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Found 36 results

  1. 1000 BXP is not a common achievement in COOP, so this thread will serve to display those. Replay files as well as score summaries welcome, if you got video even better Addendum As far as I'm aware the only source of the BXP in a game is the Team score tab on the results screen, and you should post that here.
  2. Hukom

    No Mini Map in Co-op

    No problem. I encountered this problem with the mod I was using when update 11.6 arrived. Quite awkward to play without a mini-map; but I welcome challenges like these in Co-op. l will not do this as of now, in Randoms. 😂
  3. Taylor3006

    Arms Race in Co-op Observation

    I hate Arms Race and think it was a terrible trade off for Epicenter, especially for co-op play. That said, been trying to figure out how the bots behave in the mode, like whether or not they go for the power ups or do they chase DDs, etc but hadn't really been able to figure it out. At first I thought they rushed the human spawn points but that really didn't prove correct over a bunch of games. Decided to take out Big Mo to farm some credits a little while ago and when I loaded into the match, realized I was the only human playing and it was an Arms Race map so figured this was the perfect time to see what happens since everyone else was a bot. I stayed on the flank headed to the power ups and firing my guns here and there but mainly watching what all the bots did. They ALL rushed into the center of the map and stopped dead, firing at each other at point blank range. I stayed out of the fray just firing into it all. The bots were so close to one another that when I fired my guns at the reds, I often hit my own team mates due to dispersion. On Missouri that isn't much btw, she is pretty accurate, especially at the ranges I was shooting at. Just wanted to let my fellow co-op players know this information in case it is helpful.
  4. Hi all So, in SCENARIOS, many players already know WHERE the next bot wave will spawn. And position themselves there to "EXPLORE" the issue. I don't see it as an exploit or abuse, but a fail in the system itself. There is no rule that says the players cannot be there. Thus, is a valid tactic by the rules. They are just like a CAMPER with sniper rifle in CS, but against bots that have no time to shoot back! But that's breaking OPERATIONS, as these campers will change the game pace, and make the operation MUCH EASIER, as most bots will be torp'd as they spawn. In this example - preserving players names - the AOBA and GALLANT have parked there early in match, and collected 7 easy kills each. They've done half of the kills, in weaker ships. So, how to prevent this from happening, with minimal intervention or new coding: Change all Operations to semi-random spawns. It's already in OPS engine, as used in Raptor Rescue. But the alternating spawns can be closer that in Raptor. Spawn weapons-ready, "alive and shooting" bots. Make bots spawn already able to use torpedos and guns on nearby players. "Surprise MoreSunker!"! Bots spawning near map border should spawn outside map, indestructible and fully "weapons loaded and ready", shooting from outside of map, when they lose invulnerability. Bots spawning inside map, far from borders, should spawn inside a smoke screen, and again "weapons-ready". Create a new concept/code, for adding more bots if the recently spawned bots are dying too fast. And ensure they spawn near to campers, that will be reloading torps. The CAMPERS have a clear advantage: By the way, since we already talking about SCENARIOS/ Operations, two more ideas: I noticed that the ones already available have ALL BOTS FROM SAME NATION. That is half way to "Axis vs Allies". Next, just restrict player ships to opposing sides, and we'll have a sort of "Historically INSPIRED Battles" with Axis vs Allies: Make it become DAILY OPERATION, instead of weekly rotation There two concepts would go very well together...
  5. Estimated_Prophet

    Good Job... (not)

    Thanks bunches. Love getting rammed and locked up by a stupid bot.
  6. She looks nice. 😄 Link: https://youtu.be/IiTkMsnVED8
  7. Today, when I logged into the game, out of the blue, I got a 30% coupon from Wargaming. Noice. However, I have only around 2 or 3 days to use it. So I figured that since I like BB's, I shall get a BB. Because I am a PvE-only main, I figured I want something that I can use not only in Coop, but also in the Operations. That means Tier VI or VII ones. I actually don't play the Operations a lot, but I always like to keep myself open to jump in whenever I feel like. I really wish there were more of them though (who doesn't? LOL). Well, I already have all the Tier VI ones offered in the Premium shop, so that narrows my choices to Tier VII... since the Operation Narai is still a thing, you know, lel. As it turns out, I am missing quite a number of Tier VII BB's in my port. Namely, the ones in the thread title. Thing is, since I've been so focused on mostly playing German ships over the years, I am not too familiar with how these botes fare in PvE in general. At first, I thought of going for California, since it's also my home state. However, she's a slow-as-molasses USN standard, so... yeah. Florida? All I know is that she's a snipe-y glass cannon. Hyuga and Strasbourg have MBRB. Former has lots of guns, while the latter is speedy... that's all I know, lul. Yukon? All I remember about her is the controversy, plus she's some kind of a nerfed & down-tiered Tier VIII BB with REALLY stubby arms (i.e. short reach). Or maybe I should just get some doubloons, or something... lal. Thanks in advance, to anyone who gives a constructive advice... lol.
  8. Boggzy

    Co-Op Update!

    Good Morning, Captains! I come bearing good news. I’ve received word that your common concerns in Co-op games have been heard! While I cannot tell you the specific details as of yet, I can confirm that the issues you’ve raised regarding coop matches ending too quickly as a result of bots unable to defend themselves properly has been acknowledged and will be adjusted in an upcoming patch to address these issues. While I’m excited to report these changes to you, I must ask you to be patient for these changes to be implemented. Thank you!
  9. Blorgh2017

    Schonberg in PvE

    Anyone tried Schonberg in PvE yet? I wager she's gonna be just fine for Coop, since she can just rush down the dumb red bots with her Speed Boost, while patching up any damage with the Repair Party, and shove torpedoes in their faces... lol. Because she's a Tier VI ship, I'm more interested in how she'll perform in the Operations. I mostly don't sail DD's in the Operations, since I'm quite uncomfortable with such low HP ships in the game mode... but Schonberg has the Repair Party, so she caught my interest ever since she was first announced. Unfortunately, the normal Operations are out of commission right now, so I guess we'll just have to wait till they come back to see how she really does... lol. I also wonder whether her 150mm guns are the old and boring ones from Gaede, or the new and improved ones from the alt German DD line. I don't expect the super-guns of Schultz or Elbing on her, but at least something like the ones on Z-31 and Maerker, still with improved auto bounce angle and higher damage on AP... hopefully. If they're the Gaede's 150mm guns, I think I might be a bit disappointed... lel.
  10. considering other sub today got zero damage i least felt like i contributed this time
  11. Wont two of three matches this morning where we won by capping. What's unusual about that is that these were CO-OP matches. Both games had 3 submarines and all 3 were alive at the end. I really hope that this is NOT the new normal
  12. Just kidding, I know they're rentals only for now, and restricted to Coop (and Ranked)... lol. Still, it got me thinking: once the subs are permanently in the game (someday they will be), and allowed to be in all game modes, how would they fare in the Operations? Any thoughts or opinions? Of course, this is assuming that they're unchanged from their current iteration. Would they open some kind of a new door for new possibilities, for the players to clear the Operations? That would be nice~, lel. Or would they pretty much be a fifth wheel, not doing much for the team? LUL.
  13. Also about how developers "know better" what the players want. It is time stamped where he start talking about wows. Enjoy:)
  14. Blorgh2017

    HSF Harekaze II (in PvE)

    Anyone else got and tried the latest High School Fleet Harekaze II yet? If you did, what are your thoughts? Did you like her? LOL. So far, I tried just 5 Coop games in her, and 3 of those games went rather well (while the other two, not so much). Imgur link, in case the images doesn't load properly on the forum. In general, I say... she's very good overall, just like the original Harekaze, and also like pretty much most DD's in Coop would be. Here's what I liked, and disliked, about the ship so far. I'm not gonna go over anything that's same as the original Harekaze, such as her great concealment or poor health pool, since it's nothing new. Despite having the German 150mm guns, it looks like she uses the IJN HE shells... or something like them. Hence, her HE shells pack some punch, plus a good fire starting chance. Then again, she kinda needs them, since despite having the German 150mm guns, she does NOT get the special German 1/4th HE pen. Yikes. Nevertheless, just spamming HE still seems to work nicely for this ship (like most other DD's, ahaha). Her AP seems okay-- good for poking at the citadel of a broadside cruiser, at close-to-mid range, I suppose. AFAIK, her reload speed has been "buffed" a little by WG (during testing), compared to her counterparts in the German DD line with the 150mm guns... but I say she needs that too, since she only has 3 guns. I feel like she's gonna suffer a similar problem with the C-hull of the original Harekaze; not having enough guns to make whatever advantage it has to actually shine. The gun traverse rate is the killer, however. At least the C-hull of the original Harekaze has mad wicked traverse rate to snap those guns like a pro, but these German 150mm ones are sluggish... just like how they are on the latest alternate German DD line. Ouch. And this was the part that I really disliked about her. She does get extra longer range on her guns. Not by much, but it's still something, I guess, lel. Her second turret, the Turet Y, can rotate 360 degrees. Noice... I guess? LUL. To make up for her middling(?) guns, she has better torpedoes than the original Harekaze. I believe the original Harekaze has the stock Kagero torpedoes, while Harekaze II has the upgraded ones. They go faster and packs more punch... but longer reload. TBH, I'm actually gonna say that this doesn't necessarily make Harekaze II a better torp bote than the original Harekaze. IMHO, the access to the Torpedo Reload Booster on the original makes her a far more potent and flexible torp bote, even if it means giving up smoke... but that's just me. I'm saying this because I was wishing for the TRB while my torps were reloading. Hydro is definitely useful and godsent... but anyone playing the German DD's or the British DD's already knows this, lal. Forget about AA. I couldn't shoot down a single plane, even those spotters... not that it matters in Coop, lol. Overall, I say her guns do hold her back a little. The low total number of guns, coupled with the slow-as-molasses traverse rate, sometimes made shooting at things a little difficult... especially when few angry bots are barreling down on me at full speed, and I'm just trying to wiggle and jiggle while running away. Maybe it's just me, and I'll need to play her a little more... lel. Still, playing a DD in Coop boils down to "ambush some bots and shove torps on their faces," and she still does that job marvelously... so I still say she's a gud bote, lul.
  15. Simple: Can we have DAILY OPERATION, instead of a week long of same operation? Diversity is much welcome. And while on diversity, can you add MORE OPERATIONS, like revive old, retired ones (Dunkerke I've only seen in wiki)?? Even better, can you make those new operations to replicate historic battles, as PvE , Avis vs Allies??? Dreaming far, PvE alternating sides, with players being able to join either side - two operations, as Allied and another as Axis - to defend/attack some IA-managed asset, as a ship/convoy/base?
  16. I remember the excitement when I got my first coal ship, Smolensk. It was a blast to melt ships and it truly felt like a justified reward for saving coal. Even after several nerfs Smolly is still great for doing the "main battery hits" missions. Same thing for Georgia and Thunderer. But I find there's a massive drop of appetite for coal ships for me after owning the said 3 ones. Instead of asking myself "what's the next awesome ship I'm going to sink bots with" I'm asking "what's the least bad choice to spend my coal so it doesn't sit idle in my armory". If I just go over the list: Neustrashimy? Meh. Her gimmick is not relevant in coop; Yoshino? Something tells me cruisers without means to disengage nor ability to tank just get murdered by focus fire in coop; Moskva? Not sure what her strength really is; Salem? This one is actually not bad but I can't stop feeling it's a ripoff for my coal since I can just get DM instead; Marceau/Z-44? Not a DD main myself and I've lost respect for all other DDs after getting my Akizuki/Kitakazi; Pommern is probably a great ship but there are just too many German secondaries BBs out there and it gets boring for me; Flint is what I would buy if not for the skill rework. Loss of AFT is not a deal breaker for me but I think it's just way overpriced for now. Duke of York, Meh; Blyskawica, Meh; Do you feel like the same? I've been putting off buying any coal ships since mid 2020 and spent coal on captains instead. What coal ship would you add to your fleet if you already have Smolly/GA/Thunderer?
  17. I bet this isn't the first post on the topic. Something needs to be done regarding "allied" boats intentionally screening out other players in PVE. Its just not fun to play a game and have another boat pull up and park in-between you and all the potential targets and then throttle jockey to keep you blocked out of the action.
  18. Sovereigndawg

    Is Thunderer any good in Co op?

    The answer is YES!
  19. Mechduck

    PvE Ship Choice

    I know I have seen various takes on this, but I'm looking for a PvE specific answer. Most of what I have seen are more Random/Ranked/Clan Battle related. Please forgive me for asking again. Once I get all the steel/coal from the New Years event, I will have enough coal to purchase one of two ships: Georgia or Pommern. My dilemma is that I'm a PvE main, but I'm also a split USN/German main. I have plenty of tech tree ships from both, but I also have a handful of USN premiums. My favorites are Texas, Sims, and Massachusetts. I absolutely love the Mass. She's probably my favorite ship currently. On the other hand, I also have both the Gneisenau (yes, I actually kept her... fun ship) and the Bismarck, both of which are in my top 5. I do not have Tirpitz or Scharnhorst (though I'd love to have the latter). I'm also not afraid of ships that get mixed-at-best reviews, or have screwball mechanics. I run (and thoroughly enjoy) the Graf Spee in COOP and Scenarios. If you want to pull my ship stats, by all means see if there are any hints. I tend to prefer mid range combat over long range sling out battles. There is a possibility of me getting into Ranked Sprint at some point, but I'm still going to be mostly PvE. The biggest issue I have, is I can only get one. I know Georgia is leaving the shop very soon, but if I go with her there's a really really good chance I won't build up enough coal to get Pommern before she leaves the Armory. And financially I can't spend actual money to get either. So, if you had to choose one of them and only one, which would you choose?
  20. All you PVE players take a look at the video at the 6 minute mark. They are no longer requiring a win to get the snowflake but will, instead, award the snowflake for base XP "So you can comfortably complete all your snowflakes in Random battles." Of all the changes in the video this one is just plain dastardly. There was never any discomfort earning the snowflake the way it was. Sorry and best of luck to all you fine PVE ladies and gents. Maybe it will change back...
  21. 0ldRichard

    Thank Heaven for Co-op

    If it weren't for Co-op, I'd have quit this game years ago. Even with some pretty heinous doings from WG like the PR debacle and the CV Rebork, it occurs to me that I should just be grateful for the hundreds of hours of relaxation it provides. I've got a bunch of the fancy-shmancy rare and special boats, like Kutuzov, Enterprise, Ohio, Smolensk, and the like. Got a bunch of special event flags and badges too. I don't care. I get more enjoyment out of just leisurely cruising around in Konig Albert or WV '41, casually blasting away at poor helpless toasters. I don't care about rewards, bot cheats, or Random players doing stupid things costing matches. I don't care about stats, events, karma, or prestige. I'm just glad for what we've got. I'm just a happy common spud in a Golden Russet potato patch.
  22. Dmal

    Bot onslaught

    So a couple of years ago back on the public test server for update 0.5.9 they tried a different type of coop battle. Where you had to defend caps or capture a point against 16 bots. I fondly remember playing this and loving it. Sadly it never made it into the game as scenarios arrived instead. However, due to the lack of scenario redevelopment after the cv rework took out a little under half (right now more since Narai isn't working) I think this would be a good idea to bring back to give players more variety to play. Give it its own separate coop mode like scenarios and maybe play a little with the economics to make it a little less rewarding than randoms but more than coop because it shouldn't be easy. I have honestly been getting tired of the same old battle modes and I think this would be a welcomed fun addition to the game. It really gets your blood pumping as you can charge in and continually slaught the bots but you have to be careful about it because you are outnumbered 2 to 1. Also, wargaming can put cvs in it because the coding for the bots should be the same as coop bots.
  23. lordholland4293

    No zoup video on pve

    if you haven't watch no zoup video, it is a good one. I think Wargaming needs to start making new modes or at least made old modes arms, torpedo beats permanent ones. Wargaming doesn't care about the veteran players only milking cash cows. I only play a little bit or when I have clan mates to play with. Most of my time has been on Star Wars The Old Republic, they keep adding things-swoop bikes are on there pts. If wargaming is losing people here is a TIP - Start laying off off people,
  24. KilljoyCutter

    Radio Location Skill for PVE

    Radio Location, aka RDF. With the free respec going on, I decided to try it for a night on a couple captains, see if it helps. So far, it's proving almost entirely useless in Co-op, and given the way Operations work is probably won't do much there. Does anyone else have thoughts on Radio Location in PVE? Am I missing something? Or should I just forget it?
  25. Estimated_Prophet

    Directive Three, via Co-op.

    Link to my directive two thread. Last numbers after finishing Directive Three via Co-op. Starting the weekend before Christmas, until January second, I was off from work. Outside familiy, having to deal with the trees outside my house, a doctor's appointment, and two days spent visiting a friend, I was able to spam games; easily getting the two dailys done, and getting three containers per day. After that, it was the usual 3-4 hours a day, before/after work. Number of games: 297 PvP (1, an accidental Hatsuharu game; left a division, and didn't realize they'd switched me to PvP,) PvE, (281,) Operations, (15, Ark Royal, 11 wins, 4 losses, 2 Five-star.) Tier 5, (78,) Tier 6, (147,) Tier 7, (55,) tier 8, (17.) CV, (15,) BB, (152,) CB/CA/CL, (48,) DD, (82.) Ships: (Working off Snowflakes. I was doing so as well in the previous directives, but directive three wound up involving the highest number of ships.) Tier 5: ARP Kongo, ARP Haruna, ARP Kirishima, ARP Hiei, New York, Texas, Iron Duke, Red October, Giulio Cesare, Bretagne, Viribus Unitus, Furutaka, Exeter, Marblehead, Murmansk, Krasny Krym, Konigsburg, Emerald, Emile Bertin, Mutsuki, Fujin, Kamikaze, Kamikaze R, Podvisky, Okhotnik, Nicholas, Acasta, Gremyaskchy, Jaguar. Tier 6: Ark Royal, Arizona, New Mexico, West Virginia '41,Warspite, Queen Elizabeth, Dunkerque, Normandie, Bayern, P. E. Friedrich, Fuso, Mutsu, Graf Spee, HSF Graf Spee, Pensacola, Nurnburg, Molotov, Budyonny, Leander, Perth, Duca D'Aosta, De Grasse, Huanghe, Admiral Makarov, Dallas, Farragut, Monaghan, Fubuki, Gnevny, Anshan, Shinonome, Ernst Gaede, Gallant, Hatsuharu, Icarus, Guepard, Aigle. Tier 7: Colorado, Scharnhorst, Gniesenau, Hood, Nelson, Lyon, New Oeleans, Indianapolis, Arp Myoko, ARP Ashigara, ARP Haguro, ATRP Nachi, Southern Dragon Myoko, Helena, Belfast, Atlanta, Nueve de Julio, Mahan, Blyskawica, Sims, Leberecht Maass, Haida. Tier 8: Roma, Vanguard, Mogami, Benson. Directives completed from Directive Two: Santa's Favorite. Experienced Navigator. Wisdom of the Ages. Cruisers: XP. Aircraft Carriers: XP. Directives completed from Directive Three: A Series of Devastating Blows. Dangerous Enemy. Fierce Commander. Secondary Armament Expert. Battleships: Battle Experience. Completed Saturday morning, about 0430 local. Battleships: Battle Experience, was the final task, and I literally completed it with the very last battleship game I needed to play to get the last of my Snowflakes, (ARP Hiei.) If nothing else changes, (I recently added a build tokens booster,) my finish date should be late on January 7th. Ships that stood out: Battleships in general. Even ships as lowly as Texas and New York, with their pathetic six gun secondary batteries, contributed usefully to the 4,500 secondary hits task, because I agressively pitched in so the secondaries would be in range. Despite what some say, getting close to bots is like begging them to citadel or torpedo you. Normandie, New Mexico, Arizona, and Fuso were particular favorites for the amount of secondary fire the delivered. Mogami. Despite being in game for over four years now, I'd never picked up Mogami. Despite being stock A-hull, the 155mm 5x3s are as awesome as many have said. It is unlikely I'm even going to bother with Directive four. If anything, I'm going to just spam Gorizia in order the get the collection containers it's tasks can provide.