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Found 8 results

  1. Bambam710_

    Santa Container Survey

    Ok, so I have made a google survey so that we can kind of get a feel for the odds of what you mish get in these containers. Here is the link please no troll answers this took me a bit to make. After getting a few answers I will make a new post and a response here of the results of which I will be updating every few days after that. (Note: it will do ask each type of container separately ex: you got 5 of each it will take you 1 at a time. after you answer what type then you put the number and it will then ask if you got any other type.) Do not select any of the nations as awnser they are there to help u find the ships you got faster. ONLY select what you got please. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CRdiZEfd5AA_wdVs5Lhrq7mCuHquaW3NdohUongn1IM/edit Thanks to all of you who answer, please do try and spread this around so we get better results.
  2. Well, it seems that the upcoming armor changes are going to impact all ships with a torpedo belt. Pens on the belt are now guaranteed to do 10% damage regardless of it penning the belt armor. The impacted ships include and are not limited to: https://m.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/posts/2204959589830376 USS Alabama and USS Massachusetts USS Iowa and USS Missouri USS Arizona IJN Yamato and IJN Musashi (Less than others since the belt is below the waterline) Dunkerque Almost all Pre T6 Tech Tree BBs (Exclusions are South Carolina, Turrenne, Courbet, Nassau, Konig, Kawachi, and Myogi) Most ships with a Turtleback armor design (French High Tier BBs) T6+ Japanese Cruisers T8+ German Cruisers T10 Cruiser Henri IV For more info, go see Little White Mouse's post on the topic
  3. With this recent ranked sprint being a prime example some players have access to ships that can in certain situations give them an unfair advantage. In some cases because a ship is too strong in others purely because people don't have access to it. This makes ranked in tier VII a no go and sours the experience in events like ranked sprint. Some of us are just ship collectors, telling us we can't have them leaves us with a sour taste. Those of us that have them either see that many have had power creeped upon them or want them exclusively to ourselves. Ships like the Nikolai, Belfast, Kutuzov, Missouri (made available again in game only with FXP), Gremmy, Giulio Cesare, ect. Should these ships become available once a year? If so it seems only fitting for that time to be on Halloween, where the dead rise once again. Personally the idea of never allowing the access of ships in principal has always bothered me. Even though I have many, well most of them I don't like this practice. The main poll is multiple choice, click all that apply, I'm curious what others think. P.S. Happy spooky day.
  4. Pigeon_of_War

    Soon, there will be Haida

    Hey Captains! Soon you will have the opportunity to acquire one of the most venerated ships in Canada, HMCS Haida. I recall last year receiving LOTS of feedback to get this ship into the game, in this sub-section of the forum particularly. @LittleWhiteMouse in particular was was extremely vocal about this ship. Thanks to talking to lots of colleagues at the development studio in St. Petersburg, lots of patience from @Ev1n_NA , and a lot of hard work from our historical research team, the ship will soon be in the game. It was an interesting journey to help make this ship happen, and I hope you all enjoy it when it does arrive!
  5. Carbapenem_17

    Tirpitz v. Alabama

    Soooo I am planning to invest in some T8 premiums. I am very comfortable in the Bismarck but I found it to be somewhat limited in many situations I found the North Carolina to be amazing and did very well with her in ranked as well but not as comfortable as the Bismarck. As the Alabama and Tirpitz are practically premium versions of these two I couldn't decide on which one to pick. The main goal for the purchase is 'Credit grinding' + 'Captain retraining' , but for the German tree, I already have the Graf Spee. For Alabama I am planning to use it in ranked instead of the North Carolina. Any suggestions? p.s. planning to only buy one ship
  6. Good day all, With the recent additions of almost all existing premium ships being added to the Premium Shop store indefinitely, will there still be random bundle/bonus XP missions offered for these existing ships to be purchased? Or will these bonuses only be available to new releases moving forward? There are a couple ships in the shop I'm interested in picking up, but have held off till now out of hope of some discount sales with the XP bonus missions tacked on.
  7. TheRhino59

    Ship XP on Premium Ships

    Trying to use Ship XP to buy next tier ship, The ship XP is a premium ship of Tier VII and trying to purchase Tier VIII, have all previous tiers.Why can I not use the XP from Premium Tier VII to buy next in line Tier VIII ship? Thanks for the help
  8. I'm curious what the benefit is of exp with prem ships. I get how the exp will go to the commander, but the ship exp is what I'm most curious about. I'm WoT you can lock out so all the exp goes tho the crew instead of the ship (tank) - but that doesn't seem too be the case here, and since you can't upgrade modules with exp, what's the value of it? Is it just something you need to spend doubloons to unlock and use it as free exp?