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Found 3 results

  1. Of course you can, dufus. How?
  2. Suggestions for the game for those that are new: 1) Mini Games in the Training Rooms: IE: Torpedo simulation of ships floating by to learn how to target and remain unseen. Could have mini games like this for Artillery, Torpedoes, Proper Aiming, When to use HE/AP...etc. These would be fun and give people some idea of how to aim at the beginning. 2) More varied maps and gameplay. You already have Operation of the Week (which is hella entertaining)...please expand on these and make them more varied for different Tiers. 3) Larger Maps....with longer gametimes. I'm thinking like Pacific Ocean large, have 25 vs 25 battles set up so each class has advantages/disadvantaged spots, etc. 4) The grind is terrible. I'm sure you've heard this before, but it is really terrible for new players. Most of the people I've invited or played with have left as the grind is far too much for them. I agree with them, there are soooo many ships I'd like to play I'd never get off the game but you folks, in your wisdom, think that by making me treat this game like a job and grind hour after hour after hour just to try out a certain line, or try out a new ship, etc....is going to be your downfall. 5) Cut out some of the Currency items, and combine them so they are more reusable and can be saved. Some of these events you throw are fun, but I never get enough currency to actually get the top level items. Why not just combine the currency so that if I can't afford a said item from this one, my currency rolls over and I may be able to get the upper tier items from the next event. Right now I'm pretty much just ignoring all the events because I know I can't afford anything as I'm not able to earn enough of the currency without purchasing loot boxes, (of which I am completely against as it's gambling and unfair). So, in conclusion. LOVE THIS GAME. Keep up the great work and keep the content coming. I can't wait to see the new submarines and events on the way. Sethalos.
  3. ReyWayvonRichthof

    Training room practice

    We, the JAWS clan are looking for other clans with similar or higher stats like us to practice for clan battles in a training room. If you are interested please message , cozmic, Kay Lightning , Maddog2020 or me in-game please.