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Found 1 result

  1. So i gave the game a legitimate shot from 8.0.0 when my gut told me to pack it in and quit. Im not having trouble adapting. Im having trouble with the fun factor in DDs. What do i do? I really cant find the game enjoyable as a DD main, Im too shut down every match, and i find delaying cap just isnt fun, unless im running a 14km groz build. What are my options (Real options) Im tired of CW, I Have over 30k Steel with nothing to spend it on, Neurtrashimy is overpriced, and i will not support WG and their steel power creep when the Black is a better steel DD for almost 1/3 less. Reaching almost 500k Coal, Nothing to spend it on (no options as a high-tier DD player) And with CV's coming to Ranked and CW, why? What do i do? I tried cruisers, after i got a Azuma. I hate it just as bad as before. I cant play BBs, I get very sleepy when i do. I played a CV on a friends account. A Midway. Prior to that game i never touched a CV. I did 120k Damage and won and never touched the class again. I found it very 1 Dimensional and boring game play wise. I dont like COOP or any other game mode but randoms and ranked (and CW depending) PVP is where i like to play. What can i do as well? Putting maximum effort to do just half as well as was able as before is extremely tiring, and wears me out after 1-3 games. With Biased CCs like @NoZoupForYou , @Notser blindly supporting the CV rework without bringing up legitimate concerns, has me wondering if they are just looking out for themselves and keeping a positive light infront of WG. This is something a CC shouldn't do. Arent they there to bring up legitimate concerns to the Devs, and not use their CC status to garner Youtube Hits and twitch views for monetization? I honestly dont know what to do anymore War gaming, the Game is just so anti Fun for DDs. After all isnt playing the game for fun the goal? Thanks, Toxic_Masculinity.