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Found 2 results

  1. One of the things the Developers do in the WoWS April Fools events is test out possible features. We had subs in WoWS last fall, and now we have Torpedo Beat mode. Everything moves fast just like the PT boats when compared to the new game mode. I am donning Tinfoil hat now: Now take the fact on the new CV rework feature on how CV planes take damage and set up in squadrons. Funny aren't PT boats done the same way for their formations (squadrons)? Also take into consideration the AI gunner from the Torpedo beat mode, and you see the plausible outcome in how PT boats with their gunnery could be handle the same way. Granted the variants of armaments and weapon damage would be different based on how the PT boats are set up, such as rockets, mortars, ATG's, 20 to 40 mm AA guns, etc. The only thing missing is the splash damage from DDs, CAs, BBs, and CV aircraft and vessel spotting. I'd imagine the developers have that figured out too. Taking off Tinfoil hat now: The only question is will this setup for PT boats be tested in a future Halloween or April Fools events. And BTW, I am not asking for the PT boats, but rather noting what the WoWS developers are doing within WoWS now. Anyone else seeing these comparisons too?
  2. TheGreatBlasto

    PT Boats

    I played a PT Boat game long ago. It was ancient but still a lot of fun. You'd hunt the Tokyo Express (mostly) at night time. Will WOWS ever introduce PT Boats?