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Found 74 results

  1. I am a dd main these days, but the new USN cruiser line has me starting to play USN cruisers again. I started serious play in WOWs in the St Lo (still LOVE that old lumbering beast), but when I got to the Phoenix and Omaha, I stopped playing cruisers because I was frustrated by how easy it was to delete the Tier IV and V USN cruisers as compared the the St. Lo. I switched to playing dds almost exclusively and have done well for the most part. I'm at Tier IX in the USN, and Tier VIII in the IJN, and Pan Asian lines (I even played at Tier X in the Gearing in the last Clan battles-yikes!). I use my Sims as a Captain trainer for my USN dds because she is a Premium ship. Now that I'm starting to play my Phoenix and Omaha again, I was wondering if I could use my Sims to do the same thing? At least 1/2 of the dd Captain skills are interchangeable in a cruiser but it's not a perfect fit. I'm trying to avoid spending $$ to redistribute the skill points when I move the Captain to the Sims and then doing the same thing when he gets moved back. My Omaha captain has 11 points. What mix of skills would make sense for BOTH the Sims and he Omaha as a happy medium? BTW - feel free to call me crazy if you think that this is a bad idea. I'm OK with grinding up the line with a single USN cruiser captain.
  2. I don't know about other players but from my point of view tier 1 to 4 ships are under used. They seem only played when player is grinding up a new line of ships. There is very few or no missions given the you need tier 1 to 4 ships for. Wargaming puts out mission where you can earn low tier ships but they don't get played because there is little to get most player to play low tier. Then there is the low tier premium ships that Wargaming sells that people go and buy but rarely play because low tier games are not what people play. I loved to play low tier tanks into World of Tanks and they made it worth while to play low tier in tanks, however I don't see the same in Warships. It is clear they actively want people to play tier 5 and up in Warships by the mission requires. I see the reasons why Wargaming does so but it does change my mind that they should make it more inviting to play low tiers. Have low tier only mission give extra Commander XP, flags, etc. This would equalize the player tier spread instead for have most everybody playing tiers 5-6-7. I looked for stats to back up my personal experience but could not find any.
  3. Premium ships

    Since the Asashio has come out, I was wondering some opinions, and as a new YT person, I thought I would want to do a small survey, and also by the way, I have trouble deciding to buy the loyang or tirpitz. Atago is kinda meh or I could save my doubloons. What do you think?
  4. I don't want to call this a proposal, but more of an idea. The concept is to introduce, not as a replacement for existing commanders or the existing commander system, but as a supplementary second type of commander, captains with certain restrictions. Linked and/or limited commanders would have one or more of the following characteristics: a) They could have a skill cap LESS than 19 points - on the other hand, they would begin to earn elite captain xp once reaching their skill cap; b) They could have their specialization hard coded to a specific ship; c) They could be undismissable from a specific ship - so in other words, that ship would only be playable with that commander. OK, so why would one want such a thing? Applications: 1) Enable the return of certain OP ships. Part of what makes OP premiums OP is the ship, of course, but it doesn't help that they are usually played with high skill captains. But what if WG brought Kamikaze, or Belfast, back to the shop - but newer owners had to buy them with an undissmissable captain capped at 9 points? Or Kutuzov with a 10 point captain (choose CE or IFHE, but not both)? A tradeoff of access and limitations. 2) Democratize the capacity to earn elite captain xp. I have the impression that Space Battles are really popular for players without 19-pt captains, and thus without a regular way to earn elite captain xp. Linked or limited commanders could create the possibility for WG to give away (via missions or campaigns) some elite xp earning potential to these players without completely negating the work more experienced players have put in to grind captains up. So imagine, for example, a campaign that yielded a Japanese/French/German/whatever captain capped at 9 points - he could be assigned anywhere, and would generate elite xp, but of course would have play disadvantages relative to a higher-skill commander. Or even a campaign that would yield a 19-point commander - but he would be hard coded to the Omaha, Emerald, or similar not-exactly-OP ship (if you want to go clubbing in those, be my guest)? Of course this would all have to be communicated somehow, but it seems to me that WG is already on a pathway of complexifying the simplicity of the commander system with legendary commanders and the like. What do you think?
  5. Hello Captains! What are your thoughts on Asashio, the upcoming IJN Tier VIII Destroyer with long range deepwater torpedos. The reason why I ask is that I get differing opinions on this potential ship one way or another. Be constructive, but also feel free to be candid. This won't prevent the ship from coming out, but I do love to hear all thoughts on a new Premium ship. Full disclosure, I LOVE this ship, and regular hunt Battleships in it. Let's hear what you have to say! (Note: If you don't like Premium Ships, then this isn't the thread for you. Move along. Don't be that guy!)
  6. To Buy or Not to Buy?

    Hi all, I recently opened a supercontainer containing some doubloons and now I have enough doubloons to actually buy the Graf Spee. I've been reading reviews that say it's a fairly difficult ship to master, and I'm thinking I should try playing it on the test server (if that's at all useful.) I'm considering buying it because honestly it's cool and why not, though I understand it may not actually be a good idea. Considering that I have 3.7k doubloons, should I save my money and buy a Scharnhorst or say a Tirp instead? I play everything including CVs (though only up the the Tier 6 Japanese CV right now, and I'm not very good,) and I find that every class has something to offer. Cruisers frustrate with poor armor, but their balance of firepower and maneuverability is lovely, likewise Battleships are great fun because who doesn't love big damage numbers, but of course RNG is frustrating. For DD's I'm no expert, as I've only played up to the Tier 7 German DD, and I'm actually enjoying it (though I understand I need to play more DDs to get a better feel for the class in general.) Really, is the Graf Spee still useful and relevant in the current meta? Or should I wait and get more doubloons and drop them on something else. I can tell you to look up my stats and recommend something based on them, and that I try to play mid-range/relatively conservatively just because I'm not always the best at aiming (but I do try to avoid the fault of sniping all the time, as that's not useful.) You all have my apologies for me rambling literally all over the place. Thank you for whatever advice and experience you can offer me. Have a good day all!
  7. Container Contents

    Regarding Container contents, is there a container choice that rewards port slots more than any other? Im trying to save doubloons for more important purchases ie: converting free exp, emergency captain re-training, possible ships. ect ect. Thanks for replies.
  8. Since I have an obsession with CV threads, I thought it would be better to put all of my thoughts here, then to have all of my thoughts fragmented across multiple threads. First off, I am not claiming that CVs are not broken, or that they do not need fixing, but rather, that they are less broken than they many seem to believe that they are. I am also not claiming that countering CVs is feasible with the current way that players act on the NA server. Very rarely, maybe once every 50 games, will my CV run into a coordinated team, often since Cvs require team play to counter them, players stand little chance of fighting off a CV attack. On to the first part that I wish to speak on; skill gaps. Secondly, the balance between CVs. CVs effect on DDs, as well as other surface ships. Manual attacks, and CV damage. Now, onto the bane of al CV players, AA. Lastly potential fixes. I will add more suggestions later, but this is it for now. I would appreciate it if the comments were kept respectful, constructive, and if you downvote explain the rationale, thank you.
  9. Indy

    Just trying to figure out what happened to the Indy, why cant we buy her anymore? When will she be coming back? I never got the change to pick her up :(
  10. Where is the Southern Dragon

    I bought the Southern Dragon package...thought it was a great deal. Got the notifications ingame of the various items (shown in the screen shot), but the ship never appeared in the garage. Has anyone else had this problem? I submitted a ticket...but just curious if this is happening a lot.
  11. Ahoy mateys! I was chatting with a fellow player the other day and we were discussing where WG got most of its income in WoWS. Premium ships, premium time or dubloons? I guess consumables like flags etc could be a contributor too but in the end we thought the biggest piece of pie would fall under one of these categories. Does anyone know for sure what the breakdown is? It might also be interesting what the single largest income item has been in the last 12 months. My bet in this case - Santa crates. Thoughts.......
  12. Premium ships

    When I first started playing the game one thing I did was go by the Atago. I had no tier 8 battles in cruiser or any other class for the matter. It quickly became a port decoration and did not take it out again for quite some time due to the fact of getting instantly deleted and having a lot of team mates comment on poor game play. Here is my question; do you think that in order to get a premium ship you should have to have at least same tier experience in type. For example if you want to play the USS Texas you should have to have a tier 5 battleship or if you wanted to play the USS Kidd you should have a tire 8 destroyer? I know a lot of people are going say well the problem is these ships are not in the premium shop for that long. Maybe you could purchase them, but not be able to take them in to a random batter until you've reached that class. Still be able to play them in CO-OP. With the game going live on steam I just see this problem getting worse. It makes the game not fun not only for the people on your team, but also the player because I am sure you don't play just to get deleted in the first couple minutes of the game. What are your thoughts on this matter?
  13. Newer Poll, vote if you want.
  14. Do you guys think that premium ships are worth it? $55 for a Scharnhorst, $70 for a Derpitz!!! Oh and the $12 Albany. These ships seem too expensive. I was surprised at first because I had never seen an in game item that was this expensive. Now I'm thinking of getting one of these suckers. I'm finding it hard to make credits and I could really use something that makes 300k per game. My other option is Missouri. Heard that it is a commercial money printer. Ive got like less than a 100k free XP. How many games does it take to get 650,000 more? Are there certain months where there are discounts?
  15. Big Bug Since 6.12 I cannot not put my Iowa captain on my Missouri and could not put my Conquerer captain on my Nelson. A message popped up saying that I could not do that because they had to be of the same nation which of course they were. Also when I selected the Missouri and Nelson and chose to add a commander from a different ship the commanders did not shoe--all spaces were empty. Only by hovering my mouse over a slot could I tell what commander was there.
  16. This is about the removal of certain premium ships for being "excessively efficient". Wargaming has finally come out and said that Belfast and Mikhail Kutuzov are overpowered, but instead of balancing them they simply removed them from the shop and started pretending that they don't exist. They should not be able to get away with this. I have spent a lot of money on this game and for Wargaming to create such a large mess by leaving overpowered ships intact and in fact making them more problematic by leaving them to be exclusive to only part of the playerbase. As an owner of many premium ships I am fine with them being nerfed for the sake of game balance, please leave a comment if you feel the same.
  17. Since the days WOWS became available to the public, I have always wanted to see a Russian BB in my port. I was not in time to get the Imperiator Nikoli 1 and it appears likely never to be available again. The Oct. Revolution is a suitable replacement for the IN1. I bought it when it became available in the NA server Oct. 4 and have had good fun with it. Yes, the 305 mm guns are not good on Tier 7 BBs. I have had no damage recorded on some AP salvos ! However, I am able to set nice fires on the Tier 6 and 7 BBs. I can also able to do significant damage to CAs and even DDs. I have one shotted CAs with the APs and HP is very destructive overall. It is not a Russian Yamato. However, Oct. Revolution can spoil the opponent's day and the standard AA can knock down large portions of squadrons before they can deploy their weapons. Thanks WG for the Russian BB. Astrosaint
  18. Which of these 3 mighty ships would win? post your opinions in the comment section below!
  19. Premium Ships

    today i bought one premium ship (graf spee) and i didnt get it in my inventory yet! why is that.. who can i contact to see this.. it already charged the money.. so didnt have the ship yet.. regards
  20. 2 days ago, there was a tier 8 german premium cruiser on sale. Now its gone. I was thinking of buying it but the sale is now disappeared. It doesn't even come up in the Tech Tree. I don't remember that cruiser name. Why do they put up sales for so little time frame? Anybody knows what its called and how good it is?
  21. So I took a small break from WOWs this week and went back to WOT. and holy crap they've changed a lot with the light tanks (I'm still crying about some of the changes to my Chinese tanks. RIP autoloading little 59-16) but other than that most of the changes were pretty good!(looking at you arty rebalance!) anyways, I've been playing a lot in my WG.net Amx57mm which I won in a contest and a question popped into my head. Will WOWS ever have these type of units added into the game in the future? Last year WG hinted that they would be considering making WOWS a possible E-sports game, So I figured I'd maybe ask? can anyone answer this? anyways, until next time I'll C'ya on the Sea!
  22. Graf Spee

    Will she be offered again? Having seen her in games now I'd like to get her.
  23. New Premium Ships Ideas

    Ever since I joined WOWS some time ago, I've been grateful that WarGaming keeps rolling out new additions in the form of Tech-tree ships, and Premiums. However, despite adding so many amazing ships to the game; there are so many more that should have been added sooner if not, be considering adding to the game if not part of an extension to a tech-tree, at least a premium. Assuming that Wargaming will add British CV/DD tech trees, a Russian BB tech tree, French BB/DD tech trees, Italian BB/CR/DD tech trees, a German planned carrier tree, and a Japanese carrier tree extension that will all hopefully be added to the game soon. What ship(s) do you think they should add into the game. If it's not in the poll, feel free to respond in the comments. Here is some info on some of the ships in the polls: 1. USS Laffey (DD-724) - An Allen M. Sumner-class destroyer that was commissioned in 1944. She gained the nickname "The Ship That Would Not Die" for her exploits during the D-Day invasion and the battle of Okinawa where she successfully withstood the most unrelenting kamikaze air attacks in history. She survived WWII and remained in service until 1975 and is currently a museum ship in Patriots Point, South Carolina. 2. USS Samuel B. Roberts (DE-413) - A John C. Butler-class destroyer escort. Commissioned in 1944, she famously participated in the Battle off Samar as part of a small task unit known as Taffy 3, fighting against a large Japanese battle force outnumbered by more than 2 to 1. She severely damaged several cruisers before she was sunk with 90 sailors lost. For her courageous actions against heavily armed adversaries more than twice her size, she became known in navel lore as "the destroyer escort that fought like a battleship." 6. IJN Yahagi - One of the four Agano class light cruisers, she participated in the Battle of the Philippine Sea and the Battle of Leyte Gulf (she escaped both battles undamaged). In April, 1945, the Yahagi and eight destroyers screened the Japanese flagship Yamato as part of the failed kamakaze mission Operation Ten-Go and along with the Yamato, was one of the six ships sunk by carrier Task Force 58.
  24. The following was a post I wrote in response to iChase's Duca D'Aosta Update video on youtube regarding power creep with new ship branches and new premiums. iChase is concerned about power creep vs. balance in the game. This was my response. You can't blame WG for these buffs to premium ships. We are actually at fault as a community. Every new premium ship or ship branch that is released follows a disturbingly familiar pattern: 1. New Ship(s) announced. Players get excited and want to know more. 2. New ships is given to supertesters and community contributors for testing/reviewing. 3. Ship reviews released by community contributors YT or on the blogs. 3a. Community contributors tell the public everything about the ship. This includes strengths and weaknesses of each ship. 3b. Community contributors share their opinions. SOME overreact about weakness. 4. Players react to the review of the ship. Oftentimes focusing on the bad or go batshit crazy about an actual or perceived weakness. 5. Wargaming notices the fall out. To avoid taking a financial hit, they buff the ship whether it needed it or not. The Ship's release is delayed to make the changes. 6. Community contributors release an update to their reviews. If the players like the changes to the ship, the ship gets released. If not, repeat from step 4. 7. The ship is released more powerful than it was originally intended to be. Now satisfied players buy the ship. Wargaming avoids a financial hit. My solution to this? Well I don't really have one. Wargaming could stop giving community contributors the ships before they're released, but then WG loses the advertising and feedback mechanisms, community contributors lose their revenue, and players don't get the info they want. It would break the cycle, but the real question is that what do we, as a community, want? Do we as a community want powerful premiums we can buy or do we want a balanced, free-to-play game? What is your opinion on this issue? EDIT: For those who may not be framiliar with the term 'Power Creep', it essentially means that every new item (or ship) released is better or stronger than the last.
  25. So, anime ships. After ARP, Wargaming is furthering itself with a collaboration with Highschool fleet. That is nice and all, but the saturation of Anime content is a bit heavy. Now don't get me wrong, I ain't hating on anime, but the majority of the players, who are not on Wargaming's social platforms by the way, don't 100% dig the anime content. Sure, it can be disabled and all, but that is not what this is about. The amount of content tilting towards something only 20% of the community embraces is not the way to provide true service. Now, I am not complaining at all about free ships. Heck, reskin anything and give me a mission and I am on it like sour on kraut, but it would be nice to shake things up over on the allied side. Out of American War movies and TV shows, I have pulled out some ships that could be used and would be pretty nice to use, as they have some value to them. 1. USS Alfred A. Cunningham from The Incredible Mr. Limpet - This was a really fun movie starring Don Knotts. Henry Limpet, played by Knotts, falls into the ocean and turns into a fish, and ends up aiding the US navy by guiding torpedoes as a fish. Yeah, crazy, right? Well, This ship comes from a class of destroyer that would be nice in this game to have, and Mr. Limpet could be the captain. Likewise, he could receive a special captain buff of 10-15% torpedo speed in reference to his work changing the direction of the torpedoes. 2. USS Eldridge from The Philadelphia Experiment - USS Eldridge (DE-173), a Cannon-class destroyer escort, was a ship of the United States Navy named for Lieutenant Commander John Eldridge, Jr., a hero of the invasion of the Solomon Islands. It was chosen for the experiment testing cloaking devices for navy warships. David Herdeg must figure out a way to stop the vortex in 1984 this project created before it destroys Earth. Because in the movie he says "The Navy owes me 40 years back pay", he could captain the Eldrige and recieve a 5-10% credit bonus to help with the back pay. 3. USS Livingston from Mister Roberts - Captain Robert is a dedicated and efficient officer aboard a cargo freighter. Wanting more action, he chucks a palm tree overboard and is given command of a fictional destroyer named USS Livingston. This could be made out of any ship for this one, but captain Robert could be given a 5% speed boost for his exceptional record as a captain. 4. USS Semmes from Crash Dive - A movie mostly about subs, it features a Clemson-class Destroyer that is essentially a tier 4 American version of Belfast but with torps. This can come with any old captain, but would be a fun new ship to have. And yes, it would come with a severely nerfed version of Radar and Hydro. 5. USS John Paul Jones from Destroyer - A Clemson class destroyer that holds it's own against 6 planes. Chief Bosun's Mate Steve "Boley" Boleslavski is the main character, and he is quite a dynamic little spitfire of a sailor. Since a Clemson really can't shoot down 6 planes on its own, the captain would come with a 25% boost to AA. 6. PC-1168 (or USS Teakettle) from You're in the Navy Now - Lieutenant John W. Harkness has been recruited to command a navy ship with an experimental condenser unit on its steam engine. As the Teakettle goes on, it pulls an impressive service record until it runs smack-dab into the side of an aircraft carrier (sounds like me when I play). In honor of Harkness's impressive engineering prowess and the ships experimental engines, the captain, Harkness himself, would come with Last Stand already on him, and situational awareness so we have no more incidents running into carriers (damn noobs....). 7. USS Hopewell from Convoy - a TV series that did not live long, but showed the exploits of a US Wickes-class destroyer. Her captain, Commander Dan Talbot, could come with a 5% torpedo protection buff since in the show a torpedo got stuck in her hull and did not detonate. Talk about luck, I wish I could do that in my ships. 8. USS Franklin from Battle Stations - a movie about the USS Franklin, CV-13. I don't know much about this movie, but a CV would be a nice to have considering the lower tier ships involved, and the lack of battleships. 9. Also from You're in the Navy Now, the ships USS Roanoke (CL-145) and USS Perry (DD-844) are in the production. Both of these would be great additions, as Roanoke is a Worcester-class and could work around tier 8 or 9, while Perry is a Gearing-class, and fit's accordingly. 10. USS Caine from The Caine Mutiny - A movie plagued with the hunt for more strawberries. In this movie, Humphrey Bogart is the captain of a destroyer minesweeper. This ship is a Wickes class destroyer, and the captain could come with a 10% speed boost to help with getting back to Pearl Harbor for a court marshal. Captain Ideas: Captains from Mchale's Navy, like Capt. Wallace Burton Binghamton, Lt. Cdr. Quinton McHale, Ensign Charles Parker, and Lt. Elroy Carpenter; along with Admiral Rogers and Admiral Reynolds. Captain Kirk and other captains from Star Trek (Please, we all know that would be wonderful) I believe these 11 ships and/or the captains would be a nice addition for an ARP-like event showcasing ships from more western media productions, and all of them could fit in-game. The ships also have a spot in pop-culture as well, from action-comedy to action-drama. What do you think? Would this be a nice change in the pace after they release more anime ships? Would it be nice to see something different in the name of variety?