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Found 8 results

  1. Lose_dudes

    Hello from the future!

    Hello from the future! We have a few questions about the before time. First, has the one more than eight engine up goer gone to the red space rock ball yet? We want to know the day! Next, what happened at first when our blue space rock ball hit the yellow one? If we are right, it happened some time last year from this time. But we're not sure. How fast did the big water bags take over the water? When did the water fill with people blood? Your answers is important to us! We need it to make our books more right!
  2. I missed the event thingy for the Jingles captain. Is there anyway I can get the voiceover for him? The code on his video no longer works.
  3. Feldo357

    PTS Questions

    This weekend was the first time I played on the PTS and I had a blast trying different things in the subs and also countering them. But I have a few questions. (I downladed the PTS a few weeks ago but did not play on it till now) I was under the impression that I would have all the ships that I have on the main server, and then get the Tech Tree ships I am missing. But I did not. I only had T1, T6 and T8 tech tree ships (all of them, including what I am missing). I saw Perths and Monahans and what not, and I really wanted to test the Perth as a ASW platform, as I like my Perth and Monahan. Is something wrong or am I just stupid? (submit a ticket?) I completed several of the Combat missions, 3 that would have a live server reward (a sub flag, a sub patch, and some camos) and then I completed the Personal Mission ( the three parter). I know the rewards show up later, but the personal mission immediately rolled over into a new one with 3 new parts, still due 30-4-20. It's the three parter Personal Missions that I need to complete so many of for the free T6 ship right? Do I have to do them all by 30-4-20? Is the PTS available all the time to do this, or only at certain times? I got a literal crapton of soviet containers with soviet tokens and have now idea what I am supposed to do with them. The survey asked me if I tested Soviet Cruisers, but I didn't SEE any soviet cruisers except the Budyonny. Was I supposed to grind those out on the tech tree? What are the tokens for? Am I having another Stupid? Anyway it was a blast and I look forward to it again.
  4. Shrayes_Bhagavatula

    A question about Dunkerque

    Just a quick question about the Dunkerque, or rather, it's guns The Dunkerque uses the 330mm/50 St.Chamond Mle 1931 guns for it's primary armament, which admittedly is a newer design compared to the 340mm/45 Mle 1912 that was intended for the Normandie-class and the Lyon class. Of course, that naturally begs the question, from me at least, why didn't French designers simply use the 340mm gun on the Dunkerque instead of coming up with an entirely new design? Just a question, don't salt me, please :SerB:
  5. we got the bonus from yesterday, but tomorrow it goes to glorie, so whats a tater to do?
  6. Hi there, I just have this game for a few month. Grinding through the IJN BB line. Now at T8 Amagi, collected enough free exp to Yamato (around 350K). Can't really decide if I should save those for a free exp ship (like Musashi and Kronshtadt) or free exp pass the Izumo.... Wanna collect some ideas. Also, if save those for a free exp ship, which one gonna a be a better idea?
  7. minim8greyhound

    Couple of questions

    Hey guys got a couple of questions, First, if you get a ship like the black or salem which are tier 9-10 premium ships, do you make even more credits? How much credits do those ships make compared to other tier 8 premiums? Second, why aren't there any German ships in the Arsenal for purchase? I am feeling like I should shoot for the black or salem cause I would like to earn a good credit maker ship. I prefer German ships, but as there aren't any I don't mind settling with french or american ships. Which ship out of the ones available in the Arsenal is the best credit maker? Thanks
  8. Dear Wargaming, Do you even play your own game? HE for battleships is better then AP. 32 hits with AP on broadsided ships...literally the worst team I have ever played and this happens? My buddy fires one salvo of AP for 20k (got a citadel), however, the other 80k damage he did was with HE. What is the point anymore in firing AP? The screenshots here are not of some tier 5 battleship ship and it is not like I don't know how to play the game. I am in an Iowa with a dispersion upgrade and an 11 point captain. I played with moderate aggression and pushed with my team. I played a BB like it should. I fired at broadsides, weak areas of the armor, and places I have gotten citadels before. Every single shot either missed entirely because it would straddle enemies I shot at from further away, or over pen in places where it really shouldn't. Again, I'll bring up the issue, why fire AP when I could have just fired HE the whole time and done 10x the damage I did? I don't have to worry about bouncing and over pens, the fire chance is really high, and I get rewarded for the 23 second wait between firing. Also raising the issue, what is the point in advancing...if every battleship is firing HE and doing well, why would I move up to make an easier target? This is why battleships stay in the back and don't move up. Sure there are a few that do and I applaud the ones that do, but most don't. Jingles even made a video about that or do you just not pay attention to his content since he left your community contributor program because of poor practices. Look, I love this game and I want it to do great, but stop throwing the mechanics down the crapper. This game had some kinks to work out sure, but its become a bit of a joke now. Congratulations, you're making money, but don't let this thing become like World of Tanks Console where the experienced players don't play nearly as much because all they do is re-skin things and call it new. Old map now has rain on it...calls it new map. HMH Tank has a different color then its normal tank...calls it entirely new tank. Think of the Black Edition tanks but year round...its a joke. Like I said, I love this game, just stop pissing the potential away. Sincerely, Defiant_Act 5 Questions to the community: Do you think Battleship gameplay has gotten better, worse, or just different since launch? Do you think that the overall gameplay has gotten better, worse, or just different since launch? Do you agree with me in that Battleship HE has gotten out of hand? If not, why? Do you think Battleships should even have HE? (I'm thinking for historical purposes here). What are some good things that you like about this game? (I like being able to captain a ship I have been on) What are some issues you have with this game and how do you think they can be fixed? Thats it for my long rant. Answer the question down below if you'd like. See you out there Captains.