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Found 25 results

  1. There's the $48 USD straight buy, and a new bundle with 50x each type of Special Signal for $96. Also: in the 'Purchase Premium' option in the player menu (Port, top bar left). 12,000 Doubloons. Offer good through New Year's Eve only. Does not apply to Wargaming premium. Warships premium only.
  2. Just a reminder for my fellow captains, today is the final day for the WG sale on 360 days of premium at 50% off. If you plan to buy premium time, and have the money, now is one of the best times of the year to get it.
  3. Here's a personal Snowflake tracker, showing what you've done, what you have yet to do, and your Coal, Steel, and Gift status: https://whaling.in.fkn.space Logged in to your Wargaming account, just click the link above. The first page shows the total amount of loot available vs. the amount claimed to date. (Those are some big numbers!) Click on your server and it will ask permission to access your WoWS data through the WG API. Note this disclaimer: Wargaming has changed the event rules so that you either need to win a battle or earn 300 base xp to blow off the snowflake. Due to limitations in the Wargaming API, the 300 base xp requirement cannot be tracked by this website. Since I hope that you are not a terrible player, I will assume that any battle will blow off a snowflake of your ship. Rukenshia has been doing these for a number of years so you might consider throwing him a donation. The project is open source if you're of a mind to look at code. Meanwhile, blackfalcon120 (EU) has been tracking Santa's Gift crates and what drops out of them. He's up to about 20,000 Gifts now. If you want to share your results, go to the last spreadsheet page for the link. (Hover over A3 and click the link in the popup.) I believe updates *replace* your previous entry so don't do incremental updates. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hCqaf324Bp6_xy55qciDKViBwcbJoGxqaodSsxMY4Yw/edit?usp=sharing I find the cost per ship stats particularly interesting.
  4. The email announcing the new update has this: We've hidden several gifts in various parts of your Port: the Armory, the Premium Shop, and in the holiday window display with Santa's containers. I found Santa's Gift containers in the Armory and the in-game Premium Shop. (Thanks, WG.) The announcement implies a third. Am I missing something? Update: If you clicked the link in the News article and got nothing, it wasn't enabled at first. Try it again.
  5. I received my 30% coupon and "Anniversary Rewards" email yesterday but noticed it said "1st year". I was a closed beta tester that joined in June of 2015. When I logged in game and played my first battle, I got 10 "Meritorious Service" camos (should have gotten 30) and a duplicate "1st Year Meritorious Service" patch (should have been the 5th year, I already have the other 4). I think this is an issue with migrated accounts. I had another problem earlier when trying to get a sold "USS Smith" restored to my account. Support was able to do that, but mentioned the migration had made it not show up in their drop down list of sold ships in the request form. I have a ticket submitted about this current issue. I just wanted to give a heads up to others that might run into the same issue if you have a migrated account. Mine was migrated from SEA earlier this year.
  6. ... start in 20 minutes (11am Central), with special guests Indy Neidell and Spartacus Olsson. The topic is timely -- Pearl Harbor. Update: It's saved on the WG twitch channel. Not sure about YT.
  7. This post appeared in a corner of the EU forum and nowhere else, apparently. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/138161-replay-controls-and-features/ In the 0.9.6 Update we've fixed an error, which prevented playing the replay backwards. This allowed us to add snapshots - timestamps which may be returned to from any place in the replay. More details below. General Hide/show interface Ctrl + J Playback Pause/Resume End Play at x1 speed (Does not automatically resume when paused) Home Increase playback speed Insert Decrease playback speed Delete Fast forward > Fast backward < Fast forward х2 Ctrl + > Fast backward х2 Ctrl + < Camera control Link/Unlink camera C Free camera mode (it may still be needed to unlink camera by pressing LMB) Ctrl + Shift + Backspace Move camera in parallel to water ←, →, ↑, ↓ Move camera up Num9 Move camera down Num7 Zoom in/Zoom out Mouse wheel Link to the ship in front of camera in free camera mode (hard link, includes rotating with the ship) B Link to the position of the ship in front of the camera Ctrl + B Switching different free camera modes 1-9 Switching additional free camera modes Shift + 1-9 Rotating camera Num4, Num6 Camera angling Num2, Num8 Move camera to the point of interest Num1 Move camera away from the point of interest Num3 Increase/decrease camera movement speed Num+ / Num- Increase/decrease camera movement acceleration/deceleartion Shift + (Num+/ Num-) Increase/decrease the radius of the free camera sphere (the sphere aroun the real camera position. The real position becomes a point of interest) Shift + Mouse wheel Snapshots control Save a snapshot F5 Load the closest snapshot before the current moment F6 Load the closest snapshot after the current moment F7 Load the latest saved snapshot F8 Snapshots This function allows to save a timestamp and camera position and restore them at will. All snapshots data is stored in XML file, which is created in the same folder as a replay and has suffix _params in the <snapshots> block. XML file will appear only if there is any data it should store. In case with snapshots it will appear after the first snapshot is created. XML file is tied to the replay and may be freely transfered with the replay file to other people, who then can use snapshots. Creating and loading Snapshot is created by pressing F5. This saves the timestamp of the replay, camera position and other parameters and creates a record in file in the snapshots section. Switching between snapshots happens in the following way: F6: try to switch to the snapshot closest from the left on the time scale (earlier than now), if such snapshot exists. F6: try to switch to the snapshot closest from the right on the time scale (later than now), if such snapshot exists. F8: try to switch to the most recently created snapshot To delete snapshots you have to edit XML file and delete the snapshot records. Snapshots are existing and loaded on the replay-by-replay basis. So, the controls switch to the snapshots of the exact replay. Loaded parameters When snapshots are used, the following parameters are restored: Camera position Camera FOV (or camera zoom) Replay time Also the replay is paused after loading the snapshot.
  8. IndexStart and stop times Earning Royal Tokens (Directives, Daily Chains, & Daily Shipments) Spending Royal Tokens (Cmdr, dubs, premium time, flags, camo, & credits) UK CA London and UK CA Cheshire premium ships and the UK CA (heavy cruiser) Tech Tree released Random Token Bundles for Doubloons Updates to Normal Upgrades Start and stop times. Patch 9.1 is scheduled to drop at 8am EST on Wed, Feb 12th. The maintenance window starts at 5am EST. Patch 9.1 is expected to end at 5am EST on Wed, Mar 11th when the maintenance window for 9.2 starts. A new Directive starts each week and ALL Directives end at 2am PST Mon, Mar 9th, so plan on being done by end of day on Sun, Mar 8th. Directive I starts with the patch drop, likely 8am EST, Wed Feb 12th. Directive II starts 5am EST, Mon Feb 17th. Directive III starts 5am EST, Mon Feb 24th. Directive IV starts 5am EST, Mon Mar 2nd. You must complete Dir I, before you can start on Dir II, even if Dir II has started. Daily Chains will have Royal Tokens starting 5am EST, Thu, Feb 13th and will end at 2am PST Mon, Mar 9th. So 25 days from Feb 13th to Mar 8th is the 20 per day between the two Daily Chains for the total of 500 Tokens. Daily Shipments will start at 8am Wed, Feb 12th and end at 2am PST Wed, Feb 26th. So the last day to collect a Daily Shipment is Tue, Feb 25th. To collect all 10 rewards, you have to start collecting by Sun, Feb 16th. Daily Challenge will have Royal Tokens for victories with 3 specific UK CAs starting 5am EST, Wed, Feb 12th and will end at 2am PST Wed, Mar 11th. So 28 days from Feb 12th to Mar 10th is the 10 per day that you can get for a total of 280 Royal Tokens. Earning Royal Tokens (1,380 total available, but only 1,100 total available if you do not have T8 Albemarle tech tree ship and/or the T6 London premium ship) You will be able to earn Royal Tokens in the Directives, Daily Chains, Daily Challenges and Daily Shipments only during 9.1. You will be able to spend the Tokens in Armory from 9.1 through 9.2. When 9.3 drops they will be converted to credits. So 9.3 is scheduled for Wed, Apr 8th currently and Royal Tokens will be converted at the rate of 1 for 9,000 credits when that patch drops. Directives (550 total Royal Tokens) There will be 4 Directives with one coming out each week. Each Directive will likely have 8-10 Missions (36 total) and you will likely need to complete 5-7 Missions to complete a Directive. There will be 550 Royal Tokens in the Directives. Note the underlined sentence in the screenshot below. It probably means that the Missions to complete each Directive may have Nation, Ship Type, and/or Tier restrictions to complete the mission. So do not be surprised if you get a mission for torp hits on DDs by one particular nation, secondary hits by BBs of a particular nation, bomb hits by a carrier of a particular nation, or something else similar. Those with fleets of a few to one nations and/or ship types may have problems completing Missions for the Directives. We will not find out the Mission details until the patch drops on Wed, Feb 12th. A new Directive starts each week and ALL Directives end at 2am PST Mon, Mar 9th. Directive I starts with the patch drop, 8am EST, Wed Feb 12th. Complete 4 of the 9 Missions to complete the Directive and the reward is 100 Royal Tokens. Directive II starts 5am EST, Mon Feb 17th. Complete 4 of the 9 Missions to complete the Directive and the reward is 150 Royal Tokens. Directive III starts 5am EST, Mon Feb 24th. Complete 4 of the 9 Missions to complete the Directive and the reward is 150 Royal Tokens. Directive IV starts 5am EST, Mon Mar 2nd. Complete 4 of the 9 Missions to complete the Directive and the reward is 150 Royal Tokens, the T6 premium ship London, a Victorian White perma-camo for London, a port slot, and a 3 pt Cmdr. You must complete Dir I, before you can start on Dir II, even if Dir II has started. Daily Chains (500 total Royal Tokens) The Daily Chains from Thu, Feb 13th through Wed, Mar 9th will have a TOTAL of 500 Royal Tokens. That is 25 days of Daily Chains with 20 Royal Tokens per day which would be 10 per Daily Chain that day. We do not know if you get Tokens for each task in the chain or only for completing each of the two chains. We will get that detail on Thu, Feb 13th. You get 2 Royal Tokens for each stage and 4 Royal Tokens for completing a Daily Chain. So each Chain is 10 Tokens and both in a day are 20 Tokens. Daily Shipments (50 total Royal Tokens) The Daily shipments run from Wed, Feb 12th through Tue, Feb 25th. If you want to collect all the Daily Shipment, you have to start by Sun, Feb 16th at the latest. To collect a Daily Shipment, you need to log into the game and go to the Daily Shipments tab to click and collect your Shipment for that day. You can set the Shipments tab to come up automatically when you log into the game in the Shipment tab. Shipments Rewards are below. 1st - 3x Union Jack one-use camouflages 2nd - 50,000 credits 3rd - 10 Royal Tokens 4th - 3x Union Jack one-use camouflages 5th - 50,000 credits 6th - 10 Royal Tokens 7th - 1 day of Warships Premium Account 8th - 10 Royal Tokens 9th - 50 doubloons 10th - 20 Royal Tokens You can buy Royal Tokens in the Random Bundles that will be in the Armory for 9.1 and 9.2 patches. See the dedicated Random Bundles section below. Daily Challenges (280 total Royal Tokens) There will be Daily Challenges (2nd option under the Combat Missions tab in port) for the T8 CA Ablemarle tech tree ship, T8 CA Cheshire premium ship (end of Feb release) and T6 CA London premium ship (likely patch day release). You can get up to 10 Tokens per day for a victory in those those 3 ships (not each ship). So 10 Royal Tokens for one victory in one of those ships. The T6 London will likely cost between $20 and $24 for the ship itself and there will almost certainly be bigger bundles of stuff available. The T8 Cheshire will likely cost between $44 and $48 for the ship itself and there will almost certainly be bigger bundles of stuff available. The T8 Ablemarle will change from early access to Tech Tree ship this patch. So you will be able to grind it like any other tech tree ship after the patch drops on Wed, Feb 12th. Spending Royal Tokens NOTE: IF you want to get the UK Cmdr Andrew Cunningham for Royal Tokens, he will cost 1,000 of the 'free' total of 1,380 Royal Tokens. So hoard your Tokens if you want the Cmdr. He will come back in the Armory for coal in patch 9.7, which is likely late July to Aug as a SWAG. You will need to complete ALL 4 Directives and get most of the Daily Chains to get the 1,000 Royal Tokens you will need. There will be Random Bundles you can buy for doubloons that will have camo, flags and Royal Tokens, see more below in that dedicated section. You can spend Royal Tokens in patches 9.1 and 9.2, but can only earn 'free' Royal Tokens in patch 9.1. In patch 9.2, you will still be able to buy the Random Bundles for doubloons that will have Royal Tokens. The time to spend Royal Tokens is scheduled to be from Wed, Feb 12th to likely Wed, Apr 8th. When patch 9.3 drops, on what is scheduled to be Wed, Apr 8th, any left over Royal Tokens will be converted to credits at the rate of 1 to 9,000 credits.  The big item to spend Royal Tokens on is the UK Cmdr Andrew Cunningham who will have the following special bonuses and talents. You can buy the following with Royal Tokens in the Armory from Wed, Feb 12th to very early morning likely Wed, Apr 8th: 1,000 Royal Tokens = UK Cmdr Andrew Cunningham 140 Royal Tokens = 200 Doubloons 70 Royal Tokens = 1 day WoWs premium time 50 Royal Tokens = 450,000 credits (NOTE: this is the same as waiting for them to be converted on Apr 8th.) 10 Royal Tokens = 1 Union Jack one-use camouflages 84 Royal Tokens = 10 Victor Lima signal flags (+0.5/1% causing fire bonus and +4% causing flooding bonus) 40 Royal Tokens = 10 Sierra Mike signal flags (+5% to ship's max speed) 40 Royal Tokens = 10 India Delta signal flags (+20% to the amount of HP recoved from Repair Party) 32 Royal Tokens = 10 India Yankee signal flags (-20% to fire duration) 32 Royal Tokens = 10 Juliet Charlie signal flags (-100% detonation chance, still 0% if you mount flags with a det chance) 32 Royal Tokens = 10 November Foxtrot signal flags (-5% reload on comsumables, stacks with Jack of All Trades) UK Premium ships and Tech Tree ships The UK CA London will be the reward for completing the 4th Directive in patch 9.1. The premium ship will come with a port slot, Victorian White perma-camo, and a 3pt Cmdr. It may or may not have the Type 10 premium ship perma-camo and my guess is that it will not get that normal perma-camo. You will need to complete the 4th Directive by 2am PST Mon, Mar 9th, so plan on being done by the EOD Sun, Mar 8th. If you buy the premium ship before earning it, you will get doubloon compensation, but the amount has yet to be disclosed. A guess would be 4,850 to 5,800 doubloons, but this is only a guess. The T6 London will likely go on sale in the premium shop on Wed, Feb 12th for around $20 and $24 for the ship itself and there will almost certainly be bigger bundles of stuff available. London leaves the premium shop at 2am PST Friday, March 13th. So if you want to purchase it, buy it by EOD on Thursday, March 12th. The T8 Cheshire will go on sale in late Feb and likely cost between $44 and $48 for the ship itself and there will almost certainly be bigger bundles of stuff available. Cheshire is on sale as of February 28th and leaves the premium shop at 2am PST Friday, March 13th. So if you want to purchase it, buy it by EOD on Thursday, March 12th. $45.20 for the ship, $78 for the mid-bundle, and $90 for the big bundle. UK CA Tech Tree ships The Early Access T5 Hawkins, T6 Devonshire, T7 Surrey, and T8 Albemarle will become tech tree ships as the full UK CA split is dropping. Any Cmdrs NOT trained for the early access ships will need to undergo training once the ships are tech tree ships, like normal tech tree ships. The UK CA line will branch off of the Emerald or Danae CL and run to the T10 Goliath. Random Bundles (1,920 total Royal Tokens) There will be Random Bundles you can buy in the Armory for 1,000 doubloons each. There will be 48 total bundles and 6 Bundles in each category. You will be offered one bundle and if you buy it, you will then be offered another bundle. Since there are only 6 Bundles in each category, you can only get a bundle six times. The bundles have 6 Union Jack one-use camos, 6 Draconic signals, 10 combat signals and 40 Royal Tokens. The breakdown is below. 6 Union Jack one-use camos, 6 Dragon signals, 10 Sierra Mike signals, and 40 Royal Tokens 6 Union Jack one-use camos, 6 Wyvern signals, 10 India Yankee signals, and 40 Royal Tokens 6 Union Jack one-use camos, 6 Red Dragon signals, 10 Juliet Charlie signals, and 40 Royal Tokens 6 Union Jack one-use camos, 6 Ouroboros signals, 10 November Foxtrot signals, and 40 Royal Tokens 6 Union Jack one-use camos, 6 Hydra signals, 10 India Delta signals, and 40 Royal Tokens 6 Union Jack one-use camos, 6 Basilisk signals, 10 Victor Lima signals, and 40 Royal Tokens 6 Union Jack one-use camos, 6 Scylla signals, 10 Mike Yankee Soxisix signals, and 40 Royal Tokens 6 Union Jack one-use camos, 6 Leviathan signals, 10 November Echo Setteseven signals, and 40 Royal Tokens https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Flags Updates to Upgrades Normal upgrades in slots 2 through 5 are being changed and added to. Here are the details. Free demounting of modules until very early morning Thu, Feb 20th, so make sure to get all your upgrades set by EOD on Wed, Feb 19th. Articles referenced British Cruisers: Obtain Cruiser London https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/british-cruisers-london/ Patch Notes: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-091-british-cruisers-part2/ Premium shop: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/premium-shop-091/ Edits 0837 Tue, Feb 11th added Upgrades section Wed, Feb 12th Directives, Daily Challenges, etc. Multiple updates today 1010 Thu, Feb 13th Daily Chains and free module demount time 1306 Fri, Feb 28th premium ships
  9. 5 Days left for the Discounts shown below ... except Elite Commander XP ... just over 8 hours remain for that. EDIT: I misread the first date originally, so this has been edited to fix it. Thanks guys for catching that. +1
  10. The one-time Ships for Doubloons coupons (-10%, -15%, -20%) expire in the wee hours Wed. morning. ?? So if you're going to use them, use them by Tuesday. Nota bene: In the client, and contrary to the news article, the coupons say, "Valid until 1/7/20", which is Tuesday. I'm going to use mine today just to be safe. Nota magis: It's 1/7 and the coupons are still here. Hallelujah. I have a little Atlanta tugging on my sleeve.
  11. 50KFOLLOWERSONIG 5 x This is Your Day Commander camos
  12. Just a little PSA for anyone who doesn't look at the missions in detail every day. The December "accumulator" missions for Dailies are each granting 1 port slot. These are the missions that grant signals for completing the daily chains 3, 9, and 20 times before the month is over.
  13. Hey everyone, this is an announcement regarding the official World of Warships Wiki from the NA team. Unfortunately, the Wiki is experiencing technical issues right now which is unfortunately out of our hands. For the next little while, pages may appear broken and some may not load at all. We’re aware of the issue and have notified Wargaming who are investigating the issue, however, due to the holidays and weekend a fix may take a little time. On behalf of the World of Warships NA Wiki Team, I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and wish you all a great weekend.
  14. On the early access French DDs, something I almost missed, so maybe some players have missed it. The ships come with all the improved modules (hull, fire control, etc) researched and "purchased", but they do not come with those modules mounted by default. As we all know, on most ships, this can make a big difference in their capabilities and performance. So, before you go into battle, double-check that you've mounted those improved modules.
  15. Capitães, tivemos alguns imprevistos, e teremos que adiar o início da corrida da temporada de Classificação. Vamos compartilhar o horário de início atualizado, assim que confirmarmos! Agradecemos a sua compreensão! #anchorsaweigh
  16. The wiki team has updated the AA Defense section of the Aerial Combat article. (Note: The other sections are still obsolete.) If you want to know how AA Defense works now, please read: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Aerial_Combat#Anti-Air_.28AA.29_Defense Hope this helps.
  17. Here's the text so you don't have to go to <shudder> FB: ST. Warships premium account The warships premium account will be added to the game. It will give you an extra 15% experience compared to the general premium account, but it only will work in World of Warships. The cost of the warships PA will be equal to the cost of the general PA. The bonus at the end of the battle will be calculated with the active premium account with the higher modifier. If both premium accounts are active, the bonus for the battle will be based on the warships PA. This service is developed for players who mainly play World of Warships, and don't mind getting an increased bonus in one game in exchange for a lack of bonuses in others. Its presence will allow us more flexibility in customizing in-game rewards and compensation. When the warships premium account will be added, all players with an active premium account will receive a warships premium account with the same duration. Thus, they will be able to test the service and evaluate its benefits for themselves, without incurring any additional costs. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary. So 65% bonus instead of 50% bonus for us WoWS-only players. Cool. One presumes that this is what will be awarded and sold in the Premium Shop henceforth. Much to speculate on as to "why", but I don't really care.
  18. I think this link will work for everyone. If it doesn't, let me know and I'll edit it. Check For Rewards.URL
  19. it's one of the most FUN DD you can get and she is coming to the tech tree for doubloons,if you didn't get her,now is the time. laugh at the kamikaze sisters and any other DD you face with your superior firepower,stealth,low silhouette and tons of torpedoes. aigle?you have more guns,the shells travel faster and can outspot him,giving you a big advantage. kamikaze?the concealment difference is mere 500 meters,you can quickly close the distance and show this wannabe ninja who is the boss of this town. the other DDs run away the moment they lose 3k health in a single salvo. AND YOU ARE NOT DONE YET. use and abuse your concealment to ambush BBs and clueless cruisers hiding in smoke. the ammount of torpedoes you can fire is overwhelming. CVs?you hardly see them,and lots of DDs struggle to take out that pesky fighter scout,so it's no big deal. the war canoe is on warpath. show your enemies that you will take back your rightful clay.the gods are watching you noble warrior.
  20. T2 USN DD Smith and T2 IJN DD Tachibana Lima are on sale as Steam DLCs for 99¢ each. Each includes a port slot, a permanent camo, and a bote. No captain. Still, a fair deal. I have TL and enjoy him. A fair trainer for IJN DD captains, too. Just bought the Smith Pak as a trainer, and as a unique little DD -- she has 3 individual torpedo tubes with an insane 11 second reload! (Also five guns with 3.5 sec. reload.) Should be fun. Note: These two deals are also available in the WG Premium Shop (not in the in-game Premium Shop). As is Texas for $10.
  21. iDuckman

    Weekend Sale

    I have finally figured out how WeeGee sets their weekend sales. They watch what I spend Doubloons and $$ for during the week, then put that stuff on sale. It's devious and foolproof. If I don't spend, nothing will go on sale. Anyone familiar with Euthyphro's Dilemma? WARNING: The 1:35/Db sale is for converting Elite Commander XP to FXP, not for converting Elite Ship XP.