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Found 2 results

  1. PapaOoooPowPow

    Removed From Queue

    I just tried to enter a Co-Op battle w my Bourgogne to farm Damage and after 10 seconds of the spinning "In Queue" icon got a bar saying "You were removed from queue due to server technical issues" (a message I had never gotten prior to the last update). I tried again and got the same thing except after ousting me to port it showed the ongoing battle (I was immobile) with my port screen as a semi-transparent overlay... wow. So, after logging-out and restarting I found I had a 4-match pink penalty and was down the NavBat attempt/flags/coin as if I had left the match. Furthermore it didn't record the match in "Replays" so I sent Player Support the only file with a matching time-stamp "Arenainfo.jsoc" in hopes they can do something to fix this. Just wondering if anyone else had the same NEW "Removed from Queue" and overlay weirdness issues.
  2. KannaIsntThicc

    Load Time

    When I am in the match waiting for my ship and stuff to load up, it used to take less than 30 seconds. Now, it takes at least 2 minutes up to the entire match for me to load in. Because of this, I get a penalty on my account for something out of my control...how can I fix this?