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Found 8 results

  1. I’ll summarize my big portion thought into a small digestible one. Should you only play ranked if you have a maxed out commander, or is any commander lvl sufficient? I ask this because it would seem you would be at a large statistical disadvantage if you go against people who do possess maxed commanders. If the chief isn’t called commander, apologies but I got squadron names on my mind at the moment but I thought I would ask.
  2. Depraved_Miscreant

    Fighting for the team

  3. As it says on the tin. I don't care if players have different tier ships in a division in Co-Op, but they shouldn't be allowed in Random Battles. Barring that, enforce mirroring in the matchmaker (as with CVs).
  4. I would like to know what the matching mechanism of this game is calculated. It's a real mess. First of all, I would like to share one of my recent game to see what level of retarded teammates this matches. It's like group up with 10 robots against the enermy player. I have sunk four full blooded enemies in the first five minutes on my own and we still lost the game. It was a really bad experience. I throw all my teammates into the block list. Never wanna see them again. FXXK. the system used to send out some kind of questionnaire to ask me if I was satisfied or not, now it even not show up again. Second, why can't teams match levels more than two level apart while this damn system finds players 3 levels higher than you in the match. It's ridiculous. If there are not so many matches online, you can put robots in the number of good, at least the player can have a good experience. You put a 3 level higher opponent is equivalent to me taking a machine gun and hitting you with a spear.
  5. Hello, thank you to everyone willing to read this post. I thought it over, and I realized something that I denied for too long, "I'm not as good as I thought I was." So, I'm asking everyone here: What makes a good player? How do you know what the right call is? Do you always focus on capping to win, or focus on farming the most damage you can, as "doing your job?" How does a player become competitive? The top 1,000 players that you can recognize as a boon to your win, or a major threat that you must watch for. I want to become a unicum one day, but I'm unsure how to reach that. Also, a super-tester would be nice. I want to be the player that is always trying to be recruited because of their skill. I ask for everyone's advice since I don't realize how little I know until I realize how much there is to know. “Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.” -Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose I know there is nothing wrong with being average, but I want to be a playmaker. There is a stigma, behind the phrase "Get Good", but what's so bad about that? It just means you have more to learn, and that's ok. So, I ask everyone, please teach me what you know, and make me the better player for it. I humbly ask this not to gain an ego or an overabundance of confidence, but to become a key asset to my team. Thank you for reading; sorry if this was scattershot, I don't normally make topic posts.
  6. lordholland4293

    Dev blog Halloween impressions

    I have read the dev blog on the Halloween mode and I am slightly disappointed in wows. I feel like this Halloween is similar to steel hunters in wots, don't get me wrong I'll give it a try. Though if you enter into a div in key hunt, and your only one who has a key, that would mean your div mates get screwed unless they kill players who have a key. An what happens if a player leaves the zone wiht rhe key and screws thr rest of the members. I see alot of clans sync dropping randomly and hope they par up like in ranked. A whole div should be able to use a key and drop from the port like in the filth event and also allow T10 camo infernal camo to be given. Though I would rather have an event like the old halloween operations or last year's filth event. I have to disagreed wiht the forcing on pvp down our thoughts. Halloween has traditionally been a fun and relaxing event. I am sure there are others who will disagree with me. An I know this is still prelimary info but it worries from a veterans wows perspective. Hopefully @Hapa_Fodder, can pass on any concerns to the dev stream on friday.
  7. I discuss the many reasons to be in a clan regardless of how competitive you are. The bonuses are too good to pass up. Any solid clan, PvP OR PvE will make your gaming experience far more rewarding in World of Warships.
  8. Fellow battleship players: Recently I installed Matchmaking Monitor and starting shadowing the strongest (highest xp/match or pr/match) (non-CV) player in my team. It surprised me how much better rated I've become according to WoWS Numbers. I also divisioned up with a good friend for an evening, who is arguably weaker in some areas. I shadowed/followed him in those matches, and my stats dropped in those games and converged to his. A few fundamentals could potentially explain a player's excessive individual performance (over the ship's average). Besides positioning of the ship (location, angle, and speed), aiming, configuration (captain skills, modules, etc), tactical choice (choices of target, AP vs HE, etc), and even quick commands you spam out in the channel are among those. However, I believe positioning of the ship to be of overwhelming significance, and everything else explains no more than 10% of the performance. Therefore, you could try to improve your game by shadowing the strongest player in your team and learn from their positioning of the ship. There will of course be differing opinions on this matter and I respect that.