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Found 2 results

  1. So has the PTS been stopped a day early or is there something wrong with the server ?
  2. After completing all missions in the latest 7.7 PTS, I collected my earnings today. And although things like my premium time, camo, and normal signal flags came in at the right amounts, I found that I am missing 2 full sets (10 flags total) of the valuable draconic signal flags. I earned 12 sets. 3 from completing Raptor Rescue 3 star twice (6 sets total, 30 flags total) and yeah, even Narai twice with 3 stars (another 6 sets, 30 flags total). Yet although I received 3 full sets of 3 each, one of the sets came in at only 1 flag each, not 3. (Thus instead of getting 60 draconic signal flags totay, I only got 50) I have screenshots of when they came in like that, but obviously there was no mission that you were only rewarded 1 of reach draconic flag. It was supposed to be 3. Did this happen to anyone else?? I have sent in a ticket, so awaiting a response. But figured to post it also here in case its a wider problem. I think most of us suffered greatly trying to accomplish Narai.