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Found 42 results

  1. Time to make this bad boy coal and let the rest of us enjoy WG. We know you want our money... let's do this.
  2. Hi All! - Hangglide42 here w/ a quick convenience update - Over the past year, I've published a number of forum articles in the "WOWS Enjoyment" series which were intended to assist newer players w/ various aspects of the game. These included items such as describing the currency model (to earn enough silver to play higher tiers), flagging in-game challenges so a player can have suitable ships in their port to reap the rewards - to strategic articles that outline what to do w/ various cap strategies and why - and tactical articles on shooting and maneuvering. Over time, these articles have spread down the forum article list so this is a compilation of links to all of these articles so new users can have a single summary link page to any of this info, if desired. Recently, I've also added helpful links to Youtube vids and other posters who have very good insight on various topics for newer players. I've also now added a Table of Contents since the number of links & articles have grown tremendously - browse this to see which article may be of interest, then the link section gives a quick summary of the article in greater detail. Table of Contents General Progressing Faster Currency Model Changing # of Replays to save (As of 7.0 - training rooms now auto-enabled & accessible from the In-Game UI. Since 8.X Replays are autoenabled & defaulted to 30) Happiness...the Hope of Rewards...and the Meaning of "Git Gud" WOWS - Great Mix of History as an Arcade Shooter Clans - Why Join One? Matchmaking (Everyone has an opinion but here's what the math says...) YouTubers List Instructional/Advanced Advanced Gameplay/Informational/Entertaining Ship Reviews Game Heads Up (What's upcoming - so you can prepare) Knowing WG's Patterns/Promos Prepares You to Participate! PSA - Opportunities for December 2017 Puerto Rico... 2020 - Dates/Events to be aware of (i.e. overview of what to expect, when) Game Optimizations - Achieving In-Game Goals Faster When Lines Split.... (having the right ships affected by a line split earns you free ships as compensation) Getting Ships/Captains to Maximize Rewards Ships to have in port to Participate in In-Game Goodies [ Posting from Edgecase ] Stacking Flags & Cammos to Maximize Free XP Collection (Principles apply to XP and Commanders XP as well) Accelerating Captains Training - Getting More 19 pt. Captains Quicker Evolving Your Captains Skills Getting more XP per Game Strategies for a Campaign (How to more efficiently earn game Rewards) Becoming a "Legend" Faster Game Tactics/Mechanics Skills to Learn as you start the game and move thru the Tiers Ships and Shooting Shooting at Angled Targets DD Guns - When to use HE & AP & Why Maneuvering Tactics (Using Cover, Masking Turns, Flanking, Kiting) Advantages of a Retreating Fight & Why Maneuvering your Cruiser for survivability Brawling 101 [ Link from iChaseGaming ] Captains Academy #41 - Definitive Guide to Dispersion [ Link from Notser ] Shells - Penetration Mechanics & Formulas [ Links from Flamu ] Advanced Tactics - Flamu's Tactical Analysis Series of Videos Critiquing Games from his Subscribers [ Stuntman9630 ] 0.8.0 CV Rework - Premium CV Summaries (as of last Public Test sequence) [ Links from Farazelleth ] Fara Carrier Guide Series/Ship Configs - (Must video section for Aspirational CV Players) Game Strategy Cap Strategies & Lemming Trains Lanchesters Law & its implication on WOWS Strategies Tech Tree Progression Assessments Which IJN Tech Tree DD Sub-Line? Go down one line or many simultaneously? Bugs Replay Bug - Replays don't play & are stuck in the login screen forever Just for Fun... April Fools!....(Subs)... Suggestions for Submarines (overcoming the restricted ASW capability issue) General WOWS Enjoyment - Progressing Faster Currency Model New players will find (depending on their skill threshold and whether they hold a Premium account) that the higher tier gameplay becomes "silver earnings negative". This article explains the WOWS currency model and strategies of working around this so you can afford playing your Tier Xs. WOWS Enjoyment - Increasing the number of Replays to Save [ Update: As of Release 7.0, Training Rooms are autoenabled and accessible thru the in-game UI and the configuration procedure described in the article is no longer necessary. As of Release 8.X the XML Configuration file structure has changed and replays are defaulted to capture up to 30 replays - this article now reflects how to change the number of saved Replays to a larger number ] One of the most common requests for newer players - how to increase the number of Replays to save (so I can send my fantastic battle to my favorite YouTuber or post it for viewing) and how do I enable Training Rooms (so I can practice where to shoot what, or play practice Co-op games I construct or work w/ my Clan/Division). WOWS Enjoyment - Happinness...the Hope of Rewards...and the Meaning of "Git Gud" This is a self-assessment article meant to match up those unhappy w/ their results in WOWS w/ articles and vids which, hopefully can raise the bar on any parts of your game which you'd like to see improvement on to help you achieve your WOWS goals. WOWS Enjoyment - Great Mix of History as an Arcade Shooter General article describing the nature of how WOWS balances being a compelling arcade shooter w/ a respectful nod to actual history (and generating interest for it). WOWS Enjoyment - Clans - Why Join One? Outlines some of the benefits of the new Clan feature - the Naval Port. This is presented in a "Why I Joined My Clan PROJX" reasoning since there are a plethora of new clans which have been formed due to the 6.11 feature. It also touches on the Clan Application process which may intimidate some, but if you find the right match for a clan w/ your play priorities and needs, it can be easy and enjoyable. WOWS Enjoyment - Matchmaking (Everyone has an opinion, but here's what the math says...) Many players have a least an opinion on WG's Matchmaking (MM) algorithms. They range from "it's fine" to "this is some broken MM!". This article describes the math behind the current state and some of the reasons for the MM algorithms as they are today. It also explains some of the implications of trade-offs that would need to be made for some of the forum suggestions for "Improved MM" to be implemented. Some Youtubers/Twitch streamers who may be of interest to you: A number of these YouTubers also have Twitch streams and are occasionally supported by Patreon contributions. This is by no means a full list of popular YouTubers, but just a few that I've found most entertaining/useful if you're interested in WOWS. Instructional/Advanced Femennenly (NA), Farazelleth (EU) - Very good CV instructional & entertaining Flamu (most servers, but primarily EU) - Advanced Tactical/Instructional/entertaining iChase (NA) - KnowYourShip series, Game Mechanics Analysis Aerroon (EU) - CV gameplay, overall entertaining/instructional Stuntman 9630 (EU) - Comparative ship stats analysis, What the Ship? series, Ship Trial series Flambass (EU) - Entertaining videos but w/ advanced tactics particularly evident in his "SPESHUL" video series Advanced Gameplay/Informational/Entertaining Jingles (EU), NoZoupforYou (NA), Notser (NA), Yuro (SEA), Mejash (NA), Qckslvrslash (NA), HughJass (NA), PointyHairedJedi (EU) Ship Reviews LittleWhiteMouse (NA) - (Technically not a Youtuber, but a forum poster) - Hands down in a league of her own wrt comprehensive reviews of a specific ship in WOWS Stuntman 9630 (EU) - When a new ship is released, posts videos which compares its stats on a 1-to-1 basis w/ other ships in its Tier Game Heads Ups These postings give you a heads up in what may be coming down the pike so you can execute missions to gather XP, FreeXP, silver or doubloons/cash for purchase opportinities or chances at free ships, etc. WOWS Enjoyment - Knowing WG Patterns/Promos Prepares You to Participate! If you've ever kicked yourself because you didn't have the right ships in port, enough FreeXP, not enough ports, etc. to participate in WOWS Missions/Campaigns and nice promos when they arrive - this article outlines what to expect and look for in the near future and going forward into 2018 so the next time, you'll be enjoying your reward ship for completing that mission! (or having enough FreeXP to purchase it)! WOWS Enjoyment - PSA - Opportunities for December 2017 December 2017 offers opportunies to boost FreeXP collection (for the early 2018 FXP Ship release), certain desired promos and ship sales. WOWS Enjoyment - Puerto Rico The controversial Dec 2019 Mission to build this ship - explains the "trick" to get the Puerto Rico + Gorizia for the price of a T8 Premium, under a achievable mission structure...and still have a normal Holiday w/ your friends & family. 2020 - What to expect - WG's General Release/Promo patterns How do you not miss out on events/swag? Here is a general pattern of WGs release patterns and events throughout the year so you can get a heads of of what will likely be offered and the approximate timeframe based on past historical WG business patterns. If you want to have an idea of what will happen during what month and when you can restock your supply of flags/camos or get Premium ships or when lines drop - Game Optimizations - Achieving Goals Faster In-Game WOWS Enjoyment - When Lines Split... WG has a very Player-friendly policy when a Tech Tree Line splits. Players are generously compensated new ships depending on what ships they have in port at the time of the split. This article explains the mechanics of what happens as of the 1st 2 line splits that occurred and what is anticipated for the 2018 USN Cruiser Line split in specific detail. If you want to know what ships to have in your port to net some free ships w/o the grind, this post is for you. (This post will be kept current re: WG Policy as to what happens.) WOWS Enjoyment - Getting Ships/Captains to Maximize Rewards General overview of what Missions, Campaigns and other in-game challenges require so you can position yourself w/ the right mix of ships in your port to be able to participate in these and reap the rewards. Also outlines what WG typically does when lines are split so that you can position yourself for some (potentially) free ships in the tech tree when this happens. WOWS Enjoyment - Ships to Have in Port to Participate in In-Game Goodies Expands on the previous article going into specifics regarding Missions, Campaigns, Challenges and Scenarios and the type of task activities required. Knowing this allows you to have the right types of ships in your port to more efficiently achieve the task rewards while minimizing the number of games played. [ Posting from Edgecase ] Stacking Flags and Cammos to Maximize Free XP Collection Edgecase provides a fantastic explanation of how stacking of your flags and cammos work in WOWS. If you're trying to collect your remaining Free XP to purchase the Missouri before it's removed, this is the article for you. The posting describes both the mechanism and the moving pieces that allow you to earn the maximum Free XP per game. This mechanism/strategy can also be applied to the following situations (by just changing the flags and cammos to the other bonus types): If you want to speed up the XP grind for your next ship in the tech tree (substitute the XP flags and Cammos w/ XP bonuses) If you wan to speed up 19-pt Commander Training or Elite Commander XP farming (substitute the Commander XP flags and Cammos w/ Commander XP bonuses) WOWS Enjoyment - Accelerating Captains Training (Getting More 19 pt Capts Quicker) Getting a 19 pt. captain seems daunting - but if you set up your ships & play strategy efficiently, once you get one, you'll find you can get more much faster - here's how. WOWS Enjoyment - Evolving Your Captain's Skills As you gain more experience in the game, you'll find you may want to change your Captain's skills to maximize the advantage of your Ship/Commander pairing. This article goes over the opportunies WG gives you to respec your Commander's skills and a general overview of a "before and after" experience of what a typical skill progression may be for each ship type and why. WOWS Enjoyment - Getting More XP per Game If you've ever had trouble getting past the threshold for Campaign Tasks & Missions of the nature "Earn X Base XP in one Game" (the number is usually 1500/1600), this article explains the XP scoring sources. Understanding this can help boost the amount of XP you earn for these types of missions and turn them from a challenge to a piece-of-cake. There is also one source of XP that is generally not recognized that, if acted upon, can help address many forum complaints about static play and back-of-the map sniping BB tactics (and help you earn more XP as well)! WOWS Enjoyment - Strategies for a Campaign (How to More Efficiently Earn Game Rewards) Uses the "Hunt for Bismarck" Campaign as an example showing step-by-step the way to overlap tasks, choose the most efficient tasks and pick the right ships in your port to execute the tasks to minimize game time to reap the campaign rewards (since all of us have other priorities as well)! Also covers the general odds and strategies re: collectibles and chances for receiving them in game (for RNG container based collections) - the strategy for skill based collections as in the Anniversary Collection will follow the principles used to chose your campaign tasks if you want to find the minimal game strategy to get your collection finished. WOWS Enjoyment - Becoming a "Legend" Faster (how to minimize games needed to get your Legendary Upgrade Modules) Legendary Modules are highly specialized upgrade modules for 20 of your T10 vessels (Daring & Harugumo don't yet have them). The missions to obtain these modules are roughly equivalent to doing a Tier grind at T10 in your ship. Because the Mission Sequence can be very long and grindy (and expensive since you're doing them in your T10 ships), the following suggestions are meant to help you get thru them in the fewest games possible. Game Tactics WOWS Enjoyment - Skills to Learn as you Start the Game & Move thru the Tiers WOWS has a phased introduction of ship/game capabilities that you get exposed to as you play different ship types, from different nations, as you progress up thru the tiers. This is a short summary (as the response to a new player questions) of the type of skills that will help you become a better player as you encounter them as you move up thru the tiers. This is why it's not often recommended to hop into a T8 Premium, if you haven't yet been playing at T8 in the Tech Tree (i.e. the reason the Tirpitz got it's unflattering nickname). WOWS Enjoyment - Ships & Shooting Ever wonder how a weaker tier ship can take on a higher tier? A DD or CL/CA kill a BB? This tutorial covers Captains Skills & Ship Upgrades to specific shooting strategies. Also includes detailed sections on what to shoot in what circumstances and where to aim and why, to inflict increased damage on your enemy. WOWS Enjoyment - Shooting at Angled Targets When you have to shoot at angled targets, here are some quick tips to adjust your lead properly to increase your changes of hitting. WOWS Enjoyment - DD Guns - When to use HE & AP Describes the situations when using HE or AP for DD caliber guns is preferrable and why. WOWS Enjoyment - Maneuvering Many newer players run into problems once they initially engage an enemy and can't safely cover themselves as they need to turn away. This article covers various maneuvering strategies and cover strategies to mask turns. It also describes various strategies such as bow-tanking, kiting, flanking and other maneuver related strategies and counter strategies. WOWS Enjoyment - Advantages of a Retreating Fight (and Why) A common tactic for Fire Spamming Cruisers is to "kite" away from an opponent (often a BB or BB Group - while burning them down). Here's why you have an advantage in a retreating fight and why this tactic gives you an edge even in a 1 vs. 1 even matchup. (Note: this is not to advocate always using a retreating tactic. You should always prioritize the actual tactical situation to determine how you play your ship - but if you have to survive and inflict more pain than received on your chasers, here's why this tactic works). Maneuvering Your Cruiser for Survivability to Influence a Game Uses a game replay to illustrate techniques in kiting & shell dodging and using maneuverability to aid in turret traverse (what may look like chain fire in this video is actually maneuvering to align guns for a ship w/ slow turret rotation). Cruisers don't have BB armor, but w/ the right maneuver tactics of kiting, baiting shots & dodging - you can survive & even bring your team back from a 3-8 ship deficit [ Thanks to Notser for posting my game & providing commentary ]. WOWS Enjoyment - Brawling 101 Q: If you're a German BB (w/ secondary build) and are attacked by a DD, CA, BB on 3 sides of you, what do you do? A: Point your nose (slightly offset) at the BB, put your Secondaries on the DD & 1 or 2 salvo the CA 1st before addressing the BB & DD This article is answers how to do this and why you are doing this to successfully Brawl and the tactics to come out of this type of fight successfully. [ Link from iChaseGaming ] Captains Academy #41 - Definitive Guide to Dispersion iChase provides a detailed explaination of the differences between Horizontal and Vertical dispersion and Sigma and how this affects your aim and shell hit results. Understanding this clearly will help you get more hits on your intended targets on your target ship. [ Link from Notser ] Shells - Penetration Mechanics & Formulas Notser presents an easy to understand overview of the formulas WG uses to calculate penetration for AP & HE shell types. These are the simple rules that are needed to be applied when you determine which parts of an enemy ship you want to shoot to inflict maximum damage from your salvo. The damage types (citadels, penetration, over-pen and bounces) are also covered and the damage formulas to apply for each type. [ Links to Flamu YouTube Videos ] Advanced Tactics - Flamu Tactical Analysis Videos This section contains links to a YouTube Video Series recently started (Dec 2017) by the EU Unicum & CC Flamu that analyzes and comments on tactics improvements for games submitted by his subscribers. More advanced tactical and strategic concepts such as better/best ship positioning (for safety & firing angles), map awareness, efficient/timely consumable usage, optimizing/anticipating gun direction, firing into smoke, leveraging ship strength/weakness are revealed during actual gameplay to illustrate how to use/captain your ship better. Flamu - Replay Analysis #1 - Minotaur, Akizuki, Prinz Eugen, Scharnhorst Flamu - Replay Analysis #2 - Hipper, Des Moines, Kagero, Missouri Flamu - Replay Analysis #3 - Missouri, Charles Martel, Atago (includes Ranked Game) Flamu - Replay Analysis #4 - Chappayev, North Carolina, Lo Yang, Amagi, North Carolina (includes Ranked Games) Flamu - Replay Analysis #5 - Amagi, Atago, Akizuki, Amagi (Ranked Games) Flamu - Replay Analysis #6 - Yamato, Leningrad, Izumo Flamu - Replay Analysis #6A - Hindenburg, GroBer Kurfurst Flamu - Replay Analysis #7 - North Carolina, Hindenburg, Akatsuki, Grozovoi Flamu - Replay Analysis #8 - Hindenburg, Fletcher, Harekaze Flamu - Replay Analysis #9 - Maass, Pensacola, Monarch, La Galissonniere Flamu - Replay Analysis #10 - Clan Battles Flamu - Replay Analysis #11 - Grozovoi, Khabarovsk, Zao 0.8.0 CV Rework - Premium CV Summaries (as of last Public Test sequence) Stuntman9630 is a CC who recently posted a series of vids on the 4 Prems & what the changes are under the CV rework - Those who own these CVs and want a feel for the new play mechanics on your specific premium, attack group sizes, consummables, etc. may find this useful to get a quick heads up on what's in store for your Premiums. Be aware, it is still a week prior to the CV Rework Drop and there is one more test cycle in progress - so treat this as a Work in Progress subject to possible last minute change. [ Links to Farazelleth YouTube Videos ] Fara's CV Guides - CV Configuration and Play [ Release 0.8.0 will result in a complete rework of CV gameplay into a new 1st person meta - these article links should be considered legacied after the release 0.8.0 ] For those interested in CV Gameplay - this section contains links to very detailed instructional and informational videos from the EU Unicum CV Player Farazelleth's YouTube Series Fara Carrier Guide. This series explains tactics and strategies when playing CVs which will help you get the most out of your CV (including gameplay examples). Farazelleth has also posted a Configure Your CV series which covers each CV in the Tech Tree including: Ship Upgrade Recommended Progression Module Upgrades Captains Skills Overall ship playstyle and information Play examples in Random Battles The links below represent a sampler of basic CV information contained on his channel - if you find the information useful, please consider subscribing to his channel. Fara Carrier Guides Series What Makes a Good CV? Introduction Ep 1 - General CV Information Ep 2 - Commander Skills Overview Ep 3 pt1 - IJN Commander Setup Ep 3 pt2 - USN Commander Setup Ep 4 - Basic Tactics Ep 5 - Plane Control Ep 6 pt1 - Advanced Bombing Ep 6 pt2 - Neutralizing Enemy AA Ep 6 pt3 - Advanced Fighter Control Ep 6 pt4 - Advanced Scouting Ep 6 pt5 - Flight Deck Management Ep 6 pt6 - Carrier Sniping Ep 6 pt7 - Dealing w/ Air Superiority Ep 6 pt8 - Dealing w/ Being Bottom Tier Ep 6 pt9 - What to do when everything goes bad Ep 7 - Differences betwenn Random, Ranked & Competitive Gameplay IJN CVs Hosho (T4) - Starter CV Zuiho (T5) - Limited to Auto-drops and Click Engagements - May encounter enemy T6 CVs that have access to Strafe and Manual Drop mechanics Ryujo (T6) - 1st CV that permits Manual Drops and Strafes Hiryu (T7) Shokaku (T8) Taiho (T9) Hakuryu (T10) USN CVs Langley (T4) - Starter CV Bogue (T5) - Limited to Auto-drops and Click Engagements - May encouter enemy T6 CVs that have access to Strafe and Manual Drop mechanics Independence (T6) - 1st CV that permits Manual Drops and Strafes Ranger (T7) Lexington (T8) Essex (T9) Midway (T10) Premiums Kaga (T7) - Features strong Strike Groups Saipan (T7) - Features T9 Aircraft Enterprise (T8) - Features strong (numerically) Fighter Presence Game Strategy [ Stay tuned! - There is a new series of articles planned for this section that will be added to it throughout 2018! Due to recent updates that are in-progress w/ many of the maps (some significant modifications), this Map Strategies section will be delayed until the map changes have been rolled out ] WOWS Enjoyment - Cap Strategies & Lemming Trains Explains the primary cap strategies one finds in game, the overall strategic intent for each, expected goals/actions, your responsibilities to your team for each strategy and why. Also covers the concept of Lemming trains, their serious risks and responsibilities if you engage in this tactic (including fallback upon failure). WOWS Enjoyment - Lanchester's Laws & WOWS Strategies Expands on the previous article (tho a precursor) by introducing an actual series of Military Studies which resulted in Lanchester's (Square) Law which has solid implications in strategies you use in WOWS. The base concept is explained and how it factors into specific suggestions for tactics you can use in WOWS to be more successful and win more games. Map Strategies [ Currently Under Construction ] A Map-by-Map breakdown of specific strategies that are useful or will be encountered on specific maps and modes in WOWS. Will include a general overview of the strategic elements presented by the maps for various ship types including: General strategic overview of map - generally good vs bad strategic moves and why Illustrated tactics and strategies of specific map features Firing arc opportunities Radar Cruiser Hiding Places Maneuvering turn points General contest point & cover points DD tactics and counters on the map Tech Tree Progression Assessments IJN DD Main Line vs. Alternate Line (post-Split) If you're trying to make a decision on which IJN DD line to go up from the T5 split, this response offers a brief summary of each ship in the IJN DD lines from T5-T10 (T8 in Alternate line). Play points, strengths and weaknesses of each ship are noted to help you make your decision. Play One Line/Ship Type or Many? This article gives you the pros and cons of whether you may want to play only a single line of ships to T10 before going on to the next or multiple lines/ship types simultaneously. Since this question is one of how you allocate valuable free time for gaming - the summary gives you an idea of tradeoffs you make to participated in game events, missions, develop your skills faster, etc. Bugs Replay Bug - Attempts to run a replay result in being stuck in the login screen forever & the replay never plays WG hasn't yet caught up w/ this bug w/ a fix so here is a summary of what gets you into hitting this bug & a workaround if you do so you don't lose the ability to run your replays. Just for Fun... WOWS Enjoyment - April Fools! (Subs!) Meant as an April Fools thought exercise (for fun!) re: how potentially Submarines could be introduced into the game mechanic. Not all responders took it as such and there is a passionate and vehement response every time Subs are mentioned as an in-game vehicle! WOWS Enjoyment - Submarine Game Mode Suggestion Now that Submarines are starting to come into the game -- suggestions to avoid some of the game balance pitfalls of trying to introducing them into Random Battles (by not doing so - here is the suggestion -- covers a way to get a better Submarine experience, PvP game mode and PvP game modes out of this.
  3. curious how many earned free puerto rico and how much playing it took to win. and for those that have it how they like it and their impressions of ship.
  4. anonym_bleJN7gXeLqd

    Love the Alaska....despise the Puerto Rico

    It is very unfortunate that the USS Puerto Rico is nigh impossible for me to acquire. I was much looking forward to getting the "Rich Port" in my own WoWS port, and sailing her to glory.....but the recent New Years' Directives being outrageously too difficult to complete within the 32 days it will last (my winter break does not even last that long), and with the desire for me to spend some quality time with my own family over the holidays...….I will have to pass over the Puerto Rico. But......why bother with the Puerto Rico in the first place when I have the USS Alaska? I am proud of my Alaska. She is a great Tier IX ship. Alaska actually built by the United States navy (unlike the Puerto Rico, who Wargaming based off of one of the submitted proposal designs to built the battlecruiser design that was to be the Alaskas). She has very good bulk, can tank a decent amount of damage to her citadel, and has powerful guns that make other cruisers subconsciously aware of their vulnerable citadels...... …….this is why I love the Alaska. She cost only 1 million Free XP and 1 single credit to get, and that is a hell of a lot better than the nightmarish grind that is the Dockyard to get Puerto Rico. So I am sticking firmly with my Alaska. If I really need to play a Tier X American cruiser, I will just rely on my good ol' USS Des Moines. And that's that.
  5. Go here for the 8.11 live server thread NOTE: WIP on PTS and anything can change and probably will. And it changed. The information below is compromised. I will start new later today, but we will not have all the info until after the patch drops. Ok, so this is a preview of the Dockyard from the PTS, but I will update when we get the patch notes for the live server. There will be lots of pics in the spoilers as the mods don't like picture heavy posts, so do check those out. 8.11 is expected to drop Wed, Dec 11th at 8am EST (maintenance window starts at 5am EST) 8.11 is expected to end Wed, Jan 8th?? at 5am EST. So plan on being done Tue, Jan 7th. 8.11 looks to be running until as late as early morning Jan 15th as that is when Med Tokens convert to credits. Training screens from in-game and the Rules from the PTS so the numbers may not stay the same. So you can see there are 6 stages to complete to get the T10 CA Puerto Rico. Each Stage is broken up into Phases and there is a reward for each Phase (more below). You generate Construction Points (CP) every min and can get boosts to increase the CP/min rate. You will need to get multiple boosts to acquire Puerto Rico. You will want to get boosts as soon as you can to maximize the CP/min rate, but with application of all the available boosts, you can still get Puerto Rico very late into the expected 28 day long patch as long as the CP/min rate in the live server is the same as the PTS. Boosts to Construction Points per minute These are PTS numbers and have changed on the Live Server. There will be Ship Building (SB) Tokens to earn in the Directives, Daily Mission Chains and Daily Shipments (see below). Here are the boosts to the CP/min from the PTS. The rate change, instant bonus, Ship Building Token cost, and doubloon cost *may* or *may not* change on the live server. I think the Token and Doubloons costs may very well change. You must get the boosts in the order of each chain. The Free boost is first and the 3 dub boosts branch to to the right with the 8 Token boosts branching to the left. You can use both sets at the same time. Boosts Free boost: instant +500k CP and +6 pts/min 1st Token boost: instant +750k CP and +104 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 2nd Token boost: instant +1.2M CP and +104 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 3rd Token boost: instant +1.6M CP and +173 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 4th Token boost: instant +1.6M CP and +173 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 5th Token boost: instant +2.5M CP and +208 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 6th Token boost: instant +2.5M CP and +208 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 7th Token boost: instant +2.5M CP and +208 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 8th Token boost: instant +2.5M CP and +208 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 1st dub boost: instant +4.5M CP and +104 pts/min (1k doubloons on PTS) 2nd dub boost: instant +6M CP and +138 pts/min (1k doubloons on PTS) 3rd dub boost: instant +7.5M CP and +173 pts/min (1k doubloons on PTS) NOTE: The sheets in the spoiler have numbers from the PTS and we do not know if these numbers will be the same on the live server. You earn CPs every minute, even if you are not logged into the game. You need to earn 32,062,500 CPs to get Puerto Rico. I made two spreadsheets, one for Token boosts and one for Doubloon and/or Token boosts. They are point times for simplicity, like if you got all the boosts to that column at once. Meaning, if you got all three of the Doubloon boosts in the first hour after 8.11 goes live, then the H3 cell on the Doubloon sheet would show that you would get more than enough CPs to get Puerto Rico. These are PTS numbers and when the Dockyard starts and ends has changed on the live server. These numbers are no longer valid. How to earn Ship Building Tokens (SB Tokens) SB Tokens will be earned in patch 8.11 and used in 8.11 to boost the construction of Puerto Rico. There will very likely be other things you can buy with SB Tokens in the Armory and they will likely not be converted to credits until patch 9.1 (February-ish). IF you want Puerto Rico is HIGHLY recommended that you use it for CP/min boosts, until you know you will get PR. SB Tokens can be earned in Directives, Daily Chains and the Daily Shipments. Daily Shipments These will likely start on patch day which is likely to be Wed, Dec 11th at 8am EST. There are 10 14 rewards and you can earn them from Dec 11th until early morning Jan 1st, so over 14 21 days. So you have to start collecting by the 18th to get them all. You need only to log into the game, click on Daily Shipments, and then click accept to get the reward. We do not know yet how many SB Tokens we will get in the Daily Shipments. There are 5 per reward and 10 on the last reward for 75 SB Tokens total. Daily Chains These are the 6 Missions you complete for base XP. They are in two chains; one of 250, 500 and 1,000 base XP. The second is 1,100, 1,200, and 1,300 base XP. We do not know yet how many SB Tokens we will get each day in the Daily Chains. There are There are 640 SB Tokens from Wed, Dec 11th to Sun, Jan 12th inclusive. So 33 days in total to earn them. Directives The Missions from the PTS *MAY* be the same on the Live server but we will not know until the patch drops. @Ensign_Cthulhu made a thread on the DIrectives on the PTS for how they will work and an early strategy for grinding them. We are thinking that ship types, nations and tiers will likely stay the same on the live server. What we don't know is how much of each type of missions we will need; like how many credits for a mission for example. The spoiler has Ensign's first post. Phase Rewards These stayed the same on the live server The first number is the Construction Points needed to complete the Phase. The rewards may or may not change on the live server. Stage I 218,750 - 5,000 FXP 437,500 - 50 Zulu Hotel signals 656,500 - 50 Zulu signals 875,000 - 1,000 coal 1,093,750 - 1 day WoWS premium 1,312,500 - Santa's Gift Container Stage II 1,781,250 - 2,000 coal 2,250,000 - 10,000 FXP 2,718,750 - 50 Papa Papa signals 3,187,500 - 50 Equal Speed Charlie London signals 3,656,250 - 3,000 coal 4,125,000 - Santa Big Gift Container Stage III 4,843,750 - 2 4th Anniversary Gift containers 5,562,500 - 2 4th Anniversary Gift containers 6,281,250 - 2 4th Anniversary Gift containers 7,000,000 - 2 4th Anniversary Gift containers 7,718,750 - 4,000 coal 8,437,500 - Santa Mega Gift container Stage IV 9,437,500 - 3 days WoWS premium 10,437,500 - 10 Hydra signals 11,437,500 - 10 Basilisk signals 12,437,500 - 10 Scylla signals 13,437,500 - 10 Leviathan signals 14,437,500 - 1 New Year T8 perma-camo DD, CL/CA, or BB once. Note that one of the two New Year perma-camos in the PTS may be a stand-in for the US Flag alternate Puerto Rico perma-camo. Stage V 15,750,000 - 10 Dragon signals 17,062,500 - 10 Wyvern signals 18,375,000 - 10 Red Dragon signals 19,687,500 - 10 Ouroboros signals 21,000,000 - 5,000 coal 22,315,500 - 1 New Year T8 perma-camo DD, CL/CA, or BB once @Ensign_Cthulhu got this during the PTS, so you can get up to 2 T8 perma-camo and can pick the DD, CL/CA, or BB to put them on. Stage VI 23,937,500 - 5 Spring Sky one-use camo 25,562,500 - 5 Asian Lantern one-use camo 27,187,500 - 5 Mosaic Sky one-use camo 28,812,500 - 2,000 steel 30,437,500 - 10,000 coal 32,062,500 - T10 CA Puerto Rico Here is the New Year perma-camo. You can mount it once on a DD, CL/CA, or BB and it is permanently locked to that ship. @tfcas119 noted that the alternate Puerto Rico perma-camo may be the live server reward for one of the two new Year perma-camos on the PTS. I added his pic in the spoiler. This changed, the two New Year T8 perma-camo do not stand in for the all American perma-camo. You get some other way or with the PR, not sure yet. Ship Building Collection You get 5 Ship Building containers in the Daily shipments, 24 in the Directives, and 12 in the Gorizia combat missions for a total of 41 Ship Building containers. Nothing yet on if premium Ship Building containers will be sold. This is NOT, repeat NOT a subscription collection, so it will NOT drop in daily containers. There will be a ship building collection in 8.11 and the items will be in the Ship Building containers. There are 20 items with 5 sub-collections of 4 each. You will get a WoWs premuim day for each sub-collection and Santa's Big Gift container s the final reward. This does not appear to be a subscription collection as there is no Collect/Don't Collect toggle in the Dev Bulletin pics. On the PTS, there were many missions with a Ship Building container as a reward, so hopefully that will translate to the live server. Snowflakes Every tier 5 plus ship will get ONE snowflake per ship during patch 8.11. This is one snowflake per ship for the WHOLE patch. It is NOT a daily snowflake. If this works like all the other flake events, if you acquire a new tier 5 plus ship, you will get a snowflake for the new ship. You blow off the snowflake by winning a game in a Random, Co-op, Scenario, Ranked, and/or Clan battle. This event will have the tech tree and premium ships all have the same rewards based on tier. Note, penalties for leaving a game early still apply, so starting and leaving a co-op game before you sink WILL turn you pink and possibly then orange if you do it enough. 400 coal - T5 tech tree or premium ship 500? coal - T6 tech tree or premium ship (nothing official yet, but PTS has 500) Still don't know how much coal the T6 will give. Probably 500-ish. 750 coal - T7 tech tree or premium ship 75 steel - T8 tech tree or premium ship 75 steel - T9 tech tree or premium ship 1 Santa Gift Container - T10 tech tree or premium ship. This is the smallest size. You do get more Santa containers from Directives, the Dockyard, Daily Shipments and the collection. The Captain's Logbook This is a new part of the port that lets you see the items, ships, flags, etc that you have at a glance. It is not replacing the Inventory or carousel, but is another way to view your stuff. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/captains-logbook/ NOTE: WIP on PTS and anything can change and probably will. And it changed. The information below is compromised. I will start new later today, but we will not have all the info until after the patch drops.
  6. No I do not want to give you $100 to complete the sunk cost bait event. These tactics make me want to not give you any money ever again. Remove this garbage already and move on.
  7. Usually at the end of Christmas Events, WG has put out numbers like the total amount of coal, steel, presents, and premium ships gained through directives. I haven't seen any of this yet and it's coming up on a week since the new patch dropped. Any idea what the holdup is? I'm really curious to see how the results this year compares to previous years (especially the number of Gorizias and Puerto Ricos obtained via directives).
  8. I'm pretty sure I know why so many people, including myself were confused by the boosters you could buy for doubloons. Not only did they light up and tell you how many doubloons you needed, the dates are incorrect for the NA market. The tool tip clearly shows the booster is available through June 1, 2020 in the North American Market. It should have been corrected for the NA market and should have been grayed out and said no longer available. My mind simply glossed over it because it shows a much later date. To summarize for people incapable of reading the replies. The Booster were confusing because: -The icons lit up when you mouse over them which made them look active. -They have the date in the wrong format for people in the US. -They tell you how many doubloons you need even if booster is not active (see diagram). -They should have been grayed out or had different color text to show they were no longer active. -They look exactly like the active boosters. Lets face it, the only reason Wargaming made them expire is to force people to pay more doubloons than they would have to if they realized they could get more directives done than they thought they could. The event was made to suck money out of people and looking at the number of bright shiny PR's sailing around, it did. Queue the white knights and fan boys.
  9. Hola, resulta que estoy teniendo problemas para abrir la ventana donde se construye el Puerto Rico, aparece el casco en construcción pero no el HUD, incluso aveces no puedo regresar al puerto y toca reiniciar el juego. Alguna solución para este problema? Existe algún link externo como la armería o los clanes al que pueda acceder para ver el proceso que lleva el barco? Gracias :3

    My Puerto Rico is now floating!!

    It's a shame I won't finish her.
  11. Short Video of Puerto Rico being finished.
  12. Estimated_Prophet

    Directive Three, via Co-op.

    Link to my directive two thread. Last numbers after finishing Directive Three via Co-op. Starting the weekend before Christmas, until January second, I was off from work. Outside familiy, having to deal with the trees outside my house, a doctor's appointment, and two days spent visiting a friend, I was able to spam games; easily getting the two dailys done, and getting three containers per day. After that, it was the usual 3-4 hours a day, before/after work. Number of games: 297 PvP (1, an accidental Hatsuharu game; left a division, and didn't realize they'd switched me to PvP,) PvE, (281,) Operations, (15, Ark Royal, 11 wins, 4 losses, 2 Five-star.) Tier 5, (78,) Tier 6, (147,) Tier 7, (55,) tier 8, (17.) CV, (15,) BB, (152,) CB/CA/CL, (48,) DD, (82.) Ships: (Working off Snowflakes. I was doing so as well in the previous directives, but directive three wound up involving the highest number of ships.) Tier 5: ARP Kongo, ARP Haruna, ARP Kirishima, ARP Hiei, New York, Texas, Iron Duke, Red October, Giulio Cesare, Bretagne, Viribus Unitus, Furutaka, Exeter, Marblehead, Murmansk, Krasny Krym, Konigsburg, Emerald, Emile Bertin, Mutsuki, Fujin, Kamikaze, Kamikaze R, Podvisky, Okhotnik, Nicholas, Acasta, Gremyaskchy, Jaguar. Tier 6: Ark Royal, Arizona, New Mexico, West Virginia '41,Warspite, Queen Elizabeth, Dunkerque, Normandie, Bayern, P. E. Friedrich, Fuso, Mutsu, Graf Spee, HSF Graf Spee, Pensacola, Nurnburg, Molotov, Budyonny, Leander, Perth, Duca D'Aosta, De Grasse, Huanghe, Admiral Makarov, Dallas, Farragut, Monaghan, Fubuki, Gnevny, Anshan, Shinonome, Ernst Gaede, Gallant, Hatsuharu, Icarus, Guepard, Aigle. Tier 7: Colorado, Scharnhorst, Gniesenau, Hood, Nelson, Lyon, New Oeleans, Indianapolis, Arp Myoko, ARP Ashigara, ARP Haguro, ATRP Nachi, Southern Dragon Myoko, Helena, Belfast, Atlanta, Nueve de Julio, Mahan, Blyskawica, Sims, Leberecht Maass, Haida. Tier 8: Roma, Vanguard, Mogami, Benson. Directives completed from Directive Two: Santa's Favorite. Experienced Navigator. Wisdom of the Ages. Cruisers: XP. Aircraft Carriers: XP. Directives completed from Directive Three: A Series of Devastating Blows. Dangerous Enemy. Fierce Commander. Secondary Armament Expert. Battleships: Battle Experience. Completed Saturday morning, about 0430 local. Battleships: Battle Experience, was the final task, and I literally completed it with the very last battleship game I needed to play to get the last of my Snowflakes, (ARP Hiei.) If nothing else changes, (I recently added a build tokens booster,) my finish date should be late on January 7th. Ships that stood out: Battleships in general. Even ships as lowly as Texas and New York, with their pathetic six gun secondary batteries, contributed usefully to the 4,500 secondary hits task, because I agressively pitched in so the secondaries would be in range. Despite what some say, getting close to bots is like begging them to citadel or torpedo you. Normandie, New Mexico, Arizona, and Fuso were particular favorites for the amount of secondary fire the delivered. Mogami. Despite being in game for over four years now, I'd never picked up Mogami. Despite being stock A-hull, the 155mm 5x3s are as awesome as many have said. It is unlikely I'm even going to bother with Directive four. If anything, I'm going to just spam Gorizia in order the get the collection containers it's tasks can provide.
  13. Solo por curiosidad, como ya estamos a casi una semana desde que salio la actualizacion y aca no he visto nadie comentando o expresando su opinion sobre el asunto. La reacción negativa se dió más que nada en la comunidad de reddit, en la cual, por cierto, hoy anunciaron además cambios en las mejoras legendarias de los barcos tier X (nada oportuno).
  14. I now have two pitiful shipbuilding token boosters working. They will fall well short. I got my doubloons back, so I'm at peace. I didn't get the Gorizia. Not going to spend the money. Glad I didn't. Earning the twelve million credits got the job done. The DD's came close to doing their Trophy year. Now, I don't need to use my Tier 5+ ships for the rest of this insanity. I was getting T5/6 ships matched against T9's. Matchmaking is insane, with the hyper-competitive grinding. No more directive's for me. I will be *collecting* camo and flags, not burning through them. I'm submerging to T4, and below. No daily mission grinds, just collect containers. CV's don't bother me much, for some reason. Much more relaxing gameplay, for me. Enjoy the game! Happy Holidays!
  15. Estimated_Prophet

    Directive Two via Co-op.

    Link to my Directive One thread. More numbers after finishing Directive Two via Co-op. Again; 3-4 hours of gameplay a night after work, a few games before work, and the first three days of Christmas vacation; less six hours Sunday afternoon where I went to help a friend burn the tree branches that we've piled up over the last three-five years. Number of games: 194 Tier 5, (4,) Tier 6, (19,) Tier 7, (15,) Tier 8, (127,) Tier 9, (17,) Tier 10, (12.) CV, (40,) BB, (59,) CB/CA/CL, (27,) DD, (68.) Ships: Tier 5: Montecuccoli. Tier 6: Ryujo, Ranger, Ark Royal, Fubuki, Gnevny, Anshan, Shinonome. Tier 7: Lazo, Jervis, Lenningrad. Tier 8: Shokaku, Lexington, Enterprise, Saipan, Graf Zepplin, Massachusetts, Massachusetts,-B, Alabama, North Carolina, Tirpitz, Bismark, Vanguard, Tier 8: (con't) Kutuzov, Charles Martel, Akizuki, Harekaze, Cossack, Lightning, Asashio, Asashio-B, Kagero, Kiev, Z-23, Kidd, Lo Yang. Tier 9: Iowa, Missouri, Musahi, Georgia. Tier 10: Montana, Des Moines, Salem. Directives completed from Directive One: Trophy Year. Carriers: Trophy Year. Battleships: Trophy Year. Directives completed from Directive Two; Striking the Enemy. Luck Is Just a Skill. All Guns Blazing. Festive Decoration. Battleships: XP. Destroyers: XP. (Next closest to being complete: both Santa's Favorite, and Experienced Navigator. Really thought Santa's Favorite would get done first, but Battleships: XP spooked me.) Completed waaaay after Directive Two opened up; and there are some folks already done with Directive Three, so yeah; way behind. If nothing else changes; my current 51,300,000 complete date is January 10th. Co-op is pure hellright now; most games barely last five minutes; few go beyond 10; and the occasional games that do are as almost as rare as unicorns. Ships that stood out: Vanguard; the fast Warspite. In fact; my Warspite driver is currently in Vanguard. Bismark because hydro, Tirpitz and Kii because torpedoes. South Dakotas, Bismark and Tirpitz because secondaries. ALL the battleships I played. Unlike everything else; once I crossed the Rubicon and decided the only way to get ahead quickly was to channel my inner Halsey; ('ATTACK! Repeat, ATTACK!) I became extremely agressive with the battleships; certainly more agressive than Randoms would allow. Considering how fast most of the games played, if you didn't push in and take what you could; you were doomed to an agony of interminable grinding. Shinonome: A game that was the exception to the 'Grab what you can!' rule. Worked C on Faultline with @VonRoot in (a cruiser or a battleship, apologies for not remembering.) After we pushed through C; we were the only ships in possition to attack the last Bot left, their carrier. My kill mission was done. At the point I was in easy kill range of the carrier, I asked if VonRoot needed kills or secondary hits, and when the answer came back, 'kills,' pulled away and gave up the carrier.
  16. Basically, the title. When I heard that I could get a refund for the doubloons I spent on the Puerto Rico boosters by filing a support ticket, I decided to get in on the action. The problem is, however, that the ticket requires that I give a specific time and date as to when the boosters were purchased, and I don't remember the exact time of day I bought the boosters. As such, I figured I might ask you guys. Does the precise time of day matter enough that I'm outta luck here, or can I just put a rough guesstimate and still get a refund? Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer. Sincerely, 1Sherman.
  17. So for a moment picture your a executive working at WG. You are looking over the budget, seeing how much was spent on the art etc and you want to design a event that will make money for the event. How would you build the event? Lets keep this constructive. For me, the art involved in building PR is a good idea. The points per minute was a bad idea because a lot of players do not have the foresight to plan ahead. I know they wanted to keep the distribution limited to a select few who could get the ship, but in that case why put so much money into the art and leave 99% of the player base frustrated that they could not finish said ship? This does not seem like a good idea. Lets build the current plan up in bullet points. These are the positives. * Build your own ship. * Great art and animation for the process These are the negatives * Nearly impossible grind. New players have no hope of finishing this thing. When there is a big event, players should feel like they should win. This is a game, not a job. * Pressure to accomplish on top of snowflake event. double dipping for most. Here is how I think it should have been handled. First of all. I would give all players 2 months of premium time going into this event. This would be seen as a short term loss but all players would get to experience having a premium account and I think this would give them a long term gain by people wanting to keep their premium going after trying it out. Plan A: Reduce the grind to 2/5ths of the current grind. Extend the timeline so that players have 8 weeks to accomplish the Puerto Rico. Have two premium boosters, one costing 4k doubloons, the second costing 6k doubloons. Make it so that if one is bought the grind is reasonable to play through 5 of 8 weeks and get the PR. With two boosters you will complete the PR but it will take 8 weeks. I suppose asking 8-10k doubloons for a instant completion would be "Okay" Plan B: Adjust the PR build to take all of 2020 with no boosting. Have no directives or grindy tasks to speed this up though. Do allow ship building tokens from completing daily missions so that buildings can be bought to speed the process up. Have premium boosters be purchasable. The plan should allow for a 6 month completion time without premium boosters, a 3 month completion time or less with premium boosters, or sure a outright purchase for again a 20k doubloon total price if you wanted to buy it outright. I am okay with this as a player. Plan C: Do not go with a build system, instead show animation to players as they accomplish objectives, either set it up as a weekly task format they are familiar with. Everyone gets to play the missions and unlock the ships at the same time. Plan D: Just give everyone who is playing the game a Puerto Rico for Christmas as a apology for a badly managed event and refund any and all doubloons spent. Plan E: Something else. How would you all like to see it go? Please post your own ideas as well or tweaks to ideas.
  18. I got my doubloon refund this morning. I had invested 14,000, and got 11,500 back, as I had used some of the rewards. That seems fair enough. My progress on Puerto Rico has been reset back to where it would have been without the boosters. Also fair enough. The Customer Service staff are to be commended for doing a difficult duty, as rapidly as they could. Well done!
  19. I am confused. In this recently posted video, it was mentioned the design for Puerto Rico had a 330mm belt. However, this armor belt would've made the ship "too heavy." The belt was then changed to a 254mm belt. My question is, why is this real world parameter a factor for PR and not other ships? Kremlin with its massive triple 457mm guns can traverse in 30s Khab breaks the laws of physics by moving as fast as it can with the armor it has Some ships have "Ice breaker" armor at the front that was designed to literally break ice, not to withstand shells, but in game can withstand shells There are plenty more examples of how the game disregards real world physics and limitations, but how come with this design the same benefit was not given??
  20. On black friday, I saw a deal for "Black Massachusetts" for something like 3200 doubloons. It turned out that that "deal" was really for a 12 point captain and a few random useless patches. I got the doubloons refunded but learned that WoWs was going to be tricky with their "deals". The customer support person told me that next time "I should read the details of the offer better". Fair enough. As a consequence, I was not tempted when the PR grind popped up I assumed that there was something tricky about the doubloon booster offer. When it became clear that the PR grind was impossible, I was one of the few that was completely indifferent. I rather like the dockyard in its current form. I will get a bunch of stuff for no effort. I don't have to even log in daily. Literally for doing nothing, I will get: 15000 Free XP 50 Zulu Hotel 50 Zulu 6000 coal 1 day premium 5 santa gift 50 Papa Papa 50 Equal Speed Santa Big Gift 6 gift containers One of those gift containers already dropped the VIII Irian. Now if I put in my normal effort grinding for the Legendary upgrades I might complete Directive 2 or even Directive 3. If that happens I will get: 4000 coal 2 gift containers 1 mega gift Gorizia All for playing less than I normal do. I completely understand people being upset if they dropped money buy doubloons for the boosters. For everyone else, just enjoy the money for nothing and thank the people buying the Gorizia or the PR, they are funding the free stuff you will be getting this xmas season for doing nothing but being with your family. I leave you with this remind from WG customer support: "read the details of the offer better" Merry Xmas! Update: I see from another thread that getting the 3 gold boosters + completing the first 3 directives "should" have made it possible to get the PR. But really, I don't have time nor interest in figuring out tricky "deals". Anything tricky probably will not work out in the way I hope for. I learned the lesson - a hard pass if the path to success is not obvious and feasible. "Tricky" paths are unlikely to be successful.
  21. Hey guys! I used excel to make a Puerto Rico Calculator for fun. You can use that as a reference about how many dollars you need to spend to obtain a Puerto Rico. Can't promise there's no mistakes, but I would say the number is fair enough as a reference. Open the file in excel, go to the "Input" page, and change the numbers in the orange color box. The result is just besides it. ( I assume people know how to use excel) If there's any mistakes, feel free to pointed out! (I don't think I will update other versions, the file is only accurate before the construction starts) Feel free to change anything for personal uses. (Just don't do anything bad, I don't wanna get banned) Good luck and fair seas!
  22. Estimated_Prophet

    So yeah; Directive One via Co-op.

    Some basic number after finishing PR directive one via Co-op; 3-4 hours of gameplay a night after work, by a batchelor, self-descrived 'average at best' player; Number of games: 105 Tier 6, (5,) tier 8, (19,) tier 9, (36,) and tier10, (45.) CV, (30,) BB, (1,) CB/CA/CL, (39,) and DD, (35.) Ships: Tier 6: Furious. Tier 8: Kaga, Implacable, Gascogne, Cleveland, Baltimore, Atago, Takao, Prinz Eugen, Admiral Hipper. Tier 9: Alaska, Seattle, Saint Louis, Roon, Buffalo, Jutland, Z-46, Kitakaze, Fletcher. Tier 10: Midway, Hakuryu, Audacious, Hindenburg, Henri IV, Worcester, Daring, Z-52, Harugumo, Grozovoi, Gearing. Directives completed: Pyrotechnics. Sparklers. Controling the Waterspace. Guardian of the Frontiers. Under Constant Shellfire. Cruisers: Trophy Year. Destroyers : Trophy Year. (Next closest to being complete: Trophy Year.) This was completed less than an hour before Directive Two opened. Been playing Warships for four years now, so had a lot of ships that could maximize xp by tier, since they certainly aren't going to do it by my 'skill,' such as it is. Ships that stood out: Buffalo and Roon. These two ship alone delivered 35-40 of the citadel and fire starting ribbons I needed for Sparklers, in four games each, as opposed to the onsie-twosies from everything else.
  23. I'm not even doing this event; but if I were, I'd want to know what rewards came with each Phase without always having to enter the Game/Dockyard. For you guys and gals who are grinding on it, maybe this product of my curiosity will provide some benefit to you. edit: Just a side note: Cruiser Gorizia is awarded at the end of Directive 3 (not Stage 3, Directive 3) ... which becomes available December 20th.
  24. Hello, In update 0.8.8 Wargaming gifted players with gift containers and super containers for owning tier IX and X ships respectively. With a few dozen tier IX and X ships in my port I received a couple hundred special flags in addition to those from completing directives. At the time I felt decently compensated for being a committed player; although, with thousands spent on this game I suppose my reward was a modest one. Nevertheless, I wish I had saved those flags for upcoming events such as Puerto Rico. Going forward, the next time I receive special flags I will be saving them for events such as this. I admit Wargaming’s communication is sometimes confusing causing me to reread things or to dig deeper elsewhere such as Reddit to get a fuller picture. To me it’s clear that Wargaming does this intentionally to obscure their sole motive which is to maximize profit; thus is the nature of business. However, deceptive communication is akin to white collar crime that as we know goes largely unpunished. There seems to be a fine line somewhere between deceptive communication and corporate crime which Wargaming demarcates by adverbs. Word choice is very intentional in effective communication; but then again so is rhetoric. My hope is for players to be buyer aware; but further, that Wargaming make themselves accountable for false advertising because making them accountable seems a monumental pipe dream. Cheers