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Found 2 results

  1. Fellow Captains, First... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. So, what can be found within these New Year 2019 Containers?
  2. Ladies, gentlemen and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri! I am Yuzral, one of the EU CCs and this Friday, 20th July I will be hosting my first birthday blowout stream1! Featuring testbotes, divisions, V-25 jousting and whatever insanity comes to mind on the day! Come and join me for what promises to be a spectacular afternoon, evening and quite possibly night of exploding ships! When: 1600 BST (1500 UTC) to 2200 BST. But if I've still got the energy and the viewers, the party might well carry on past that... Where: EU server for the games (so you'll need an EU account to participate in the torpedo jousting, operation divisions and any other insanity that comes to mind) and twitch.tv/yuzral for the stream. What ships might I need?: A V-25 for the torpedo jousting, without a doubt and a Tier 6/7 CV will also be useful. I have new and interesting game in mind... Goodies?: Oh, so very yes. As well as the last two of July's CCT crates, Wargaming have donated a boatload of subscriber camo packs - and the boat that brought them. I have a Massachusetts to give away! 1: That's the first stream, not my first birthday. Despite what some people say about how I play...