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Found 50 results

  1. Kagenomure

    Graff Zeplin opinion

    Just wondering what people think about the graff zepplin CV, is it good or bad? what is good about it and what is bad? I ask cuase atm i have the indomitable but i was thinking about getting the Graff but not sure if it is worth it
  2. I was wondering about the status of USS Enterprise, and when she'll return for sale. It's been a while since we've heard anything. I know WarGaming pulled her temporarily because she was OP but she's just in limbo, and they haven't marked her as a "rare" ship like Missouri or Kutuzov (which I see as a little bit of hope) Maybe if they don't re-release her, they could introduce a nerfed but similar version like Yorktown or Hornet.
  3. Kagenomure


    Hello. I hope to get some help in understanding the wows subscription. It says that it will auto renews after the expiry of the 30 days so that means that after my 30 days are up that my bank will be charged the fees for the sub. That part i understand. what i dont get or may just be overlooking it but as long as i can keep my premium time going i wont be charged for the next month of sub time? I only ask cuase i got my world of warships sub last month on the 2 of march and i just checked and it says my sub should have renewed yesturday but i still currently have 37 days of premium time.
  4. Kagenomure

    Conversion help

    Just wondering if anyone can help me figure this out as i have tried but i always seem to come up with different numbers. I have around 256k in elite xp for all my ships (including premium ships) and i want to convert it to free xp, i know around 1k in dabloons will net me around 12.5k in free xp, so if i did it right that would cost me around 14k in dabloons? And on another note i know this may be weird for my roomate wants to get something from the shop but it shows the price as $47.99. he lives up in canada that is why the price is like that but if it was to be converted to usd (which i think it does) what would that cost him
  5. Kagenomure

    unique commanders

    if you get a commander that has 2 skills, do you have to spent captin skill points on them for then to work or will they always be active? i ask cuase i just got a commander with vigilance and another skills, in the captin skill list i see the 2 skills have a + sign beside them
  6. Today i finally got my tier 10 german BB, i plan on retraing a captin i already have for it as the captin is speced for a secondary build and i play on doing that with this BB I am just wondering if i wanna stay as a secondary build but have some good survivability is there any skills i should pick with the future points i get with my captin or any upgrades for my ship that i should get to increase my survivale, main gun range or anything like that. Any tips on how i should play her. i know as a secondary build i will need to be close to medium range so should i always bow tank or angle so all 4 guns can fire. The guns she comes with and the ones i can reserch when i look at them both the only downside i see to the 420mm guns is slower reload. should i get those or just stick with the default guns. Any tips will be helpful and if you have a build that you think will work for my playstyle feel free to let me know as im willing to try any builds :)
  7. i have read other post and looked up this question but it seems alot of answers are differnt and a little confusing to me so i just wish for some clairfication is all so i do apologize if this is a repeat question In order to get the premium ship i know you need to do the pts, complete the mission and do it each season My question is if you are unable to complete one of these combat missions during the season can you still get the free ship after it is all done I mainly ask cuase my time to play is limited so im not always sure if i can complete the combat mission in time
  8. Kagenomure

    World of Spam???

    as the title says, when did this game go from being world of warships were AP was use to world of spam were even battleships are spamming HE, make a guy glad there are CV in the game i do know ppl did spam HE before the recent changes but the majority were dd and cruisers with low AP, but even now Battleships are spaming HE, in 6 matches i have played thats all that is used is HE, kinda make me want to stick with CV and live with being called sky cancer
  9. Kagenomure

    British Builds

    for british BB, what kinds of build should i go with, im taking a break from my german BB which i have as a brawler build so i tend to get up close. but for British BB i dont know if that would be a wise choice any tips on what skills with my captin i should get and what i should get with my ship upgrade wise
  10. Are any of these World of Warships logos editable on the game opening "logging in" screen? (see link below or attached pic... marked 1 and 2) https://imgur.com/a/ZUxIfPF If you can, where are these files located? I tried looking everywhere in the flash files as well as all the loose files everywhere else but I can't find them. Cheers if anyone can help!
  11. Flamethrower1471

    Best Line of Each Nation?

    I'm relatively new to WOWs. I got the game around 3 years ago but never started playing properly until a month or so ago. Can someone please tell me which lines in each Nation are the best and which you would recommend to a new player?
  12. Kagenomure

    6 volleys kill

    Hello. I got a curious question as this has happened to me once so it may be a fluke but im not sure. In one match in my tier 9 BB i got killed in 6 volleys by a smolenks spamming HE shells, now i know useing HE has been a spamm mechniced used by a lot of people and with the recent changes that its become more popular to do But how can 6 volleys take out 71k in health from a smolensk that is hideing behind an island in smoke shooting through 2 islands, not around, not over but through and wiping out a BB. I watched the replay of the battle over and over again and he had pinpoint accuracy, Not one shell missed every shell hit. Now i understand some people are that good but how can it happen through 2 islands, i did not thin a smoklensk had that good of an accuracy at 18k
  13. Kagenomure

    free tier VI ship

    i jsut started up my world of warships client and saw that there was a post to play on the pts to get a free tier vi premium ship. can you do that now or only during pts and if only during pts when would the next pts be, i been looking for news on when it will be but etiher im missing it or looking in the wrong places
  14. Sinsokira

    Cruisers for begginer

    i have recently started to try cruisers as im getting a bit bored grinding out my BB and i wish to experiment with cruisers, which line would you rec to start with that is easy to learn and can be forgivinig for making mistakes with good range, fire speed and survivabilty i have read up on them and most are split between all the lines, some say the french, but the two that most ppl say to avoid til you learn them is the german and british
  15. Sinsokira

    Graphics issue

    Hello. My roomate has recently started to run into issues with he plays world of warships on his destop. He recently upgraded his video card to an AMD Radeon R9 200/HD 7900 series (7970) and when he plays this game the temp of the card get as high as 73c and the fans on the card start to spin faster and make a very loud noise He cleans his pc at least 4 times a month (1 per week unless needed) the temp in his room is at room temp (around 18 degreess for him he likes a cold room) and the pc has good air flow, he even keeps the side off the case jst to help He is going to be replacing the fans soon on the back of the pc but that should not be an issue as he runs warcraft, swtor (mmo) diablo 3 and a ton of other games and the fans do not spin or make the same noise. Has anyone else experince this issue or have tips he can try, like graphics settings or anything like that to maybe lower the load on the card to try and make it have to work a little less harder and to try and keep the temp down. I would help him but unless its something to do with a game i have no knowledge as i run this game on a laptop and i have no issues
  16. I've been called in chat for my "awful win rate" this week, so for the first time went and googled what people use for stats in this game besides official site. Found one with nice graphics and it indeed showed my win rate being low, but at the same time it showed my personal rating going up... by any means im a good player, not even im a dedicated player, only maybe a couple pvp battles at night & the rest doing operations (so much fun) so, how is personal rating calculated?
  17. which of the 2 british premium carries would you rec to buy, the ark royal tier VI or the indomitable tier VIII? i am thinking of buying a cv and from what i read the british are easier to play so out of those two which would be better
  18. I don’t know, I could be wrong, but I’m curious- had anyone achieved 10.1 km concealment build with a double strike and inside of the weather mode (which decreases concealment for increased dispersion)? And with 11.3 km secondary range, would it be possible to not be seen if it was just the secondary guns firing, based on the criteria? Or was there an update that prevented that from happening?
  19. Kagenomure

    italian cruisers

    Hello all. I have been reading other post and looking up info for this question and it seems everyone has different opinions. Some like and others hate, For italian cruisers or people wanting to play them are there any good tips to learnig how to use them properly.
  20. Hello, i hope someone here can help me (or at least tell me if its impossible). Is there a way to disable the sirens that start if you are flooding or on fire? they are really annoying. thanks
  21. I dislike being very vocal but I can't be quite any longer/ The Smolenks.... I have not words just Wargaming are you guys serious? I have seen more "bias" with this ship then any other. There is something broken in total with this ship. Compared to a DM, Salem, Worcester, Minotaur the Smolenks has not effective counters just sheer luck. This week this ship has not taken any damage from any ship, seems to even broadside against a Minotaur 4km survive. I can ramble the issues. The honest question I have is are you guys in wargaming seriously doing anything with this ship. Removing it in the next few months is not helping anything. Is there more you can share? Because Im ready to leave in total. The only thing keeping me here is my clan mates, some great people who drive the Smolenks and share the same view. Can we get an honest answer not the generic response from the tickets saying they are "balance"
  22. Sinsokira

    elite xp to free xp

    just curious if anyone can help me figure this out just on the off chance i am wrong, how much dabloons would it take to convert 80k in elite ship xp to free xp?
  23. Lately I have not been playing this game as much and have been losing interest in it too. The main cause for me losing interest is that I feel the game has gotten repetitive for me due to the lack of different gamemodes. My question is do other people here think WOWs needs more different gamemodes or is it just me?
  24. Fujona

    build a ship

    just curious but when does the dockyard unlock so I can use my dabloons to buy boost to build the tier x battleship :)
  25. Fujona

    Battleship Help

    hello, I have read other forums about battleships but they don't seem to have a good answer I can give a friend of mine who wants to play this, Out of the Battleship lines for USN IJN German USSR UK and France, which line should he go down if he wants to use BB, if you can give me some pro and cons to each nations best battleship it might help him out in decided on which nation to focus on so he wont make the same mistakes as me. Just to help out he plans on doing random/pvp in the game