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Found 2 results

  1. HMS_Formidable

    So I don't get Queen Elizabeth...

    I haven't played her heaps, but I'd play her more if I understood her. Despite not having Warspite's erroneous WW1 era fully-stocked torpedo magazines ahead and behind the main turrets (without the WW1 torpedo tubes to make that vulnerability worthwhile, I might add), QE feels more 'squishy'. She seems to take more citadels, though by my reading is she had a slightly better balance of deck armour and bulkheads in her rebuild (lessons learnt from Warspite). Ok, her turret traverse is crap because Wargaming reasons. There is nothing that can be done about that except to pre-aim the ship. But I'm used to that. I've been doing it with Warspite since Beta before it was buffed. However, her 15in guns seem to produce more overpen / shatter per salvo than Warspite. And is her sigma different? Her DP secondary suite would be nice if there were more carriers in game. So clearly that is also a reduction in available DPS. And removes her from the "brawler" category of Warspite. Anyway, I can go out and consistently produce more than 100k results in my Warspite. In QE, I'm lucky to equal my own hitpoints. So anybody know why QE just feels such an uncomfortable "fit" when compared to the likes of her sister ship Warspite, and her stablemate Hood? How does someone play to her strengths? I'll keep practicing. But QE just feels ... odd, with no clear performance parameters.
  2. So after recent spectacular Free XP windfalls, I find myself in the following interesting position: 1) Iron Duke - 33,303 XP with all modules researched. XP to go: 16,697. 2) Nelson - 358,979 Free XP accumulated. XP to go: 17,021. They are neck and neck. I know that if I simply ground the Iron Duke, I would reach the XP goal first. However, I have five Spring Sky camos left, as well as numerous Equal Speed Charlie London, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, Hydra and Papa Papa flags, on a 200% First Win weekend, and that changes things. I also have more than enough Stars and Stripes, Victory Salute, Storm Wind and Frosty Fir Tree camos to get me through; all of these specifically boost both XP and Free XP, and I have read and re-read @Edgecase's FXP-maximising guide. I have 27 This Is Your day camos as well, and although they do not boost XP, I can load XP-boosting flags on for that and hope for the currently very high First Win Bonus to produce results. I'll post my working later, perhaps, but I'm doing the sums now and even without a first-win bonus the potential results are looking pretty good. If I play well enough, should run out of Spring Sky and get into both the Nelson and the Queen Elizabeth at about the same time. If the math stacks up right, I may even get into the Nelson first. It's a neat coincidence, because I'll have a premium British battleship just in time to retrain the Iron Duke's captain (currently at ten skill points with one unused, 10,541 out of 69,000). Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen! Which ship do you think will be ready first? And how many games do you think this Seal-Potato will need?