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Found 1 result

  1. Ok. So first, a little bit of info on my experience First, I bought a 20 pack of crates and got both saipan and enterprise. I also have the midway and have sunk a fair bit of games in all three +Lexi. I do not have graf zeppelin or kaga or any other nations carriers higher than tier 6. With that in mind, here are my thoughts Out of all of the carriers I currently own, enterprise is my favourite. She is basically a flexington with AP bombs and an amazing fighter consumable. Seriously. She spawns 10 fighters (11 with direction center for catapult aircraft) in a 3.5km range which is insane! In comparison, the midway spawns about 7 or 8 fighters with the same patrol radius. If any squadron steps into these fighters, they will be shredded, so use them to protect your DD's and focused capital ships. Her torpedo bombers are about the same as Rexingtons and I found those torps fun to use when I was grinding midway. What really sells this ship for me is her AP bombers which are a lot like the old American AP bombers, in my experience, they are extremely effective against cruisers of all armor and German battleships, other nations battleships that I dropped were rarely citadeled and aircraft carriers were the same story. All of this coupled with the quick squadron refresh and fair rockets make her my favorite carrier so far Saipan is a bit of a different story. While I don't think she is terrible, I definitely don't think she is easy to play as her refreshment time is extremely punishing for newer CV players. Her planes are individually amazing (as expected! They are t10 aircraft) but are limited by small squadron sizes and lower HP pools than her American counterparts due to the small squadron size. The armament on the saipan is awesome though. The fighters drop the same number of tiny Tim rockets as the Keckxington drops, the HE bombs are good and have a decent fire chance and finally, the torpedoes have great alpha damage, but are slow and have short range (a trait common with American air-dropped torpedoes). The kicker is the same as her rockets. You get 4 torpedoes per drop (2 a plane) and you can do large chunks of damage to ships if you line up all of your torpedoes correctly. Overall, saipan is much more difficult to use, but can be very rewarding if you play your cards right. So why do choose the enterprise over the saipan? Well that brings me back to the biggest point of all. MATCHMAKING! Matchmaking for tier 8 carriers is probably the worst it will be right now and it doesn't show any sign of changing any time soon. The reason for this is that a tier 8 carrier has no problem dealing with tier 8 ships as of now, but as of late, matchmaking has been pretty atrocious for tier 8 carriers with many tier 10s and tier 9s in queue. One or two tier 10s can be managed as you can be sure to give them a wide berth to avoid unnecessary losses. But more often than not, you will have games where the enemy team is filled to the brim with tier 10 AA. I have seen people feel so helpless that they immediately quit the battle when they see that they are the only tier 8s in the game. This is why I rate the enterprise as the easier ship to play because of the fact that its aircraft regeneration is so fast and saipan's is so very slow. If the meta was a bit different without constant uptiering for carriers, I would say it would be a harder choice. But the meta isn't changing and neither is carrier matchmaking. As for kaga and graf zeppelin, I really can't comment on them since I didn't have the luck of getting one in a container and I don't think I want to sink any more money into the game. Still, that doesn't mean they are bad, I just don't have the experience to comment on them. This is all just my opinion and observations. I don't really like spewing data numbers on a page so that's why I don't have data crammed in here. Hope this helps!