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Found 106 results

  1. So basically I have that 25% off doubloon coupon that expires on the 17th of this month to pick any of the ships below. Everything else I already own. I am not sure which one I should use it on. So any advice would be great. I do have the coal if I wanted to get Marco or Z-44 now. Anyway if anyone has any suggestions that would be great thanks.
  2. Derp__Faced_Nooberizer

    Been a while....

    Picked the game up after a looooong break. When i played heavily a player had the ability to change emails at the log in, or even disconnect from the server and go that route... You could have friends over and we could play together on either their accounts, or mine. Shared the game with a lot of people that way. WG made a lot of money too... Now....No longer.... You DL the game/server-monster-thing WG created, double click the game, it loads and you are perma logged in on that account. So now the game is locked to one single player, to one specific computer? Client? Not sure... You cant log out of an account now?!?!? [edited]#?!. How is that even legal?! Anyway, googled. Found nothing. Checked Aslain mods, nothing, a side, can players no longer switch servers?! Is the only option to download on another PC/Different IP? Can you delete the game and log in with a different email? Is asking this question a ban'able offense in the tax haven of Belarus? Thnx.
  3. so my anniversary was 5 days ago on the 8th of may and never got anything. played the game checked my email and nothing. Are anniversary gifts no longer a thing? the coupon did not expire either because I never got the camo's so...?
  4. Kensikora

    Mass or wujing

    Hello, i am currently debating bettween getting the mass (which im told is being removed next patch) or the wujing but i can not decide which to go with. I know a secondary build on the mass is like a second on a tirpitz making it a good brawler but im not sure. I mean the wujing is a pan-asian BB, the BB itself is like the french tier 9 (or so i read from what i was able to find). Both with cost me around $98 unless i buy the 30k in dabloons to get them both but im not sure if it is worth it to be honest. Anyone have any opinion on either BB or which you would buy if you had to pick one
  5. Lose_dudes

    World of warplanes Q&A

    'Oh look, the sad dude with his stale jokes is coming to annoy us again' No, this time I'm serious(Actually!). I'm here to answer questions about the 'other' WG title. I stand for all the WoWP players who feel offended and oppressed by all the 'constructive criticism' of the game. Feel free to ask any questions about the game. Examples of actual questions: Q: Is there a resource that is shared between WoWp and WoWS? A: Yes, WoWP premium account translate into premium account for all WG titles. Non-questions: Q: Why would I ask some random 40% WR noob about some third-rate airplane game? A: :Meh:
  6. F3ARTH3R3AP3R

    ships being removed

    i been trying to keep up with the news and updates but either i am missing something or im just not seeing it, anyone know when the mass will be removed from the game and no longer obtainable, i know i read about it being patch 10.01 or something like that but no exact date
  7. Hello, i was just curious as i have looked this up but the answer i find seem different. Some say you get credits, other say dabloons so i thought i would ask it here. If someone buys the ship strausburg to complete the campains then does the final task that has the ship as a reward, do you get dabloons for the ship or credits?
  8. F3ARTH3R3AP3R


    hello all, i have a question about this ship, i know the campaign (as it unlocks) will allow you to earn this T7 french BB but if you bought it from the shop and then earn it, do you get dabloons or credits for it, i ask cause i read that some ships gave credits instead of dabloons if you already owned the ship
  9. F3ARTH3R3AP3R

    premium ships

    Hello. I am soon gonna be able to buy a premium ship (maybe even 2 ) and i am curious what premium ships do you guys rec or suggest i should buy. I am looking for a cruiser, battleships or CV to get. The main reason for a cv is some objectives for campaigns req a cv but i will mostly be playing in coop with cvs. But for battleships and cruisers what are you rec and why
  10. F3ARTH3R3AP3R

    Destroyer Line

    Hello, I was doing some looking up about this before posting here and saw there was alot of dds to play, some were good, others not so good. I am wondering if i wanted to work down a DD line which line would be the better one, to at least learn how to play them right. If there is not a best one would there be like a jack of all trades type of dd lines, something that is easy to play and learm
  11. What sensitive words were spoken to get the following message? After all if they want the 'behaviour' to stop, maybe let me/us know what so offended the snowflakes.
  12. Tempest678

    ARP Kirishima ship?

    I'm pretty new to the game and I just got the commander ARP Kirishima. From what I understand the ARP commanders have like a special livery on the ship they are assigned to. When I assign her to a ship the look is just the default one. Is there like a specific ship I have to assign her to or am I doing something wrong?
  13. DDG_53_John_Paul_Jones

    End of Year Sales

    So I know from past years that around Christmas Wargaming puts a discount on the XP to Free XP conversion rate. At the moment it is 1 Doubloon + 25 XP = 25 Free XP. Is the ratio during the Christmas sales 1 Doubloon + 35 XP = 35 Free XP or 1 Doubloon + 50 XP = 50 Free XP? Also, What is up with Subs - I haven't heard anything recently. Thanks, JPJ
  14. Hello there everyone! I asked this question already in the Misc Section of this Forum, but I was told by people there to ask here as well, so here we go: I'm curious to see if there is a way for me to download any of the earlier versions of WoWs, such as 0.2, 0.3 or perhaps 0.4? Thanks in advance!
  15. Planning to re-try this ship so I can finally get yamato. Last time I played it I had lots of issues on trying to get it to work tho.
  16. Kensikora

    dockyard token

    Hello. This will be a 2 part question so i apologize in advance and thank you for any help you can give me in figuring this out Now i know the event for the dockyard ends in 3 days(maybe 2 i could be wrong) and when it ends can i still purches the last 2 things to get to the odin or will i be unable to? If i had let say purchesed to complete 16 17 and 18 yet i still have 2 objective to do that will give me 2 tokens for the dockyard...will those tokens be used to complete the last 2 objectives (19 and 20 which will complete the odin) or will i still have to pay the dabloons to complete and aquire the odin Sorry if the question is a bit confusing but that is the best way i could put it :)
  17. Recently seen the Atlanta summer camo which I found to look pretty nice which got me into thinking about getting the Atlanta. My question is that is the only way to play Atlanta well is to constantly be hiding behind islands and he spam or is it possible to do a slightly more aggressive play style?
  18. Kensikora

    azure lane bundels

    for the current azure lane bundles in the premium shop i notice that there are 2 for $250 but not sure if they are just the commanders or commanders and ships and then i notice one that is the azure lane armada....which of the bundels has both ships and commanders or do i have to get the commanders seperate from the ships?
  19. Kensikora

    Camo color scheme

    Hello. i have checked other forums and attempted to get the answer to this before posting here but have yet to find an answer. I have a camo that has a color wheel with 2 default colors...does that mean i can change the color on the camo and if so how can i do that cuase when ever i try all it does it mount and demount the camo
  20. the german carrier container you can get ingame after completing objectives (non-premium shop one) what are the chances with them to get an early access german cv?
  21. Kensikora

    rental ships /xp

    if you get a rental ship in your port for a week...what happens to the ship xp gained with it..not the free xp but the elite xp? do you lose it
  22. Hello. I have been doing some looking into premium cruisers and i think i might have found one that i might like. I have watched videos, looked at reviews and other things about the Atago to see what she is like and for my playstyle she might work. I am just wondering if anyone has her and played her and give me some idea of what they think, pros and cons and an idea of how to spec her captin
  23. Kensikora

    very high ping

    Hello all.. i currently have my pc hooked up to the internet via ethernt cable and today in the 2 games i just tried to play my ping was between 2k and -35 anyone else have this issue? could it be server releated. I just contact my internet provider and there are no issue....any help would be apreciated
  24. Kensikora

    Free Xp Grind

    if someone wanted to use free xp to reserch a tech tree line...roughly how much free xp would it cost....I was asked by somone i know that plays cuase he has alot of free xp and wnat to do it but i have no clue that is why i am asking here :)
  25. just wondering but does anyone know how to find what personal combat missions you have? i check trying to find them since the update but i cant seem to find them....all i see is daily(reccuring)combat and the ones for the docks/sub battles