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Found 2 results

  1. It is December 1943 and you are Supreme Commander of the Kriegsmarine. You've just received alarming news of a 2.2 million ton Allied Super-Carrier operating out in the Atlantic bearing the name HMS Habakkuk. Spies report that the ship has steam turbo generators supplying 33,000 hp (25,000 kW) for 26 electric motors. Its armament includes 40 dual-barrelled 4.5" DP (dual-purpose) turrets and numerous light anti-aircraft guns, and it houses an airstrip and up to 150 twin-engined bombers or fighters. The hull is 40ft thick of the Pykrete wood pulp and ice mixture and appears to be torpedo proof. The Super-Carrier is disrupting the convoy hunts and sinking U-Boats at an alarming rate. You've been ordered from the highest authority to sink HMS Habakkuk at all cost. What do you do? The Kristmarine still has the Battleships Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and Tirpitz, the Pocket Battleships Admiral Scheer and Lützow, three Admiral Hipper heavy cruisers and a number of destroyers and U-Boats capable of sailing into the Atlantic. Can HMS Habakkuk be sunk? What would you do?
  2. Rumour or not, there was a top secret research location in the north west of Canada paid for by the British government to see if a frozen ship was feasible to build and use in the north Atlantic for defence. Project Habakkuk was real. It would be nice to see something in fact or bullship about this and to know if anything from this was actually applied and used in some form or another?