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Found 4 results

  1. Ive started playing warships again and the meta is very different than when i first started playing. the issue im having is that i seem to be losing a lot of games, and most of the time i am the last one on my team still alive. i deal decent damage so its not as if im just hiding and not helping the team, but still it seems very difficult to carry a game. what can i do to improve my winrate? how can i win more games? doesnt matter the tier i play, however tier ten seems to be the worst case. how do you get your teams to help? is the player base really this bad now?
  2. Boomer625

    I Have Moved Up!

    After spending 33 million credits, and over 400,000 Xperia from four ships, I have moved my US grind up to T8! I got my self my first TT fast BB, my first radar cruisers, and my first DD with stock stealth torps! I calculated that I would need 30 million, but I miscalculated and had to get NC a bit late-1 day off since I accident bought the 900k captains
  3. lordholland4293

    New European Campaign

    Hi, everyone how you are staying safe, just was curious where everyone was at on the new European campaign. I am almost done with task four final mission. Had a huge special flags collection. 300+ of each saved up
  4. LowSpeed_US

    Spot the weakness

    Hello Captains, I shall include my two accounts with Warships (the only two that I have). Open for your critique, and assistance to be a better player naturally. NA account stats (solo) EU account stats (solo) Please include what I'm missing here. I seem to be "stuck" with 50%. Fluctuating from sub-50's to slightly higher. Even though I'm not a self proclaimed Winrate fan. I'm also aware that it is a metric to gauge one's performance. Looking forward to your thoughts.