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Found 14 results

  1. ZigfriedWolf

    Unable to redeem prepaid gift cards

    So I was gifted 2 $20 WoWS cards for my birthday. I've tried redeeming them based on the instructions on the card and the support page. Neither works, and i get redirected to the redeem wargaming code, which does not accept the codes on the cards. I've tried 3 different browsers as well. No luck on any of them. Has anyone had the same problem, or possible solutions? FYI, I've already submitted a support ticket, but it's been 24hrs and I've heard nothing. Yes I am a little impatient, but I figured while I wait, maybe someone can point out something I'm missing, or confirm that it's not just me having this issue.
  2. A few days ago I received the 200% doubloon cashback for purchases in the premium shop. I bought the Scharnhorst package with the coupon yesterday and it was delivered successfully, however the doubloons I was supposed to receive were not in my account (premium shop says 9500 doubloons as compensation if you already own it, so i should have gotten Scharn + 19000 doubloons). I'm pretty sure I used the coupon because after purchasing my profile in the shop said I have no more coupons left. Does somebody know what should I do with this issue?
  3. I couldn't find an answer for this, nor if this is the right forum to ask. Does anyone know how often Wargaming gives these coupons out? I got one about 5 months ago and am wondering if that was a lucky fluke or if they give them out yearly or something like that. Thanks for your help
  4. sonoasailor

    2 year Anniversary 30% off Coupon

    So, I recently received the notice I had a 30% off in the premium shop for my 2 year anniversary, so I perused the shop to see what I would be interested in buying. A couple of times, the coupon showed up and I could see the reduced price. So I tried it again this morning with some of the new items in the shop, and now, even tho I have over 11 hours left on the timer to use the coupon, I can't find a single thing that I can use the coupon on - even items that I checked two days ago. So what gives???
  5. SpudZero

    Massachusetts back in the shop

    I see the Massachusetts is back i the premium shop, she's a great ship for PVE mode! Glorious secondaries and she can tank like it's nobody's business. WG, please take note, as I already have this beautiful ship, I obviously wouldn't buy her again, However... there IS a black version that I would gladly purchase should you be so inclined to offer that up again. And I wouldn't mind a black version of the Tirpitz too..... yanno... all bundled up and such lol
  6. Khazal

    Rasputin bundle

    I get that its a hell of a nice oppertunity for them to offer her for us to buy before she is removed. But still I dont want the black friday containers. Aint worth it for me. Still could we get a bundle without all the extra fluff? Id gladly buy it if it were just the Rasputin. Ya'lls thoughts?
  7. I got the email from WoWs saying there is the Black Friday sale begins. What a joke the stuff in the shop is the same exact thing they have had in the shop for the last week or more. Then discounts where are the discounts they are all the same prices also. I don't see any ships that are special or that have a big discount. But I know on Black Fridays when I go out to buy things they have a huge discount on them like half price or close to it or atleast a pretty significate discount. Well there are not any discounts THEY ARE ALL THE SAME PRICE as they were for the longest time. WG don't post things like that or send emails saying huge discounts when there is not any discounts but the same old usual ones.
  8. Welp, seems WG did it this time with the coupons by making them applicable to a far bigger variety of goods than most other times. This has led to quite a few people grabbing a Jean Bart, or some of the "special" offers. Personally I am not interested in spending more money at the game at the moment, but out of curiosity I tested some of the more "exotic" packages on the Premium Shop, and whether they could be discounted to be extra profitable. Here are the two I have found out about that bring quite a good value for money. Guineas: The coupon is valid with any Guinea pack. That means you can get a discounted pack to get the prerequisite number of Guineas immediately and get the Cossack from the Arsenal immediately, or even get the full amount of Guineas from the store at an even heavier discount. You can buy a package of 40 Guineas at 30% off, then supplement it with the 10 Guineas for 1$ offer. Daily Shipment: Picking the Daily Shipment package from the Shop will give you 6300 doubloons total, 50% bonus doubloons than what you would normally. To this you can also apply the coupon! So you not only get 50% extra doubloons than normal, you also get the package 30% cheaper. For comparison, you can get 3000 doubloons for about the same amount of money when you apply the discount on the Shipments package. You can therefore hit an almost 100% gain (can't get proper $ figures, not from the U.S). The Shipments page recommends : You even got plenty of time to get all the doubloons. So if anyone is wondering how to be a UNICUM when it comes to taking advantage of the coupon, you have come to the right place.
  9. Hey! What gives? There are Santa boxes and a bunch of other new stuff in the Premium Shop that you access from in the game. I have tried to buy some Santa boxes and all I get is an error message. There are both Dragon boats, there are all the HSF girls, the Azur Lane girls, Daschas, a bunch of new ship bundles, special Captains, etc.... Help a brother out here. What is going on?
  10. Wobulator

    Can't access the NA premium shop

    Whenever I try to access the NA premium shop, it redirects me to the RU one. I'm logging in on NA, viewing my NA profile, and when I try to go to that specific page, it redirects me. Come on, WG. I'm trying to give you money.
  11. Xidax_Gamer

    New Ship Release Dates?

    Has there been any official word on when Vanguard and/or West Virginia '41 are going to be available? Just curious because I'd like to have them both.
  12. I was going to purchase the special containers that has eagle/ sharks tokens to make up the deficit to get special camos. I notices they were pulled of the shop before the event is over. Is there a way I can buy the tokens since I am short of 30 to get a special camo?
  13. Fairly sure that commander bonus exp (from flags and paints) are bonus based on the base exp. Can someone confirm? Does the x 3 bonus exp mission that comes with purchasing a premium ship increase cpt exp earning rate?
  14. IvanPonomarev

    It's Easy Money

    How I feel about some of wargaming's doubloon and discount changes or lack thereofore to squeeze pennies.