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Found 41 results

  1. I used to play a lot. And I already have PR, having bought the large booster during the original dockyard, and not having to grind (too hard,) to get her when she came out. Now I'd debated about investing the 12,000 dubs to earn myself the bonus 23,000 upon completion, however based on how WG is handling things it's a clear no for me. My thought was to see how hard these dockyard events were going to be and make the call. But with the inane decisions about what WG is doing with subs, I really am losing interest in playing random matches. And ranked battles only go so far, with the limitation of what tiers and when you can play the mode it just isn't as much fun. And to be clear WG, I understand and believe that you have been so invested in the development already that you feel a "need" to make subs work. And really do want to make subs a balanced part of the game. But I think you're well off the mark of creating a new class which is actually fun to interact with (and your recent decisions make it even worse,) that I have no faith in the game going forward in a positive direction. So even if a moderate purchase of 12k dubs would reward me with almost double that with some effort, I have to accept that I really don't want any further investment tying me to a game developer that seems intent on not really trying understanding what the majority of it's player base wants and doesn't want. I hope some of the people in charge over there are savvy enough to step back and really reassess the direction that the sub gameplay is going and perhaps try something far more different than what is going on now. Because what's going on now is hurting your game.
  2. admiralsexybeast

    Sevastopol or Incomparable?

    So I found myself in a pickle this morning. I looked up Sevastopol on youtube to see if we had any updates on her. To my disappointment, I learned via Potatoe Quality, that she will be going in the RB instead of steel, which was my original prediction. This is a Delima for me in this way. When the new patch drops, I will be whaling the PR again since I already have her, sorry if someone takes offense to my job blessing me with disposable income. That being said, I'll be getting the PR coupon so I can pick to get the 33k steel or 63k rp. I would not recommend using it for coal or doubloons since you can buy doubloons anytime and you get coal just for playing the game. If my clan was still highly active in CBs, I would get the RP, but since they're not, and likely won't play this season much since it's not T10, getting the steel would actually make good sense in my case. I don't have much trouble getting steel in ranked, since I almost play ranked exclusively now, but it takes a long time. I also badly want Incomparable, and being a BB main, my instinct of course is to use this PR coupon to get her now. Plus, this would have me at 55k steel, so I would already be able to get another steel ship in just a few months, if one that comes out piques my interest. However, I think the Sevastopol has the potential to be a real game changer in competitive, similar to Stalingrad, so in that regard, I really want to get her for competitive. I think she would also be well worth it as I love Stalingrad and I think her unique bag of gimmicks will make her equally powerful in her own way. Whichever one I don't get this patch, I will end up getting within the next 2 months. Even as much as I've spent on this game over the years, I can't bring myself to spend nearly 1000 dollars on the game all at one time. I want them both badly, but I can't decide which one I want to get now, and which one I can wait a little while on. I want to hear what you all think! Should I use the PR coupon to get RP for Sevastopol now, or get the Steel and get Incomparable and have enough steel in reserve, ready to go when they release the next steel ship I want?
  3. anonym_bleJN7gXeLqd

    Love the Alaska....despise the Puerto Rico

    It is very unfortunate that the USS Puerto Rico is nigh impossible for me to acquire. I was much looking forward to getting the "Rich Port" in my own WoWS port, and sailing her to glory.....but the recent New Years' Directives being outrageously too difficult to complete within the 32 days it will last (my winter break does not even last that long), and with the desire for me to spend some quality time with my own family over the holidays...….I will have to pass over the Puerto Rico. But......why bother with the Puerto Rico in the first place when I have the USS Alaska? I am proud of my Alaska. She is a great Tier IX ship. Alaska actually built by the United States navy (unlike the Puerto Rico, who Wargaming based off of one of the submitted proposal designs to built the battlecruiser design that was to be the Alaskas). She has very good bulk, can tank a decent amount of damage to her citadel, and has powerful guns that make other cruisers subconsciously aware of their vulnerable citadels...... …….this is why I love the Alaska. She cost only 1 million Free XP and 1 single credit to get, and that is a hell of a lot better than the nightmarish grind that is the Dockyard to get Puerto Rico. So I am sticking firmly with my Alaska. If I really need to play a Tier X American cruiser, I will just rely on my good ol' USS Des Moines. And that's that.
  4. Go here for the 8.11 live server thread NOTE: WIP on PTS and anything can change and probably will. And it changed. The information below is compromised. I will start new later today, but we will not have all the info until after the patch drops. Ok, so this is a preview of the Dockyard from the PTS, but I will update when we get the patch notes for the live server. There will be lots of pics in the spoilers as the mods don't like picture heavy posts, so do check those out. 8.11 is expected to drop Wed, Dec 11th at 8am EST (maintenance window starts at 5am EST) 8.11 is expected to end Wed, Jan 8th?? at 5am EST. So plan on being done Tue, Jan 7th. 8.11 looks to be running until as late as early morning Jan 15th as that is when Med Tokens convert to credits. Training screens from in-game and the Rules from the PTS so the numbers may not stay the same. So you can see there are 6 stages to complete to get the T10 CA Puerto Rico. Each Stage is broken up into Phases and there is a reward for each Phase (more below). You generate Construction Points (CP) every min and can get boosts to increase the CP/min rate. You will need to get multiple boosts to acquire Puerto Rico. You will want to get boosts as soon as you can to maximize the CP/min rate, but with application of all the available boosts, you can still get Puerto Rico very late into the expected 28 day long patch as long as the CP/min rate in the live server is the same as the PTS. Boosts to Construction Points per minute These are PTS numbers and have changed on the Live Server. There will be Ship Building (SB) Tokens to earn in the Directives, Daily Mission Chains and Daily Shipments (see below). Here are the boosts to the CP/min from the PTS. The rate change, instant bonus, Ship Building Token cost, and doubloon cost *may* or *may not* change on the live server. I think the Token and Doubloons costs may very well change. You must get the boosts in the order of each chain. The Free boost is first and the 3 dub boosts branch to to the right with the 8 Token boosts branching to the left. You can use both sets at the same time. Boosts Free boost: instant +500k CP and +6 pts/min 1st Token boost: instant +750k CP and +104 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 2nd Token boost: instant +1.2M CP and +104 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 3rd Token boost: instant +1.6M CP and +173 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 4th Token boost: instant +1.6M CP and +173 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 5th Token boost: instant +2.5M CP and +208 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 6th Token boost: instant +2.5M CP and +208 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 7th Token boost: instant +2.5M CP and +208 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 8th Token boost: instant +2.5M CP and +208 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 1st dub boost: instant +4.5M CP and +104 pts/min (1k doubloons on PTS) 2nd dub boost: instant +6M CP and +138 pts/min (1k doubloons on PTS) 3rd dub boost: instant +7.5M CP and +173 pts/min (1k doubloons on PTS) NOTE: The sheets in the spoiler have numbers from the PTS and we do not know if these numbers will be the same on the live server. You earn CPs every minute, even if you are not logged into the game. You need to earn 32,062,500 CPs to get Puerto Rico. I made two spreadsheets, one for Token boosts and one for Doubloon and/or Token boosts. They are point times for simplicity, like if you got all the boosts to that column at once. Meaning, if you got all three of the Doubloon boosts in the first hour after 8.11 goes live, then the H3 cell on the Doubloon sheet would show that you would get more than enough CPs to get Puerto Rico. These are PTS numbers and when the Dockyard starts and ends has changed on the live server. These numbers are no longer valid. How to earn Ship Building Tokens (SB Tokens) SB Tokens will be earned in patch 8.11 and used in 8.11 to boost the construction of Puerto Rico. There will very likely be other things you can buy with SB Tokens in the Armory and they will likely not be converted to credits until patch 9.1 (February-ish). IF you want Puerto Rico is HIGHLY recommended that you use it for CP/min boosts, until you know you will get PR. SB Tokens can be earned in Directives, Daily Chains and the Daily Shipments. Daily Shipments These will likely start on patch day which is likely to be Wed, Dec 11th at 8am EST. There are 10 14 rewards and you can earn them from Dec 11th until early morning Jan 1st, so over 14 21 days. So you have to start collecting by the 18th to get them all. You need only to log into the game, click on Daily Shipments, and then click accept to get the reward. We do not know yet how many SB Tokens we will get in the Daily Shipments. There are 5 per reward and 10 on the last reward for 75 SB Tokens total. Daily Chains These are the 6 Missions you complete for base XP. They are in two chains; one of 250, 500 and 1,000 base XP. The second is 1,100, 1,200, and 1,300 base XP. We do not know yet how many SB Tokens we will get each day in the Daily Chains. There are There are 640 SB Tokens from Wed, Dec 11th to Sun, Jan 12th inclusive. So 33 days in total to earn them. Directives The Missions from the PTS *MAY* be the same on the Live server but we will not know until the patch drops. @Ensign_Cthulhu made a thread on the DIrectives on the PTS for how they will work and an early strategy for grinding them. We are thinking that ship types, nations and tiers will likely stay the same on the live server. What we don't know is how much of each type of missions we will need; like how many credits for a mission for example. The spoiler has Ensign's first post. Phase Rewards These stayed the same on the live server The first number is the Construction Points needed to complete the Phase. The rewards may or may not change on the live server. Stage I 218,750 - 5,000 FXP 437,500 - 50 Zulu Hotel signals 656,500 - 50 Zulu signals 875,000 - 1,000 coal 1,093,750 - 1 day WoWS premium 1,312,500 - Santa's Gift Container Stage II 1,781,250 - 2,000 coal 2,250,000 - 10,000 FXP 2,718,750 - 50 Papa Papa signals 3,187,500 - 50 Equal Speed Charlie London signals 3,656,250 - 3,000 coal 4,125,000 - Santa Big Gift Container Stage III 4,843,750 - 2 4th Anniversary Gift containers 5,562,500 - 2 4th Anniversary Gift containers 6,281,250 - 2 4th Anniversary Gift containers 7,000,000 - 2 4th Anniversary Gift containers 7,718,750 - 4,000 coal 8,437,500 - Santa Mega Gift container Stage IV 9,437,500 - 3 days WoWS premium 10,437,500 - 10 Hydra signals 11,437,500 - 10 Basilisk signals 12,437,500 - 10 Scylla signals 13,437,500 - 10 Leviathan signals 14,437,500 - 1 New Year T8 perma-camo DD, CL/CA, or BB once. Note that one of the two New Year perma-camos in the PTS may be a stand-in for the US Flag alternate Puerto Rico perma-camo. Stage V 15,750,000 - 10 Dragon signals 17,062,500 - 10 Wyvern signals 18,375,000 - 10 Red Dragon signals 19,687,500 - 10 Ouroboros signals 21,000,000 - 5,000 coal 22,315,500 - 1 New Year T8 perma-camo DD, CL/CA, or BB once @Ensign_Cthulhu got this during the PTS, so you can get up to 2 T8 perma-camo and can pick the DD, CL/CA, or BB to put them on. Stage VI 23,937,500 - 5 Spring Sky one-use camo 25,562,500 - 5 Asian Lantern one-use camo 27,187,500 - 5 Mosaic Sky one-use camo 28,812,500 - 2,000 steel 30,437,500 - 10,000 coal 32,062,500 - T10 CA Puerto Rico Here is the New Year perma-camo. You can mount it once on a DD, CL/CA, or BB and it is permanently locked to that ship. @tfcas119 noted that the alternate Puerto Rico perma-camo may be the live server reward for one of the two new Year perma-camos on the PTS. I added his pic in the spoiler. This changed, the two New Year T8 perma-camo do not stand in for the all American perma-camo. You get some other way or with the PR, not sure yet. Ship Building Collection You get 5 Ship Building containers in the Daily shipments, 24 in the Directives, and 12 in the Gorizia combat missions for a total of 41 Ship Building containers. Nothing yet on if premium Ship Building containers will be sold. This is NOT, repeat NOT a subscription collection, so it will NOT drop in daily containers. There will be a ship building collection in 8.11 and the items will be in the Ship Building containers. There are 20 items with 5 sub-collections of 4 each. You will get a WoWs premuim day for each sub-collection and Santa's Big Gift container s the final reward. This does not appear to be a subscription collection as there is no Collect/Don't Collect toggle in the Dev Bulletin pics. On the PTS, there were many missions with a Ship Building container as a reward, so hopefully that will translate to the live server. Snowflakes Every tier 5 plus ship will get ONE snowflake per ship during patch 8.11. This is one snowflake per ship for the WHOLE patch. It is NOT a daily snowflake. If this works like all the other flake events, if you acquire a new tier 5 plus ship, you will get a snowflake for the new ship. You blow off the snowflake by winning a game in a Random, Co-op, Scenario, Ranked, and/or Clan battle. This event will have the tech tree and premium ships all have the same rewards based on tier. Note, penalties for leaving a game early still apply, so starting and leaving a co-op game before you sink WILL turn you pink and possibly then orange if you do it enough. 400 coal - T5 tech tree or premium ship 500? coal - T6 tech tree or premium ship (nothing official yet, but PTS has 500) Still don't know how much coal the T6 will give. Probably 500-ish. 750 coal - T7 tech tree or premium ship 75 steel - T8 tech tree or premium ship 75 steel - T9 tech tree or premium ship 1 Santa Gift Container - T10 tech tree or premium ship. This is the smallest size. You do get more Santa containers from Directives, the Dockyard, Daily Shipments and the collection. The Captain's Logbook This is a new part of the port that lets you see the items, ships, flags, etc that you have at a glance. It is not replacing the Inventory or carousel, but is another way to view your stuff. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/captains-logbook/ NOTE: WIP on PTS and anything can change and probably will. And it changed. The information below is compromised. I will start new later today, but we will not have all the info until after the patch drops.
  5. No I do not want to give you $100 to complete the sunk cost bait event. These tactics make me want to not give you any money ever again. Remove this garbage already and move on.
  6. Usually at the end of Christmas Events, WG has put out numbers like the total amount of coal, steel, presents, and premium ships gained through directives. I haven't seen any of this yet and it's coming up on a week since the new patch dropped. Any idea what the holdup is? I'm really curious to see how the results this year compares to previous years (especially the number of Gorizias and Puerto Ricos obtained via directives).
  7. I'm pretty sure I know why so many people, including myself were confused by the boosters you could buy for doubloons. Not only did they light up and tell you how many doubloons you needed, the dates are incorrect for the NA market. The tool tip clearly shows the booster is available through June 1, 2020 in the North American Market. It should have been corrected for the NA market and should have been grayed out and said no longer available. My mind simply glossed over it because it shows a much later date. To summarize for people incapable of reading the replies. The Booster were confusing because: -The icons lit up when you mouse over them which made them look active. -They have the date in the wrong format for people in the US. -They tell you how many doubloons you need even if booster is not active (see diagram). -They should have been grayed out or had different color text to show they were no longer active. -They look exactly like the active boosters. Lets face it, the only reason Wargaming made them expire is to force people to pay more doubloons than they would have to if they realized they could get more directives done than they thought they could. The event was made to suck money out of people and looking at the number of bright shiny PR's sailing around, it did. Queue the white knights and fan boys.
  8. anonym_WrAb0m0ydCdC

    My Pound of Flesh...

    ***Update: I requested a refund from Wargaming for the 6,000 doubloons I spent on the 1st booster because they changed the rules on buying boosters in the middle of the event. I'd purchased it believing I could get second one if I needed it. Their response was a canned answer saying they can't refund doubloons after a certain date, which is a different issue. They changed the rules during the event and they never stated you would not be able to buy boosters after a certain date.*** Well, my quest for the Puerto Rico is over. After a massive grind with a premium account time, lack of sleep and being bored to tears playing co-op, I have completed 8 free boosters (Long Term- Contracts) and 1 pay booster (Head of Enterprise) for a total of 9 boosters. My reward, everything except for the Puerto Rico. I figured out a few days ago that even if I finished the 6th directive (will I could have easily done), I would still be 35 ship building tokens (I did every daily mission) short of the PR. I spent what tokens I had on the last free booster to get to a total of 8 to make sure I at least got the coal and the steel. I have no doubt Wargaming did this intentionally. Imaging putting in all this hard work and not getting the ship because you cannot earn 35 ship building tokens. In past directives, the later ones gave more ship reward points, but not in the Puerto Rico grind. They give exactly the same. The booster increase in price to 350 shipbuilding tokens, but the later stages still only give 300 of them. Since I bought the first booster, I naively assumed I could buy the second, since it still showed available for 8,000 doubloons. Somebody was nice enough to gift me some Christmas containers and I purchase a few more to make up the difference. When I moused over it, the booster icon lit up and told me I did not have enough doubloons, which meant if I had enough doubloons I could purchase it. Once I got the extra doubloons and tried to click on it, it told me it was unavailable. It should been clearly stated that boosters were only available up to to a certain date and reiterated in the ship building section. The icon should not have lit up when moused over. I read through New Years notes at least 3 times and never saw anything about boosters not being available. Of course, I could have missed it. There was a lot of information and I want to play, not read through the events over and over so I don’t miss one little detail. So here I am, no Puerto Rico. Of course people will say, but you got all that coal and steel. I have such a small amount of steel I couldn’t buy a tug boat and 10,000 coal is roughly 5 days of daily missions. I didn’t do the grind for coal and steel, or even the Gorizia, which is at best an average ship and will sit in port most of the time. I did the grind to get the Puerto Rico- which coincidentally, Wargaming itself made the point of the massive grind. I’m sure some fan boys will chime in and say you should have used the calculators or spent more time doing the math. Well, I don’t play the game to spend time looking over spreadsheets, constantly reading the forums, etc. I play the game to have fun. That is not fun to me and the calculators were all about boosting up front and said nothing about not being able to buy boosters towards the end if you needed them. There is plenty of evidence for anyone willing to look the Wargaming completely misrepresented the event. If they hadn’t, they would not have give out refunds. I did the event on the test server and read Wargaming’s posts which made it seem like the grind would be a harder than the Benham, but not impossible for somebody with a job. The amount of hours people had to put in to get it free was ludicrous, as evidenced by the extremely low number of players that qualified for the Hall of Fame. This event is extremely disheartening and tops off a really crappy holiday season for me. The grind made me like the game a lot less. It also changed my perception of Wargaming from a friendly to adversarial one. I hope you enjoy your pound of flesh. You turned a positive, supportive customer who recommended the game to all his friends, to somebody who won’t recommend it to anyone. I hope you enjoy your pound of flesh, you earned it.
  9. Hola, resulta que estoy teniendo problemas para abrir la ventana donde se construye el Puerto Rico, aparece el casco en construcción pero no el HUD, incluso aveces no puedo regresar al puerto y toca reiniciar el juego. Alguna solución para este problema? Existe algún link externo como la armería o los clanes al que pueda acceder para ver el proceso que lleva el barco? Gracias :3

    My Puerto Rico is now floating!!

    It's a shame I won't finish her.
  11. Short Video of Puerto Rico being finished.
  12. Estimated_Prophet

    Directive Three, via Co-op.

    Link to my directive two thread. Last numbers after finishing Directive Three via Co-op. Starting the weekend before Christmas, until January second, I was off from work. Outside familiy, having to deal with the trees outside my house, a doctor's appointment, and two days spent visiting a friend, I was able to spam games; easily getting the two dailys done, and getting three containers per day. After that, it was the usual 3-4 hours a day, before/after work. Number of games: 297 PvP (1, an accidental Hatsuharu game; left a division, and didn't realize they'd switched me to PvP,) PvE, (281,) Operations, (15, Ark Royal, 11 wins, 4 losses, 2 Five-star.) Tier 5, (78,) Tier 6, (147,) Tier 7, (55,) tier 8, (17.) CV, (15,) BB, (152,) CB/CA/CL, (48,) DD, (82.) Ships: (Working off Snowflakes. I was doing so as well in the previous directives, but directive three wound up involving the highest number of ships.) Tier 5: ARP Kongo, ARP Haruna, ARP Kirishima, ARP Hiei, New York, Texas, Iron Duke, Red October, Giulio Cesare, Bretagne, Viribus Unitus, Furutaka, Exeter, Marblehead, Murmansk, Krasny Krym, Konigsburg, Emerald, Emile Bertin, Mutsuki, Fujin, Kamikaze, Kamikaze R, Podvisky, Okhotnik, Nicholas, Acasta, Gremyaskchy, Jaguar. Tier 6: Ark Royal, Arizona, New Mexico, West Virginia '41,Warspite, Queen Elizabeth, Dunkerque, Normandie, Bayern, P. E. Friedrich, Fuso, Mutsu, Graf Spee, HSF Graf Spee, Pensacola, Nurnburg, Molotov, Budyonny, Leander, Perth, Duca D'Aosta, De Grasse, Huanghe, Admiral Makarov, Dallas, Farragut, Monaghan, Fubuki, Gnevny, Anshan, Shinonome, Ernst Gaede, Gallant, Hatsuharu, Icarus, Guepard, Aigle. Tier 7: Colorado, Scharnhorst, Gniesenau, Hood, Nelson, Lyon, New Oeleans, Indianapolis, Arp Myoko, ARP Ashigara, ARP Haguro, ATRP Nachi, Southern Dragon Myoko, Helena, Belfast, Atlanta, Nueve de Julio, Mahan, Blyskawica, Sims, Leberecht Maass, Haida. Tier 8: Roma, Vanguard, Mogami, Benson. Directives completed from Directive Two: Santa's Favorite. Experienced Navigator. Wisdom of the Ages. Cruisers: XP. Aircraft Carriers: XP. Directives completed from Directive Three: A Series of Devastating Blows. Dangerous Enemy. Fierce Commander. Secondary Armament Expert. Battleships: Battle Experience. Completed Saturday morning, about 0430 local. Battleships: Battle Experience, was the final task, and I literally completed it with the very last battleship game I needed to play to get the last of my Snowflakes, (ARP Hiei.) If nothing else changes, (I recently added a build tokens booster,) my finish date should be late on January 7th. Ships that stood out: Battleships in general. Even ships as lowly as Texas and New York, with their pathetic six gun secondary batteries, contributed usefully to the 4,500 secondary hits task, because I agressively pitched in so the secondaries would be in range. Despite what some say, getting close to bots is like begging them to citadel or torpedo you. Normandie, New Mexico, Arizona, and Fuso were particular favorites for the amount of secondary fire the delivered. Mogami. Despite being in game for over four years now, I'd never picked up Mogami. Despite being stock A-hull, the 155mm 5x3s are as awesome as many have said. It is unlikely I'm even going to bother with Directive four. If anything, I'm going to just spam Gorizia in order the get the collection containers it's tasks can provide.
  13. Solo por curiosidad, como ya estamos a casi una semana desde que salio la actualizacion y aca no he visto nadie comentando o expresando su opinion sobre el asunto. La reacción negativa se dió más que nada en la comunidad de reddit, en la cual, por cierto, hoy anunciaron además cambios en las mejoras legendarias de los barcos tier X (nada oportuno).
  14. I now have two pitiful shipbuilding token boosters working. They will fall well short. I got my doubloons back, so I'm at peace. I didn't get the Gorizia. Not going to spend the money. Glad I didn't. Earning the twelve million credits got the job done. The DD's came close to doing their Trophy year. Now, I don't need to use my Tier 5+ ships for the rest of this insanity. I was getting T5/6 ships matched against T9's. Matchmaking is insane, with the hyper-competitive grinding. No more directive's for me. I will be *collecting* camo and flags, not burning through them. I'm submerging to T4, and below. No daily mission grinds, just collect containers. CV's don't bother me much, for some reason. Much more relaxing gameplay, for me. Enjoy the game! Happy Holidays!
  15. Estimated_Prophet

    Directive Two via Co-op.

    Link to my Directive One thread. More numbers after finishing Directive Two via Co-op. Again; 3-4 hours of gameplay a night after work, a few games before work, and the first three days of Christmas vacation; less six hours Sunday afternoon where I went to help a friend burn the tree branches that we've piled up over the last three-five years. Number of games: 194 Tier 5, (4,) Tier 6, (19,) Tier 7, (15,) Tier 8, (127,) Tier 9, (17,) Tier 10, (12.) CV, (40,) BB, (59,) CB/CA/CL, (27,) DD, (68.) Ships: Tier 5: Montecuccoli. Tier 6: Ryujo, Ranger, Ark Royal, Fubuki, Gnevny, Anshan, Shinonome. Tier 7: Lazo, Jervis, Lenningrad. Tier 8: Shokaku, Lexington, Enterprise, Saipan, Graf Zepplin, Massachusetts, Massachusetts,-B, Alabama, North Carolina, Tirpitz, Bismark, Vanguard, Tier 8: (con't) Kutuzov, Charles Martel, Akizuki, Harekaze, Cossack, Lightning, Asashio, Asashio-B, Kagero, Kiev, Z-23, Kidd, Lo Yang. Tier 9: Iowa, Missouri, Musahi, Georgia. Tier 10: Montana, Des Moines, Salem. Directives completed from Directive One: Trophy Year. Carriers: Trophy Year. Battleships: Trophy Year. Directives completed from Directive Two; Striking the Enemy. Luck Is Just a Skill. All Guns Blazing. Festive Decoration. Battleships: XP. Destroyers: XP. (Next closest to being complete: both Santa's Favorite, and Experienced Navigator. Really thought Santa's Favorite would get done first, but Battleships: XP spooked me.) Completed waaaay after Directive Two opened up; and there are some folks already done with Directive Three, so yeah; way behind. If nothing else changes; my current 51,300,000 complete date is January 10th. Co-op is pure hellright now; most games barely last five minutes; few go beyond 10; and the occasional games that do are as almost as rare as unicorns. Ships that stood out: Vanguard; the fast Warspite. In fact; my Warspite driver is currently in Vanguard. Bismark because hydro, Tirpitz and Kii because torpedoes. South Dakotas, Bismark and Tirpitz because secondaries. ALL the battleships I played. Unlike everything else; once I crossed the Rubicon and decided the only way to get ahead quickly was to channel my inner Halsey; ('ATTACK! Repeat, ATTACK!) I became extremely agressive with the battleships; certainly more agressive than Randoms would allow. Considering how fast most of the games played, if you didn't push in and take what you could; you were doomed to an agony of interminable grinding. Shinonome: A game that was the exception to the 'Grab what you can!' rule. Worked C on Faultline with @VonRoot in (a cruiser or a battleship, apologies for not remembering.) After we pushed through C; we were the only ships in possition to attack the last Bot left, their carrier. My kill mission was done. At the point I was in easy kill range of the carrier, I asked if VonRoot needed kills or secondary hits, and when the answer came back, 'kills,' pulled away and gave up the carrier.
  16. Basically, the title. When I heard that I could get a refund for the doubloons I spent on the Puerto Rico boosters by filing a support ticket, I decided to get in on the action. The problem is, however, that the ticket requires that I give a specific time and date as to when the boosters were purchased, and I don't remember the exact time of day I bought the boosters. As such, I figured I might ask you guys. Does the precise time of day matter enough that I'm outta luck here, or can I just put a rough guesstimate and still get a refund? Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer. Sincerely, 1Sherman.
  17. So for a moment picture your a executive working at WG. You are looking over the budget, seeing how much was spent on the art etc and you want to design a event that will make money for the event. How would you build the event? Lets keep this constructive. For me, the art involved in building PR is a good idea. The points per minute was a bad idea because a lot of players do not have the foresight to plan ahead. I know they wanted to keep the distribution limited to a select few who could get the ship, but in that case why put so much money into the art and leave 99% of the player base frustrated that they could not finish said ship? This does not seem like a good idea. Lets build the current plan up in bullet points. These are the positives. * Build your own ship. * Great art and animation for the process These are the negatives * Nearly impossible grind. New players have no hope of finishing this thing. When there is a big event, players should feel like they should win. This is a game, not a job. * Pressure to accomplish on top of snowflake event. double dipping for most. Here is how I think it should have been handled. First of all. I would give all players 2 months of premium time going into this event. This would be seen as a short term loss but all players would get to experience having a premium account and I think this would give them a long term gain by people wanting to keep their premium going after trying it out. Plan A: Reduce the grind to 2/5ths of the current grind. Extend the timeline so that players have 8 weeks to accomplish the Puerto Rico. Have two premium boosters, one costing 4k doubloons, the second costing 6k doubloons. Make it so that if one is bought the grind is reasonable to play through 5 of 8 weeks and get the PR. With two boosters you will complete the PR but it will take 8 weeks. I suppose asking 8-10k doubloons for a instant completion would be "Okay" Plan B: Adjust the PR build to take all of 2020 with no boosting. Have no directives or grindy tasks to speed this up though. Do allow ship building tokens from completing daily missions so that buildings can be bought to speed the process up. Have premium boosters be purchasable. The plan should allow for a 6 month completion time without premium boosters, a 3 month completion time or less with premium boosters, or sure a outright purchase for again a 20k doubloon total price if you wanted to buy it outright. I am okay with this as a player. Plan C: Do not go with a build system, instead show animation to players as they accomplish objectives, either set it up as a weekly task format they are familiar with. Everyone gets to play the missions and unlock the ships at the same time. Plan D: Just give everyone who is playing the game a Puerto Rico for Christmas as a apology for a badly managed event and refund any and all doubloons spent. Plan E: Something else. How would you all like to see it go? Please post your own ideas as well or tweaks to ideas.
  18. I got my doubloon refund this morning. I had invested 14,000, and got 11,500 back, as I had used some of the rewards. That seems fair enough. My progress on Puerto Rico has been reset back to where it would have been without the boosters. Also fair enough. The Customer Service staff are to be commended for doing a difficult duty, as rapidly as they could. Well done!
  19. I am confused. In this recently posted video, it was mentioned the design for Puerto Rico had a 330mm belt. However, this armor belt would've made the ship "too heavy." The belt was then changed to a 254mm belt. My question is, why is this real world parameter a factor for PR and not other ships? Kremlin with its massive triple 457mm guns can traverse in 30s Khab breaks the laws of physics by moving as fast as it can with the armor it has Some ships have "Ice breaker" armor at the front that was designed to literally break ice, not to withstand shells, but in game can withstand shells There are plenty more examples of how the game disregards real world physics and limitations, but how come with this design the same benefit was not given??
  20. On black friday, I saw a deal for "Black Massachusetts" for something like 3200 doubloons. It turned out that that "deal" was really for a 12 point captain and a few random useless patches. I got the doubloons refunded but learned that WoWs was going to be tricky with their "deals". The customer support person told me that next time "I should read the details of the offer better". Fair enough. As a consequence, I was not tempted when the PR grind popped up I assumed that there was something tricky about the doubloon booster offer. When it became clear that the PR grind was impossible, I was one of the few that was completely indifferent. I rather like the dockyard in its current form. I will get a bunch of stuff for no effort. I don't have to even log in daily. Literally for doing nothing, I will get: 15000 Free XP 50 Zulu Hotel 50 Zulu 6000 coal 1 day premium 5 santa gift 50 Papa Papa 50 Equal Speed Santa Big Gift 6 gift containers One of those gift containers already dropped the VIII Irian. Now if I put in my normal effort grinding for the Legendary upgrades I might complete Directive 2 or even Directive 3. If that happens I will get: 4000 coal 2 gift containers 1 mega gift Gorizia All for playing less than I normal do. I completely understand people being upset if they dropped money buy doubloons for the boosters. For everyone else, just enjoy the money for nothing and thank the people buying the Gorizia or the PR, they are funding the free stuff you will be getting this xmas season for doing nothing but being with your family. I leave you with this remind from WG customer support: "read the details of the offer better" Merry Xmas! Update: I see from another thread that getting the 3 gold boosters + completing the first 3 directives "should" have made it possible to get the PR. But really, I don't have time nor interest in figuring out tricky "deals". Anything tricky probably will not work out in the way I hope for. I learned the lesson - a hard pass if the path to success is not obvious and feasible. "Tricky" paths are unlikely to be successful.
  21. Hey guys! I used excel to make a Puerto Rico Calculator for fun. You can use that as a reference about how many dollars you need to spend to obtain a Puerto Rico. Can't promise there's no mistakes, but I would say the number is fair enough as a reference. Open the file in excel, go to the "Input" page, and change the numbers in the orange color box. The result is just besides it. ( I assume people know how to use excel) If there's any mistakes, feel free to pointed out! (I don't think I will update other versions, the file is only accurate before the construction starts) Feel free to change anything for personal uses. (Just don't do anything bad, I don't wanna get banned) Good luck and fair seas!
  22. Estimated_Prophet

    So yeah; Directive One via Co-op.

    Some basic number after finishing PR directive one via Co-op; 3-4 hours of gameplay a night after work, by a batchelor, self-descrived 'average at best' player; Number of games: 105 Tier 6, (5,) tier 8, (19,) tier 9, (36,) and tier10, (45.) CV, (30,) BB, (1,) CB/CA/CL, (39,) and DD, (35.) Ships: Tier 6: Furious. Tier 8: Kaga, Implacable, Gascogne, Cleveland, Baltimore, Atago, Takao, Prinz Eugen, Admiral Hipper. Tier 9: Alaska, Seattle, Saint Louis, Roon, Buffalo, Jutland, Z-46, Kitakaze, Fletcher. Tier 10: Midway, Hakuryu, Audacious, Hindenburg, Henri IV, Worcester, Daring, Z-52, Harugumo, Grozovoi, Gearing. Directives completed: Pyrotechnics. Sparklers. Controling the Waterspace. Guardian of the Frontiers. Under Constant Shellfire. Cruisers: Trophy Year. Destroyers : Trophy Year. (Next closest to being complete: Trophy Year.) This was completed less than an hour before Directive Two opened. Been playing Warships for four years now, so had a lot of ships that could maximize xp by tier, since they certainly aren't going to do it by my 'skill,' such as it is. Ships that stood out: Buffalo and Roon. These two ship alone delivered 35-40 of the citadel and fire starting ribbons I needed for Sparklers, in four games each, as opposed to the onsie-twosies from everything else.
  23. I'm not even doing this event; but if I were, I'd want to know what rewards came with each Phase without always having to enter the Game/Dockyard. For you guys and gals who are grinding on it, maybe this product of my curiosity will provide some benefit to you. edit: Just a side note: Cruiser Gorizia is awarded at the end of Directive 3 (not Stage 3, Directive 3) ... which becomes available December 20th.
  24. Hello, In update 0.8.8 Wargaming gifted players with gift containers and super containers for owning tier IX and X ships respectively. With a few dozen tier IX and X ships in my port I received a couple hundred special flags in addition to those from completing directives. At the time I felt decently compensated for being a committed player; although, with thousands spent on this game I suppose my reward was a modest one. Nevertheless, I wish I had saved those flags for upcoming events such as Puerto Rico. Going forward, the next time I receive special flags I will be saving them for events such as this. I admit Wargaming’s communication is sometimes confusing causing me to reread things or to dig deeper elsewhere such as Reddit to get a fuller picture. To me it’s clear that Wargaming does this intentionally to obscure their sole motive which is to maximize profit; thus is the nature of business. However, deceptive communication is akin to white collar crime that as we know goes largely unpunished. There seems to be a fine line somewhere between deceptive communication and corporate crime which Wargaming demarcates by adverbs. Word choice is very intentional in effective communication; but then again so is rhetoric. My hope is for players to be buyer aware; but further, that Wargaming make themselves accountable for false advertising because making them accountable seems a monumental pipe dream. Cheers