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Found 2 results

  1. Legendary Mod Requirements: (Must be done in a particular ship) 100,000 XP 8,000,000 Credits 15,000 Free XP Win 15 Battles 40,000 Base XP Directive Three of PR: (Must be done in tier V-X ships) 320,000 Commander XP 105,000 Base XP 48,000 Base XP CV 48,000 Base XP BB 48,000 Base XP DD 48,000 Base XP CA Destroy 72 ships 130 Citadel hits or Torpedo hits 4500 Secondary hits We all know the PR Grind is bad, it's just hard to express how bad it is without sounding crazy. The lightbulb moment for me on how bad the PR Grind really is: You basically are grinding MORE than a Legendary Mod set of missions for EACH directive...and there are SEVEN of them. I just picked Directive three because it had a lot of the same missions as the legendary contest. Looking at the rest of the requirements, you get a good idea of how over the top these missions steps for the PR really are. Note: I didn't include the Gorizia missions, or even all of the possible Directive 3 missions, since you only need 5.
  2. HMAS_Melbourne

    How many days to I have

    So if I understand the PR directives correctly and have purchased the 3 booster packs before the timer for the event started and have already completed directives 1 and 2 how much time to I have to grind out directive 3. I know that you get 7 days for the first 2 directives and then 14 days for the 3rd, but if you finish the first 2 directives ahead of time does that mean you get 21 days to finish off directive 3? My math ability is not really up to the task of working this out this late in the year so any help would be appreciated. Cheers.