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Found 4 results

  1. Estimated_Prophet

    Thank you, but no. (Orland.)

    Just as a basic FYI, here are my test game results from PT, (Co-op.) Partly self-inflicted, because I didn't think to look closely at the consumables while loading modules; (in the middle of a battle, stop to shoot, no smoke...) but my reaction after my first two games... ...was so totally negative all testing the destroyer out did in the end was reinforce my decision NOT to bother even playing them in Live. Maybe Friesland spoiled me.
  2. I've been reading what commander skills people like on their captains (mostly for CL's and CA's) and a majority of people seem to like PT. I've tried both and I've always liked IFA, which seems to make me the odd one out. My reasoning and experience with both are as follows: I tend to be pretty aware of my surroundings, so if the IFA indicator goes off and catches me by surprise it tells me I've missed something and need to take evasive action RIGHT NOW and figure out where the shells came from. Since the game auto-locks on targets, and because larger ships have a longer turret traverse, I found PT a little misleading since I may be targeted by the enemy but may not be under a real threat for another 20-40 seconds if at all. Knowing when the threat is immediate vs not would change how I maneuver. Early in the game IFA tells me when BB's have fired at me from range, allowing me time to dodge the incoming shells AFTER they're already in the air. With PT I might know someone is targeting me, but if I don't know who or where they are I could be turning directly into their path in an attempt to make myself harder to hit. IFA will also let me know shells are coming before I can see them. I see the main asset of PT as telling you when you're about to be focus fired by the enemy. I play a lot of IJN CA's and tend to hunt DD's and fill support roles earlier in the game, and cap late in the game when I can leverage my speed/maneuverability. Therefore, I'm rarely the target of focussed fire from multiple ships, and if I am I'm likely WAY out of position and that's my own fault. In keeping with the previous point, if I'm engaging someone at under 4km or so (the range where IFA stops becoming effective) there's either a big problem/it's a desperation move, or it's a DD away from the herd and I'm more worried about getting a good firing angle and watching for torps. Maybe a dumb reason, but I tend to see the "detected" icon but in the heat of the moment usually miss the numbers beside it when using PT because of the text size and colour, rendering the investment in that commander skill useless. I also have a little routine for myself when I see the IFA indicator, which involves zoom out if I'm scoped in, identify where the shells are coming from, identify their trajectory, and then figure out the best course of action (e.g. single evasive maneuver, it's just a ship I'm targeting already so no problem, I don't have much data on the area of the map they came from and should give it a wide berth, etc). This could be a large part of it. Am I the odd one out here or are there other people that think like me? Do you prefer IFA or PT and why? How does your play style impact your choice?
  3. Daring_in_the_Franxx

    Some Thoughts about PT CV

    First of all I would like to reserve all my comments about should this rework go on or not because NaCl. 1. AA Played several grozovoi game, and CV do consistent damage to grozovoi with or without AA skill activated. I have no problem with CV even deleting DD who does not have DFAA because that's what used to be and that's what should be, but at least DD need something to counter CV, at least make the bombs/ rockets harder to hit. 2-3 ships sticking together will provide a decent concentration of mid/long-range AA smokes, and can shoot down several CV's plane. I didn't play a lot CA in PT but final game data-wise, CA can shoot down a lot of planes. So as a conclusion, DFAA need some buff but AA damage? They might be fine. 2. Fighters The fighters mechanic is not that miserable as expected, on thing is I'm determined to div with a CV at 8.0 so that he can put some fighters on me. I can see how different player skills will result in different time and location to use fighters, and that will cause significant impact on team. 3. CV-DD relationship In this paragraph I'm discussing unicun v. unicun CV game and competitives Role-wise, CV and DD are similar, before and after, mainly b/c their spotting role. What makes DD unique and still useful against CV is DD's ability to hold cap, and some DD(mainly grozovoi)'s ability to provide AA support. DFAA's significant effect on accuracy makes DD w/ DFAA playable in CV games. Because you have to go alone for a while to cap or do things, and only DFAA can save you under CV strike. After the rework, although CV's ability to do damage at multiple places is reduced to 0, they can still cause a lot of trouble to DD because CV squad's high speed. Yes it is true that in 12v12 CV might not want to bother you and if they do they'll spend a lot of time; if they start bother you stick with teammate and call your CV's fighter for support. But I as a DD player want at least some ability in my hand to limit CV's action on me, and I as a DD player want some ability to impact the result of CV game instead of sitting around teammate. This problem was not solved and will not be solved in 8.0 if nothing changed. In kots, yes, I can be just a smoke screen skill and a capping tool, because I trust my team and can give my back to them. But in random I have to do something other than that to win. 4. exp and credits gained... You are not serious about PT's exp and credits are you....... #CV(income)ImbaWgPlzNerf 5. game environment PT server has way to much CV's and that will be the biggest bias in everything I said above: with a 12v12 game and less CV per game, CV's effect might be much insignificant to DD. Everything I said is just based on what I see in PT. But yea of course, 0.8.0 won't be comfortable to play at all.
  4. From a recent Facebook posting on the Asian Region FB page, it looks like they at least are getting the new Russian cruiser line on Wednesday, March 23. So I guess WG has become so good at this now that they don't need to test anything with their user base. If this is true, not only did WG lie to us again about the canceled PT they originally had planned, but it's going to be a [edited] storm in here after the new line goes live. Bugs... balance issues... complaints about national bias... etc.. etc... Here's the FB post (thanks to Marcanbus_NA for catching it)