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Found 109 results

  1. The way the training room works bothers me a little bit. I enjoy being able to sometimes practice on ships when I get confused about armor schemes/penetration/damage and angling. But my biggest issue with the training room is it feels kinda clumsy to utilize. You can't just respawn, you can't move ships freely for quick testing, reset hp, reduce reload timers or anything that you would want to cut down on the amount of downtime between training/testing. I would use it a lot more if it wasn't so cumbersome and that kinda sucks when your trying to train specific skill mechanics after a confusing game. Is there a mod/addon that improves the training room in some of these ways or is this what we're kinda stuck with?
  2. I was watching a wows stream this week when it froze for a sec. I was at 38% then it disappeared. Now no matter who I watch for the last 2 days I can not get any progress. The last drop I got was 5 days ago. Did they change how drop's work?
  3. Hi, I am a beginner to the game and wondering if it is possible to destroy a ship's view range finder similar to how a turret can be destroyed. Thanks
  4. One of the reasons these games are over so quickly is the simple fact that ships have become so powerful. Superships are the best example of course. And United States is in my view the best example when I see it sink a Shimakaze in one attack, not detonation! So a question to help slow down the steamroll would be to make them less lethal. Would a flat 50% removal of killing power across all ships/all tiers help?
  5. Sure it's been asked but couldn't find it. Is there any game mode without CV's and Subs? They ruin the fun for me, anyway to play the game without them?
  6. NemexizWoW

    What Ship to Get Next?

    I'm starting to look at what Coal Ship to buy next... I'm looking for something like a Des Moines but in ether a Destroyer or a Battleship. A fast spammer destroyer and I think that's the Marceau or Battleship/Carrier monstrosity Kearsarge which also has the Enhanced Credits. I've been farming the Iwami for a while and want to try something new but fun to work with... Any suggestions? or other ship I should consider?
  7. I may be wrong but I thought 4 sinks (of same ship type) or 8 of any type gave you the Natural selection accolade? I managed 10 (warships). Or am I missing a condition or did I not meet it/misunderstood it?
  8. 6fingeredman

    Torpedo Launch Sound

    Does anyone know what happened to the torpedo launch sound? Seems that in the update a setting changed and I don't know what to toggle to get it back.
  9. How close do a need to be for my DD depth charges to hit a sub? Any help is appreciated.
  10. venusthedalek_2021

    what is pushing?

    what does it mean?
  11. anonym_Dt2GRUna23wG


    I have seen streamers get annoyed at a player on their team and then, at the end of the game they add them to their blacklist. Does adding someone to your blacklist (I do not use it.) stop them from ever playing in a team with you again? Or is it just a placebo to placate you?
  12. My last 15 matches have looked like this since I switched to playing my carriers. Is there something about carrier matches that makes this happen? This does not happen when I play destroyers. So why do I constantly land on the weaker team now as a carrier player? Yes, I am new, but I am a good spotter, yet my teammates just don't do much with the info, do not contest caps, and get deleted eventually.
  13. So, I have just started playing recently. I noticed, that the current Ranked is strictly Tier 6-8-10. I have passed grinding on my Tier 6 ship, and it makes sense to keep it to play Bronze ranked now or in the future. What about my next Tier 7 ship? Is ranked always 6-8-10? Are there different modes that require specifically Tier 7? Would it be safe to sell the ship, or should I keep it for some future limited modes? What those modes might be? Another question. At first glance, it looks like a ship of the next-tier supersedes ship of the previous tier (unless there is a tremendous change in ship parameters and they just play very differently). What are the situations where playing ship of lower-tier is better than higher tier, everything else being equal?
  14. Previous topic, but now fixed (with increased bacon) Just curious for a transparent and anonymous poll of what people have sunk so far or planning to bid for a tech tree ship, and why? AFAIK only the top 1,000 bidders by monetary value win the bid.Discussion below, Keep it civil and professional.
  15. Seraphina_Astra

    Lighthouse and the Schlieffen

    Just curious for a transparent and anonymous poll of what people have sunk so far or planning to gamble for a tech tree ship, and why? Discussion below, Keep it civil and professional.
  16. How common is it for military personnel to play world of warships? It’s a random question; but I thought it could be fun, since I may learn something new. Also, the scenario of a mechanic, ending a day working, and saying, “Work was tough today, 12 to 12; man can’t wait to play some world of warships.” The idea of that your shift ended, then you go back to grinding. Like, how some truckers play truck simulator games. Disclaimer: For all the paranoid people; no this isn’t related to OSI. Simply a fun inquisitive question.
  17. In 10.8 for the WoWS 6th anniversary, how long do we have to get new ships researched and the Gift Battle Performance Bonus earned? Do these have the same deadline?
  18. Hey guys, hope this is in the right section, I just had a question as a new player regarding the random battle spawns. I've noticed that for whatever reason the majority of the time I play a PVP match I spawn in middle by myself, and always get picked apart by enemy CV's within 5 minutes of the game before catching up to my team. It's been pretty difficult to learn the game outside of PVE, as I always try to pick a side to support and have some friendlies to stick around as I'm not the best in combat, but it's been a rough ride when I'm left in the back trying to catch up without any AA support from my allies. I'm just wondering if there is something I'm doing wrong game-play wise, as it seems like the wrong thing to do would be to just push up the middle by myself and I'm not sure if it would be appropriate to ask my team to wait up for me haha. I've been watching game-play and mechanics guides on Youtube but none seem to address what I'm having issue with, so I figured I'd try my luck here to see if there are any suggestions for what I can do when placed in these spawns. Whenever I spawn near my team I tend to survive much longer and contribute a lot more to my team, and it's those types of games that I'd like to replicate no matter where I might be placed. Thanks in advance.
  19. Following the most recent WOWS update my Logitech GHUB profile hasn't been working. I did what I typically do after a new update and create a custom path to the most recent .exe file under the bin folder but it's not working this time. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  20. Derp__Faced_Nooberizer

    Been a while....

    Picked the game up after a looooong break. When i played heavily a player had the ability to change emails at the log in, or even disconnect from the server and go that route... You could have friends over and we could play together on either their accounts, or mine. Shared the game with a lot of people that way. WG made a lot of money too... Now....No longer.... You DL the game/server-monster-thing WG created, double click the game, it loads and you are perma logged in on that account. So now the game is locked to one single player, to one specific computer? Client? Not sure... You cant log out of an account now?!?!? [edited]#?!. How is that even legal?! Anyway, googled. Found nothing. Checked Aslain mods, nothing, a side, can players no longer switch servers?! Is the only option to download on another PC/Different IP? Can you delete the game and log in with a different email? Is asking this question a ban'able offense in the tax haven of Belarus? Thnx.
  21. so my anniversary was 5 days ago on the 8th of may and never got anything. played the game checked my email and nothing. Are anniversary gifts no longer a thing? the coupon did not expire either because I never got the camo's so...?
  22. Lose_dudes

    World of warplanes Q&A

    'Oh look, the sad dude with his stale jokes is coming to annoy us again' No, this time I'm serious(Actually!). I'm here to answer questions about the 'other' WG title. I stand for all the WoWP players who feel offended and oppressed by all the 'constructive criticism' of the game. Feel free to ask any questions about the game. Examples of actual questions: Q: Is there a resource that is shared between WoWp and WoWS? A: Yes, WoWP premium account translate into premium account for all WG titles. Non-questions: Q: Why would I ask some random 40% WR noob about some third-rate airplane game? A: :Meh:
  23. F3ARTH3R3AP3R

    ships being removed

    i been trying to keep up with the news and updates but either i am missing something or im just not seeing it, anyone know when the mass will be removed from the game and no longer obtainable, i know i read about it being patch 10.01 or something like that but no exact date
  24. Hello, i was just curious as i have looked this up but the answer i find seem different. Some say you get credits, other say dabloons so i thought i would ask it here. If someone buys the ship strausburg to complete the campains then does the final task that has the ship as a reward, do you get dabloons for the ship or credits?
  25. F3ARTH3R3AP3R


    hello all, i have a question about this ship, i know the campaign (as it unlocks) will allow you to earn this T7 french BB but if you bought it from the shop and then earn it, do you get dabloons or credits for it, i ask cause i read that some ships gave credits instead of dabloons if you already owned the ship