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Found 13 results

  1. <PLEASE IGNORE IF YOU MAINLY PLAY PVP THIS IS CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK FOR THOSE PLAYERS WHO MAINLY PLAY PVE AND FOR ANY COMMUNITY MANAGERS OR DEVS WHO READ FORUMS> I have a general feedback on the game with how I feel the game is going for Coop players. Issues: 1) Every patch it seems that credits drop per level. My tirpitz in Coop round about 4 months ago used to earn around 160k with only premium camo mounted. Today i had roughly the same game 2 kills average and maybe a cap and earned only 110k. Thats pretty much been my average the last 1 month. For roughly the last 2 patches. 2) Insta-cue matches where it matches mostly bots in game instead of players. Seems to have happened to me more often than not recently where instead of waiting for 30 seconds then pairing bots in. It will find players instantly but most will be bots. 3) XP and FREE XP also seemed to have gone down as well regardless of how well you do. It always seems to cap out no matter how well a player does in coop. 4) I understand its a majority PVP gamemode but the bots can be just as difficult if more annoying than players because they seem to have a higher fire chance and pen chance than anything else in the game for their stats of their ship. Its almost as if they haven't updated Coop mode in forever and they are using old models from the base game engine. Improvements: 1) Whats wrong with leaving in coop as a credit gamemode that's 80% of what you could make in PVP not in comparison 40% or less than what you can make in the mode? 2) Why restrict players who like coop over PVP to earn less than everyone else? 3) Players who prefer PVE over PVP are bashed all the time for not liking PVP sided content and thus are treated unfairly all the time. Instead of punishing coop players make all the missions and campaigns available to coop. With the current reduced RP it takes longer to earn items in the match anyways so why not? 4) RESPECT all players in your community regardless of the gamemode they like to play. "Based on community feedback" in your updates should apply to all players not just those who drop money into the game or only play PVP. Sincerely, Your PVE community (who actually exist)
  2. Creating Clan issues??

    Just curious if anyone is having problems in creating a clan on the NA sever? I click the clan button on the hub interface and just get the spinning icon every time. Wondering if I should reinstall incase that might be an issue?
  3. Big In game issue

    For a while now the ring in game is very bad. I have been watching a youtuber who streams with his friends and are very very good a world of Warships. They have been starting to notice that the rng with every ship (most of them) have not been doing damage, especially the Bismarck, Tirpitz, Scharnhorst, Friedrich and Kurfürst. They also mentioned the Yamato is having the same problems. And they are saying this is why world of Warships is dying, and I agree with that. He is playing the game correctly and he is doing nothing wrong and he is not doing that much to enemy ships in game. He also is pointing out that the match making is very bad now. If he is a tier 7 he will always get games with a lot of tier 10's and 9's. I think match making needs to go like this. If you are a tier 6 yo should be only playing with tier 5's and 7's. Back in 0.5.8. That was the best match making ever in my opinion. And again this youtuber is not bad at the game. He aims well, he uses camo, and flags. And yet he isn't doing well. This problem needs to be fixed.
  4. Unable to install updates Aug 2017

    hi i have thir error, if somebody can help me im so grateful Critical Error Unable to install updates The application cant continue For details, see log file. help me pls, parlay WG D: _____________________________________________________________________ hola tengo este error, me salio hoy, si alguien pudiera ayudarme se los agradeceria muchisimo: Error Critico No se pueden instalar las actualizaciones. La aplicacion no puede continuar. Para detalles, revisa el archivo de registro me salio despues de actualizar 4.9gb -_- gracias de antemano
  5. Alright come what flak may for this, but I feel battleships are the damage pinatas in this game and unless someone is sailing broadside on, they are stuck with overpenetrations and mediocre damage roles 0-8k dmg every 20 to 30 seconds if we get lucky. I've had good games in battleships and know that they are capable of carrying provided the circumstances are right. However, those circumstances exist when the other side is not using HE. Too many times will my clanmates and I be stuck with overpens when people are kiting away or even sailing straight towards. While they other ships are firing HE doing 4k each salvo every 1- seconds plus fires, we get stuck with overpens and low damage roles. Guns that have the capability to do 10k damage with one shell instead do 1020 dmg or miss and do nothing. I just had a North Carolina fire 3 full salvos into my Hindenburg at ranges from 10k to 3k. He did a total of 10k damage. I killed him at full health. At some level, there's a tier and skill difference, but I should've died from showing broadsides to him. Instead, I lived. Now, here are some proposals to level out the field to make battleships more flexible and durable. A cruiser player can spam HE damage and correct his aim better than a battleship player. So either make battleship AP more dangerous* or more accurate*. Less over pens and more hits = more reliable damage. Also, whats this bull about penetrating shells that do no damage? I know it happens, I've seen it happen, it needs to stop. Fires out the wazoo, because again HE spam from other ships. Make battleship repair and damage control more effective than what it is. Less reload time* and more health added. Or add more heals. Also, my clanmate just suggested this. Nerf fire damage. His point was that a destroyer can typically survive more easily than a battleship when lit on fire. We will be testing this within the week in a training room to get hard data instead of observations. End suggestions. I really feel that these battleship shells would do more damage than making a hull look like swiss cheese in the game vs real life. In actual combat, those shells are going through all sorts of cables and piping doing all sorts of damage. In some cases, live rounds are still inside and crew must extract the round from the ship before it goes off. All these little nuances are boiled down to an overpen that does little or no damage. As arcadey as this game tries to be, if that's the feel its going for it needs to be balanced. *indicates things that would like to be seen most. Keep replies civil and constructive.
  6. Hiccups problems with my PC

    Hello everyone. I installed two new MSI GTX1070 Gaming Z cards with SLI HB Bridge from MSI. Since installing the cards, I get hiccups but not every day I use the PC. Right now I have the problem. Using one or the two cards, doesn't matter. I think is something related with the cards since it started with the cards but to be honest, I know sh1t about computers. Can anyone give me directions on how to solve this issue? Current specs are as follow CPU: Intel-I7-3770K MB: Asus P8Z68-V Pro GPU: X2 MSI GTX1070 TwinFrozer VI Gaming-Z 8GB RAM: 15.94G SSD: X2 500GB Samsung Raid HDD: X3 1TB Seagate (Game installed in one) PSU: 1200 Gold Thermaltake Toughpower OS: Windows 10 Prof. 64Bit
  7. Good night for all, I'm having difficulties with this update, the download time is very time consuming. I've been updating the game for an hour and it's still downloading, and my internet would be down in 2 minutes. Certainly the distance from my computer to the server in North America, makes the download process even more difficult, since I live in Brazil.Normally, my internet would download at 5 MB per second, but it's 360 Kbps per second. Result of this, I will not be able to play today because I do not open a game to spend hours and hours waiting to update.The correct would be to update 700MB with 2 minutes, but it is taking 58 minutes more than normal. Thanks. Note: The problem is not on my internet, I did the test and it remains normal.
  8. Hatsuharu Help

    So I got the Hatsuharu a few months ago, and after playing it for a while it has been sitting in port collecting dust ever since. I can't seem to figure out how this ship works. I do like the 10km torps and they do excellent dmg, but its near impossible getting hits at that range, so closing in is a must, but even within 7km I still struggle getting hits with the torps. I would like to use the guns, but with only 4 guns, terrible turret traverse time, and the lowest HP of all tier 7 DDs, its basically suicide for me to get into a gunfight with anything (I do use the guns when I smoke up). I have tried using ambush tactics, parking around islands until someone blunders around, then I rushing them until I can't possibly miss, but this type of tactic costs you a lot of HP that the Hatsuharu simply doesn't have. So, any tips and tricks to successfully using this ship? Equipment: Main Armament Mod. 1, Aiming System Mod. 1, Propulsion Mod. 1, Propulsion Mod. 2 Captain Skills: Basic Firing Training, Torpedo Armament Expertise, Last Stand, Superintendent, Survivability Expert (Need Extra HP to pull off ambushes)
  9. Okay I have been having problems with my WOWS audio (by problems I mean a complete lack of any audio) ever since 0.5.9, and I know for sure it isn't a driver problem since sound worked perfectly fine on the 0.5.10 pubtest, so I'm assuming the game somehow deleted its own sound files for whatever reason. While it doesn't affect how I play that much it does take quite a bit away from the experience and I hope someone can address this problem.
  10. Hi am I the only one having a problem starting the last update? I push the button and then it goes into a closed down mode im my computer problem withstarting WOW? any one else have this?
  11. Props to the guys in those battles. They were very nice and understanding.
  12. Hola a todos, He tenido ultimamente inconveniente con el juego al iniciar la batalla ya en el mapa la pantalla empieza a parpadear y todo se ve borroso esto hace injugable la partida, espero que alguien me pueda ayudar he hecho todo al alncance, he cambiado los drivers de la tarjeta de video, he actualizado, los drivers y vuelto a versiones anteriores asi que no creo que sea incompatibilidad puesto que antes el juego me corria de maravillas. Especificaciones de la PC: Core2 Quad 2,66GHZ 6Mb Cache 4GB de Ram 1 GB de Video ATI Sapphire Radeon HD 5450 P.D: Tambien he reinstalado el juego
  13. Over the past couple weeks my hope for improvements in this game have turned to the belief that our beloved game developers just don't get it. I find a lot wrong in the game and, for the most part, I have tried to be relaxed and enjoy what parts of the game I can, while waiting and hoping for things to be better. I'm not sure the sudden shift in my attitude towards the game. Some things happened which I won't publicly announce which contribute to my disappointment, but I think for the most part the game quirks (jumping reticles, terrible optimization, lag spikes, CV interface bugs, and MMing failures, overboard economy costs) have brought me to the edge of just not wanting to play. I understood the need for some CV retooling in terms of matchmaking and some balance issues. I ran the IJN line (and some of the USN line) up to Hakuryu. I am not stuck with the Hak just after these changes were implemented, and my gaming experience in that CV has just been a disaster. I am stuck with high cost of repairs, the need to grind out virtually another ship in upgrades (almost 100k to elite) when playing against CV players who've been there the whole time and have fully outfitted planes. I am getting my butt kicked everytime I take that ship out, for various reasons, namely stock load out and ridiculous tier 10 MM which seems to always put Yamato's on one team and none on the other. I rarely see a tier 10 matchup which I feel is balanced fairly between the two teams. I am at the point where I feel I'm getting screwed over in this game, highlighted by this most recent experience. I'm sorry. This should never freakin happen. If you don't have the ships to make a match, don't throw me in this garbage. This match just cost me 400,000 credits. Like come on, it's bad enough I have a 363,000 repair bill, plus camo, plus gold upgrade repair party. If you can't find me a proper battle just kick me out and tell me there's no ships currently to play with. I'd much prefer that to getting the shaft in a match like this. This brings me to this match, and the Hak specifically, and the recent changes to CV play. The only upgrade I've managed on this CV are the fighter planes, so they are not stock. The enemy CV came at me just like I thought he would. Now that Kagero on my team spawned on the other side of the map, so I had NO CA or BB AA to help me, I was alone from the start. I fully expected to get a Midway rush, and he did rush me. I selected his torp squads with my fighters in the hope I could knock most of them down to survive. Guess what happened? Both my fighter squads ran out of bullets, and shot down THREE DAMN PLANES. I have 12 (maybe 14) TBs coming at me and my two (5 man squads I might add) fighter squads shoot down a whopping three planes. Add insult to injury, his DBs and TBs managed to shoot down four of my fighters. I lost 4 fighter planes and shot down three. Like wthis this nonsense? Who programs this kind of thing and thinks it's working enough to release it to the general public?! You can't call this RNG. Bottom line is his two TB squads, smash me in one strike. I managed to get him down to 20% but his fighters managed to nuke 1.5 of my squads and he lives and I don't. I'm fairly certain all the CV haters are going to come out and troll, but the simple fact is I was aware changes needed to be made, but having fighters at tier 10 who lose more planes than they shoot down before running out of bullets is jaw dropping. I should have stayed at tier 6 and trolled. I have a lot more things I could add to this thread about how I feel this game is going into the toilet FAST, but this just set me off.