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Found 1 result

  1. Is Enterprise worth it?

    I was looking through the selection of premium ships and saw one ship that caught my eye, the USS Enterprise. It looked pretty great, especially with these stats: Enterprise was a carrier constructed in 1938 using the last tonnage reserved in the Washington naval treaty. It was the second of three Yorktown class aircraft carriers. Similar to an enlarged and improved ranger, and using knowledge learned from the first three classes of carriers: the mighty Lexington class, the small and slow Langley, and the purpose-built Ranger. It was armed with 8 5" MK24 38 cal guns. It operated an air wing of almost 100 aircraft and was close in size (50ft, as close as most ships get) and was capable of operating larger aircraft as they came along. At the outbreak of Pearl Harbor and ww2, she pulled into port to give out much-needed supplies. During the battle of midway, she helped sink Kaga, Akagi, Soryu, and Hiryu. She also played a major role in the Philippines and Leyte Gulf. She was overhauled in 1943 and became much more efficient carrier, getting improvements and making her similar to the Essex class carriers. She earned 20 battle stars, presidential unit citation, WWII citation, American campaign medal and many more. That's pretty great, assuming that the Enterprise in-game can live up to the achievements. Its the most expensive premium ship in the game, at 14k doubloons, and I'll have to save for it quite a bit. Is it worth it? How is its armor, secondaries and hull stuff, because I sometimes have a tendance to be the last person alive and circled by a small cruiser or a destroyer. How is its air group compared to the other premium, the Saipan? Plz tell me, I'd like to have a lot of info about it and how it plays. thanks