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Found 28 results

  1. We all know that Naysayers say nay, ice cream melts and DD players cry (...okay, all WoWS classes cry) - but since the dawn of radar we have heard the sorrowful cries to repent b/c the end was near..., and here we are. Let's all give a big thumbs up and hearty backslapping to anyone willing to count how many times Flamu uses the word 'radar': Happy hunting season, I dreamt Ranked would be T9 some day!
  2. I'm collecting data for the Minotaur and only the Minotaur. If have other RN CLs, great, but this poll is for Minotaur players' votes only please. Please keep the topic civil, there is no "better" consumable (I don't want to see discrimination against either smoke or radar users). All I'm doing is collecting data for the present, note this poll also refers to random battles and random battles only please. Playing 1 game in either smoke or radar and voting for that 1 game you played isn't accurate, I'm talking about playing at least 50% of your games using 1 specific consumable. If you use Minotaur in CB that's cool, but the only real reason is really for the radar. If you could explain when and why you use either consumable that would be great (optional). Personally I use the radar because it has larger influence on the game usually leading to a higher win rate, but yields less damage potential. I play Minotaur as a kiting ship when I can (early game) and I camp behind islands whenever I can to help out with radar. The Minotaur has been the first RN CL I have used radar on because of its manoeuvrability and stealth. You can still manage to deal decent damage with a radar Minotaur, but I have to warn you, it's literally one of the hardest ships to play in the game. If you can make it work, then it is extremely rewarding and well worth playing without the smoke. If I bonked up the poll please let me know, I haven't posted polls in a while.
  3. LowSpeed_US

    Idea, maybe?

    Hello all Captains, I wonder if this idea have been visited previously by someone else or discussed in passing. However, I've had an eureka moment few days ago and though I'd share with the community. Just maybe the WG staff will take notice or implement them in the future, should they like the idea of course. (let's please not discuss the pros vs cons, usage of Radar itself in-game, this is not the thread for it) We have from secondary modules, AAA guns that get destroyed by shells damage; but not any other ship parts (Radar, Hydro, etc) However, the main usage of the "Damage Control Party I/II" consumable is limited to fire & flood damage as it is currently used. Why not allow these consumables to effectively repair the Radar (or hydro) on the ships once they are hit by the shells? in another words, introduce an area on a ship (which has Radar) to be 'hit' then to be repaired by using the "Damage Control Party I/II" (DCP). i.e. A shell hits Des Moines conning tower (again, as an example), thereby disabling its Radar consumable temporarily. The Radar consumable will be down until the cool down counter is complete, or the player activates the Damage Control Party I/II. Much like we do now with fire & flooding damage. This would make the abundance of Radar in higher tiers to be somewhat mitigated without driving a hard wedge into what is already designed into the game. It would give the players the chance to intentionally temporarily disable the ship that has radar. Allowing more tactical play/option for players. Conversely, the ship with radar would be more careful in implementation of it's radar asset or be suggested to play more wisely, tactically, or just go ham with it in fear of having it down temporarily. For the WG team, I would imagine it would take some work to add this into the game (should they take the idea on-board). But I think having the already used DCP to include the radar damage system would be a somewhat a feasible option? As a sidenote, the conning tower on ships. Besides taking damage, I believe it has no other uses in-game. Why not double the usage of that section to include the above mentioned idea. I hope what I wrote makes sense, if not I can attempt to explain further. What are your thoughts gents?
  4. Thugdaddynasty

    Radar is OP, WG please nerf

    I'm going to get on a soapbox here. This may not be a popular opinion but its getting ridiculous. Its ridiculous how you can be completely undetected, then get detected by radar and targeted by half the enemy team. I feel as though this is helping to promote the terrible gameplay that we've been seeing as of late. Des Moines hiding behind islands for entire matches, DDs not capping like we want them to, etc. etc. I'm told to "learn how to play around it". In some cases, there is no way to contest a cap and "play around radar" because radar ships will hide behind islands close enough to detect one or multiple caps with their radar. I feel like since smoke got nerfed a few patches ago its time WG nerfed radar. A fair solution, in my opinion, would be that only the ship using the radar would be able to detect enemy ships. This would still allow radar to be effective for the ships that use it in that they can still contest caps and potentially secure kills. I want to know what you guys honestly think. I don't think that there's much we can do to change anything because WG doesn't really care what the general population wants. Tell me, is there a better solution than the one I have presented? Do you think that radar is fine the way it is and should be left alone and I should quit being salty? I'm genuinely curious as to what you guys think. Thank you.
  5. A thought occurred to me today as I was reading a posting here asking about improvements to certain ships. Someone mentioned fake torpedoes and that got the ol' gears grinding in my thick skull. I also want to preface this by saying I don't mind radar and think it has a place in the game and I don't want to get rid of it or even change it. My idea deals with ways to counter radar other then the simple 'get out of range' that is our sole option now. I also believe that even with counter measures, the radar should provide at some effective information to the team using it, perhaps for a shorter duration or not as exact. There could always be radar jammers that have half the duration of the Radar or perhaps a longer cool down period or something that would still allow the radar to work for a shorter period or less accurately. You could make it it so that the radar does see the ship, but it would only show on the map like a ship that is out of your detection range, (The hollow icons that can't be targeted). You could even tailor jammers to specific ships, say IJN cruisers only being able to jam USN radar, leaving the Russian and German radars unaffected. There is a lot you could do with these. There could be chaff mortars on select ships that disperse large clouds of chaff that confuse both sides radars if in detection range. The cloud would last for a shorter period than the radar does. But the REAL idea I had, the thought that made me sit up and take notice, was decoys! This wouldn't necessarily only be a Radar counter measure, but could be used at any time. The idea is that certain ships, cruisers and battleships, maybe only certain countries, could send out or deploy a decoy that mimics a ship type, mostly destroyers I would think, to distract and/or confuse the enemy. The decoy would travel in a straight line for a fixed distance and/or last a fixed amount of time, but also have a small health pool so the could be destroyed by red forces. I am sure you clever cogs out there could come up with better restrictions on their employment and their capabilities, but I feel there is real merit in at least taking a look at this. I look forward to your thoughts and opinions on the matter. Cheers!
  6. Avenge_December_7

    Radar (Based on Inner Circle's Bad Boys)

    Just thought I'd take a break from all my college work and make this little thing Based on Inner Circle's Bad Boys (Or the Cops TV Show theme) Huh! Smokers! Where ya at? Where ya at? Where ya gonna run? When all the radar detect you? Tell me, where ya gonna run, where ya gonna run? Yeah! Smokers, smokers Where ya gonna run? Where ya gonna run when they detect you? Smokers, smokers Where ya gonna run? Where ya gonna run when they detect you? When you were watching youtube vids You learn to move and angle in smoke So why are you staying still showing broadside? If you get lit then it's back to port! Smokers, smokers Where ya gonna run? Where ya gonna run when they detect you? Smokers, smokers Where ya gonna run? Where ya gonna run when they detect you? Ya blame it on luck, ya blame it on chance Ya blame it on hacks and ya blame your ping Ya blame it on your teammates and ya blame Wargaming And you blame Russian bias and ya blame RNG! Smokers, smokers Where ya gonna run? Where ya gonna run when they detect you? Smokers, smokers Where ya gonna run? Where ya gonna run when they detect you? Smokers, smokers Where ya gonna run? Where ya gonna run when they detect you? Smokers, smokers Where ya gonna run? Where ya gonna run when they detect you? You're gonna have to learn your lesson Des Moines'll only take a few seconds Moskva takes a minute, I reckon And Missouri has bigger weapons Hey Smokers, smokers Where ya gonna run? Where ya gonna run when they detect you? Smokers, smokers Where ya gonna run? Where ya gonna run when they detect you? Why do you love to camp in smoke? Don't you know there're things called torpedoes? Joined a potato to tier ten still a tater Match start, go, and it's back to port I know sometimes you get good games Hehehe I know sometimes you get good games Smokers, smokers Where ya gonna run? Where ya gonna run when they detect you? Smokers, smokers Where ya gonna run? Where ya gonna run when they detect you? Smokers, smokers Where ya gonna run? Where ya gonna run when they detect you? Smokers, smokers Where ya gonna run? Where ya gonna run when they detect you? (Stop sitting still, broadside in smoke) (Stop sitting still, broadside in smoke) Smokers, smokers Where ya gonna run? Where ya gonna run when they detect you? Smokers, smokers Where ya gonna run? Where ya gonna run when they detect you?
  7. I am not here to hash out the value of radar on the game in general, just how a simple change would affect the chess match between Destroyer and Cruiser. Radar no longer penetrates mountains or islands Move 1 Cruisers) No longer hide behind islands to use radar, they use it out in the open Move 2 Destroyers) Approach caps with islands in front to cover them Move 3 Cruisers) Knowing DD's approach caps with island cover they... Just wondering how this would play out.
  8. First I have to say.. ITS BROKEN. Being able to see the enemy IF' 1 of my/their team SEE's the other..IS STUPID.. You might add a Shadow, giving a suggestion of WHERE something is, but NOT A VISUAL TARGET. Iv seen it, Iv used it, Iv watched team mates DESTROYED BY IT... The Battleships has best view range, and Should not see everything that a Destroyer is seeing 4+ squares away.. Destroyers have small profiles and cant be seen by Battleships until they are reasonably Close..But Iv seen them shoot Long range and kill the destroyers. Iv seen 3 focus fire the last few destroyers..from the NEXT OVER Control point.. Radar/sonar...DO NOT tell you where and WHAT it is..they tell you SOMETHING is over there. and its not SUPER accurate, and does not show you the VISUAL TARGET.. you MIGHT get an average size of the ITEM on radar/sonar, but nothing more. Please fix this. Even the example you show...Shows that it shouldnt be happening.
  9. Des Moines, Cleveland, Baltimore, Buffallo, Missouri, Dm Donskoi, Moskva, Chapayev, Indianapolis, Belfast, Kronshtadt... todos estes navios e muitos outros não citados (para não prolongar a dor que alguns capitães de DDs sentem) tem algo em comum e acho que você sabe muito bem o que é. Seja o "curto" alcance dos 9,9km e intermináveis 50 segundos de radar de um DM com o módulo de radar ou os 11,7km de um cruzador russo que parecem que cobrem metade do mapa, radares são a moda e uma das ferramentas mais letais para caçar e acabar com DDs em qualquer partida. Cruzadores tem radares, e até DDs como o Black ou os Pan-Asiáticos do tier VIII para cima vem com eles usam de radares ou podem equipá-los em troca de gerador de fumaça (eu ia dizer que logo logo surge um CV com radar mas não quero dar mais ideias de navios com radar, vai que né? ). Um mal existente: Sim, eles estão ai. E assim como a AA para os CVs, é algo que um capitão de DD precisa saber lidar para sobreviver aos inóspitos mares dos tiers mais altos. E quero deixar algumas (mas não únicas, se você tiver outras dicas sinta a vontade para favorecer o debate). Antes de entrar em detalhes, quero que você entenda que para saber como mitigar o radar, você antes precisa se colocar no lugar daquele jogador de cruzador, com o dedo a milímetros de apertar o botão de radar caso seja detectado ou uma bandeira começar a virar para a sua equipe. Isso se torna chave para entender o por que e como sobreviver ao radar. Rápida Intro sobre radares: Radares são consumíveis que irão revelar qualquer navio dentro de seu alcance, mesmo que não exista linha de fogo direta entre o navio com radar e seus alvos. Basta estar dentro daquele alcance que você será detectado. Esse efeito funciona também durante ciclones, permitindo que você atire em navios sem ser visto pelo oponente. Eles tem uma duração limitada e diferentemente de busca hidroacústica eles não detectam torpedos, apenas navios. Por conta dessas limitações, geralmente bons jogadores avisam sobre quando vão usar o radar e "spamam" F3 enquanto você estiver detectado. Por conta revelarem imediatamente a posição, radares são usados como forma de evitar que bandeiras sejam tomadas ou para localizar possíveis DDs que estejam tentando lançar ataques furtivos. Conheça teu inimigo: Minha primeira dica ao entrar numa partida com seu DD é apertar o TAB para revelar todos os navios que tem ou podem equipar radar. Isso significa que sim, você TEM que decorar quais são eles, (e também que radares tem) inclusive aqueles que podem ou não equipar radar. Isso se torna importante por que a partir do momento que a partida começa, você poderá ajudar sua equipe a focar eles primeiro, ou mesmo saber se você está ou não ameaçado de ser detectado. Abaixo darei uma guia simplificada de navios com radares (por classe) e os tipos de radares que tem, mas não são os únicos que tem radar, fica como lição de casa você investigar quais estão faltando ;) - também recomendo a leitura da Wiki. Lá vamos nós: Cruzadores leves e pesados USN: Linha comum, todos a partir do Tier VIII. Seu alcance começa em 9km e termina em 9.9 no tier X. Premiums Atlanta e Indianapolis tem radares também. Duração começa em 30 e vai até 40 segundos. Cruzadores soviéticos: Linha comum, todos a partir do Tier VIII. Mesmo alcance de 11,7km e duração de 20 segundos, exceto Moskva com 25. USS Missouri: 9,45km durante 35 segundos. RN Belfast: 8,49km durante 25 segundos. DDs Pan-Asiáticos(trocando fumaça): Todos a partir do tier VIII. Alcance de 7,50km e duração variando de 15 a 20 segundos. Cruzadores RN: Todos a partir do tier VIII: mesmos moldes do radar da USN. Memorizou todos? Espero que sim. Continuando... O Valor do Radar: O valor do radar para a equipe que o tem está em dois possíveis efeitos: Converter o uso do consumível em dano Forçar o DD para fora de uma cap. Logicamente, não é apenas isso, mas são esses os dois maiores valores que se pode tirar de um radar, e considerando que após o uso o player terá que esperar 2 minutos pelo menos para um novo uso, não é atoa que todo mundo atira no pobre DD que está detectado. Então como podemos mitigar isso? Simples, negando ambas as coisas para a equipe adversária. Mais simples dito do que feito, vamos imaginar uma cap. (academia MS Paint de arte). Certo, neste cenário, vindo pelo sul é natural tentar avançar o máximo possível para ajudar sua equipe com reconhecimento. Mas, mal você sabe mas existe um mal oculto por ali. E agora você está detectado por radar. Provavelmente por instinto você irá soltar fumaça (que é inútil), irá ou se abrigar na ilhota (e irá abraçar ela com esperanças de ninguém conseguir te acertar) no meio da cap ou virar as costas com seu Boost de velocidade para correr, você nesse processo já tomou 25% de dano. 45% mas está quase longe o bastante para escapar do radar... e lá vem o salvo do BB a 18 km e... é. Primeira morte para equipe adversária e um jogo mais difícil para sua equipe. O que ocorreu de errado? P-o-s-i-c-i-o-n-a-m-e-n-t-o. Você jogou exatamente da forma como a equipe adversária queria. Fez o que um DD faz. Ir capturar a bandeira. Mas fez isso de forma agressiva demais e sem pensar nas rotas de fuga. E sem querer limitou suas chances de sair vivo. Uma coisa importante que irei colocar aqui e quero que você reflita: Trocar uma bandeira por sua vida NÃO é uma troca válida. Bandeiras podem ser tomadas a qualquer momento, mas se você morrer são pontos para equipe adversária e um navio a menos para a sua. Nada de bom. Com radares, você precisa esperar pelo pior, sabendo que um cruzador de radar está sedento por usar seu consumível premium. Então deixe ele usar, mas faça que seja um desperdício. Vou apresentar uma alternativa de posicionamento, e quero que você pense nela por um momento. Esta posição parece mais segura. Nela você tem uma ilha gigante para correr caso você comece a ser focado e rapidamente irá sair da linha de fogo da equipe adversária. Você irá em partes ceder temporariamente a cap, mas como disse antes, você pode tentar retomar ela, caso tenha sido capturada pelo oponente assim que o radar acabar. Nessa posição, você negou o dano e a kill do radar. Como disse, este é um exemplo de posicionamento mais defensivo. A experiência nos mapas irá dizer onde isso é ou não possível (mapas como Okinawa, por exemplo, tem pouca cobertura, o que torna mais complicado abusar do terreno). Outro ponto importante que vale aqui explicar é: para virar uma cap você não precisa navegar até o meio da mesma, só deixar ao menos metade do seu navio do lado de dentro já basta ;). Assim, uma técnica válida (e usada por jogadores mais experientes) é estacionar ou mesmo se mover vagarosamente na borda da cap, com o navio apontando para fora, assim você estará pronto para abandonar a cap assim que precisar, minimizando o tempo dentro do alcance do radar. (edit) Divisões: Aqui gostaria de dividir em duas breves explicações de como se portar quando estiver em divisão com cruzadores/BBs e com outros DDs. Com outros DDs, ao estiverem numa partida modo dominação com mais de um radar, tentem dividir esforços em ao menos duas bases. O motivo disso é simples: dividir riscos, pois na base que vocês optarem por ir estiver uma equipe inimiga sedenta por kills, você e seu amigo de divisão estarão em alto risco e caso acabem por serem afundados irão causar um prejuízo maior ainda para sua equipe (sempre quando vocês dois não estejam em bandeiras separadas mas ambas dentro do alcance de radar, como no mapa Norte/Luzes do Norte (vulgo "Norte com neve"). Em divisão com Cruzadores e BBs: Primeiro ponto ao capitães de BBs e CAs: ouçam seus DDs. Lembre-se que são eles que irão tentar dar a vantagem inicial a sua equipe, então ajudar a tornar a vida deles mais fácil sempre é fundamental. Geralmente um DD consegue deduzir se o cruzador com radar tem ou não linha de tiro direta. Caso você seja detectado por radar ao iniciar a captura e não havia detectado nenhum navio, é muito provável que o cruzador tomou uma posição defensiva para minimizar dano sofrido. Neste caso, como explicado acima, a decisão sensata é abandonar a bandeira até o radar passar. Caso você esteja em divisão com um navio equipado com radar (altamente recomendado), peça que ele aguarde o radar passar, enquanto toma posição, e assim que a bandeira virar para a outra equipe, imediatamente chame pelo radar para expor o DD adversário. Também é importante chamar fogo ao cruzador adversário com radar assim que for detectado para forçar o mesmo para fora da posição ou (idealmente) tirar ele permanentemente da partida. Outro ponto importante é que BBs também deve focar esforços no DD e cruzador adversário, enquanto você como DD pode adentrar na cap para começar a contestar e tomar a base para sua equipe. Bem, estas foram algumas dicas para lidar com radar em seu DD, como sempre o debate é bem vindo, sendo a ideia tornar este um guia de referência atualizado na melhor forma possível (preciso fazer o mesmo com o guia para DDs). E queria sugerir, que outros tópicos desejam que eu aborde num futuro próximo? Obrigado e bons mares a todos!
  10. Yes, in prime time, with over 10K players on the server, you can get an MM in which it is 4v4 DDs and one side has no radar. Not much point in playing that one out. Our team was awful, to boot. I kept the star with only 83K damage and game was over in 9:01. If the game has to have radar, it has to be balanced in Ranked. That simple. Meanwhile, instead of fixing the MM as players have asked for -- for two years -- we have... Vanguard. And emblems.
  11. Darkmouse24

    When the Red Team has no radar

    Looking at the teams I see the red team has no radar so I play very aggressively knowing the only way I'll get spotted is if an enemy dd gets close then I can just smoke up and hydro.
  12. A suggestion for a temporary radar stealth consumable. This could be used by ships who suffer the most at the effect of radar. Almost exclusively DD's. Would change the parameters of higher tier games. I give credit to the legend of a supposed top secret experiment by the U.S. Navy called "The Philadelphia Experiment". Where the U.S. Navy was trying to develop a radar stealth ability for ships against enemy radar during WW2. Side stepping the rest of the story of physical invisibility, teleportation, and time travel.
  13. Wargaming keeps saying that they dislike passive gameplay. But they are ONLY saying it. They haven't done ANYTHING in game to encourage people to get in and brawl. All recent game changes encourage camping. More radar, extended radar, higher rate of fire on anti-dd ship (that includes harugamo and kitikaze), hydro on everything so that torpedos are so unlikely it hit anything that aiming doesn't even matter, soft new american cruisers (more radar and island camping because they can be deleted). It's not even like dd's can just wait back and go into camp after baiting out a radar...because there are 3 radars on the other team so a dd player has nothing do to unless the bb's on his team get really aggressive about killing radar cruisers. I've been saying for years that decent players will just adapt and that's still true. But after 3,500 games for me, I am losing the desire to adapt because the game is built to encourage camping and discourage team play by rewarding almost exclusively damage. Wargaming, if you really want to discourage passive game play, take away non-line of sight spotting. I don't mind radar penetrating a smoke screen. But if there's an island between the radar ship and any other ship, those other ships should remain undetected--no exceptions. Even the 2km proximity spotting needs to operate only if there is no island in the way and the ships have line of sight. If a bb comes around a corner and doesn't see a dd's waiting there with 10 battle fishes ready to delete him, that's his team's problem for not getting another dd or plane out there to spot before he moves in. Another way to put it...someone has to risk their hp to spot--no line of sight is no risk and that's why nobody takes any risk and we get static game play. Please line of sight ALL spotting except radar/hydro penetration of smoke screens.
  14. Florendo19

    Is AA worth it?

    So I had played several games with defensive AA equipped on my Gearing when I decided to switch to engine boost because I was not seeing any CVs and I wanted to be able to run away from radar and catch other ships if I needed to. The first game I get a two CV game where I get perma spotted and swarmed by planes. In the end I was Auto drop torped in smoke after trying to dodge all the enemy dive bombers and torps, getting my engine killed twice, and not to mention the ever present hail of enemy shells from 6 reds. If one were to look at my stats, they would see that the most planes I have shot down in my Gearing is 7. That was this game. I would like to say I lasted longer than I should have but I still didn't last very long. My question is, should I equip defensive AA knowing that I normally run DDs with AA off and that it is only useful when facing planes or should I equip engine boost so I can improve my positioning while being more vulnerable to airstrikes?
  15. RevTKS

    Ranked = Radar

    From a scrub's view of ranked (That means I know I am terrible): If your team a) has radar and b) can use it effectively then you win. If your team a) does not have radar or b) cannot or will not use it effectively then you lose. The rest of it seems to factor far less into the match. The most amazing thing to see in ranked is that CA's won't move into position where their radar is effective. If that's your team, might as well try and 'save that star' because your team is doomed. The second worst thing is to see a CA on the red team that IS positioned effectively and has managed to get covered or concealed. If your team ignores this, go save that star. The third thing I've seen is ships who have 'optional' radar, are being very judicious about the first time they use it. As in, you may well not seem them use it till late in the match. I had a Minotaur do that. I had been in his radar range several times, but he didn't pop it. Later in the match I was making what I thought was an easy escape in my DD and he popped that Radar and I had 6 ships raining fire on me. Sneaky. The only upside I see to this is that effective Radar usage generally requires some team work, but a good CA can take advantage of whatever the team does usually. Other than that, it's just terribly frustrating to have 'one more thing' out of one's control.
  16. I apologize in advance for continuing to beat to death (and beyond) the horse that is radar...and for missing any prior posting of my suggested revision. I've read a lot of posts on radar but there are too many to read them all, so I might have missed someone else making this suggestion. SUGGESTED REVISION: Splitting Radar Detection into 2 Detection Ranges: (a) Mini-Map Detection and (b) map draw detection Right now, when radar detects a ship, it simultaneously detects it for mini-map purposes AND makes the ship appear on the regular map. The suggested change would split radar detection in two. Devs would look at radar ships and ADD 1-2km of detection range to existing radars for purposes of putting an in-range ship on the mini map...so the radar ship and its team would know there was a DD there and could start making taking actions based on that (start evasive dodging, decide to send ships to actively hunt the DD, etc.). They could even take some pot shots based on the mini-map location. On the other hand, all existing radars would have 1-2km in REDUCTION to the range that they completely draw a detected ship onto the map. EXAMPLE: A 9.45 km range radar now could be revised to draw ships up to 10.95 km away on the mini-map, but only puts them on the regular map at 7.95 or closer. WHY I THINK THIS WOULD BE BETTER THAN WHAT WE HAVE: Even as someone who plays DDs more than cruisers, I concede that radar should exist in some form at higher tiers, as both a nod to historical accuracy and to mitigate against a catastrophic level of ninja torp walls. That said, radar as it exists right now doesn't seem focused on rewarding skill and judgment in a game that generally appeals more to older players who like to focus on us of skill and judgement in their games. Additionally, even though I'm still focused more on tier 8 than 9-10, even at that lower tier it seems that heavy radar tends to make the game more passive (and dull IMHO). Conversely, the concerns that Cruiser and BB players have about not being able to use skill to counterplay ninja torp walls aren't without merit. Finally, the situation of cruisers radaring entire caps from behind a solid island where they can't be hit is both frustrating and silly. I remember hearing a dev giving an interview on The Warships Podcast to say it was too difficult and time consuming to fix easily, and I concede that they would know more than me on that, but it's still frustrating and silly. In any case, I think split radar would make the above issues at least less bad, and would be easier to implement than some other suggested solutions. Most importantly, I think the change would result in more skill and judgment being exercised on all sides. If a DD is detected on a mini map, they have to think and make a decision about whether they want to press-in still, hoping to either stay out of map draw range or that the radar duration will run by then, or to play it safe and sail away. BBs and CA/CLs will know that a DD exists and generally where it is pretty far out, so they'll be able to start taking evasive action. If they choose not to, they have no more excuse for their own death by torps than a DD who sits still in smoke. Once a DD is detected, under the new radar model, the "destroyer hunter" role of cruisers would be more heavily emphasized, as they'd be the ones who would have to decide if, based on the mini-map detection, if they are going to actively try to chase down and kill the detected destroyer or not. Finally, a radar ship has to decide whether it wants to focus on detecting ships further-out on the mini map so their team can react to them (at the cost of warning-away DDs outside killing range or the duration expiring before a close-in kill is achieved) OR hording the radar for close-in killing of DDs at knife-fighting range. While radar would still go through solid land, pending a future fix by WG, the shorter range of radar capable of drawing a ship on the regular map would make radar ships less able to sit behind an island and dominate a cap with radar. Yes, they'd be even more likely to be able to generally detect an enemy ship on a cap, but it should be harder to just push a button to completely reveal a DD and instantly have other ships around the cap destroy any capping DDs while the radar ship faces no risk. Finally, I think this is a more "cinematic" feel for radar than currently exists, as it echos how radar and sonar acts like in popular military fiction. At longer ranges, with an initial contact, an operator will usually only have general information for their captain...that something have been detected, generally where it is, generally how big it is, etc. Only as ranges close and the contact persists does the operator fill-in more details about what they are facing. The current in-game radar...where you go instantly from no knowledge at all to knowing every possible piece of info, seems less realistic/cinematic to me. In any case, seems like radar is something that draws a lot of heated comments and would benefit from some sort of revision. Wanted to offer a constructive idea with the hope that, even if not viewed as a good route for revision, may spur other useful ideas. NOTE: Feel free to delete this post if it deemed duplicative, or more if it would be better suited to a different sub-forum. -TIS
  17. Hi everybody. So i have Okhotnik since months and love to play it from time to time. Good guns, but awful torpedos. Considering all that, can anybody responsible of giving the values to ships in detection, gun dmg and else, elaborate how are we supposed to have fun with 4.5km torp range and several ships carrying Hydro and Radar. I thing at least those torps should buff to 5.5km. Cheers to all.
  18. Observational items here... could be because I'm looking for it. Could be that it's actually there, happening. You'll have to add your two cents. My observation: Destroyers are becoming very passive, "so it seems" in random battles. It's to the point where I won't even follow a Shima towards any point. All they do is drop torps and move away from cap. It is very "rare" these days, to see a Shima actually work a cap let alone take it. I've seen many a gun-boat dd just roll around a cruiser or battleship with no intention of even getting near a cap. Believe me I understand - radar every where. If not radar you got hydro for the close in action. Toss in fighter planes, torpedo bombers and of course dive bombers. Oh - and let's not forget RDF/RDP. It's a rough environment for sure. But you know this when you chose to play a destroyer, didn't you? Every ship in a game is after you because you are a destroyer. Best stealth in the game (usually) with some heavy hitting power. Who wouldn't want to sink you? It's why there is so much stacked up against you. It seems these days the game is very DD-centric, towards sinking them. But why is it then the red team's destroyers seal off three caps while the green team runs around indecisively, unsure of what action to take, taking none, no caps, no kills and before you know it, red team rolls over the green team? Lack of support? Can't be as you're in the midst of the fleet. I'm genuinely interested in the how/why of that scenario. Green team's destroyers lay back. Red team's play towards spotting and caps. If we can keep it civil that'd be great. Just trying to imagine how it happens. tiafyc
  19. legozer

    I fixed it

    I hate threads about radar. Nonetheless, here goes: ** Take away the detected notification on any ship with radar mounted. I don't know if it's been suggested before because I just don't have the stomach to sift through a thousand posts about radar. If this has been floated before now, forgive me. I believe that this makes radar just a little less appealing and just a little less powerful. It's not a complete fix, but it would really help.
  20. Asym_KS

    Radar Question?

    Is there a way that a ship can turn on and turn off the radar consumable at will, while in use? Jog it on for 30 seconds, turn it off, wait 30 seconds, and then turn it on for 30 seconds, turn it off ? I thought once you turned it on it stayed on? Yes, there were three radar ships in the area but this wasn't those three ships working together. This was a single ship because the duration was only 10-20 seconds and there was no continuous radar and I was in range the entire time 5-6K of the ships??? Is this possible or has someone figured out "another way" to use radar? Please, I'm not trolling but I've seen this three times now in the past few weeks....
  21. So with all the posts lately on dd play with radar, here is what we started doing playing in a division of 3 Shimas and the next battle a division of 2 Gearings. We don't take the cap, we CLEAR the cap, and trust me, when you see a spread like below, you do clear the cap. We can take the cap almost always after clearing it. In this case, we hit the dd with 1 torp and he left in a hurry. We took the cap and moved on to the next one. We stay together and were able to kill a gearing with the guns of 2 shimas. Here is the initial clearing spread and the battle results of all 3 shimas. Nothing quite like seeing 45 torps spread out through the entire cap. It is a beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful sight to behold. We do the same thing in the Gearing with 13 or 10 mile torps: Wanted to show the dd players this because in my opinion, there is a way to play with radar in the game. You just have to know, at all times, where the radar ships are and don't get over aggressive with your dd at battle start. Both the Shima battle and the Gearing battle we won, I wasn;t killed in the first one, but was at the end of the 2nd one due to my own stupidity and over confidence. In this Gearing battle, the other team lemming trained and that made us drool on our keyboards.....we stayed 10-12 miles back (outside of the radar range) with the 13 mile torps and just shot spreads of torps at the enemy.....I had 12 torp hits and my division member had 5 hits. Only 2 kills this battle between us but flooding damage galore. With the 10 mile torps, you have to be extra careful you don't get too close to those pesky radar rats. Bottom line guys: Know the radar and the ranges.....and division up with your clan mates in dd's. It is one helluva lot of fun and you can wreak total havoc once you get the hang of your strategy against the radar. Communication within the division is KEY! Sooooooooooooooooooo......division up with clan mates using the same dd's and let the torps FLY and the guns shoot straight! Too many of the dd players are dying too quickly because they are over aggressive at battle start!
  22. Hi all, the fix to radar is simply make it work like radar. That means it doesn't magically work through terrain or another ship if you are hiding behind it's radar shadow. This would stop the camping of the radar ship behind cover and involve some risk. Otherwise simply have more open ocean maps at higher tiers. Thanks
  23. (Place tongue firmly in cheek before proceeding. And remember: Irony is Truth) Invisible ships that whine about radar and battleship AP Big fat clumsy ships that whine about invisible ships, fires and walls of torps Floating citadels that win by hiding behind cover and lobbing lameness onto hapless targets that can’t fire back at them Smoke, smoke, smoke and some more smoke Fire-spitting smoke clouds featured prominently in the naval battles of the early to mid-20th Century Overpenetrations: 16” shells go right through a canoe, you know, for only 10% damage The Dispersion Slot Machine---feeling lucky? Well, are you, punk? Hair-pulling and rage incumbent upon the attempt to get a few digital stars next to one’s name through “competitive play” (mark you: there is no monetary compensation for this) Wailing, frustration and rage about the matchmaker Wailing, frustration and rage about “having a bad team” Wailing, frustration and rage about “losing 10 games in a row and it’s not my fault” Cyclones: “Well, Yuri Ivanovich, you have to encourage people to close the distance somehow.” “Great idea, Igor Semyonovich, let’s implement it!” (leaked conversation from WG St. Petersburg office, circa 2016). Angling: Because 2700 lb shells aren’t that dangerous if they hit you at 65 degrees. To borrow a phrase from WoT: "Bounced off!" Overmatch: The number 14.3 is extremely important in naval combat (who knew? I’ll tell you: The designers of 460mm Japanese naval guns. Smart!) One of the greatest innovations in naval strategy in this period involved pointing the bow of the ship toward the enemy and slowly reversing. Don’t you dare cross the T, noob. What do you think this is, a historical game? British battleships: Because to heck with your angling Great Naval Battles in bodies of water full of large masses of strangely-shaped land An aircraft carrier? Never seen one of those. Deep Water torps: Because battleship players are stupid and there are too many of them Radar: Because if your own DDs die, how will you ever see the little buggers? Egos and Tempers the size of the USS Midway Who knew the Soviet Navy boasted such a formidable surface fleet with artillery more accurate than anything any capitalist pig-navy could ever devise? “Destroyers in World War II primarily performed fleet and convoy escort, as well as antisubmarine warfare duties” Oh wait…. Detonations: “We at Wargaming.net believe in fun and engaging gameplay!” Detonations: “Buy this piece of striped cloth and hoist it up the mainmast. It will prevent the unlimited supply of torpedoes in your hull from going off when hit.” Fires: Because how else can a 127mm gun sink a 60,000 ton ship? 33% Skill, 67% Luck. Want to change that? Carry harder and git gud, scrub. “I play World of Warships because it helps me relax.” “I play World of Warships because of the friendly, welcoming and helpful community.” Losing credits? “May I interest you in a premium account, dear sir?” Armor penetration mechanics more Byzantine than organic chemistry Soviet Battleships: The End of the World is Coming
  24. This is related to me playing Tier 9 and tier 10 dds, so no, i can't just torp the other dds smoke. Please stop telling me to charge into cap when i'm a dd. Typically, the 6 radar ships on my team hold back, and I'm expected to yolo spot and then die quickly. I'm not complaining about the large amounts of radar ships right now, I personally generally find a lot of balance to the game, and I'm sure it will calm down eventually. What I AM is so sick and tired of people rudely barking orders at dds as if their intent is anything other than to see if we get shredded, so they can adjust accordingly. It's ridic. If you're in a radar cruiser, and there's some cover, ask to join me in capping and say you've got my back, i'll gladly blast right into cap while you position yourself accordingly. Also, stop telling people how to play unless you have something genuinely constructive to say. Just pointing out when someone fails makes you the biggest problem on that team as far as enjoyment goes, not them.
  25. Hi YAY USS Massachusetts is here its all happening another BB one that was voted in reddit not so long ago by the majority as not a high priority premium (except for the diehards ). Well there is only 2 more SD's left WG better get cracking on getting them in game with some weird and wonderful gimmick. But I digress where are my manners, in all seriousness Massachusetts fans congrats you have your ship. Just think now all you have to do is fight your way through the torpedo spam (my Asashio is waiting for you ) survive radar mounted fire breathing dragons (cruisers ) or smoke hiding machine gun wielding Minotaur's and CO all for the pleasure of being blown away by KMS death ships and other types because you needed to get up close and personal to them, unfortunately you have no secondaries left to fight with, so sad. But as John McLane says "Welcome to the party" Meanwhile T-61sits idly by tied to some dockside wharf growing moss on its hull, possible one the few ships that is a real threat to CL/CA's and BB's and to its own kind while we get USS Monaghan that probable couldn't beat USS Erie in straight stand up fight. And of course a weaker version of Alabama that costs more but hay its another Battleship. guess ill just have to close my wallet again for this weekend and hope Haida turns up SOON regards