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Found 9 results

  1. spmdougherty

    Commonwealth DD tech line proposal

    A modest DD tech line proposal for the Commonwealth. Wild polar bears, wallabies, and kiwis on the loose! :D. Play style/consumables/gimmicks/etc similar to HMCS Haida. Tier 2 HMCS Patrician https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Patrician_(1916) Tier 3 HMAS Tasmania https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMAS_Tasmania Tier 4 HMAS Voyager https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMAS_Voyager_(D31) Tier 5 HMCS Saguenay https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMCS_Saguenay_(D79) Tier 6 HMCS Saskatchewan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Fortune_(H70) Tier 7 HMAS Arunta https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMAS_Arunta_(I30) Tier 8 HMAS Queenborough https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMAS_Queenborough_(G70) Tier 9 HMCS Algonquin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMCS_Algonquin_(R17) Tier 10 HMAS Vendetta https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMAS_Vendetta_(D08)
  2. spmdougherty

    Commonwealth CL/CA tech line proposal

    A modest tech line proposal for the Commonwealth CL/CAs, because we need more crazy Canucks and wacko Aussies in WoW :D Particulars/gimmicks/consumables/play style roughly similar to HMAS Perth. Tier 1 HMS Auckland https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egret-class_sloop Tier 2 HMCS Niobe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Niobe_(1897) Tier 3 HMAS Melbourne https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMAS_Melbourne_(1912) Tier 4 HMAS Adelaide https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMAS_Adelaide_(1918) Tier 5 HMNZS Achilles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMNZS_Achilles_(70) Tier 6 HMAS Canberra https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMAS_Canberra_(D33) Tier 7 HMCS Quebec https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Uganda_(66) Tier 8 HMCS Ontario https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMCS_Ontario_(C53) Tier 9 'HMSAS Cape Town' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neptune-class_cruiser Tier 10 HMNZS Royalist https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Royalist_(89)
  3. spmdougherty

    Commonwealth BB tech line proposal

    Here is my view of what a Commonwealth BB line should look like. An interesting feature could be more AP focused, fast for their tier, but with a better than average heal a la higher tier UK ships and American style AA at tier 8 up. weaknesses could be poor torpedo protection, especially lower tier as all are WW1 era designs, and meh secondaries. Fast long-range sniper-style gameplay. starting at Tier 4 HMAS Australia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMAS_Australia_(1911) Tier 5 HMS New Zealand. Slightly tougher than Australia. Maybe with fictionalized post-Jutland 'what if no Washington Naval treaty' upgrades. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_New_Zealand_(1911) Tier 6 HMS Malaya https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Malaya Queen Elizabeth in her 1915 as built configuration as it's stock module, but with Queen Elizabeth stock module as an upgrade. Tier 7 HMCS Acadia This was a proposed Queen Elizabeth variant offered to Canada that was voted down by Ottawa in 1913. Uptiered fictional Warspite upgrade for WW2 service. Tier 8 uptiered Hood variant. Call it 'HMS Erin'. Tier 9 possible name could be 'HMS Newfoundland'. The Renown as rebuilt for WW2 service. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renown-class_battlecruiser Tier 10 possible name could be 'HMS South Africa'. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G3_battlecruiser what say you?
  4. TheLastRollOfToiletPaper

    New steel ship: USS Johnston

    So with 3 steel ships being removed from the armory and only 1 being added, I think we need to add more than just the Yashima. Especially since 2 of the ships being removed are destroyers, I think there should be at least 1 destroyer added. I propose that the USS Johnston be added as a T9 steel ship. Seeing as it had better aa in IRL, it could have better aa in game but it's tradeoff would be losing a couple knots in speed and perhaps lose access to speed boost and have permanent access to Def AA. People don't like steel ships being unique classes or being super different than ships already in the game at that tier. This proposal would address those concerns. It is a class that's already in the game and it would just be a side grade fletcher, nothing game breaking in its play style. Most of the model is already in game, just different aa load out and set up. It would be quite easy for WG to add it into the game for steel. Let's make this happen, WG.
  5. I know this may seem very irrelevant or even out of the left field here, but just in case if we used all of the 50 state names, I have an idea in where we could use proposed state names like Cascadia, Absaroka, Jefferson, Columbia, West Florida, Delmarva, Superior, Lincoln, Sequoyah, and Cimarron. Now I know these states do not exist and only exist on maps ,but in case if we run out of names for other USN BB designs that never received official names, I think these names would be very useful for them. Maybe they could be premiums or something akin to that. Tell me what y'all think about this idea?
  6. Hello everyone. I occasionally write some ship proposals of ships i'd love to see in the game, and today i'm going to do over HSMS Tre Kronor, a late-war Swedish Light Cruiser. HP: 27,300 Armor: 20-25mm belt+70mm vitals (citadel) Turrets 125/30/80/50 F/S/B/R 130mm total deck (30mm outer) 127mm conning tower 16mm plating 13mm superstructure Source: Conway's fighting ships 1922-1948 27,300 is very low for T7 cruisers and isn’t great even against T6 cruisers either. The citadel does stick a fair bit above the waterline, according to this blueprint (7819x2906, had to photoshop 2 pages together), so you’ll have to use your rudder shift and to try and avoid incoming fire. The turrets themselves are quite well protected as well. Length 182m Beam 16.45m SHP 90,000 Speed 33kts Rudder Shift: 4.9s Turning Circle: est 670m With a maneuverable rudder, you should be able to bob and weave between enemy shells pretty well, considering you have a high effective range. Still, be wary of overmatch. WEAPONRY 1x3 152mm/53 Bofors model 1942 2x2 152mm/53 Bofors model 1942 10 rpm (70rpm from all guns) MV: 900mps TT: 20 deg/s IN GAME RANGE: 16.3 km (~10.5s shell travel) Firing Angles: 30 degrees front and rear, 360 degree traverse These guns are comfy. 360 degree traverse, and a very fast traverse speed, AND gun angles that allow you to stay in autobounce range should make a very comfortable experience. The 6s reload is also quite nice at this tier. AP 3200 AP Alpha Shell weight: 45.8kg AP Krupp: 2280 Drag: .348 224,000 (336,000) AP DPM Fuzes: Standard AP flight time and pen would be comparable to Duca Delgi Abruzzi (pen difference <15mm at nearly all distances, time to target within ~.7s to max range *note: couldn’t find an AP shell for this gun, so I played create-a-shell with supercontroller9 using the noted HE and AA muzzle velocities, and the similar characteristics to Italian cruisers, but Krupp and drag are values that are often used for balancing, rather than for historical performance. As you can see, the performance is very similar to the Italian 152mm guns currently in game. HE 2200 HE Alpha HE: 45.8kg *Similar weight to USN 152/47 HE shell* Fire Chance: 11% HE flight time would be better than USN at all ranges (11.3s to 16km compared to 14.1 for USN 152mm/47) 154,000 (231,000) HE DPM Krupp: 1100 Drag: .348 154,000 is on the low side for T7 cruisers- this is, after all, the tier with Boise and Helena. However, this is workable for one reason……. Well, I won’t spoil the surprise just yet. It’s coming though. This is the parabolic table for this gun (in Swedish). While these arcs aren't exactly what will be seen in game, they give a pretty good idea of the performance. 2x3 Torpedo Launchers Torped 14 12km range 62 knots 12,800 alpha Detect: 1.4km Flood Chance: 215% Reload: 69s Sweden really only used one torpedo throughout WWII, the Torped 14. The torpedo itself was quite nice, though it did have a small charge (248kg), which is similar to the Mahan’s Mk 15 mod 0 torpedo, which has a 224kg charge. Therefore, the torpedo would have just under 13k alpha, which is make up for by the competitive speed and quick reload. While I’m not certain of the exact angles the tubes would have, they should be quite good forward, but a bit lacking to the rear, due to the design having cranes on it. AA Weaponry 1x3 152mm/53 Bofors model 1942 30.9 dps @6km 2x2 152mm/53 Bofors model 1942 50.4 dps @6km 10x2 40mm/70 Bofors Model 1948 270 dps @4.2km 7x1 25 mm L/64 Bofors Model 1932 ~29.9 dps@2.0km I almost considered not doing this section considering it will be pointless before this ship will ever be in game, but i figured that I should add it in just so you could get an idea of how insane the AA is. The Bofors that litter most ships above tier 6 are the 40mm/60 caliber bofors, but the mounts on the Tre Kronor are the 40mm/70 cal model 1948. Well, so what? They’re a few years newer, sure, but that doesn’t explain the insane range and DPS boost compared to the standard. Well, the rate of fire of the 40mm/70 was double that of the standard 40mm/60 Bofors gun currently found in game (240 as opposed to 120rpm)-AND the range was also better than the predecessor. I estimated a bit for the 25mm gun, as the gun was said to be more effective than the 20mm oerlikon, so i estimated about 1.2x the dps of a single mount of that, but info about this specific gun is hard to find-not that it realistically matters, considering the insanity of the 40mms. Just be glad I’m not proposing the refitted version which saw those 25mm guns replaced with 7 more 40mm Bofors. Either way, you’re going to BULLY T6 Carriers, and you should be able to at least hurt the T8s. CONSUMABLES Slot 1: Damage Control (standard Slot 2: Hydro (standard Slot 3: Radar (25s, 8.49km) OR MBRB (-33% to reload speed, 45s duration, 180/120s cooldown, 1/2 charges) No DFAA. CVs are going to suffer enough trying to touch this thing. I’m not that evil. >T7 Premium CL >Late War I-think-we-all-know-where-this-is-going.jpg I know, I know, another T7 premium CL with Radar. But realistically, if Tre Kronor is going to survive at T7, she certainly needs the radar…..or does she? I’m also proposing that Tre Kronor have the option to fit a unique MBRB. Now, the 152mm gun that Tre Kronor has could fire 10 RPM at surface targets and 15 RPM in an AA function. What this unique MBRB does is allow Tre Kronor to have a 45 second period in which she has a 4 second reload against surface ships. In case you’re wondering why I had a second DPM number in parenthesis when discussing those numbers earlier, that’s why. Why does Tre Kronor need these powerful consumables? Well, you’ve probably noticed that I drew a lot of comparisons to Duca Delgi Abruzzi, another T7 cruiser. The issue with that is that the Duca is pretty underwhelming at T7, and is generally regarded as one of the worst T7 cruisers. However, Tre Kronor fixes major issues that the Duca has (mainly, range). The problem is that Tre Kronor is a perfect T6.5- it would need nerfs to fit into T6, and needs some help fitting into T7. I chose the latter option. The door is always open to giving it a heal. I didn’t want to make it more gimmicky than it already is, though. Thanks for reading. I look forward to and appreciate your feedback! ccccccc https://imgur.com/a/ZMN54AR https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/424389257818275843/534135447136239641/Tre_Kronor_Blueprint.jpg
  7. I see that about 80-90% of the possibilities to play this game involve aircraft carriers. So, basically if you don't want to face aircraft carriers you have only 2 options: (1) Tier I, (2) Tier II and if you are really lucky (that usually doesn't happen to me) some Tier III. Unfortunately, Tier I and Tier II are isolated with long queues and sometimes it's just 1 vs 1 ship that makes it a little boring. My proposal is, instead of growing high tier ships, why don't you offer as an alternative, older ships to play in Tier I, II and III? I think would be amazing to include pre-dreadnoughts, ships built between 1890 and 1905 and other ships in this period. There were several ships built in this period so there would not be needed to make up ships never existed. Also, I don't see the point to match St. Louis, Varyag, Bogatyr with aircraft carriers, makes no sense. Those ships were built in around 1900, aircraft carriers started to be built in 1920s, by that time those ships were completely obsolete and also in the naval warfare of this period (1890-1905), planes were not available (First Sino-Japanese War 1894-1895 and Russo Japanese War 1904-1905). This makes the game inconsistent. My proposal is to offer an alternative to play the game in a period where ships were indeed the key in naval battles, instead of forcing the player to play against aircraft carriers if is not interested. This can be achieved by adding more ships in tiers I and II, the higher tiers can remain the same, the game can be the same from tiers IV to X. There are tons of fascinating ships to explore in 1900s, but very few has been added to the game. I think that having flexibility to play is a good thing in a game, both worlds can coexist, why not? after all if we have even fantasy stuff... I think I am not asking too much...
  8. I recently finished reading the novel Japanese Destroyer Captain, written by captain Tameichi Hara of the Imperial Japanese Navy and I was absolutely fascinated by his telling of the Pacific War. In light of my finishing this novel I became interested in the proposal in seeing one of his vessels featured in the game as a premium, as well as perhaps Hara himself. The Unsinkable Destroyer Shigure is the second vessel in the Shiratsuyu class, and also Yuudachi's sistership (she needs no introduction). Along with Hatsuharu, she was a treaty destroyer designed under the limitations of the London Naval Treaty, which is why she was smaller and slower than the preceding Fubuki class. By the time of the Second World War, Shigure herself was very badly aged. When the already famous Captain Hara was given command of her in 1943, she was only capable of 30 knots due to poor maintenance. Her previously sloppy crew was drilled hard by her new and far more experienced captain, and under his guidance Shigure became the IJN's most famous destroyer in the war. Along with Yukikaze, she developed a reputation that carried along the title of "the unsinkable/lucky/indestructible destroyer". Shigure emerged unscathed after several major battles, in fact, under captain Hara, Shigure never lost a single member into Hara himself was transferred. Shigure took part in several famous engagements and survived battles that should've ended in her sinking, thanks both to luck and her captain and crew. During the Battle of Vella Gulf, Shigure along with three other destroyers were making a supply run during the night. Due to Shigure's engine problems she lagged behind her column and this may have been one of the factors that saved her, along with her very sharp watchmen. A force of American destroyers launched a wave of torpedoes against the completely unaware IJN column, sinking every destroyer except Shigure which managed to dodge all but one torpedo as they would later find out. Months of poor rudder control and an eventual drydock visit led them to discover a torpedo sized hole in her rudder! The torpedo failed to detonate and Shigure was the only survivor! During the Battle of the Philippines, specifically the Battle of Surigao Strait, Nishimura's force consisting of battleships Fuso, Yamashiro, cruiser Mogami and several destroyers including Shigure, were ambushed by a much larger American force guarding the channel. The Japanese force was utterly annihilated, Yamashiro was burning and was later torpedoed by a US destroyer, Fuso was blown in half by torpedoes from PT boats, Mogami received fatal damage from multiple targets and was scuttled, every other destroyer was also sunk, except Shigure. Shigure escaped from Surigao completely unscathed. Though by now her amazing luck had also become a bad omen. In early December even Shigure's luck had run out and she was torpedoed by submarine USS Blackfin while on convoy escort duty. Shigure in front of sistership Samidare during the Solomon Islands campaign. Shigure in World of Warships Here is my recommended configuration. An air raid in 1944 destroyed her second turret, resulting in them being replaced with AA mounts. This was well after captain Hara was transferred. This configuration makes her unique to her current tech tree sister ship. Shigure in WW2 was only capable of 30 knots, which is shockingly slow for a tier 7 destroyer, but I think players will be able to play around that. Her small size (and thus small HP pool), slow speed and her poor gunpower could be supplemented the following ways: -She could have access to torpedo reload booster like the old Shiratsuyu, WITH her smoke charges. -She could receive a quicker gun reload. -She could have access to Defensive AA. Now hear me out on this, Japanese destroyer AA is terrible and it will be the case on Shigure too, but the panic effect induced by Def AA has actual grounding in reality for Shigure! During the Raid on Rabaul Shigure's AA was able to cause confusion in the attacking American planes. She was also able to shoot down two level bombers that attempted to skip bomb her while she was escorting cargo ships. There is currently no tier 7 premium Japanese destroyer in the game and I think Japan's most famous destroyer, and an underdog at that, would be a great premium. Captain Tameichi Hara Tameichi Hara is noted for writing the Japanese manual on torpedo warfare before WW2 and proved his theories with great success aboard his destroyer Amatsukaze on several occasions. As Amatsukaze's captain he sank the submarine USS Perch, torpedoed destroyer USS Bertin during one of the Guadalcanal battles (the same battle for which Yuudachi is known for, he also knew her captain personally). During the same battle his destroyer disabled Atlanta class cruiser USS Juneau, who was later torpedoed by submarine I-26. In the same battle USS San Francisco would've been Amatsukaze's third victim when the vessels rather spookily passed each other, but due to close range fail safes on Amatsukaze's torpedoes, San Francisco survived a barrage from the destroyer. Amatsukaze was soon heavily damaged by USS Helena, and under in normal captain, she would've sunk. Her rudder was disabled and had to be manually steered, and thanks to Hara's great skill she was able to limp home. As Amatsukaze went in for repairs, Hara was then assigned command of the poorly kept Shigure with her sloppy and inexperienced crew. By then Hara was already the navy's most well known destroyer captains and managed to turn Shigure into the navy's most famous destroyer, as you already know. I won't go over Shigure again, so I'll skip to 1945. Hara's last command was the light cruiser Yahagi, and he did not serve long in her as his one and only sortie in her was Operation Ten-Go. Yahagi escorted Yamato with several destroyers in a suicide mission to disrupt the Okinawa invasion. He survived the many torpedoes and bombs that struck Yahagi and after the war he went on to write Japanese Destroyer Captain. Hara in his book greatly expressed the role that destroyers played in the war, how they were the vastly under appreciated workhorses of the Japanese Navy. He was the only destroyer captain to serve throughout the entire war and survive and easily the country's best DD captain. In honor of Hara's great ability to command destroyers, his abilities could possibly be reflected by offering a buff to any of the following commander skills: -Torpedo Armament Expertise, has the author of the IJN torpedo manual, this skill is obvious. -Last Stand, on several occasions Hara demonstrated his ability to sail a badly damaged/worn destroyer. e.g Amatsukaze's and Shigure's broken rudder, Shigure's slow speed that had the tendancy to break down when going over 30 knots. -Vigilance, it was the early spotting of torpedoes at Vella Gulf that saved Shigure. At the Battle of Emperor Augusta Bay, Shigure was the first to spot US destroyers firing torpedoes, causing his fleet to take evasive action. -Concealment Expert, as a part of the Tokyo Express, Hara participated in many nighttime engagements and sorties. Stealth was absolute key! Consider this Since the announcement of Yahagi, Tameichi Hara's final command, I wondered at the possibly of Wargaming making a Shigure premium and a Hara commander that could be sold as part of a package. I think my proposal makes for great synergy with the Yahagi premium. I would certainly be interested in such a deal. Shigure is Japan's most famous destroyer, Yahagi is also fairly well known, and they were both captained by Hara. I hope to hear some opinions on this, and I hope WG could maybe even consider this. Thanks for reading. Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tameichi_Hara https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_destroyer_Shigure_(1935) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_destroyer_Amatsukaze_(1939) Japanese Destroyer Captain - Tameichi Hara
  9. On USN destroyers Range: 9.5km Duration: 30 seconds On IJN destroyers Range: 11.5km Duration: 25 seconds Both nations Cooldown: 145s/125sec (prem) Charges: 3/4 (prem) Not found on any other ships Becomes available in its own slot starting at tier 8 (Benson, Akizuki, Kagero). Retroactively added to premium destroyers Harekaze, Asashio, Kidd, and Black (shares slot with Radar) When activated any battleship in range loses all rudder and throttle control for the duration. Throttle remains locked at its current form, while rudder centers itself. The ship is forced to travel in a straight line until the consumable effect ends or the battleship travels out of range. Any battleship traveling into the range of the consumable while it is active will also be affected. The only indications that it is occurring should be a small indicator near the speed/rudder dial indicating speed and rudder are unresponsive. This consumable should better balance destroyers vs battleships and enable skilled plays to take place. One could even say it's required, because currently a battleship has to make some pretty serious mistakes to actually be sunk by torpedoes.