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Found 1 result

  1. It's a plain and simple fact that whichever team kills their opponent's Radar cruisers first wins the game, no exceptions. That means that when your friendly DD spams F3 on a Cleveland, a Buffalo, a Moskva, a Black, or any other cruiser or opposing DD capable of carrying Radar, there should already be someone lined up and with shots in the air that will Dev Strike that ship into oblivion. If you don't have line of sight, then you're out of position and we'll lose because of you. If you just fired at someone else, then you have poor situational awareness and we'll lose because of you. If you are out of range, then you deployed badly and we'll lose because of you. Are you seeing a pattern yet? Let me clarify in case I was being too subtle: IF YOU DON'T KILL THE RADAR CRUISERS THE EXACT INSTANT THEY SHOW UP, WE WILL LOSE BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!!!! This is not a rant against Radar as a whole, it is a rant against the people who don't recognize that Radar-carrying ships should ALWAYS be the first ships to die, no exceptions. DDs can't cap, stealth torp, shoot from smoke, hide, or do anything that they're supposed to do or that they're good at as long as the enemy's Radar is in play. Once the Radar is gone, the DDs are free to influence the battle in your team's favour, and we all know that DDs become more influential the longer they survive. There, rant over. Feel free to criticize and insult me to your heart's content like I know you love to: I don't care because I know I'm right.