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Found 3 results

  1. Welcome to REVY! What I pledge to you, Is a the base built to its maximum potential from oil earned by the members. Looking for Captains that Want some Clan wars but not a job. You want a Tag and the perks of the base the Clan Then please join us. Lock and Load a fresh Mag and Sail on! Revy does has a Discord channel and it is now required. Send your App in Game Tier 1-10, and active in game and on Discord when needed (Divisions) . See you on the Water!
  2. I discuss the many reasons to be in a clan regardless of how competitive you are. The bonuses are too good to pass up. Any solid clan, PvP OR PvE will make your gaming experience far more rewarding in World of Warships.
  3. Fellow battleship players: Recently I installed Matchmaking Monitor and starting shadowing the strongest (highest xp/match or pr/match) (non-CV) player in my team. It surprised me how much better rated I've become according to WoWS Numbers. I also divisioned up with a good friend for an evening, who is arguably weaker in some areas. I shadowed/followed him in those matches, and my stats dropped in those games and converged to his. A few fundamentals could potentially explain a player's excessive individual performance (over the ship's average). Besides positioning of the ship (location, angle, and speed), aiming, configuration (captain skills, modules, etc), tactical choice (choices of target, AP vs HE, etc), and even quick commands you spam out in the channel are among those. However, I believe positioning of the ship to be of overwhelming significance, and everything else explains no more than 10% of the performance. Therefore, you could try to improve your game by shadowing the strongest player in your team and learn from their positioning of the ship. There will of course be differing opinions on this matter and I respect that.