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Found 1 result

  1. Hi WOWS Fans Yes Gamers hot on the heals the news about submarines in a Halloween event WG is pushing ahead with there first premium ship to revolutionize this game and give players the ships they always wanted. U-96 the German type VII-C submarine is the first of many new ships that will grace this great game. Yes that's right WOWS fans here it is in its early but brilliant rendering stages, this new ship will be a collectors dream and Battleship mains worst nightmare. Ship Stats Speed surface 17.7 knots submerged 7.6 knots ( Absolute speed demon ) Armament 5 x53.3 cm torpedo tubes 4 bow 1 stern firing G7e/Te torpedoes range 5000 meters at 30 knots, however a special upgrade will be made that gives the player opportunity to use the special G7es (T5 ) Zaungkonig acoustic torpedo which homes in on enemy ships propellers at reduced range. 1 x 88cm deck gun 1x 2cm AA gun ( Wow look out enemy planes ) Yes U-96 is armed to the teeth and should put the fear of God into enemy ships sailing into dangerous waters. A new module will be created " The Snorkel " to allow this submarine to stay indefinitely under water the whole game. This will render the ship virtually undetectable. To celebrate this first new ship there will be a great new campaign with great prizes and a special 10 point captain for your new submarine with special captains skills ( more details on them to follow ) But I can preview picture of the captain you will receive Also WG will be creating 6 new captain skills for this type of ship to coincide with the release of this exciting new ship and for future ships to come. Well this leaked news is so very exciting and I can just imagine the sheer adulation by Battleship players knowing that will be facing some tough opposition once again. I don't know about anyone else but I cant wait for the very first @LittleWhiteMouse review of the first submarine in game. Well I cant wait for patch 7.12 to arrive regards