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Found 12 results

  1. I have some newbro questions 1. If I buy premium time for World of Warships, will I get premium time for World of tanks from the same purchase? 2. If I want to buy a premium ship or premium ships to grind credits, which ones would you recommend? I am thinking Tirpitz or Massachusetts. 3. What is long range secondary build and how do you do it? 4. How do you avoid the torpedo walls from destroyers? 5. Are the tier IX and X premiums worth the money to help grind credits? 6. Is there a World of Warship site like tankgg? If you have any other advice for a newbro let me know. Thanks for your time and help.
  2. Angel_of_the_Sea

    Yesterday Clan Brawl Feedback

    Super simple observation, my Clan is a High Storm clan on NA and almost every CB we saw yesterday in the 4v4 matchup was a premium-fest. Basically every team we fought was either Enterprise or Graf Zepplin for CV and Battleship was either Massachusetts or Tirpitz. So, basically what i'm saying is this is a strong indicator of Pay to Win, these tech tree ships simply can not compete against these ships in a competitive setting. Why is this acceptable? Also, we were fighting almost exclusively Typhoon Clans even though we are Storm.
  3. I've been noticing more and more lately that 18 inch guns are just getting free reign to win games when they're on tier 9 boats like the Georgia and musashi, these guns ballistics are rediculously good because they have so much interia they can just about bowpen anything that isn't a perfectly angled Russian BB. I feel like this trend will eventually creep down to tier 8 and I dread the thought of those things getting further and further down the tiers as premiums, making grinding literally every BB line, CL/CA line and possibly CV line a nightmare. the guns are gun, fun to use sure, it used to be literally all the Yamato had going for it (and it still does so the thing is more or less obsolete now) and I miss when that was it, other 18in armed BB's are equally if not moreso ridiculously accurate for the amount of damage they can output on target and seeing them so consistently wears down that "Oh no I should be more evasive" mindset cruisers usually have, forcing them into holdout positions behind islands way, waaaay more frequently. And it just isnt fun. is it just me? am I just imagining this as a way to make up for my slowly lowering winrate? I felt I should put the question out there
  4. 40 Crates this morning; Very Satisfied.... :) Sort of makes up for 16 x containers I got for RN event, and just garbage ... Here we go; 1st off, they look Great ... a) The Big ONE: I got all 3x Ships I did not have, the T9 and Both T8's Ships; and they look Great! Tier IX Bajie with Commander Zhu Bajie; Tier VIII Siliwangi; Tier VIII Wukong with Commander Sun Wukong Note: You do not need to win CAMO's separately, and I think the base camo for all 3 ships is superior... b) I got an extra Perm camo, but its only so-so c) 80K Free XP, nice... d) Type 6 and Lunar Camos, about 120-150, some very rare one 1 use, maybe 30 extra ? e) 24-32 days Of Premium, meh f) 750 Gold g) 3x 10 Point Commanders, (above) incl 2 uniques.. Pan - Asian for me is a bit thin, so very welcome... All in all, very satisfied,,, I Got a Superb Looking T9, a nice looking T8 Cruiser, and an ok DD T8.... Come to me snowflakes, along with 3x 10 Pt commanders that can go in other tech tree ships Good luck all Jean
  5. Hi all Both LWM Preview/Reviews said Mehbotes, mediocre ships with many weaknesses and a couple good points. Id like to ask , the people who have them, what do you think ? Some surprising nugget that makes both, or either ship fun in some way ? Thx all Take care JMG
  6. Question for those who plan on spending less or even not spending money on WOWS. What ships would you maybe spend money on if they were going to be added? I've decided recently that I want to try and spend less or even stop spending money wows but there are a few ships I would like to buy before I go cold Turkey I would like to see a Portuguese vouga class destroyer and a mid tier IJN that is not gimmicky. Also pola would be nice because reasons............
  7. Recently, I've been getting back into playing aircraft carriers for the first time since they got rid of the old 2/1/1 loadout on the pre-rework Lexington, just after the strafing mechanic was introduced. I bought the Hermes the day of the update and re-purchased the USS Ranger later that day as well. Ever since I've been getting a handle on just how on earth to use these things and while progress has been slow, I like to think it's been steady. Frankly, I'm enjoying the Ranger a lot more than I did the last time I had her; my planes aren't constantly getting swarmed and strafed by Japanese fighters. The Hermes on the other hand is a ship I am sucking to the high heavens with, mainly because I have yet to learn how to properly lead air-dropped torpedoes. Anyways, moving on. All this has caused me to regain a love for CVs, and has reminded me of one of the two reasons why I got into this game in the first place. The first was HMCS Haida, which is currently sitting in my port. The other reason was because of the USS Enterprise, CV-6. The most decorated and battle-hardened USN ship of WWII, possibly the most famous warship to sail the high seas since HMS Victory herself, and the ship at the center of the guilty pleasure of a TV show that I attribute as one of the reasons for my interest in WWII naval history. I feel awful, but this was a part of my childhood. It's not like I can hop in my TARDIS and tell my younger self to stop watching it! Now, back to the matter at hand. Because of my renewed interest in playing CVs, I've been wanting to add the Enterprise to my collection. The one problem is that she's not in the premium shop and I haven't seen an article on the front page saying if or when she'll be back in the shop. Now, I know that currently I can get the Enterprise (and the GZ, Kaga, or Saipan) by buying containers, but I don't really care about those other CVs; I just want the Enterprise. Also, the last time that I started spending on containers I ended up going on a spree that came back to bite me in the tail end something fierce and I do NOT want to risk that happening again just to get one ship. As such, I ask you, the other members of the forum community, these questions: Do you know if the Enterprise will eventually be available for purchase outside of a container again? If so, do you also know when she'll be back? Any answers I get are greatly appreciated, and I hope that if anyone else is looking for the Enterprise, they also find the answers they're looking for. Sincerely, 1Sherman. P.S. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go hide in shame for admitting that I liked (and still kind of like) a bad History Channel show.
  8. The few premiums out there are not a problem if you actually matched people based on statistics in the boats they are in and a +1/-1 MM for T8+. If there is a 100k belfast and a 100k New Orleans, they cancel each other out. If one team has 4 radars and the other team has 4 radars, they cancel each other out. You need to base your MM on stats rather than "LOL, RANDOM". A simple sorting algorithm that sorted people who enter the game and tried to even it up by stats, consumables would go way farther than trying to level nerf ships you sell. We all know your sales will tank if you sell below average ships, so you can't be blamed for selling over performing ones. It is how you make your money. We also know you have an attrition problem due to people getting absolutely slaughtered. These land slide games are because of a few reasons, like no actual tutorial to show people how to play, power crept T-10 ships vs T-8 Ships, but the biggest one is your garbage MM. Even your Streamers complain about the MM imbalance, yet you have effectively done nothing to fix it. How fun is it to be stuck on a side where everyone is 40% WR and the otherside is sitting with 5 unicums. It sucks, it makes the game un-fun for both side. The game is over in less than 7 minutes. The dominant side you are sailing full force popping what shots you can before the game ends, the other side just gets steam rolled. Games like that are not the one off anymore, it is becoming the norm. As the population shrinks it will continue to get worse and worse and the divide will be massive. There is no Premium that is going to fix a 40% WR team vs a 60% WR team. Then you couple that with the fact as soon as you hit T-8 it becomes a glaring problem because of the "LOL-PowerCreep" that is some T-9 and mostly T-10 ships. If T-8 ships only faced T-9 ships and T-10 ships only faced T-10 / T-9 ships it would be a lot easier to ease into the power creep that you have created . By the time you hit T-9 you know how to counter T-9 and can get used to T-10. T-8's will also get some T-6 games to break up the up tiers, but they will never face the power creep T-10 ships. I know you think that you need to feed T-10 ships fodder so they keep spending money (T-10 is the one tier where you can not reliably play for free), but you lose the customers at rank 8. This is the same reason T-7 ships sell so much better than T-8's, no one wants to get stuck in your T-8 power crept MM hell. So instead of trying to fix things you are selling, try fixing your code instead. MM is your problem, more than CVs ever were. Getting up tiered absolutely blows. I would rather wait to get a fair game, than get blown out in a horrible loss. Nothing feels good about steam rolling or getting steam rolled. You know your MM sucks, please just spend some time and fix it. Develop a basic MMR system like the rest of the pvp games developed after 2010. Feel free to join the community of good pvp game design.
  9. First i would like to apologies for possible poor grammar and also if i am posting this in the wrong place, this is my first time posting. As the title says, what premium ships would you like to see WG add in the future? You dont need to explain why just what ships you want. I personally would like to see, zara class heavy cruiser pola be added (i like its super structure enough to want it to be added... Yes i know i am weird), a portuguese vouga class destroyer and tenryuu class tatsuta that has been converted into an AA cruiser (dont know the actually correct term to use i just heard that there was a plan that never went through to convert both ships in the class). If you have managed to read through this i would like to thank you for reading and congratulate you for managing to read it
  10. 8 4939843 7 4501474 10 4362409 6 3840728 5 3695758 9 2807057 4 2534687 3 1871145 The list above shows the number of battles played by tier for the NA server in the quarter ending Sept 29, taken from here. I've organized them from most to least by tier. Note first of all the extremely low number of battles for T9. There are simply not enough T9s to fill out T10 battles the way the current MM is set up, so it must dip into T8. As you can see, T8 has the most battles of any tier, followed by T7. There would probably be a lot more at T5 and T6 if the MM wasn't so awful right now. If T9s are pulled into T10 in great numbers, there are few T9s to give T8s one tier and T7s two tier spreads. Hence, to ensure that T9s are spread evenly across T7-8 battles and that there MM has a fair two tier spread at T7, the surplus of T8s have to be shoved up to T10 to fill the slots that should be going to T9s. The problem of the current MM is that no one plays T9 ships and that WG has organized the game around T10 even though, as evidence shows, most players would rather be at T8... indeed, if we switched to a one tier MM there would be even more T8 games. What's interesting is that people are still enthusiastically willing to be abused at by the MM at T8. Here are the T8 ships ranked by number of battles... 1 Cleveland 47107 661986 2 North Carolina 20705 400507 3 Bismarck 20333 379471 4 Massachusetts 11822 271901 5 Baltimore 17353 260425 6 Tirpitz 20213 246180 7 Benson 10407 200233 8 Akizuki 9786 171531 9 Admiral Hipper 9870 168702 10 Kagero 9317 167142 11 Richelieu 8343 164301 12 Amagi 9423 158947 13 Mogami 8857 152044 14 Alabama 10727 136962 15 Edinburgh 8542 131836 16 Atago 9359 106768 17 Monarch 5193 105370 18 Chapayev 5871 92695 19 Z-23 4647 87826 20 Charles Martel 5410 85963 21 Kidd 8947 79291 22 Lexington 4351 75741 23 Asashio 3375 71387 24 Prinz Eugen 9622 65538 25 HSF Harekaze 5042 63381 26 Hsienyang 2789 54644 27 Mikhail Kutuzov 5715 51030 28 Kiev 3806 50862 29 Ognevoi 4133 47330 30 Loyang 5066 43513 31 ARP Takao 5219 38809 32 Roma 3759 38380 33 Kii 3035 28395 34 Shokaku 2088 25200 35 Gascogne 2320 20164 36 Enterprise 1462 10379 37 Graf Zeppelin 399 8612 38 Cossack 1077 8366 39 Lightning 940 8031 ...note that the majority are tech tree ships. Kii, Roma, and Gascogne are almost non-existent -- examples of how the two tier MM that shoves players up to T10 has killed T8 premium ship purchases (doesn't help that the recent crop of T8 premiums has been pretty meh, soon to be joined by the gimped Wichita). I've stopped playing T8-10 and will not lay out any cash on premiums for those tiers since why pay to be a fodderbote, and I doubt I am the only one to make that latter decision. In a one tier MM I would probably have bought Roma, Gascogne, and Massachusetts... Lightning was new so I imagine she will move rapidly up the charts. But of the top ten and top 15, most are tech tree ships. Only 2 premiums, Mass and Tirp, are in the top ten. At T8 lots of the tech tree ships are really enjoyable boats, and of course many people wanted to try the new Cleveland. Thanks for the food, guys. It's blindingly obvious that we need to switch to a one tier MM. WG's deference to T10 is killing the high tiers, while T5-6 are broken. If we switched to a one-tier MM T9 would hardly change, and more T9s would be available to be pulled into T10 matches. There would be a slightly longer wait at T10 since the hordes of T8 ships would no longer be available. What is really needed to make that happen is for WG to change the way it treats T10 like a spoiled, favorite son even though the numbers show that people would rather be at T8. The best gameplay is at T5-8 and that's what the game should emphasize. In a one tier MM those four tiers would be loads of fun, and everyone would play a greater variety of boats. Top ten T9 ships by number of battles. I guess people must be grinding Buffalo, because there is no other reason to play it, let alone so much. 9 Iowa 13423 283731 9 Fletcher 10385 245719 9 Missouri 11380 230637 9 Buffalo 11495 209645 9 Seattle 7606 192111 9 Friedrich der Grosse 8253 159845 9 Yugumo 6537 146543 9 Alsace 5568 142368 9 Musashi 5806 138180 9 Roon 5707 117235
  11. So I've been wondering, what the future hold for CVs especially the rework. For example, new premium ideas (that you would like to see in the game) *cough* Aquila *cough*, the population of CVs, etc... I want you guys to give your opinion, there is no wrong or right answer, just want to see what you guys think. I just want this to be a topic to share ideas, keep criticism to where it won't bring a full blown argument to where I'll need to close this topic or have to bring a moderator. *Don't mind the pictures of CVs, just wanted to decorate this topic.