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Found 24 results

  1. Koogus

    Yahagi question

    From what I've seen and heard yahagi is a below average ship that could use a buff or two. My questions is this ship still usable even though all the cons it has and can you still can do good from time to time or is it complete garbage?
  2. Chaos_EN2

    $1,000,000 Cash

    Well I am stuck on a 12hr shift today, I have been reading the forums. And thought up this question - and this is just for fun. "If you was given $1,000,000 cash (tax free) what would you spend/buy on World of Warships? And what would you do with the rest of it? Me, I would buy all the premium ships on sale, many doubloons as I could, and as many 360 day premium time as I could - at least 4 yrs worth. Then I would buy gifts for all of my friends on here.
  3. destawaits

    Propulsion Mod help?

    I've run either Damage Control System Mod 2 or Steering Gears Mod 2 on all of my BBs. I've heard the propulsion mod is good for BBs, especially in Clan Battles or Ranked, but I'm not sure what classes or nations of BBs I should equip the upgrade on, as the wiki seems to only suggest the other two upgrades.
  4. I returned to WoW after an eight month absence. Since coming back, a few things (good things, it must be said) have happened, but I'm not sure why. First, I found a T5 Premium Giulio Cesare battleship in my ship roster when I came back. It just appeared, I certainly didn't buy it. Second, I received a 14 day premium status on my account three days ago (after playing about a week). Again, I didn't buy it, but it's certainly there. Third, I've been working up the US cruiser line and am close to getting the Tier 8 soon. In anticipation, last week I sold off a low level ship to clear out a slot. Two days ago, I found a Tier 4 premium French destroyer had magically appeared and I had no slots left. When I logged on today, the French destroyer was gone and it took my slot with it. I'm just playing the game and opening the odd container that comes my way (usually just flags and camo). I've seen nothing saying I've won any premium ships! So, questions: How am I getting these multiple Premium ships and account time? Some unnamed benefactor (please be a supermodel) or some unknown game reward? Also, if I get gifted a ship, shouldn't it come with a slot? I can't buy my T8 cruiser now without spending cash as all other slots are filled with reasonably decent (and upgraded) ships. So the free ship cost me. Thanks.
  5. So I noticed on my Fiji that it's concealment is now 10.1k . I have concealment expert and camo on. Is this correct for it now?
  6. Koogus

    Tenryuu class question

    I've heard that the tenryuu class where supposed to be refitted into aa cruisers but that got cancelled and the akizuki class got built. I also heard from a youtuber (don't remember the name) that they where supposed to get 127mm guns too but idk if that's true. My question is where can I find more info about this refit. I can't seem to find any information about it.
  7. Hello everyone, as you are all more than aware CV's have been completely eliminated as a viable ship option if you actually plan on causing damage and being useful to your team. Over the past week after surgery I spent a lot of time grinding the IJN CV tree and eventually got to the T8 Shokkaku, and to my dismay and the entire community's scream of triumph T8 CV has been rendered completely unplayable. Instead of making an entire thread complaining about the nerf I wanted you guys advice on what tree I should grind now that I intend on selling my CV's and going up a different tree. When playing normal ships I usually enjoy playing cruisers since I can't stand BB's reload time/sluggishness and don't enjoy DD's lack of health (I'm not very stealthy). I originally went up the German cruiser line and found out that they didn't specialize in anything and I didn't play well with them. I also went up the IJN cruiser line as well and didn't play well with them either. To be completely honest the entire time that I've played (A few months) I've been on a quest to find the right ship class/nation to grind and have yet to find anything (other than IJN CV) that I play well in. To put it simply what cruiser or BB tree would you recommend for a beginner to Battleships and novice at cruisers who likes to hit targets from a distance rather than brawling up close and personal? Despite not being a fan of the slow reload time I'm willing to give BB's a try again. Any recommendations and advice is welcomed and I'm more than aware as a former 'sky cancer' player I'm probably going to be berated for trying the tree in general. I'm done with CV's for good and want to find the right ship tree that I can do well in with my playstyle.
  8. Recently got into playing CVs and I kind of enjoy playing them but after playing them for a bit it feels like there should be more. My question is just what could WG add to make CVs to make the gameplay even more fun? Some ideas I have are, altitude control, add the ability to change db bombs from either ap or he bombs when they are on deck ,and add ome manual aa to all ships to add some skill with dodging it or something
  9. So as of lately it seems like WG has been adding quite a few high tier ships (and Russian BB tech tree) that have never been really built. I personally don't have any problems with ships like these being added into the game but the amount of them being added compared to real ships that have existed seems a bit much to me. I think real ships should at least have a bit of a priority of being added first. My question is how do you guys feel about fictional ships and how many are going to be added currently. Also why do you think wg is doing these ships more than real ones.
  10. I've been playing on really cluttered maps like Shatter and Sleeping Giant recently, and I've had some odd, clunky sub-3km brawls with BBs in my Des Moines going up against some enemy BBs. Now, I know the superheavy USN AP has ridiculous penetration at short ranges, but all I get (when aiming below the waterline) shooting up BBs in a brawl is penetrations, not citadels. I've managed to citadel Richielieus and Izumos up close, but any ideas on how to deal with the rest of the BBs? Not that I'm complaining about getting only penetrating hits; just full pens alone melts BBs. But you know, I always want more ;)
  11. Out of curiosity, has anyone actually run Inertial Fuzes for High Explosives (IFHE) on 203mm guns, and is there any noticeable benefit to doing so? I'm asking because 0.8.2 is around the corner, and I'm considering specializing one of my Exeter captains toward brawling. You see, I play hyperaggressively with Exeter and often end matches with 15+ Secondary Battery Hit ribbons for ~400 damage. Most of the damage I deal with secondaries is against BB superstructures, and IFHE would open up penetration of 102mm secondaries to a much wider surface area on several ships from Tiers 4 through 7, BBs and CLs alike. My current captain focuses heavily on tracking enemy DDs and predicting torpedo attacks: While the extra heal from Superintendent is nice, I find that I rarely (if ever) have cause to use it (I run Damage Control Party II, Repair Party II, and Hydroacoustic Search II), and my aggressive play style means Radio Location is generally pointed straight at the nearest visible enemy - not exactly the most useful. At best, RPF is helpful late-game when hunting for the last DD or CV hiding out on the fringes of the map. Which brings me back to the question: does the 42mm penetration matter at all, or should I get AFT instead with this build: Note: The extra flak from AFT is of little importance to me because I still think flak relies too heavily on OpFor CVs' misplays to deal damage. I'm also considering keeping RPF, but again, it feels like it's not super relevant the way I play Exeter. (I'd never consider taking it off of more "conservative" cruisers like Furutaka or Aoba, though.)
  12. USN_BB_Iowa

    3 day switch for clans

    can someone explain the purpose? It's to avoid cheating is what I have come to determine from the forums. How even can you cheat cw by transferring? They do realize time is a finite resource Even if you instant change clans any battles you partake in still take time. Its not like you get any more battles or extra time And rewards are by account, Once you claim them that's it. You switching clans changes neither the days it happens on, the rewards you already claimed, nor the potential games you can participate in. it's not like wows didnt have mercenaries before and that option isnt available for clan battles despite being offered on other WG titles. it seems like an arbitrary inconvenience. sometimes you are 1 person short; you have people who can help but this system kinda denies you that; and you miss out on a day; and for clans with busier people who have limited days (work, kids, family, church) this seems like a real [edited]pain when you could get that vital last player with the old rules. it seems alot of people were in favor of this too, but they cant articulate any real reason beyond "yeah screw those cheaters!" I'm asking because i feel like a 24 hour wait (if there *HAS* to be one) would be less of a hassle and cater to any players so worried about this so as to implement this in the first place.
  13. Koogus

    Mainline IJN DDs

    My question is should i try out the mainline instead of the secondary (gun boat) line? Ive gotten to tier 6 on the secondary line and i have lost interest in continueing it to get a spammy gun boat. (Im asking how thr ships are overall not in a CV situation)
  14. According to the wiki http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Wichita USS Wichita is now a promo ship. Kinda sad as I was really looking forward to buying her. Is this actually the case ? She really going to be strictly a promo ?
  15. See Title. I just sold my saipan and didn’t get Dubloons. Opened a ticket and hoping to get my CV back although as soon as i can get Dubloons it’s getting sold again! Anyone know?
  16. Hi Folks... I haven't seen anything indicating when the santa crates will be removed from the store. Any idea when this may happen?
  17. So for the first time in my experience i came across someone who put a kill on me that made me think something wasn't quite right. Generally, i was in a difficult target, unspotted, maneuvering, yet bulls-eyed (i was the only nearby target, not incidental) by a high dispersion class ship at long range. so, my question is: IF someone were using an aim-bot, what would his statistics look like in terms of hit rates. also generally how would it be detectable by wargaming? and before people jump on the denial bandwagon, this is from the wargaming website: "Auto-aim or so-called aim-bots that provide more functionality than the aim lock in the vanilla client, specifically including those that aim at the enemy's weak spots and/or lead the aim automatically" thus, they do exist.
  18. There are two fundamental questions that I do not have an answer to after reading many posts/videos about proper aiming: It is obviously shell travel time and target speed affect lead, but how about target distance? Should I lead the same ticks for a ship at 10km and the same ship at 20km which travel at same speed/direction and with (assuming) equal shell travel time? For my experience in game they are not the same but many articles tell us you lead the same ticks as shell flight time for a battleship sized target moving at 20 kt without mentioning/saying regardless of distance. Furthermore, there is a custom dynamic crosshair in Aslain's mod called "Nomogram" whose tick mark's intervals change according to target distance (not zoom level when you scroll the mouse wheel). Someone recommended it greatly Here in 2017, but not many people had interest in it. Why are 99% of players using the bow as the reference of aiming? When talking about lead, naturally we make prediction of where the shells will land after some time. However, all the tutorial videos about aiming put the prediction tick mark at the bow whereas they expect the shells to land at the center of the target. This makes the lead calculation illogical and people need to adjust lead according to different sizes of ships (lead more for smaller target). Imagine that you want to shoot a moving animal's head, naturally you will aim at the head but not at its feet expecting to hit the head, right? The more I played the more unreasonable I feel about this. There is only one topic date back to 2016 that proposed the theory of aiming at where the shells will land (Check here). I feel the theory is somehow in the right direction but he a) ignored the distance impact and b) he has no solid proof of the speed the crosshair is calibrated for, which are 12 kt (static) and 21.5 kt (dynamic). I had played over 5k battles in wows at which time my aiming is not too bad I believe. I can hit where I want 90% of time regardless of target ship type, speed or angle. Then I decided to switch to dynamic crosshair from static since I watched many CCs and unicum players using dynamic crosshair. Another reason is that I play DM/Worcester/Atlanta a lot. Under static crosshair I often have to aim out of the tick marks or even the binocular sight due to the slow shell speed. Then for the recent 50 games I totally messed up with aiming. I found that I could not hit anything reliably and that is why I wanted to start doing research on all this math/calculation theory. I know that many people will just aim by eyeball and experience, and it works perfectly. When you have 10k battles maybe aiming is just a matter of muscle memory. If you play wows just for fun and leisure then you may feel this topic meaningless. However, personally I just want to have a more logical/mathematical calculation of lead because we all know wows is a math game despite those crappy RNGs. We have 14.3 overmatch coefficient, 1/4 or 1/6 HE pen threshold, IFHE pen threshold, etc. If anyone wants to play well in wows he/she has to remember these numbers and makes use of it. Another benefit is having an accurate aiming mechanic can help people adapt to any ship faster, not only for novices but also for experienced players. Think about playing a Worcester after you played dozens of games in Moskva, by experience I know I have to lead more, but how much more? I may need another 3 games to re-adapt to the DM, while with a precise calculation, I might be able to re-adapt in just 3 salvos. Long words in short, what do you guys think of how exactly the aiming system works?
  19. In regards to the new Clan Naval Base, the update notes don't say anything to how much the New Buildings in the clan base Cost in Oil. As a clan leader I would have liked to know ahead of time so that I can discuss with my members what we would like to prioritize, but there is no mention of this in the patch notes. I did note that in the PTS it was 830,000 oil (I believe) to fully upgrade the base. However, what you have to do in PTS to earn things is often different on the Live Server. Any answers would be appreciated, or post below if you would like this info too.
  20. Is it possible to set it where the voice mods only affect your quick chats and not everyone else's on the team? For example, if I set my voice mod to be ARP Kongo, is it possible to make it to where I hear the Kongo voice over for my quick chats, while everyone else's quick chats use the default national voiceover?
  21. I've heard that the Price change to tier 6 down will be Permanent next patch. so that leaves the question... Will Players who have already researched tier 6 and lower ships get Compensation? Example is I've researched 18 of the line to tier 6 at least. So when you consider the lower price then that adds up pretty quick to Credits and XP spent.
  22. Soulcaller

    What is this thing

    I see this torpedo looking thing on many ships. Can someone tell me what it is?
  23. Ocoda

    Ranked Battles

    Why can you not division up in Ranked Battles?