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Found 1 result

  1. An Idea for a New Map for World of Warships In a World of Warships map, the game map itself is divided into a 10 x 10 grid, with the columns being labelled 1 through 10 and the rows being labelled A through J. Now imagine sub-dividing this grid into four equal Sections: Section A will be from columns 1-5 and rows A through E, Section B will be from columns 6-10 and rows A through E, Section C will be from columns 1-5 and rows F through J, Section D will be from columns 6-10 and rows F through J. Now give each Section have a unique architecture/filling. For example: Section A might have the circular islands group seen in one the west side of "Sleeping Giant." Section B might have the "starburst" formation seen in the center of the map "Shatter." Section C might have an "X" shaped configuration of islands, as somewhat seen in the center of the map "Estuary." Finally Section D might have a "+" shaped configuration of islands, as somewhat seen in the map "Ice Islands." So a game might have a "typical" setup (as defined by this thread introduction above) where Section A is in the top left of the map grid, Section B is in the top right, Section C is in the bottom left, and Section D is in the bottom right. So, in this case, the four Sections would appear in setup A-B-C-D in the game. Now imagine programming the map creation algorithm so that it randomly scrambles the set up order of these Sections for every game! So it might be A-B-C-D, or it might be A-C-B-D, or it might be D-C-B-A, or B-D-C-A, or.... There would be 24 permutations that could be randomly presented. So instead of designing ONE new map, you'd actually be creating 24 variant maps! I'm not sure if this would actually work or not; of course it would require a lot of playtesting. (Note: it would probably work best as a map created for Tier 5 games and lower; don't know exactly why, just a feeling.) But hey, it's an idea!