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Found 12 results

  1. On the early access French DDs, something I almost missed, so maybe some players have missed it. The ships come with all the improved modules (hull, fire control, etc) researched and "purchased", but they do not come with those modules mounted by default. As we all know, on most ships, this can make a big difference in their capabilities and performance. So, before you go into battle, double-check that you've mounted those improved modules.
  2. Capitães, tivemos alguns imprevistos, e teremos que adiar o início da corrida da temporada de Classificação. Vamos compartilhar o horário de início atualizado, assim que confirmarmos! Agradecemos a sua compreensão! #anchorsaweigh
  3. The wiki team has updated the AA Defense section of the Aerial Combat article. (Note: The other sections are still obsolete.) If you want to know how AA Defense works now, please read: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Aerial_Combat#Anti-Air_.28AA.29_Defense Hope this helps.
  4. Here's the text so you don't have to go to <shudder> FB: ST. Warships premium account The warships premium account will be added to the game. It will give you an extra 15% experience compared to the general premium account, but it only will work in World of Warships. The cost of the warships PA will be equal to the cost of the general PA. The bonus at the end of the battle will be calculated with the active premium account with the higher modifier. If both premium accounts are active, the bonus for the battle will be based on the warships PA. This service is developed for players who mainly play World of Warships, and don't mind getting an increased bonus in one game in exchange for a lack of bonuses in others. Its presence will allow us more flexibility in customizing in-game rewards and compensation. When the warships premium account will be added, all players with an active premium account will receive a warships premium account with the same duration. Thus, they will be able to test the service and evaluate its benefits for themselves, without incurring any additional costs. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary. So 65% bonus instead of 50% bonus for us WoWS-only players. Cool. One presumes that this is what will be awarded and sold in the Premium Shop henceforth. Much to speculate on as to "why", but I don't really care.
  5. I think this link will work for everyone. If it doesn't, let me know and I'll edit it. Check For Rewards.URL
  6. it's one of the most FUN DD you can get and she is coming to the tech tree for doubloons,if you didn't get her,now is the time. laugh at the kamikaze sisters and any other DD you face with your superior firepower,stealth,low silhouette and tons of torpedoes. aigle?you have more guns,the shells travel faster and can outspot him,giving you a big advantage. kamikaze?the concealment difference is mere 500 meters,you can quickly close the distance and show this wannabe ninja who is the boss of this town. the other DDs run away the moment they lose 3k health in a single salvo. AND YOU ARE NOT DONE YET. use and abuse your concealment to ambush BBs and clueless cruisers hiding in smoke. the ammount of torpedoes you can fire is overwhelming. CVs?you hardly see them,and lots of DDs struggle to take out that pesky fighter scout,so it's no big deal. the war canoe is on warpath. show your enemies that you will take back your rightful clay.the gods are watching you noble warrior.
  7. T2 USN DD Smith and T2 IJN DD Tachibana Lima are on sale as Steam DLCs for 99¢ each. Each includes a port slot, a permanent camo, and a bote. No captain. Still, a fair deal. I have TL and enjoy him. A fair trainer for IJN DD captains, too. Just bought the Smith Pak as a trainer, and as a unique little DD -- she has 3 individual torpedo tubes with an insane 11 second reload! (Also five guns with 3.5 sec. reload.) Should be fun. Note: These two deals are also available in the WG Premium Shop (not in the in-game Premium Shop). As is Texas for $10.
  8. iDuckman

    Weekend Sale

    I have finally figured out how WeeGee sets their weekend sales. They watch what I spend Doubloons and $$ for during the week, then put that stuff on sale. It's devious and foolproof. If I don't spend, nothing will go on sale. Anyone familiar with Euthyphro's Dilemma? WARNING: The 1:35/Db sale is for converting Elite Commander XP to FXP, not for converting Elite Ship XP.