalingrad. Also, I have the idea that getting rank 1 in Ranked Sprint is easier than getting rank 1 in session 10. Do you guys agree?
  5. RedSeaBear

    Ranked Moments

    Another season of Rank and another Rank 1. I wasn't trying for Rank 1 this season but kept playing because I find 7v7 same tier battles to be fun. At some point I found myself at Rank 5 and decided to push for the gold. Season 10 of Rank wasn't much different from all the other seasons I've suffered through. There was the AFK ships, the Save A Star Damage farmers camping in the back, the You Need a Juliet Charlie in Rank ship, the Yolo Chargers to throw the game and my personal favorite The I'm a Team Killing Troll. And as long as a players progression is in the hands of 6 other Randoms The Star Progression system is going to keep Rank a toxic grind that drives more players to stop playing than it drives players to finish. Reward Screen Rank Stats We all know Rank has its problems but I'm done with that cancer fest, so Lets have some fun at my expense. Trying to take a cap, What a DD looks like when the Worcester turns on its radar and all the cruisers open up, Trying to communicate with the team, I played 40 battles trying to get from Rank 3 to Rank 2, the YoYo felt like this, What I looked like Sunday Afternoon after winning the last battle, Bonus; a fun moment hunting a Shimakaze with the YueYang, Thanks to all the good teams who made this possible. Shame and Dishonor to all those potatoes who made this journey longer than it needed to be. I'm going to go recover my sanity.
  6. TheKrimzonDemon

    Star not counting in Ranked

    So, I just won a match, and the star counted in the actual match. However, as I went into queue for the next match, it showed me as having the same rank 13 1 star as the last time. It should be 13 2 stars, playing for irrevocable 12, and yet... Is this happening to anyone else? Anyone from WG got any info? @Femennenly
  7. I mean, that is Yamato right?!! And of course, I lost the battle because of this.......
  8. WG really t8 and then t10 again??????!!!!!!! There are 10 tiers to choice from and the same blasted thing?????? We are in clan battles at... Let me think...t10 and now rank again at t10!!?!?!?!? Please do somthing else I am sick of playing t10 over and over again Try another teir any teir. Have you heard of t7 were everything is all at and every ship tree and prems work. I know I'm snarky in this post but come on WG the same darn thing over and over again. Please do somthing else!