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Found 95 results

  1. Kensikora

    dockyard token

    Hello. This will be a 2 part question so i apologize in advance and thank you for any help you can give me in figuring this out Now i know the event for the dockyard ends in 3 days(maybe 2 i could be wrong) and when it ends can i still purches the last 2 things to get to the odin or will i be unable to? If i had let say purchesed to complete 16 17 and 18 yet i still have 2 objective to do that will give me 2 tokens for the dockyard...will those tokens be used to complete the last 2 objectives (19 and 20 which will complete the odin) or will i still have to pay the dabloons to complete and aquire the odin Sorry if the question is a bit confusing but that is the best way i could put it :)
  2. Recently seen the Atlanta summer camo which I found to look pretty nice which got me into thinking about getting the Atlanta. My question is that is the only way to play Atlanta well is to constantly be hiding behind islands and he spam or is it possible to do a slightly more aggressive play style?
  3. Kensikora

    azure lane bundels

    for the current azure lane bundles in the premium shop i notice that there are 2 for $250 but not sure if they are just the commanders or commanders and ships and then i notice one that is the azure lane armada....which of the bundels has both ships and commanders or do i have to get the commanders seperate from the ships?
  4. Kensikora

    Camo color scheme

    Hello. i have checked other forums and attempted to get the answer to this before posting here but have yet to find an answer. I have a camo that has a color wheel with 2 default colors...does that mean i can change the color on the camo and if so how can i do that cuase when ever i try all it does it mount and demount the camo
  5. the german carrier container you can get ingame after completing objectives (non-premium shop one) what are the chances with them to get an early access german cv?
  6. Kensikora

    rental ships /xp

    if you get a rental ship in your port for a week...what happens to the ship xp gained with it..not the free xp but the elite xp? do you lose it
  7. Hello. I have been doing some looking into premium cruisers and i think i might have found one that i might like. I have watched videos, looked at reviews and other things about the Atago to see what she is like and for my playstyle she might work. I am just wondering if anyone has her and played her and give me some idea of what they think, pros and cons and an idea of how to spec her captin
  8. Kensikora

    very high ping

    Hello all.. i currently have my pc hooked up to the internet via ethernt cable and today in the 2 games i just tried to play my ping was between 2k and -35 anyone else have this issue? could it be server releated. I just contact my internet provider and there are no issue....any help would be apreciated
  9. Kensikora

    Free Xp Grind

    if someone wanted to use free xp to reserch a tech tree line...roughly how much free xp would it cost....I was asked by somone i know that plays cuase he has alot of free xp and wnat to do it but i have no clue that is why i am asking here :)
  10. just wondering but does anyone know how to find what personal combat missions you have? i check trying to find them since the update but i cant seem to find them....all i see is daily(reccuring)combat and the ones for the docks/sub battles
  11. Hello all! I recently picked up WoWs a few months ago and I fell in love with the game, having always been an avid ship person. After playing for almost two and a half months, I definitely am more of a Battleship/Heavy Cruiser player. Just being a presence on the map being able to do big damage just suits my playstyle the most. I remember looking in the armory and seeing the Georgia and set my mind to grinding out the coal for her. After playing the game for a while however, I started to think about getting the Thunderer. I do intend on getting both of them eventually (since the resources container is the only one that's really worth it anyhow), but I'm having trouble deciding on which one I want first. I definitely do enjoy more aggressive BBs like the Massachusetts, Tirpitz, and Bismarck, but I also have a love for marksmanship playing the IJN and USN BB lines that are definitely more gun-centered. One one hand I love that feeling of an mobile fortress firing away secondaries and also the main batteries, and on the other hand I like that feeling of seeing huge chunks of damage peel off of an enemy's ship when I hit a salvo. So hard to choose! Any tips or advice?
  12. barbaroja_Ar

    Role of European DDs

    Hi all, Playing Oland (second hull & only lacking the extended gun range mod) and still did not get how to play the line. They have bad torpedoes, bad guns (no fire chance, no damage, no dpm), no smoke. Only above average AA which is very situational. What are they bringing to the game? Even Pan Asian or Russian have more tools Any thoughts / suggestions TIA
  13. as the title says, should i spend the free xp i have on getting the moskova or just wait, i currently have 230k free xp
  14. Kensikora

    Rental ship/elite xp

    Hello. i noticed one of the kombat missions will give you access to the kaga for 1 day, im just wondered does the xp you earn on the ship (elite xp i think it is or as i refer to) do you loose that or what happens
  15. Hello all, i have read the info on this but it seems some other people are saying differnt things so im just here for some clarification The T5 and T10 USSR cruisers i know are going premium. but what it seems in a bit confused on and this is were conflicting answers are wither or not i have to own them or just have them reserched. If i own them do they get removed/replaced with the new ships and do i still get the premium versions for free or how does it exactly work.
  16. Hi, Ive been testing ships interaction with CVs How do you aim to a SS that is within 6 mts depth? Been able to hit surfaced SSs but unable to aim nor hit a semi submerged SS Clues? TIA
  17. which of these 2 ships would be a good buy, I read about them both, saw there stats, watch videos and read some post and opinion on them but just wondering if you wanted to get one, which of these 2 would be the better option :)
  18. Hello all. i just complete the first part of the PTS combat mission were i had to do 1mil damage with a CV or 1.5mil with a Battleship, i got to the second part but was unable to finish it due to needing to sleep and it ending in about 5 hours my time. When the next round for the pts of 0,9.5 comes around can i finish it or am i screwed so to speak?
  19. Hello all. I just got a mission completed in the PTS and it said it collected a container automatically, yet it was not a conainter i could open, am i missing something?
  20. Chaos_EN2

    $1,000,000 Cash

    Well I am stuck on a 12hr shift today, I have been reading the forums. And thought up this question - and this is just for fun. "If you was given $1,000,000 cash (tax free) what would you spend/buy on World of Warships? And what would you do with the rest of it? Me, I would buy all the premium ships on sale, many doubloons as I could, and as many 360 day premium time as I could - at least 4 yrs worth. Then I would buy gifts for all of my friends on here.
  21. Kensikora


    Anyone have this ship and what is it like, was thinking of getting it to use in rank but just curious about it and a good build for it :)
  22. S7CentNickel

    Tier 9 DD which one?

    Just got my Gearing and can afford one Tier 9 DD. Which one, Ostergotland or Yugumo? I'm thinking Oster but have had the Yugumo unlocked for long time, maybe its finally time. Thoughts on either because I don't see much talk on either of them, other than the Yugumo got nerfed big time a while back. Thanks in advance.
  23. Kensikora

    premium time

    i know this may be an odd question but i tried looking it up and cant find anything about it. I know you can gift things from the premium store to someone but is there a way to do it useing dabloons or do you have to do it witih cash?
  24. Sinsokira

    atago build

    Hello. So just about an hour ago i bough the atago. I worked up some of the IJN line, played with the triple turret style of guns on some of there ships and i like they way they play as they seem to fit my playstyle. I have read that you can get the atago detection range to around 9.1 but i have only been able to get it to 9.3 and just wondering how do i get it to the 9.1 or is 9.3 still good And does anyone have a good build for her to help keep her stealthy but still accurate and effective and suggestions for moudles. Atm what i have for her cpt skill wise is 1.PT 2.EL 3.DE 4.CE my fith cpt skill will be Super intend and as for the modules i have are the following 1.main armament 2.DC 3.ASM 4.SGM 5.CSM any suggestion,tips and help would be greatly apreciated :)
  25. Sinsokira

    Roma yes or no

    Hello. as the title says this is about the italian BB the Roma, i have had interests in getting her and would like some honoest opinion on her. Is she a good battleship and worth the investment, have you guys player her or against her and is there anything major wrong with useing her. I have read the wiki, watched videos and reviews on her but would like players opinions on her.