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Found 4 results

  1. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    So Savage!!

    I’m not entirely sure how I did this but I think my velocity was key. Went to ram in savage battles and the enemy was stuck on an island but I had slowed down then quickly accelerated into them. Neither of us blew up right away. I ended up pushing them up into the island and then their health bar started to drop. It was quite fun to do. I just wish I was fast enough to grab a screen shot of it happening. I managed to survive cause I’m running with a ramming flag at all times in this mode. Has as anyone else had this happen? Edit: Added video of the event down below.
  2. I suspect that ramming now causes only the remaining HP instead of the total HP. A subtle change that allowed me to ram 2 Mamie in a row with Vlad, and to be rammed and killed by a Jean Bart in a Scharn with 7k HP left, while dealing only 7k ramming damage to that Jean Bart.
  3. WG needs to put a little effort into fixing the ramming mechanic. When a BB with under 1000 health can barely touch a healthy (same tier BB) at a very low speed i might add and both die it is broken. A very low speed bump would NOT sink a healthy BB. It needs to be fixed someway to account for damage based on speed, where contact is made etc. Right now its not in line with any other tactic or mechanic of the game.