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Found 2 results

  1. Was playing Zara when this happened.... a Cit, with SAP, on a PV. I had to take a close look at the PV's armor model to find how it was possible. I had no idea PV's 38mm Cit roof was exposed between the rear turrets. Aim well my friends.
  2. So, I was lucky to get a Pyotr Velikiy mission from a free container yesterday. Decided to quickly grind the XP and take a look at the new tier V. Normally I am a relatively average BB player, I see it more as a hobby. So far so good, Pyotr was unlocked in no time. Then I decided to have a few battles in it, and yeah, I can safely say it will turn out to be an issue of almost Giulio Cesare proportions. Why though? Simply put, Pyotr Velikiy in her current form provides a relatively knowledgeable player with a platform of unbelievably high skill ceiling. First of all, let's get something out of the way. This ship will be relatively balanced in the hands of the average player. The limited Damage Control, the ease with which you can get citadelled the moment you show broadside and the relatively low range will help in that regard. In the hands of a player that knows about overmatch, has a relatively well trained Commander and knows how to handle Damage Control/Repair, the ship's potential is insane. The main issue is the armour. I already knew from CC footage that Pyotr had some insane armour values, but only when I actually headed into battle did I realize what this thing allowed you to do. First of all, some pics: As you can see, practically can't be overmatched from the front. In addition, you need the /4 rule for HE in a BB to do damage there. This means that you can park in front of a BB, and watch most AP bounce and you taking minimal damage. By comparion, most Battleships at tiers V have 19mm extremities, tiers VI and VII 25mm. Of course, I have found that you need to be facing almost straight forward to the enemy. Otherwise the front secondary turrets due to their angles may present a penetrable target. From the aft there is a small 19mm section, don't think it will be that easy to hit unless point blank. As you can see, crazy protection. But this isn't all. The lower superstructure, a very common place to land HE in a cruiser has a 125mm section, shattering almost any possible HE regardless of class. Thankfully there are 25mm sections and normal superstructure that can be penetrated, however I am afraid that due to it's small size saturation won't be that hard to achieve. Of course, protection ensures that you will live provided you present your frontal armor and don't engage many targets at once. But then you combine it with the ship's concealment; 11.9km, same as Giulio Cesare. Then you also add the speed, 26.5 knots which is perfectly workable for a tier where 21-22 knots is normal. And keep in mind that from time to time you will be facing Tier IVs. This thing can handle solo tier VIIs , I can't fathom how a new player in a BB will feel when he is unable to do almost anything regardless of ammo choice while getting overmatched every single time. It's very early of course to immediately say the ship is broken, she hasn't even been normally released yet, however these are the vibes I'm getting. To conclude, I don't normally write these kinds of posts, but I am afraid Pyotr Velikiy will turn out to cause some controversy. I can easily see the ship joining the ranks of Giulio Cesare, Kamikaze and the pre nerf Iron Duke, becoming a sealclubber favorite that definitely plays it's role in driving newer players away. Thanks for the read, hope we can get some reasonable discussion going around the subject.