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Found 1 result

  1. I beleive l have solved the problem this is my reply to support> Thanks for the reply l fixed it but good this time. Instead of uninstalling the game again. I went directly to the folder in my drive Right clicked on it and selected Advanced System Cares File Shredder and selected a Military Grade File Shreďder and Obliterated the complete File, it took 6+ Hours to shred. (* Not uninstall as it leaves risidual files* ) And before l left for work l reinstalled..... Guess what? "" I should have done that 6 times ago""..... It is now 100% Back to normal...... l guess over time and the constant updates there are changes made to a persons page files? That becomes corrupted or conflicted with tbe new data.... So by completely obliterating it there are no residual files that can be conflicted. So as of now she is running 2160×1440 50-70fps on my old ASUS GTX 970 Strix ll O.C. l was up and down my system, l keep everything super clean in and out so what exactly was causing the issues is still a mystery that l do not have to worry about.... As Obliterating the entire folder does the trick..... Sad part is that doing a Secure Shred takes hours. I will keep you posted but so far so good. So those that are having stability issues this maybe the answer. Sincerely: RCN_1966FireHorse/Len.