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Found 2 results

  1. Recently there has been a increase in the number of "all-same-tier" style of matches in Random Battles, the most commonly player game mode in all of WOWS. From my own personal account: within the last 2 weeks, I have been in 6 all-VIII tier games, 3 all-X tier games, and 2 all-tier IX tier games. Many players are saying that this is a good thing, that it makes playing Random Battles less stressful and more fun....and I tend to agree with them. However, I do think that Random Battles should retain its "2-tier-difference" style of matches. And here is why: While I do appreciate Wargaming's attempt to appease the players in making these all-same-tier matches appear more often, I, Captain Ciryandil, still enjoy the occasional mixture of tiers in a Random Battle match as I think that it does good for the game by jazzing up the gameplay. After all, the fact that when you click that button to enter into a Random Battle you do not know that you may be placed bottom tier, upper tier, or middle tier, makes the gamemode live up to the name of "random battle". Since you cannot predict what is going to happen, it adds to the surprise element to the game, making it seem less monotonous. If EVERY game in Random Battle was made to be fought in only the same tier (i.e. if you jump into a Tier VIII ship and enter into a Random Battle, the enemy ships that you are up against are ONLY Tier VIIIs) then that would be boring, wouldn't it? We already have that kind of gameplay in Clan Battle and Ranked Battle gamemodes, albeit that the tiers are preset by Wargaming and that they call the shots on which tier is to be played per season. What I am saying is, Random Battles should retain that "random-ness" element that still makes it unique form all the other gamemode, in other words, there should still be a "2-tier-difference" and "1-tier difference style of matches that appear. If you are in a Tier VII ship and you are facing against enemy Tier IXs, that is too bad....but if you in that Tier VII ship again and you are against enemy Tier V ships...that's good! But even if you are up-tiered....instead of griping about it, why not just play the game and do your best? After all, even if you get sunk while being bottom-tier, you might take down some of those big-[edited]up-tier ships down to Davy Jones' Locker with you....and THAT is always satisfying.
  2. Problem A problem with divisions. In random battles when we have a clan division all on teamspeak vs random pubbies. The game become sloped massively in favour of the team with the clan division and vice versa. If a division is really good, it's basically a free win, if it's crap, then you can just give up and farm damages before it ends. In a team based game, the quality of a division becomes a very reliable indicator of the outcome of a random game before the countdown timer even finishes. People want to play with friends, that's understandable but when it becomes kill-box creating pub-stomp, it becomes fun for no one but them. You're then sacrificing the benefit of the majority for the minority. Pickup basketball as an analogy Pickup basketball is usually a random grab-bag group of people playing against each other but what divisions are, suddenly 3 Lakers players or your favorite NBA team of choice decided they'll drop in and join one team, the other side is a random group of people. The outcome of that game would be completely lopsided. Vice versa, maybe suddenly we have three drunk frat boys on one team. Now the other random people either will be doing jack or have to pick up the slack massively. Solution That imbalance of gameplay can easily be solved by creating "division battle arena mode" where division gets to play against other divisions who are also cooperating with each other, instead of random lemmings who can't tell the difference between turret and tourettes. Note I can imagine a lot of kickback from this idea of course. The same as when people suggest Graff Zepplin maybe broken, Graff Zepplin captains say it's not but I'm floating this out anyway. Predicted Response: "well why don't you play with other people then? Join a clan!". That doesn't solve the systemic problem, that just makes me part of the problem.