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Found 9 results

  1. Has anyone else encountered a Nebraska in random battles? I was not on a test server.
  2. Chad_Slava_Enjoyer

    Small Poll On The State Of Subs

    I wanted to know public opinion on subs at the moment.
  3. _SterlingArcher_

    Day one of random subs

    Well. Its day one of the live testing of subs in randoms. What are everyone's thoughts?? Remember to keep civil gents, this thread will get deleted hella quick otherwise. Disaster, as far as i saw. Nobody wants them in game. Every single match i was in today, people were glad if subs weren't present l, and were vocal about such in allchat. In matches with subs, they were constantly bashed, both the players, and WG (the letter, deservingly, the former, not). More than once, people on both teams were calling out locations of their own subs, and letting people kill them off ASAP. Its a cluster(word starting with F) WG. Pull them, and rethink this whole sorry episode.
  4. Hey there big man thanks for coming to my post broh So the title is self explanatory WG why no gib more game modes for random battles? All game modes we currently have revolve around bigger or smaller circles, circles placed in different places and thats pretty much it for the random or even coop battles. So how about the community here writes all of their creative ideas down below for new game modes. That way someone from war gaming creative department can take your ideas and use them to get a promotion! Lol anyway it could be anything to give you all ideas think of game archetypes, maybe fleet play where you must defend X amount of player vehciles for points or some kind of search and destroy or even a siege map. where one team assaults a port while another defends. There are infinite possibilities. So add your ideas below, maybe talk why we haven't had any major changes since launch almost 6 years ago. I'd like to hear your thoughts and see your voices heard Make it so.
  5. Mamba_ZA

    Map Guides

    Good Morning Captains Just a thought instead of complaining, rather try help improving players (me included). I think it would be great if we could request a series from CC's on map positioning for example on certain maps? I know Flamu had a great series where we had viewers send in replays of "poor" battles and tried to break down their games and give out some advice. So a guide along those lines? I'm sure we would all like to improve so I'm just throwing out some constructive ideas. Regards All
  6. Analysis of the Botz Encountered in Random Battles Thur the progression of battles a player builds his instinct as to how other players react to other players reaction and random kinds of weirdness one might encounter in a normal battle with various players. Eventually you will see some very poor players still learning there way around and some very good players who have multiple “Cracken” ribbons and are pretty much just hunting skeet/noobs in random battles and would pretty much earn them every other game if not neutralized by Match Maker(MM) in the name of fairness. There appears to be a discernibly breakdown of players skill in term of total number of battles play. Consistence on player skill understand seems to be at 200,500,1k, 2k, 5k, and 10k Plus battles. These numbers are subject of course but in the ball park of correctness. In looking at Botz the player with 10k battles who play thru all tiers with large diverse fleets notice them with out much effort usually. The smart ones identify them with in the first minute of the game before shots are fired, and develop or have developed counter measures accordingly. There are several general kinds of Botz you might encounter in Random Battles. A few are: Aim Botz – A player assist tool (I didn't name them) Player Developed Macro Tools - Keyboard and/or Mouse Assist tools specifically Player Programmed Language Tools – There are various programming tools designed to assist the gaming community to play various video games. Linux(its diagnostic tools evade almost all detection) and Windows(has some very good tools, but are more easily detected by WoWs) both seems to offer the best choices. I believe there is a Clan specifically dedicated to these tools listed above. WoWs forum policies forbid name it. WoWs House Bots – These are created by WoWs and place into random battles to short the wait time and Balance out the Teams in the name of Fairness. This review will focus on the WoWs House Bots. How the WoWs House Bots work. In its zeal to make every game balanced even in ranked, it makes decision based on players ability(win percentages, total battles played, etc), ships ability(upgrades, consumables, and Commander skill points allocated). Thru the ability of rating each ship mathematically and the power of averaging, the MM Algorithm can theoretically balances the teams out. In Practical Use/Application not so much. Preface of Know Facts A1 Co-Op Botz are really off topic, but provide the a basis of understanding for some. The Co-Op Botz do no perform the same way in a Tier 3 Vs a Tier 10 Battle. The Tier 10 Botz are a 3 out of a 5 scale of difficulty where as the Tier 3 are a 1 on the same scale. A2 Senerio Botz are off topic also, but provide the a basis of understanding for others. In senerios, the WoWs House Botz abilities and Tweaks become clearer. The advantage the player has is that the player know the Spawn Points of the enemy ships and there plotted Way Points. The Botz on the other hand have a priority target list of the most dangerous ships on the board based on the mathematical Algorithm. The will ignore other threats if those targets are available. Often the senerios need to be tweaked to correct for patch updates. A quite obvious one was Patch 8.x as it virtually destroyed the game balance of WoWs. BTW, the botz in sernerios are notorious for firing/torping well after being sunk. A3 Training Botz , again off topic but getting close and a interesting study non the less. The training botz are suppose to be floating targets for getting the feel tactical advantage and training purposes. The interesting point here is WoWs offers 3 levels of Difficulty. In other words it offers 3 levels of the AI these ships are running in for all practical purposes in a random battle. A skilled player of course blows thru the hard levels/AI level 3 with easy. Lets review the issues,trends, and the facts(with focus on Very Good Players and Very Good Boats). Issues, Trends, and/or Counters Measures - B1 You and your ship are Mathematically rated in the Queue before a battle even starts. MM is trying to decide how to balance out the teams in the name of Fairness. No one want to get skunked 12:0 in a battle and its bad for business. This would explain why multiple groups kick off for battle and your left in a queue. An example of other anomalies is if you have as AA setup and cant draw a CV match or vise versa. B2 In the Queue the timer is ticking and there are limits as to how long a ship can wait in queue (example we see this in Co-Ops clearly). MM is faced with the decision “Can I build a fair match with the ships I have in queue? If not it will create one or more”, and wolaa – Botz are born. B3 The Spawn Set Up. Takes over now that the teams have been artificially balanced, but that's not good enough. The botz which have been added need to be able to engage you, There for they will be place in proximity to your position on the opposing team. There by allow them to engage you quickly. The better you are the more botz that will be assigned to target you. Just as in the senerios. Only in this case if they are running 3 botz to target you. At least 1 bot will suicide toward you to draw you out for the others to kill you. I have seen this many time and can predict it well in advance. The counter to this is to draw them out and do a U-Turn(180 degrees) and Kite them till your team mates can assist. They will open up there broadside to those team mates cuz you are a priority target. No normal player does such sillyness. You may not get the Kill(s) but they will have been neutralized. B4 The Level 5 on a scale of 5 botz, have dispersement modifiers and target modifiers. The level 5 AI bots normally only hit me a midships or in the engineering area. They also usually hit first salvo, normal players just don't do that at max range botz will (AKA guided shells/torps). The counter to this is always zig-zag with only the A/D keys in erratic ways. Q/E keys wont cut it. Never sail in a straight line. However the Botz seem to dumb down when targeting other player of a lessor threat. The counter is to pair up with(preferably a clan member using voice chat) team mate or tow and bushwhack them as the come in. B5 The Level 5 Botz also have modifiers on their Armor on both the “To Hit” and “Damage Done”. They are fully Tweaked out on the deference mode. This is back in senerios we see ship 3 tiers less taking out ships with ease. The counter is to this is same as above team work and bushwhacking seems to work nicely. These is a conciseness of multiple players once we started to look into this seriously over years. Btw this is the short version there is a lot more. Enjoy. I know what I am seeing as I have 2.3k Ranked Battles and over 13k Random Battles under my belt(on this account). BTW the patch I wear indicates that I have been around since the Beta version of World of Warships. In short I know what I am seeing.
  7. So I just got out of a game where myself and another player carried our team so hard, bringing a 2v5 down to just us two (and our CV) hunting down their CV. We played our butts off even making it to that point. So here is where the "balanced gameplay" starts. I was chasing down the CV (an Audacious) and I had almost two minutes to shoot at him, and I hardly did ANY damage because he just turned away from me and ran. EVERY fire I lit only lasted 5 seconds, and of course I couldn't penetrate his armor with AP, so we ended up losing the game on points because WG thinks it was a good idea to cater to glue suckers who are apparently incapable to pressing the "R" key once or twice a game, something that most of the rest of us (DD's CA/CL's and BB's) seem to have managed to figure out. How is this fair to anyone? We understand the game and its mechanics enough to be able to majorly contribute to the team and yet we still lose because the CV can simply run and be almost invincible? HOW is that balanced??? What other ship class can simply sit in spawn, not risk his ships health AT ALL, and then at the end of the game when his team has been defeated and completely outplayed by two skilled players, he can still win by simply turning around and running? In many ways this problem is significantly worse than the artillery problem in WoT because while the arty can be quite stealthy and hard to find sometimes, its very easy to kill them once you find them. The rare time and artillery player manages to win the game for his team he HAS to either A: predict where the enemy player is and fire a blind shot that gives away his position; or B: wait for the enemy player to get close enough to spot him and risk a "shotgun" shot in order to kill him. Both options leave the arty player very exposed after taking the shot and an easy kill, which in my opinion, makes up for his ability to damage players without risking his tank. Now imagine that that same artillery player had a tank that had the same speed as the average medium tank, say 40-50kph (around 30-35mph I believe), AND had armor that made doing damage to him impossible if he angled it right, AND still had the ability to attack you while running away at a similar speed to your tank. Could you imagine the sh*t storm that the player base would make if such a tank existed? Well ladies and gentlemen, that is EXACTLY what CV's are in WoWS. They CAN be killed, even when angled, however it takes a very long time for only one ship, time that the CV has to continue to strike the player regardless of his angling. I have had even worse examples of this when encountering the CV's that have armored decks, where HE does NOTHING because it shatters, and AP does NOTHING because they can simply angle, bounce the shells and become damn near invulnerable. I've been saying it for years and I'll continue to say it as long as WG proves that they cannot balance this ship class: "TAKE CV'S OUT OF THE GAME OR GIVE US A WAY TO OPT OUT OF CV GAMES!!" NOBODY (and I do mean NOBODY) I have talked to is EVER happy when they see a CV in their game. It detracts from the fun and the overall experience. Yet conversely people rejoice when game modes like Ranked and Clan Battles and Space Battles come out because CV's aren't allowed, and they provide a refuge from the "sky-cancer" as they are so affectionately named. If WG wont listen to the community, the CC's and the Super Testers who TELL THEM THESE THINGS, then what as a community are we supposed to expect from the company in the future? The whole point of the beta was to TEST AND IMPROVE the changes they were implementing. ALL the CC's and testers I know of were saying that some of the things that I have mentioned and that WG has implemented were bad ideas and they still went ahead and did it. MAKING CV'S EXTREMELY RESISTANT TO DAMAGE IS NOT THE WAY TO BALANCE THEM. If WG can't listen to the community and balance a ship class properly that has been in the game for as long as CV's have been (what 3, 4 years now?), how can we trust that they will be able to properly balance something like submarines, which they have been for years saying they will never put into the game BECUASE they will be so hard to balance? Are we going to see something like World of Tanks, where the game dies because of poor choices made by the dev team? I LOVE World of Warships. I've spent waaaay too much money on this game because I enjoy it so much, so I really, really do not want to see it and its player base wane away and die because of something like CV and SS (submarine) balance issues when they have THOUSANDS of community members to ask and take ideas from. Now I know I don't have all the answers, and I know some people genuinely enjoy playing CV's both the RTS style and the 3rd person style. But the number of people in that group are so small it seems quite ridiculous to me that WG would attempt to please them instead of the vast majority of players who would rather see CV's out of the game altogether. If balancing the CV's isn't possible and we know from the beta tests that CV only game are NOT fun even for those who enjoy playing CV's normally, then what can WG do? What can we as a community do, or suggest to WG? I would really like to avoid a "flame war" in the comments, but would like to encourage constructive criticism, and solutions to this problem that WG can hopefully take notice of and consider implementing in the future. I know everyone who reads this, and everyone at WG wants what is best for the future of this game, but I do not feel like CV's in their current form should be a part of that future.
  8. I was casually playing a random battle, leveling up my 8th ship or so to tier 10. It was a typical battle with all the headaches you'd encounter in a random match - i.e. the enemy team chasing our only destroyer while everyone else fired at full HP battleships, or the famous split up with no clear direction and hang out at A or B line. Headache after headache, looking forward to clan battles so I could experience better organized play and get to play against high level competition. Being able to play against high level competition is why ranked or clan battles are so fun for me, and why I get so bummed out doing missions in randoms. There has to be a better way around this... Introducing ladder based randoms: Synopsis: Random battles are sub-divided into 3 or 4 groups. Each group is labeled accordingly to a name - i.e. Elite League, Journeyman League, Beginner League or Dragon League, Typhoon League, Whale League. Each league is comprised of players according to their ranked battle status. Rules: 1. Players from higher leagues may join lower leagues. Players from lower leagues may not join higher leagues. 2. The top league is comprised of the top 25 to 30% of ranked players. The middle league is comprised of the top 50% of ranked players. The lower league is comprised of 100%, meaning anyone may participate in battles for this league. Bonuses: 1. Players in the top league will receive a 200% exp bonus per battle in this league. Players in the middle league will receive a 150% exp bonus, while players in the lower league will get the usual 100%. This creates incentive to compete at a higher level. 2. Tiered Random Missions: Missions can be based on each league where rewards are greater for higher leagues. Overall: I believe this would allow players to compete at a higher level of game play AND motivate them to do so in the form of greater rewards for better game play.
  9. i didnt even carry hard, and missed quite a few shots. managed to land the kill shots though. afk in randoms dont matter, except perhaps cv, but even thenn just takes more coordination/carrying. and yes, this is a large enough sample size to draw conclusions!