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Found 23 results

  1. Hello All, Hope everyone that participated in the recent Musashi auction had fun. I know I did and found it particularly reassuring that Wargaming decided to give back doubloons and credits to those user bids that lost at the auction and users that overbid above the winning bid. Now that this auction event is over, a lot of people are guessing that the next auction ship could be American. Im thinking that the next one could be USS Enterprise. Anyone agree?
  2. Hello all. I've been playing World of Warships for a good month now and have successfully grinded up to level 9 in the Japanese battleship tech tree to Izumo. To accelerate the process even more I have invested in Japanese premium ships with the latest one being IJN Atago. Noticed that the Commander that came with Atago was not leveled up yet so I decided to assign and re-train him on IJN Nagato. However, noticed now that he lost his "trained on" specialization on IJN Atago and is instead now trained to command Nagato. Is there any way I can get this commander his "trained on" Atago status back?
  3. Hello I am very excited and looking forward to the IJN hybrid BB torpedo bomber ship. Anyhow I remember watching a video of this and now I can not seem to find where and when it was being released. Thanks
  4. So I have been debating this for quite a while but I was debating between getting the Marco Polo (I suspect its the new tier 9 premium coal ship) or should I get Luigi Sansonetti to begin grinding through the upcoming Italian battleship line? My main thinking is that Luigi on the Columbo whenever I get a kill I get a 8% range buff which is great plus if I get confederate I will be able to get 27.7 second reload on 16, 381mm SAP shells which would be devastating. However I could use the Marco Polo for some fun tier 9 gags and goofs. Which one should I do first?
  5. I told myself two days ago that I was "spent out" getting Santa crates. I'd purchased a 20x Big Gift and 2 20x Mega Gift bundles and, before that a couple of 8x Mega Gift bundles. I started off with owning 90 of the 107 "gift" ships and, when I called it quits, had 103 of the 107 in port. I did not have the one ship I really wanted - Benham - and figured to just get the coal and use the coupon in 10.0 for the other, the Neustrashimy. Then I saw that @Estimated_Prophet had bought three 20x Mega gifts. I could not let him outdo me, no way! So I bought that third 20x Mega Gift bundle and, you guessed it, got two of the four remaining ships I did not have - Enterprise and Fujin! Yay me... Really done then. No more money, sorry WG. I had "overspent" and I am now thoroughly self-disciplined, having only caved once. However, I did notice I had some dubs from those Gifts and the event ends tonight! So, I bought one Big Gift and two Mega Gift containers. Big Gift - 20 New Year cammo (meh...) Mega Gift 1 - Benham (Holy crap, OMG, woohoo!!) Mega Gift 2 - Neustrashimy (Ver' nice!!!) Those loot/gambling/gift boxes are like a Siren, calling my name, seducing me into purchasing them. I must remain more disciplined. Thanks WG for the opportunity to not only spend money but to secure the one digital bote I've been hankering for since I missed out on her release mission. Looking forward to next year's Holiday event!
  6. Hey guys, I have a bunch of unused ships. I always find myself wanting to play something else... I think it would be cool if players could trade in premium ships for a discount on other premiums. Just like in world of tanks (https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/trade-in-volume-9-0520/). Let me know what you think. Maybe they will add this feature in the future?
  7. So I bought into the tokens thing and spent my $10 on 50 of the little buggers. I just wrapped up the tokens mission chain and had another 15 in the Armory giving me a total of 65, yep, 65. My options (in my humble head) were: 3 Air Supply - I don't really play CV too much but Enterprise would be a nice addition as I already have the other three that could pop in an Air Supply crate. Other prizes were coal, cammo, special signals. 3 2018/2019 Black Friday - I have Scharnhorst Black but having a black version of ship that I already have isn't all that appealing (even if the cammo is kool). Other prizes were Dubs, cammo, premium time, or FreeXP. 5 Santa's Big Gift - If a ship dropped I'd get one that I don't have. There are 8 ships on that list that I don't have so that was good. Other prizes were Dubs, cammo, premium time, coal, special signals. I decided to get "moah" for my tokens and picked the 5 Santa's Big Gift. The first container waiting for me was a Supercontainer! That means a ship - I now add Roma to my fleet. Some like this ship, some don't. I don't do much BB driving, being a DD main, but I'm glad to have her for $10! The rest was 24 Frosty Fir Tree cammo, 12 New Year Streamer cammo, and 1,000 Dubs. All this is great stuff! The cammos are the better ones that come from a crate and the Dubs always come in handy. (Maybe Roma only cost $6???) Thanks, WG, for the "Summer Sale". Great discounts if you have luck with the loot boxes. But, of course, YMMV... Best of luck to all y'all gamblers!
  8. RNG has smiled on me a bit this year. I've accrued four premium ships thus far wIthout spending any money on them. Thanks to WG's release of the RU cruiser split, I now have the premium versions of Moskva and Kirov in my port. Also thanks to @Hapa_Fodder for his contests every week. Last week I won the Scharnhorst in his "Tier VII Trouble" contest. I routinely enter to get the cammo and had a pleasant surprise this week. Since I already had Scharnhorst I turned the 9500 doubloons and a coupon around for Ochakov. Free stuff is great, WG, please continue! Special thanks to @Ducky_shot for his competition earlier this year offering a Makarov. Timing was perfect for me to win the only T6 premium I didn't have in port. Kudos to all you individuals who have the time and resources to give to the community! (BTW, I've watched your stream on occasion and I've yet to see you sink!) Now the only thing left is to pull a ship from a daily container...
  9. Recently seen the Atlanta summer camo which I found to look pretty nice which got me into thinking about getting the Atlanta. My question is that is the only way to play Atlanta well is to constantly be hiding behind islands and he spam or is it possible to do a slightly more aggressive play style?
  10. I will start with a big sorry for the question but i am very curious about it. What is the difference on incoming regarding premium ships x tech tree ship? If i buy a perma camo for a tech tree she will receive the same amount as a premium ship money? is there a hidden value for beeing premium? if premium ship camo gives +20% income and a tech tree camo gives +20% income, isnt there an advantage to premium ship? They sell premium ships saying their income is better. is it not an advantage if we get a perma camo for a tech tree?
  11. I bought myself the P.E. Friedrich last night and came to the forum to ask for advice on skills. I was informed this ship is the worst tier 6 battleship to buy. What tier 6 premiums are worth having to grind credits?
  12. Hello and good day all, with the help I have recieved I decided against getting a tier 8+ premium. I did buy myself the P.E. Friedrich. This brings me to why I am here, I need a little help spending the 10 skill points for the captain. I did watch a lot of Youtube videos about the game and premiums before I bought it. I watcha video but can make out what a couple of the skill icons. They are at :24 in the video. If you can make them out or even have a better skill lay out please post them. Thanks for the help all.
  13. Ever since I watched the Naval Legends videos of USS Cod, and visiting the submarine in person, I feel the need to suggest putting the Cod as a premium ship once the submarines are fully operational in the game, World of Warships. I would like to see it in the premium shop, and not in the main tech tree for two reasons: 1) the submarine tech tree would have to go into a full overhaul if the sub were to be added to the tech tree with the rest of the American subs and 2) it deserves to be in the premium shop because of its historical achievements, much like how USS Enterprise was put into the premium shop for its grand achievements in World War II. I may be biased about the ship suggestion and its recommended placement because of how I have the honor of being one hour away from this great submarine, but if anyone else agrees with me, please add your comments (positive ones only please) to this topic so that World of Warships will read into this. Thanks.
  14. HONORABLE SERVICE This is a series of missions for players with at least one Tier 8 ship, the end prize of which is a Tier 6 premium Japanese destroyer with an 11-point captain. She is a very nice and fun ship to play, and constitutes a very good captain re-trainer if you have not already started up the IJN destroyer line. The advice given here assumes that the player has at least one Tier 8 ship (to be eligible for the missions in the first place), and calculations on rate of completion are based on the assumption that the player goes to the third daily crate every night (requiring 37,000 ship XP), does not have premium time, and is thus limited to one task at a time because they are running the Yamamoto Isoroku campaign in parallel (guide HERE) or the Halsey campaign (guide HERE). Running two campaigns together, specifically running the XP or cash tasks of the Yamamoto/Halsey campaign while you work on a mission in this one, is something I strongly advise. It means you are advancing your interests automatically in the Yamamoto campaign while you are working on the far more combat-related tasks in this one. If these assumptions do not apply to you, you must scale and recalculate given your own particular intensity of play. Without further ado, let us proceed to discuss… Mission 1 The key for the newer player here is to pick the task which is easiest to do and do it over and over again. Stars can be earned more than once for the same mission, even though the reward can only be earned once. Simply select it all over again once you are finished. Back in my noobish days I foolishly went for Task Number 1, and this was a horrible mistake. It is far easier to count on breaking main-battery modules on ships of any nationality than it is to count on (a) there being Japanese ships in a given battle in the first place and (b) them being on the same side of the map as you and available to damage. Plus you get three times as many stars for completing the main battery task. If you have a battleship or carrier, I advise to select Task 3 and keep on selecting it until you have all the stars. If you haven’t done the Yamaomoto campaign yet, plug in either the XP or the cash grinding task from that one and run them in parallel; this one will give you the motivation to keep on fighting and accumulating main battery breakages while the Yamamoto task quietly accumulates its XP or credits. If you have a fast-firing light cruiser or destroyer, you can select Task 2 instead of Task 3; you have a reasonable chance of completing this on a regular basis. The final task is just a matter of continuing play until you are done, remembering that it calculates on the basis of credits earned BEFORE service costs are deducted. Then it’s on to... Mission 2. It goes without saying that if your sole Tier 8 ship is NOT a cruiser, you will have a much longer, harder path through this mission. Tasks 3 and 4 might take some time to do, but Task 3 is the more reliable. If you have a cruiser, work on task 3. If you can afford premium time and have three task options, consider tasks 3 and 4 together while you save the third campaign slot for the Yamamoto XP or cash grind. Getting capture ribbons in a battleship is not impossible in late game; getting three will be difficult. Likewise, coming top-3 in five victorious battles might take you a while unless you’re very good, as you are dependent on your team to not faceplant. In this context, going for the damage task and progressing slowly might be your best way through. If you are the aggressive sort and your one T8 ship is a destroyer, you might choose to target DD players on the other team, going for the destroyer-kills task. But in that case, you’re just as likely to get the capture/assist ribbons (if not more so). Carrier players are in a thornier position here, as there is no one task at which they excel. However, their aircraft do have greater freedom of movement across the map, and in this case going for the damage to US ships becomes a more achievable goal. The final task is no more difficult than those for the Yamamoto campaign. Commander XP earned is always at least equal to ship XP, never less, so one night playing to the third daily container is guaranteed to sort this out. Then you can proceed to… Mission 3 My advice here is to go for damaging engine modules, those on destroyers or light cruisers being the easiest to break. If you are running premium time and can take three tasks, you might also decide to take the aircraft-destruction task or – if your ship is an AA monster – prefer the aircraft destruction task to breaking engines. Lather, rinse, repeat. High Caliber in an aircraft carrier is a much bigger “ask” than when these missions first came out, due to the changed nature of carriers and the way they do damage, and prospective CV aces will have to judge for themselves how capable of this task they feel. If you think you can pull off task 6, free port slots are worth their weight in gold (300 doubloons each at full price). For the final task, 3000 free experience can be accumulated in one battle if you mount the right flags and camo and have a good result. Then you can proceed on to… Mission 4 Because I dragged my feet a lot on this campaign, I didn’t get to this point until I already had my first Tier 8 aircraft carrier. That’s when I noticed Task 4, which can be completed easily in a single random battle. Four repetitions will unlock the final task, whether your CV battles are excellent or wipeouts. Otherwise I would strongly advise selecting Task 3 and targeting the sterns of destroyers and light cruisers, or Task 2 if you have a battleship or cruiser with strong AA (though this is dependent on there being a CV in the battle and it targeting you). You will notice that the tasks here are almost laughably easy compared with some of the earlier ones; you are on the home stretch now. For the final task, 30K experience dovetails nicely with the Yamamoto XP tasks, and the two can be worked on together. When you are done, it’s time for… Mission 5 If you’ve made it this far, you are on the downhill stretch to the finish. Sure, most of what’s here is for Tier 10 – which if you’re a Tier 8 beginner is a long way and a lot of work off. But Task 2 is easily achievable by gambling some camos and flags, and four lots of this – win or lose – will get you to THE final task… …which could not be any easier. Mission 5 can be done in the space of FIVE battles, in one night. (If you are a very good player running premium time and have Tier 10 ships, it can POTENTIALLY be done in not more than two - Tasks 2, 5 and 7 in a T10 ship, and then the final battle to finish, but this presupposes being able to get such a result.) Note that I have given you no overall time-frame for finishing this campaign. This is because it’s based on combat tasks, not on automatic completion by accumulating XP or credits, and war is a fickle beast even in pixel land. I was a struggling beginner when I started this, and even now (with many more ships at my disposal than when I started) I’m not the greatest player on earth. I’ve tried to show you a path through this campaign that even a struggling beginner can hope to negotiate, but there are too many variables – which ships you have, how well you do in them, etc. – for me to offer anything more than a general guide. The prize is in your reach. You need only strive to take it.
  15. Koogus

    Yahagi question

    From what I've seen and heard yahagi is a below average ship that could use a buff or two. My questions is this ship still usable even though all the cons it has and can you still can do good from time to time or is it complete garbage?
  16. Hey guys, im running low on credits and decided to get a T8 premium ship to grind them out, the problem is i dont know what ship to get that will give me consistent good battles and credits, so far i have heard good things about Alabama and Atago so i dont know which one of these to get, any other ships are welcome for suggestion aswell! Edit: Hey guys! thanks for all the replies, i have read every comment and despite many people recommending ships like Scharnhorst and Tirpitz due to my experience with German Battleships, i have decided to get Atago, i have seen a couple of videos of it and looks very fun, the concealment, access to health repair party and great torps are very appealing to me. Reasons for not getting scharnhorst or Tirpitz is because i dont really want another close range Brawler battleship, Bismarck and Kurfurst are really fun but i do want to explore other game styles aswell. Thanks again for all the help, i didn't expect this many people to reply and help me out, what a great community! P.S: dont say Missouri 😂
  17. Fair warning/Disclaimer: This post is rather long, but it is so for a reason. This is a very important topic and nothing about the discussion about the problems around the proposed changes can be left out without properly portraying every failure and flaw in its current situation Although Giulio Cesare was arguably too strong at tier V, (Okt Rev, Texas, and the ARP Kongo clones were about the same level as her performance wise let's be honest, especially the ARP Clones since if we're to judge things based on other ships stats of the same tier the ARP ships global average stats are practically the same.) but that isn't exactly the fault of the GC directly, think about it: what's the main thing that makes the GC tend to perform better than her contemporaries? Her accuracy. GC by far has the best accuracy of all the other battleships at her tier, and for most of the tech tree BB's at her tier their accuracy is downright atrociously bad (looking at you Texas/New York, König, and Bretange). So of course If you're more likely to actually land more shells on target, even though they're smaller, you're going to be doing more damage as a result. Again this isn't at fault of the GC for most of the other TV BB's just being mediocre at best, if anything they should be getting some tweaks to bring them more in line with the rest. But that's just a fraction of what's wrong at Tier B currently, which I'm planning to make a post on later today covering that in-depth, this is on the TVI problems so I'll get back to that. There are currently a lucritave amount of issues with her being at tier VI. So let's start off with a simple one: None of her stats have been buffed, aside from a pointless armor buff (since every cruiser and destroyer you're going to be facing can pen your bow with IFHE anyway it doesn't matter. Plus the fact that even some of your new Tier VI counterparts like the Warspite, QE, and Bayern can just lol-pen your bow anyway it again means your armor doesn't matter, which is beyond infuriating for a ship that is supposed to rely on its armor.), and a slight HP increase nothing has been done to make her even be able to be mediocre at her tier at best. Tier VIII and VI carriers will be able to strike you with impunity, Notser has even shown off how over the course of being constantly hounded by a carrier he never shot own a single attack aircraft. That's a pretty damn big problem. Then there's the fact that although her armor's been "improved" it hasn't actually made it better, let alone be enough to withstand shots at tier VI like she used to at Tier V, since this is a whole new ballpark of ships to face. Since beforehand when you fought Tier VII BB's you actually had a chance of fighting back with your armor and guns if you played your cards right. But when facing Tier VIII BB's you have zero chance of even having so little as a hope of being capable of fighting back, since your gun caliber is so low for its tier (beating out the previous Champ Dunkerque with its 330mm guns with GC's 320mm guns), imcombination of its short range for its tier now (that even most cruisers at tier VI can outrage her now, let alone higher tier ones,) with the addition of the fact that your armor doesn't stand up like it used to against your highest tier possible opponents, as literally every single tier VIII BB will be able to just rip you apart no matter how you angle, as they all overmatch your bow, allowing them to do massive damage to you while you won't be able to do even moderate damage in return unless they're presenting practically a perfect broadside. Which isn't something that can be corrected to no longer make it the case without completely overhauling every other Tier VI BB, and at that point it'd make more sense to just leave her at tier V. Then there's the issue that the reload is now appalling given its new tier placement, given how ships like Dunkerque with its 2x4 330mm guns has a full 4 second faster reload, that's with 4 guns packed into two turrets and being 10mm larger yet still reloading faster than the GC. Then there's the Fuso: she has 6x2 356mm guns that reload in 28 seconds, while the GC has two less guns, again of a lower caliber, that still bafflingly manage to reload a full 2 seconds slower. Then there's the problem of her now having Tier VI MM, which not only is a far more aggressive MM tier than Tier V as you're far more likely to be bottom tier at tier VI than Tier V. Then there's the issue with that MM not being what those who bought the Giulio Cesare bought into: they bought a Tier V battleship because they wanted to play a battleship at tier V with that specific MM, if they wanted to play a BB at tier VI with tier VI MM they would have bought something else like the Warspite or Dunkerque. Which that same new MM placement also completely ruins the enjoyability of the ship due to you now running into so many tier VIII ships that are entirely designed around killing BB's: the Asashio (which I detest that monstrosity), the Akizuiki/HSF harakazae (with the Akizuiki gun turret hull) due to their ludicrous fire rates and being able to IFHE the entirety of the GC at tier VI, every single tier VI and VIII carrier (they can maul you but good luck shooting down a single plane), and again every Tier VIII BB can just lol-pen your bow and Godspeed trying to do anything to them in return unless they're broadside and even then you'll barely do any substantial damage to them. So unless you can make it not face Tier VIII's it will never be a comfortable fit at that tier like it was at Tier VI. Since it can't stand a chance of holding its ground like it could bottom tier at tier V like it would have to now at tier VI. Not to mention there's no role or job the Cesare can currently fill that another battleship doesn't do it massively better than the GC, which leads to there being no point to ever own or play her, as there's just a better ship for every role that does that job but better than the GC in its current state. Warspite does the accuracy and devastating salvo job better thanks to its 2.1 Sigma and 15" guns, that hit more often and hit harder Arizona also fills that same Accurate BB sniper role better as it is Dunkerque fills the same fast flanker role, but with a much faster reload, it is actually faster, and has all its guns in the front P E F already claims the Secondary/Brawler spot  The West V 1941 has better damage potential by far with the same reload speed.  There's just nothing it can do that any other Tier VI already does but better And this is without bringing up the issues of invalidating prior business agreements by changing a product in this manner after it was sold under the assertion that it would never be changed, nerfed, or made worse farther down the line. (Which wouldn't that technically be an invalidation of their previous EULA/TOS promises during the time it was being sold? As wasn't it advertised that it would never be tampered with later down the line?). That's not even mentioning the legal repercussions an action like this could entail, and am legitimately and rather unfortunately finding myself considering if they don't handle this properly. And finally to the argument of "Premium ships ahould be able to have their stats nerfed or made worse after their sold" I have this to say: alright, I'll take that moving forward from here on out only, but you still can't change those that have been already sold, as they were sold with the promise and contract that they wouldn't be changed or modified later down the line. As that's where I draw the line. Which is another reason every fiber of my being is against this change. In conclusion: what exactly am I wanting to happen? WG to cancel the move to teir VI and instead roll-back the buffs given to the GC over the period of time that she's been on sale, that way she's able to be toned down a notch, without it no longer being what people purchased to begin with. The buffs to her were unnecessary and were done after she was for sale, and would be enough of a change to make her no longer OP to the degree she's at; making the ones for the change happy as she's no longer as strong, and those that own her happy as they keep her at tier V, and not have her trashed by having to fight as a tier VI.
  18. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    Alaska Spotted!

    I spotted the Alaska today, skippered by none other than LittleWhiteMouse. Could it be that LWM was testing the final configuration in preparation of her review of the soon to be released but ever elusive Alaska?
  19. thebigblue

    Permanent camo idea for premium ships

    We’ve all seen beer can camo, school bus camo, space camo, gigantic chicken and shark camo. What we really need is corporate camo. Give it a fun name like “fine print” or “greasy lawyer” camo. Here is the concept: It’s like gift wrapping boat in newspaper but instead of the sports page use the comic section. For our purposes... ITS THE EULA!! Anybody who sees them in match will be constantly reminded that it can be tier bumped, cuz reasons, and even real money investments and the trust it represents can be thrown away.
  20. So other than being a premium ship with with 50% more XP and extra credits supplied by the permanent camo, is there any real difference between the Charleston and the St. Louis? I read the Wiki on the Charleston and it looks to have the same specs as the B hull St. Louis. I noticed that there wasn't even a review by LWM, so I'm assuming that even she didn't see it as having anything note worthy about it. So, is there any reason why I should spend 15, 000 coal for this ship, other than the permanent camo and maybe as a collector's item?
  21. So, ?I have enough doubloons to get a premium ship. I greatly enjoyed the Warspite and i have the duke of york, and several other premium BB that I enjoy. Should i get the HMS hood while it's on sale? EDIT: I have decided against getting her folks. I will save my doubloons for any christmas discounts instead. Thank you all for your feedback regarding this ship. Y'all have a good one now y'all hear!
  22. Mason1984

    Ship Trials

    Not sure where to put this, but an Idea I had that would be awesome. An addition to the game that would be quite awesome in my opinion is Premium Ship "Trials". When a ship comes up on the premium store give them a chance to play as it for a set amount of time like the clan ships. Like at this moment the West Virginia is being promoted on the gaming center so giving players like 3 days to a week of time with it would give them time to find out if they like it enough to buy. This would give a benefit to both WG and the Players(I Feel) For players like myself who can not buy every ship that comes out it would give them a chance to decide if it is a ship that I would like to spend money on. It would get players hooked on the ship, and make them want it even more. Note: This is unless this has already started as I have seen 2 premium ships show up in game for a short time.
  23. I’m sitting on 280 million credits. I have what I want so it’s just uselessly sitting there. I’m a small fish compared to people that have 1 billion but seriously though. Can we figure out a way to burn though all of this? How about instead of a free XP ship you make a ship that cost 100M or 250M etc.to make a dent. Then every game you play you lose money. There is no profit like costs you 500K to play to keep the wallet down because the amount I have is getting ridiculous and I’m not going to waste my time selling and buying a T10 over and over again.