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Found 25 results

  1. XXRed_DawnXX

    New Premium Ships Ideas

    Ever since I joined WOWS some time ago, I've been grateful that WarGaming keeps rolling out new additions in the form of Tech-tree ships, and Premiums. However, despite adding so many amazing ships to the game; there are so many more that should have been added sooner if not, be considering adding to the game if not part of an extension to a tech-tree, at least a premium. Assuming that Wargaming will add British CV/DD tech trees, a Russian BB tech tree, French BB/DD tech trees, Italian BB/CR/DD tech trees, a German planned carrier tree, and a Japanese carrier tree extension that will all hopefully be added to the game soon. What ship(s) do you think they should add into the game. If it's not in the poll, feel free to respond in the comments. Here is some info on some of the ships in the polls: 1. USS Laffey (DD-724) - An Allen M. Sumner-class destroyer that was commissioned in 1944. She gained the nickname "The Ship That Would Not Die" for her exploits during the D-Day invasion and the battle of Okinawa where she successfully withstood the most unrelenting kamikaze air attacks in history. She survived WWII and remained in service until 1975 and is currently a museum ship in Patriots Point, South Carolina. 2. USS Samuel B. Roberts (DE-413) - A John C. Butler-class destroyer escort. Commissioned in 1944, she famously participated in the Battle off Samar as part of a small task unit known as Taffy 3, fighting against a large Japanese battle force outnumbered by more than 2 to 1. She severely damaged several cruisers before she was sunk with 90 sailors lost. For her courageous actions against heavily armed adversaries more than twice her size, she became known in navel lore as "the destroyer escort that fought like a battleship." 6. IJN Yahagi - One of the four Agano class light cruisers, she participated in the Battle of the Philippine Sea and the Battle of Leyte Gulf (she escaped both battles undamaged). In April, 1945, the Yahagi and eight destroyers screened the Japanese flagship Yamato as part of the failed kamakaze mission Operation Ten-Go and along with the Yamato, was one of the six ships sunk by carrier Task Force 58.
  2. Not that you will care, and will probably be flamed, but here goes; Ill keep it short, writing this on my phone... I have 5.2 Million FXP, which I usually use for RB; I am NOT spending any of it on the New Freemium ships.. SCENARIO: One) IF you had made both new T10 DD's for 1 Million or 1.25 Million, I would have bought BOTH (even if they are somewhat mediocre/ and 0Or Im tired of smokeless DD's to death now..) Now that you have made them 2M Each, I am NOT buying any of them, Period, and keeping my FXP for God Know's what... Two) If you Release AGIR or SIEGFRIED or ODIN as mediocre ships, Im not buying them ... In fact, I have bought MAINZ and the Lunar New Years ships, and thats it this year; why ? Too many mediocre ships, or Overpriced, or BOTH.. Just a Head's up, that you business decisions are making me HOARD FXP, Coal etc., and my Wallet purchases are way down ! Conclusion; Good Going , I guess ? Regards JM PS I am a Mega Whale btw, I usually buy everything, every month..
  3. It is very unfortunate that the USS Puerto Rico is nigh impossible for me to acquire. I was much looking forward to getting the "Rich Port" in my own WoWS port, and sailing her to glory.....but the recent New Years' Directives being outrageously too difficult to complete within the 32 days it will last (my winter break does not even last that long), and with the desire for me to spend some quality time with my own family over the holidays...….I will have to pass over the Puerto Rico. But......why bother with the Puerto Rico in the first place when I have the USS Alaska? I am proud of my Alaska. She is a great Tier IX ship. Alaska actually built by the United States navy (unlike the Puerto Rico, who Wargaming based off of one of the submitted proposal designs to built the battlecruiser design that was to be the Alaskas). She has very good bulk, can tank a decent amount of damage to her citadel, and has powerful guns that make other cruisers subconsciously aware of their vulnerable citadels...... …….this is why I love the Alaska. She cost only 1 million Free XP and 1 single credit to get, and that is a hell of a lot better than the nightmarish grind that is the Dockyard to get Puerto Rico. So I am sticking firmly with my Alaska. If I really need to play a Tier X American cruiser, I will just rely on my good ol' USS Des Moines. And that's that.
  4. Should I pick up prinz eugen, indomitable, or Massachusetts?
  5. If Wargaming wants more low tier gameplay by experienced players (AKA "seal clubbing"), in addition to the hated Research Bureau, they should offer premiums for experienced players' high tier captains at tier 4. Tier 4 is protected from being up-tiered past five, while still offering all currently available game modes (including the dreaded tier 4 aircraft carriers), making it ideal for low tier gaming. However, this is the tier that offers the fewest premiums, and most of those are not available for purchase for resources or doubloons. I'm sure there are plenty of WWI or 1920 era ships that can be turned into premiums at this level. Any thoughts on why Wargaming seems to be neglecting premiums at tier 4?
  6. Thanks, WG, for the great Christmas gifts this year. I think this is the best one so far! I spent $116 on 16 Mega and 20 Big Gifts for myself. My son spent $75 giving me another 20 Mega Gifts for Christmas. I used Doubloons from those Gifts to grab another 12 Mega Gifts. Those 48 Mega and 20 Big Gifts netted: Signals, Camouflage, Coal, and Doubloons Dragon 45 Hydra 120 Wyvern 150 Leviathan 120 Basilisk 45 Red Dragon 15 Scylla 30 Frosty Fir Tree 104 New Year Streamer 192 Asian Lantern 10 Mosaic 5 Coal 32,500 Doubloons 17,000 (some spent on Mega Gifts) Ships Viribis Unitis Yahagi Yudachi Massachusetts Lenin Vanguard Kii Kaga Le Terrible Wichita Alabama Those 11 ships are the best Christmas haul to date. In 2016 I got 6 ships. In 2017 and 2018 I got 8 ships each year. This year the tangible value for the $191 that my son and I spent equaled $518! (I only monetized the ships and doubloons to determine that value.) Thanks for the Merry Christmas WG and I am looking forward to 2020 with 100 premium ships in my port!
  7. I'm only into my first 10 games thus far. However, I did learn a good lesson in that passing judgement on a ship based solely on "hard stats," caused me to miss out on a fun experience for a long time. Ever since the Mass has been available, I've always bitten my thumb at her "so to speak." This was mainly due to the fact that she has a very short main gun range "by USN standards," and I also knew her main battery accuracy was pretty not good. Also, I have the Alabama, which has good gun range and pretty decent accuracy. Therefore, it never crossed my mind to get the Mass. However, I got about 20k doubloons in my last round of santa crates. I saw I could get the Mass for 25% off, just under 9800 doubloons in the Armory. Since I do enjoy collecting ships, and getting Mass would give me all 3 t8 USN BBs currently available, I picked her up. I put my old 19pt NC captain in her "since I had him respeced for my Ohio," and off I went. I only managed 80k my first game, but I was playing it safe since it was a t10 game. Third game I was top tier and managed 140k and I don't think I'll have any issues doing a lot more once I get used to her. Basically, I learned that while not great, the main gun accuracy wasn't as "stupidly bad" as I thought it would be. Her secondaries are awesome and I've gotten a good amount of damage out of them every game so far. She also seems to deal with planes just as good as you would expect from a USN capital ship. Long story short, I'm glad I took the gamble picking the Mass up. I think I'm actually going to like her more than the tirpitz and Bismarck and I'll probably try her out in the clan brawl on Saturday.
  8. We keep referring to it as premium, but I'm not sure. Knowing that might help folks weigh in on the decision on the value of it. Does the PR have the earning bonuses of a premium ship? So far the players I've asked in game both said that they did NOT think it was a particularly good earner, so maybe it is not actually a premium - but I have not been able to find any official word. Anyone got a link to verify it one way or another? Link to explain the differences:
  9. I loved the anime arpeggio of blue steel, and as an beta tester in world of warships, I was absolutely pumped when the first event released. But, considering the main character of arpeggio of blue steel is Iona, a submarine, the submarine release is a perfect chance to bring an event back. Just for people who want to complete the collection, or for those who weren’t there at the beginning. Maybe not even all the ships, just add Iona, please. That would be amazing, and I hope you agree.
  10. I decided this may be worth posting, because almost every game I've played in my Ohio, someone " often multiple people," will ask about the ship. I know the odds are slim those same players look at the forum, but I haven't really seen anyone posting their thoughts on it post release, and I have yet in fact to meet another Ohio in the same match as me. ( I have seen a few Thunderers.) Therefore, I thought it may be worthwhile to share my opinion of her. Please be aware beforehand that this is strictly my OPINION, and yours may be vastly different than mine, and whether or not a ship is worth earning is ultimately a decision one must make for him or herself. So, is she a good ship? In my opinion she is a great ship! I really enjoy her as a whole. She's like a slightly slower Montana with bigger guns in fast turning turrets. She has a great secondary armament "if you build for it." She has awesome AA, good dispersion on the 457s, heals with fast recharges, and is on the tried and true Montana hull that, when angled, is quite tanky and absorbs damage quite well. Now if you were hoping for a "borderline OP" ship like a Stalingrad, or "blatantly OP" ship like Smolensk, then you may be disappointed as, while very strong, she is very much "balanced" in every sense of the word. There are instances where she will outshine other BBs at her tier. However, in just as many cases, the opposite will be true. I began having better results with her when I quit using my 19 point Montana captain and took a 17 point captain out of the NC and retrained him with secondary's in mind. While still not an all out brawler like the GK, Ohio does lend herself to a little bit more aggressive gameplay as she doesn't perform long range gunnery duties quite as well as her tech tree sister "due to having fewer guns. " In closing, I think Ohio is a great ship, and Im happy that I have her in my port. Again though, whether or not she is worth the work, (or money,) is up to the individual to decide. I will post some photos below to show my current captain skills, as well as the modules I chose.
  11. I got this Cupon and want to know what's a fun, chill ship to use? I see I can get the Alaska for $55 but I heard the play-style is stressful. Any good premium ships from the shop that any of you think is worth using the cupon on?
  12. Koogus

    Pasta boat

  13. admiralsexybeast

    Any New T10 BBs On The Horizon?

    Anybody who plays with me in game knows that I am without question, a BB main. I do play DDs, and CAs too, but I never get anywhere near as much consistent fun and enjoyment out of either of those ship types as I do my BBs. That being said, I currently have every t10 tech tree BB in game. Montana is my favorite and Kremlin isn't too far behind. However, I'm starting to get rather bored with the BBs that I have and I'm starting to get desperate for something new. I'm not really open to spending steel on the Bourgogne, as to me she's just an Alsace at tier 10 with a reload boost and from what I've seen, she has to make use of HE to get damage a lot more often than I really like from a BB," I'm a strong believer that BBs are meant to be shooting AP 99% of the time." The only other tier 10s I've heard of that are somewhere in the works would be the Ohio, Thunderer, and Slava. I think the Ohio is going to be an NTC reward, but unless I'll just be able to use my free xp to research the required amount of tech trees right away and be able to get the ship immediately, I don't consider that "on the horizon" so to speak. Not really sure what the acquisition method will be for the Thunderer? If she is going to be a 457mm conqueror that has good AP, that's something I can get behind. However, I've really not heard anything about her recently. Lastly, the Slava, which was out of these 3, the one I was looking forward to the most, was supposed to be an alternate to the Kremlin. However, she has been in the testing phase a lot longer than average, "at least seemingly." I'm starting to wonder if WG maybe scrapped her all together? Maybe too many sub 50%ers were whining and crying about her having accurate guns," you know, those guys that go full broadside in front of a BB in a CA, get dev struck, and then go on a tirade in chat about how the BB needs its accuracy nerfed." God forbid we get a new BB that hits thing at range, you know that thing battleships were designed to do? Anyway, I'm just wondering if any of those will be coming around soon, or if there is something in the works I've missed? Maybe since I shouldn't be spending every game getting chased around the map by rocket planes anymore, maybe I could start playing my DDs more again. Honestly though I'm just dying for a new BB right now!
  14. This might have been asked before but why do you have to pay money to convert the xp you earn on a ship that you already paid to use. I have 80k xp on my Lenin and I can't use it because I can't afford doubloons to convert it to free xp. Is there anyway to use that xp for free instead of using money?
  15. Granted, I don't have many tier 10s (I have one, Midway, which I refuse to take out until I have a better sense of the new CV controls), but I do have a decent number of tier 8s and 9s (and again, granted, I haven't touched PvP since March). Nevertheless, I feel like recently WG has given far too much focus on the high tiers (tier 8-10) and not enough focus on the middle or even lower tiers (tier 7-). I imagine there are reasons for this, but I must point out that so far: all clan battles up to the present have been tier 10 the last time a ship tier 7 and below could advance up to rank 1 in a proper ranked season (as opposed to ranked sprint) was in July 2017 (i.e. it's been almost 2 years now); everything else has been tier 8-10 (heck, even tier 8 and 9 ships don't have it too good either, since tier 9 only has had one season dedicated to it and tier 8 ships were locked out from the upper ranks in favor of tier 10 ships in recent seasons) the majority of the new armory/premium ships released or being planned for release are tier 8-10, and a number of them can only be earned through steel (and thus the catch-22 cycle is that one must have high tier ships to earn said steel) In addition, I do not believe I am the only one when I state that a) I do not enjoy being constantly forced to use high-tier ships and fight in the high-tier meta and b) I dislike the overall hemorrhaging of silver that comes with repeated high-tier battles. It's not as if high tier battles create instantly engaging battles between 2 competent teams either—potatoes crop up the high tiers too. I think when it gets to the point that rental ships have to be provided (and handicapped ships at that, given you can't put camouflages on them) that perhaps somewhere, somehow, there's a problem that needs fixing.
  16. Wargaming, I know that many of us would appreciate some hints as to when some of the premium ships are going to be released. For me, I’m specifically talking about the Leone. I know others are anticipating other ships that seem to be locked in WIP prison. If you respond to this inquiry, I would really appreciate it, as would many others.
  17. Dear Wargaming, I would like to ask for more transparency on your future plans for the CV rework and future premium changes like Guilio Cesare. This information can be vague, but please define the goals at the very least. What is the goal for the CV rework? What is the goal and criteria for balancing ships like Guilio Cesare? What happened to Arcs or Qurterly updates? It would be nice to see a Waterline episode on Guilo Cesare and future CV rework plans is all I am asking for. So please make it happen and you all agree with me simply say aye. regards, Landedkiller
  18. Shadowfigment

    Rental Ships - An Idea?

    Wargaming, I applaud your choice to let your players start renting ships in World of Warships. It is a good idea and one that I am happy to see. I would like to see you implement it a little differently. How about giving players rental ships for free after completion of random missions with completion of in game criteria? Perhaps you could also allow a 6 to 10 point rental captain with similar mission completion criteria? You could set the completion and rental time limit for three to five days on a random weekend and let players go wild, testing out whether they want to buy the ship or not. The rental captain would allow a player, without a proper captain, to see the potential of the ship ahead of time. After the allotted rental time, both the ship and captain would disappear. After this rental time, a player would be able to make an informed decision if they liked the ship enough to buy it. If an announcement of the rental time was made one or two weeks ahead of time, in the web portal or in the game news notification, players could be ready to earn the requirements for the ship. This is my two cents. What do you all think of this idea? P.S. I apologize if this idea has been shared in forum already.
  19. Nine_Lives_

    Where is USS Wichita?

    USS Wichita was first announced on September 19 of last year, alongside USS Charleston, USS West Virginia, HMS Dreadnought and HMS Vanguard. It is now January 21 of the new year, and all those other ships are now available to the player community. What about the Wichita? Unlike some of the other ships (WV went through at least two name changes, Vanguard had her armor completely reworked) Wichita was a hit as soon as people got access to her to test. And there have been some changes but nothing too drastic. Does anyone have any idea when the Wichita will be arriving?
  20. So...why was this ship not the T2 US Premium cruiser instead of the undistinguished and unimpressive USS Albany?
  21. Greetings: No Z for You posted a video that utterly trashed the Printz E. Friedrick. (PEF). I saw a preview video some months back done by Notser noting how to use the PEF. Do lots of kiting, use your speed, and remember your guns are not 16" rifles. I remembered that advice when I got a PEF and I treat it more as a CA than a BC/BB. I have not played it very often but I do sink a ship with it just about every match and it works very well for causing general annoyance for other ships due to it main battery. I use islands quite a bit and surprise ships at close quarters. Be sure to use the first salvo to kill the torpedo launchers first. Then go after the main guns. After that, the opposition is pretty much sunk. It works for me. It is much more functional than say the Graf Spee. NJRoc
  22. Bambam710_

    Santa Container Survey

    Ok, so I have made a google survey so that we can kind of get a feel for the odds of what you mish get in these containers. Here is the link please no troll answers this took me a bit to make. After getting a few answers I will make a new post and a response here of the results of which I will be updating every few days after that. (Note: it will do ask each type of container separately ex: you got 5 of each it will take you 1 at a time. after you answer what type then you put the number and it will then ask if you got any other type.) Do not select any of the nations as awnser they are there to help u find the ships you got faster. ONLY select what you got please. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CRdiZEfd5AA_wdVs5Lhrq7mCuHquaW3NdohUongn1IM/edit Thanks to all of you who answer, please do try and spread this around so we get better results.
  23. Well, it seems that the upcoming armor changes are going to impact all ships with a torpedo belt. Pens on the belt are now guaranteed to do 10% damage regardless of it penning the belt armor. The impacted ships include and are not limited to: https://m.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/posts/2204959589830376 USS Alabama and USS Massachusetts USS Iowa and USS Missouri USS Arizona IJN Yamato and IJN Musashi (Less than others since the belt is below the waterline) Dunkerque Almost all Pre T6 Tech Tree BBs (Exclusions are South Carolina, Turrenne, Courbet, Nassau, Konig, Kawachi, and Myogi) Most ships with a Turtleback armor design (French High Tier BBs) T6+ Japanese Cruisers T8+ German Cruisers T10 Cruiser Henri IV For more info, go see Little White Mouse's post on the topic
  24. Carbapenem_17

    Tirpitz v. Alabama

    Soooo I am planning to invest in some T8 premiums. I am very comfortable in the Bismarck but I found it to be somewhat limited in many situations I found the North Carolina to be amazing and did very well with her in ranked as well but not as comfortable as the Bismarck. As the Alabama and Tirpitz are practically premium versions of these two I couldn't decide on which one to pick. The main goal for the purchase is 'Credit grinding' + 'Captain retraining' , but for the German tree, I already have the Graf Spee. For Alabama I am planning to use it in ranked instead of the North Carolina. Any suggestions? p.s. planning to only buy one ship
  25. Trying to use Ship XP to buy next tier ship, The ship XP is a premium ship of Tier VII and trying to purchase Tier VIII, have all previous tiers.Why can I not use the XP from Premium Tier VII to buy next in line Tier VIII ship? Thanks for the help