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Found 8 results

  1. tm63au


    Just opened my containers from prime and got this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I sailed into battle with Camo on the red team would have a laughing fit. Is this suppose to be a Ship Of War or a housing apartment.
  2. thatbruinskid

    Which T8 Premium cruiser should I get??

    Been debating between Prinz Eugen and Atago. No idea which to go with, I really enjoy German ships (especially battleships) but the Hipper isn't my favorite, haven't played Japanese cruisers but the artillery and torpedo armaments of the Atago seem very fun at first glance. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Heyo, wall of text alert, enjoy the read, I've been wanting to get this off my chest for some time now. There's a WG stream going on as I write this, in which a buff to the German Tier X Cruiser Hindenburg was announced (also includes Roon, same buff btw). The buff in question was stated to be a decrease in reload from 11 seconds to 10.5 seconds. Now, let me start this by saying that I find it good that WG is finally getting around to buffing Hindenburg. The game has not been kind to her ever since her initial nerf where the reload was increased from 10 to 11 seconds. To list a few things that happened, we saw the large wave of buffs to numerous T10s which raised the average performance of the T10 ship, whereas Hindenburg around that time got nerfed. Republique saw more widespread use, for those of you unaware, Republique is one of the most terrifying ships to face in Hindenburg, more on that later. And last one worthy of mention are the Legendary Upgrades, where Hindenburg got a rather mediocre one, again more on that later. So, does this buff to her dpm finally solve the issues she has? In my eyes, no, it doesn't. It doesn't even touch her main issue, and that of the German T8-10 Cruisers. While the dpm was no longer what it used to be, it's still usable. Her AP hits just as hard provided it penetrates, the HE still penetrates the 50mm plating. She was never a dpm machine, more of an opportunist that would seek AP opportunities whenever possible. Same unfortunately also applies to her buff some time ago, where she gained an extra heal charge. A fifth Repair Party charge is a situational tool, only being of any use when four heals have been used and the fifth one gets activated. If this does not happen in a match, then this buff did not show any effect in said match. What is Hindenburg's main issue? It's a feature of her that got powercrept. For those that have been around for some time, the term “Battleship Hindenburg” should not be uncommon. This reputation was gained for a few reasons. For one the turtleback armor which allowed her to pull some ridiculous moves in brawls, and then most importantly the 30mm midship section which allowed her to bounce all AP shells but the ones fired by Yamato, Musashi and 457mm Conqueror (which no one used, that didn't change). So basically, angle well and you can absorb a lot of damage. She still has those 30mm armor. But unfortunately for her there are plenty of ships that have been released since then, and more in the pipeline. Republique being chief among them. Why her? Because she amplifies the problems that Hindenburg has. Hindy's sluggish handling is nothing new, so any Republique with two baguettes to rub together (lewd) will not struggle to land shells, and when they land, they hurt. And there is no way for Hindenburg to counter this threat at all. Angling doesn't work, the concealment is mediocre, so are her dodging abilities. What remains is literally running away and trying to slowly wear the Republique down while 10k damage salvos will return to you every 20something seconds. So in short, 30mm is no longer worth what it once was, and Hindenburg is among the ones that is hit the most by this slow process. What remains is the turtleback, but I shouldn't have to explain how passive the meta especially on NA is. Anyone hoping to capitalize on the turtleback on a regular basis will be left disappointed. Is this an unsolvable issue? No. It can be fixed relatively easily, and WG already set the foundation for this some time ago when announcing possible upcoming changes to the midship plating of cruisers. Exactly the issue Hindenburg has, midship plating. Since then this idea has been surrounded by silence from WG's end, though I spent time on thinking about what possibilities there are for Hindenburg. Since this would be a significant buff to Hindenburg's survivability, it should not surprise that there has to be something in exchange that Hindenburg will sacrifice. For this the most suitable thing would be the third (or fifth if maxed out) Repair Party charge. So while Hindenburg gains the ability to avoid more damage, she pays by being able to recover less damage. A good trade-off. As clarification, these values would only affect the midship section, meaning central upper deck and upper belt. Bow and stern remain untouched. 31mm: An unconventional value for sure. This mainly excludes overmatching from Republique's 431mm guns. 32mm: Widely known value. No overmatch from guns up until 457mm, and German 128mm Secondaries lose the ability to penetrate the armor without the IFHE-skill 33mm: Again unconventional, but this one does a whole lot more. No AP overmatch at all (like Moskva/Stalingrad), Japanese 100mm+IFHE and up to 152mm+IFHE will no longer penetrate the midship section. Heavy Cruisers remain completely unaffected. 34mm: 203mm HE and 155mm+IFHE no longer penetrate the midship. I do not want to say “Option X is the best, because I know for sure”. I don't know for sure what would be the most balanced option. Hence why I listed them all. For one they provide food for thought, and secondly it would be more logical if WG tested Hindenburg with these values to determine which one is the most balanced one. As a final word, or sort of, how does this transfer to Admiral Hipper and Roon? They have similar issues, and Roon is evidently in need of buffs as well while Admiral Hipper and Prinz Eugen are at least indicated to be rather poor, given the server stats we can access. This concept should thus be applied to them as well, and the question arises how much the midship armor could be. 28mm: Doesn't change anything of significance. No really. 29mm: 413mm and below will bounce, however GK's 420mm shells and anything larger will slice through like a hot knife through butter. Want to make the 420mm guns have some sort of overmatch advantage, this is how you do that. 30mm: Same old, no overmatch from less than 431mm, 180mm HE shatters Different values can be applied for different tiers, obviously. But is an improved miship section desirable? Personally I shall say, most certainly. The beautiful thing about midship sections in that armor range is that they do not affect your gameplay unless you captalize on them. Show broadside and it'll do nothing. Sit nose in and again it won't do you any good. Only when being properly angled and when keeping the surroundings in check will this pay off. In other words, midship armor can be a skill-based option to migitate incoming AP fire. I say very much yes to this. Cheers~
  4. SireneRacker

    Prinz Eugen pictures, all-in

    As some might know, the German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen was launched on August 22nd. To celebrate what would be her 81st birthday, I have decided to upload my entire collection and make it public for those interested. It contains every picture I was able to gather of her over the past, from nearly every angle that such a ship can have. What is not included are pictures from after she capsized, they break my heart. As it is with large amounts of pictures, naming and properly sorting them is a lot of work. I have only started translating the names halfway through, so there are some German terms in there. Also, as one might expect, determining the exact date and location of every picture is impossible. If I had that information, it can be taken from the name of the picture. Also it is likely that one or two duplicates can be found in there. To give a bit of a guide through the folder system, I have sorted them (in that order) into Armaments, Camoflage (those typical two or three angle drawings), Close-Ups (for details), Construction and Launch, Entire Ship (for seeing her in all her beauty), Interior, Panama Channel, blueprints and technical drawings, Ramming damage (from her collision with Leipzig), Reports, Test Able and finally Torpedo damage (when HMS Trident torpedoed her). As a somewhat legal note, I do not own any of these pictures, they belong to their respective owners. They have all been downloaded, scanned or cropped out of various books or websites. https://drive.google.com/open?id=14A23-k481eg-qxQiOGvywe7B0T9zcRQs Since some people might distrust Google Drive, I shall upload some pictures below so you didn’t open this thread for nothing. This is a shot of Prinz Eugen during Operation Rhine exercise. It gives a very good view on her camouflage pattern and how it transitioned from hull to superstructure. The Italian Konteradmiral De Angeles during his visit on Prinz Eugen. Christmas eve celebration on board the heavy cruiser. Loading drills on an artificially tilted secondary mount. Firing of the hand loaded 37mm guns, note the man in the background with a bag. He is so to speak a walking ready ammunition rack, and hands new shells to the loaders. Having lost her stern following torpedo damage from HMS Trident, a completely new stern has been built and is about to be attached to the ship. Taken after the collision with Leipzig, Eugen’s bow has been repaired and she can return into active service. Same can not be said about Leipzig… Prinz Eugen’s hanger after the nuclear detonation. All that's left to say is, Happy Birthday Prinz Eugen, without challenge the best looking ship to have ever been built.
  5. I see there are special missions for ranked battles on the Massachusetts, Roma, Kidd, and Prinz Eugen. However, being all T8 ships I'm wondering if you can take full advantage of these missions once you move to T10 ranked. Can anyone who have purchased one of these packages chime in on if the mission can be completed outside of T8 ranked (such as in any game mode)? Thanks!
  6. According to WoWs Asia server, next ship for the daily sale on July 23rd is... Prinz Eugen! Personally, I think she was a gud bote even before the buff that gave her Repair Party. Now, she seems like an even bettah bote. I highly recommend. Git her nao, lel. No wait, I heard the NA server updates around... 4:30 am? So I guess we still have several hours left with Atago... but git her when it's her turn, lul. For more info, please refer to Miss Maus' wonderful review, right here.
  7. anonym_MbpaxbbAUblh

    Prinz Eugen syndrome

    So I was watching a WOWS gameplay video on youtube (panzerknacker). It was a tier 10 match with a prinz eugen in the friendly team. It was the first ship to be destroyed in like 3/4 minutes after match started. A person commented that "nobody is surprized that prinz eugen died first". Then another person replies that "it's prinz eugen syndrome" and he himself has it. What does that mean? Is the ship bad or people target premium ships in general?