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Found 7 results

  1. (I'm a scroll wheel user and a shift key user equally) Sometimes when i zoom in and out real fast either with scroll or shift, i can no longer zoom in to view ships from a distance. Like it just stops letting me zoom in or out. It goes 3rd person. This problem will last for about a minute and then i can zoom in just fine, but this really affects my game. ive died a couple of times cause of it. Its not my keyboard or mouse tho. Could this be a game issue? Anybody have this problem before? Solution?
  2. I have not been able to search in WoWs by player's game names all day today. I input the name but nothing comes up and I ran quit a few trying to recruit to today. Can't even send invites as I can't find them yet they come up in WoWs Stats and Numbers with no problems. Anyone else having this issue???? CANCEL THIS PLEASE! EVERYTING JUST BEGAN WORKING AFTER SEVERAL HOURS OF NOT DOING SO.! thanks!
  3. LiosDenalli

    Problema com o PTs

    O Servidor PTs está fora do ar? Criei uma conta pro servidor de testes com o mesmo e-mail da conta principal como solicitado. O jogo entra normal, mas quando está pra conectar aparece um erro: "Erro ao Conectar no Servidor Falha na conexão com o servidor. Por favor, tente novamente mais tarde." A versão do meu jogo é seguinte:
  4. It doesn't open past the launcher. Pressing play on the launcher simply results in that little window appearing. Please help, I just wanna try out the new CVs.
  5. https://medium.com/@devblogwows/naval-training-center-6ae94ee5b34a The link above is for the Naval Training Center in case you have no clue what is happening right now. WarGaming this is a problem I'll be honest I'm not completely opposed to the core idea of it, however, they've done everything wrong. The biggest problem the game will face if this is released as it is now will be matchmaking. Because someone who has reground the entire line 1-2 times will have a significant advantage over their contemporaries. For example, right now Conqueror has 82,900HP and can heal 40% of that which is 33,160HP, however, a Conqueror that has been reground will have 95,335HP and be able to heal 38,134HP. In total, the Conqueror that has been reground will have a total Hit Point count of 247,871 and the Conqueror will have 215,540, that is a difference of 32,331 hit points. So WG would need to add subsections for the queue, ships that have been ground more than once against other ships that have been ground more than once. This will drive queue times through the roof and we can all agree that waiting 5+ minutes for a match is ridiculous and no one wants to wait that long for a game. If they're going to implement this into the game then changes need to be made. I personally think that they could be used to change the flavour of a line, for example, the British line is known for it's absurdly good HE. However, I don't like the HE spam that British ships have and prefer AP to it. By grinding the British line more than once you could improve the British ships AP pen, AP ricochet angles(from 60 ° to 67 °) and AP damage. But in order to get those buffs to your AP, you'd sacrifice your HE fire chance, HE pen and HE damage. Or say for whatever reason you wanted to improve your secondaries, you'd sacrifice your main battery accuracy and vice versa. Improvements to AA could mean a reduction in torpedo protection. Improvements in reload speed would reduce main battery accuracy or a really long reload could mean amazing accuracy. Point is for every upgrade you have to sacrifice something else, this could allow players to change the play style of a line while still keeping them relatively well balanced. It could be a lot of fun to change the playstyle of a GK from a close in brawler to that of a long-range accurate sniper. Or change the play style of British HE spam to that of AP spam. I think that this Naval Training Center right now is the most absurdly stupid, foolish, ill-advised, senseless, short-sighted, ludicrous, laughable, witless, brain deficient, imbecilic, unthinking, nonsensical thing World of Warships has ever done... to this point in time... prepare for that record to be broken by the Soviet nuclear weapon launching submarines. If you want people to start playing low tiers again how about you fix MM and make low tier more enjoyable to play. This isn't rocket science, give us enjoyable low tier games and guess what? We'll freaking play low tiers!
  6. So, I put ARP Iona voice-over in my audio configs, but, in the game, when I use some a consumable, like the engine boost, I hear the normal voice-over lines. Is it a bug or am I just doing something wrong? (note: this is my first time writing on a forum, and I am not even native in English, so I apologize for any grammar error or lack of game knowledge in general.)
  7. GoodKillTanks

    Warships.Today Not Working?

    So I've been browsing Warships.today and for some reason everyone's WTR is all the same at 1000. Does anyone know whats up? My Tag Top players screen