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Found 3 results

  1. For the 2019 WoWS Halloween celebration, this is a Twilight Battle (new mode) in playing the Rust Nightfall (Hindenburg) cruiser on the Monster Bay map. This is interesting and presents new challenges competing for Filth resources. Do you KO the other humans or do you cooperate with them? To me it's a raid simple with no rules on winning. You are only there only for the Filth and getting that as a reward. Get in and out ASAP. I hope this will give a heads up to WoWS players for how to play this new battle mode once it is released.
  2. I look forward to CV changes and want a successful outcome. However I don't think update 0.8.0 is ready despite the phase 3 PT server testing. There needs to be more work. Here's why in my opinion: The phase three PT server testing has a flawed environment for results. Nothing is done with the setup for PVP random, PVE CO-OP, Scenario in having carriers in every match. About <30% of my matches had CV's in them. Compare to the amount of setup for the PEF missions, the PT server is an unplanned wildcard in testing the new CV reforms. PVP is the new CO-OP. Nothing is mentioned in the PT Server testing parameters for the new changes. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/public-test-080/ I guess since the PT server is low (<500), WG has made changes to fill the player gaps. However there are no guarantees that a CV will be in a match despite being a bot match. The MM will put in BB's instead. What good is a BB in testing the CV rework? CO-OP has few players or CV's for those matches. When a human player brings in a CV into CO-OP on the PT server, the MM puts in a BB opposite of our team's CV. The PT Server scenario battle had the Narai battle which has aircraft in that battle mode. However, the MM had no time limit and therefore would not populate a team for the scenario. Waiting over 5 minutes is not good. Again the Scenario battle on the PT server is not focused towards the new CV rework. The AA GUI takes up to much effort to set. To explain the setting to maximize on side takes to much of a screen in pressing "O" Needs a simpler setup like picture below. Crtl and click. There is no neutral setting to restore the AA back to a previous setting. There needs to be three settings in the GUI, Strong Port side, Strong Starboard, and Center neutral for AA. There needs to had a 30 second or longer non-use of AA to flip back to neutral automatically by AI. You are penalizing players otherwise if they a multi tasking in a the battle game play and forgetting to do so because of the game play. Bombers are not rendering. I was being attacked in one match, when I thought the torpedoes were coming from a stealthy DD, instead they were done by invisible torpedo bombers. We need to see the planes in order to give a ship response, otherwise you are giving the match to the enemy CV player's team. CA Fighter aircraft do not stay up. It's one minute on the PT server when compared to six minutes now on the live server. To me that is a strong nerf. Why do even have a fighter plane now as a consumable? We have no ace skills,now this. It's not worth it flying them. To have a successful test, you need to setup a good test plan. In this case I don't think one was was done for phase three for update 0.8.0. What I have seen so far is good for the CV's aircraft however we need more work for the other ships classes in responding to those threats. I am a CA and BB player. The things I am looking for now on the PT server is the AA response for those ships. As of now, I do not see a positive response from the PT server testing. I am willing to test items in WoWS to see if we can progress the game. IMO more testing is needed for the AA element.
  3. For those that are not able to play the PT server, here are a couple of videos showing examples of the 3'rd WoWS birthday event collections and rewards coming in September. I hope this helps in understanding for the event. I look forward to the celebration.